House Haryen

Harrin Haryen is the son of Alon, and Alissa Haryen making him a member of and the current lord and patriarch of House Haryen.

Lucas Rurwell would be sent alongside Lord Harrin Haryen to represent the interests of House Ryswell during the Bolten Invasion of the Divine Lands and the co leadership of the two men worked well as they were close friends. Harrin would become overwhelmed by the pressure of the situation following the surrender of the Coles and with this he placed his son Orton in command of the Haryen forces and retreated back to Castle Haryen. Harrin would resist surrendering Castle Haryen following the defeat of the Haryen army and with the Lucernians seeing the entire region as a place they wanted to govern and not destroy the decision was made to wait out the castle and thus Castle Haryen would remain under siege with the increasingly paranoid Harrin inside the castle.




Early History

First Bolten-Lucerne War

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Fall of Northern Bolten

Family Members


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