Harrenhall is a large castle/city that rules over a piece of land on the north end of Iron Lake in Westros.

The city of Harrenhall was constructed by the members of House Strong, who built the castle to protect their people from the raids of the Ironborn, who at the time were devided and simply raided whatever they felt like. The city of Harrenhall has been the site of many substancial battles in the history of Westros but until recently has never been pierced during a siege. It was finally pierced during the Siege of Harrenhall when Balon Greyjoy overwhelmed its walls and was able to take over the east side of the castle. The two sides are now locked into a bitter fight over the contested center of the city, and by extension the entire city.


Early History


The Harp

War of the Harp

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House Strong leadership was met by amysterious man during a council meeting, and during this meeting the mysterious man offered House Strong, and by extension Harrenhall the oppurtunity to gain control over the Dragon Harp which was a device that could call dragons to the one who played the harp.

Unfortunatly for House Strong, and Harrenhall they were not the only ones offered this deal as the mysterious man was a servent of Malekor, and was attempting to cause the destruction of Westros through the destruction of Pontus, which would weaken the entire region. Following his meeting with House Targaryan he used other servents to offer the same deal to the leadership of Harrenhall, Iron Islands, Kingdom of Bolten, and the Easterlings. With all these parties now obsessed with the hope of getting the "Harp" from Pontus the armies of these nations headed towards Pontus.

Conflict with Iron Islands

Siege of Harrenhall

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The Siege of Harrenhall was a sneak attack against the city of Harrenhall led by the rebellion House Seaworth and supported by the Iron Islands against the rulers in House Strong.

The Siege started badly for House Strong when Stephon Strong was killed in the opening moments by his own gaurd. Following this murder the supposed mercenary army of House Seaworth - which was in fact simply soilders from the Iron Islands - landed in a fleet inside the port, and attempted to take control of the city. The siege ultimately failed after Kyle Strong along with a brigade of his men held the road to the Keep for long enough for reinforcements under Robert Strong to arrive.

City Devided


The current leader of the city is Renley Strong of House Strong , although the Iron Islands has put Davos Seaworth of House Seaworth in charge of their side of the city, so the two are in competition for control of the city itself.


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