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Hermione Tranger
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Vital statistics
Born 5104
Title Official Titles
  • Lady of Haris

Former Titles

  • Deputy Arch Magi of DA
Alias Hermy
Religion Athiest
Status Alive
Allegiance Family Loyalties
Racial Statistics
Maternal {{{Maternal race}}}
Paternal {{{Paternal race}}}
Father John Tranger
Mother Tanji Tranger
Siblings Full Siblings
Internal Family
Spouse None
Children None
Magi Information
Magi Level 4
Magi Family Entropy
Familiar None

Hermione Tranger is the daughter of the late John, and Tanji Tranger therebye making her the the only surviving member of her family the small but still noble House Tranger. Hermione Tranger has one sibling in the form of Thomas Tranger of whom is the Lord of House Tranger following the death of their parents and has turned House Tranger into a powerhouse having taken control of the town of Haris during the Hogwarts Civil War.

Hermione Tranger would be for most of her life a Christian and she was quite devout in her belief in Jesus. Hermione would have a religious breakdown following the events of the breaking of the Triumverate when Jesus failed to intervene as she believed he would and this led to her becoming Atheist.

Hermione Tranger is a Magi sensitive person, of which she is a very high level Magi user with her level being Level Four. Hermione Tranger is extremely powerful in the use of Entropy Magi with her ability to conjure ideas from the Fade very high, and she also does not require the use of a wand or staff anymore as she has become skilled enough to reach into the fade without its assistence.

She learned, at the age of eleven, that she was a witch and had been accepted into Hogwarts. Hermione began attending the school when she was eleven, almost twelve, and was sorted into Gryffindor House. An academically brilliant student, Hermione became best friends with fellow Gryffindors Harry Potter and Ron Weezly in her first year of school. When they first met on the Hogwarts Express, Harry and Ron thought of her as obnoxious and self-centred, a belief that she only furthered as the school year went on, besting them in every class. However, when Ron and Harry saved her from a troll, she took the blame for them and became their friend. Hermione Tranger would finally perfect to a certain degree the ability to turn raw metals into gold and she would use his ability just shortly before the zenith of the Hogwarts Civil War and returned to her family in Lorraine and used this ability to create a sizeable wealth for them turning them into landed nobles in Lorraine throughout her summer away from Hogwarts, and planned to return to Hogwarts to find them a farmstead and land to purchase. The rise of House Tranger would come to an abrubt end when they were targeted by the Deatheaters shortly before their move to their new lands in Hogwarts and during this massacre John, and Tanji were killed alongside all their servents leaving only Thomas and Hermione alive. Hermione would become embroiled in conflict and death, but it was the realization by her that Harry Potter was being sacrificed by Dumbledore that led her to change her course completely. Hermione would be unable to get Dumbledore to change his mind so instead she went to the library and was able to uncover a large amount of information about the Deathly Hollows. Learning everything she could she would come to realize that the only way she could stop Harry's death would be to gather all the deathly Hollows she could and bring them together in order to destroy their power over Harry. Hermione would leave the lands of Hogwarts and travel westward to the lands of the Kingdom of Alcase where she learned she would find the first of the deathly hollows. In Alcase she would join the forces of the Kingdom of Alcase during a massive battle against the chaos forces of John Orsinio where she would save the life of Talbot Von Orsinio and thus allow him to defeat John Orsinio and rout the chaos army. Leaving the Alcase forces with the Following this Hermione would travel westward where she would meet with the True Sons of Lucerne force called the Circle of Magi led by Bill Lovie of whom had the second part of the Deathly Hollows. When she was inside Orleans she posed as Alice Lovie to the nearly demented Bill, and this allowed her to see into the mind of the troubled former king and gain intimate access into the city. Her access led her to understand that Myctism the next deathly hollows was always on Bill Lovie and that it would always be attatched to him as long as he was living. Knowing she would need to kill him, she would assist her friend Logan Lerman and his sister in their plans of taking control of Orleans. She would sabotage the defenses of the Circle of Magi secretly while the forces of Lucerne, and Ashley Lermans forces took control of the lower levels, and she would nearly fail in her task when she attempted to save Logan. She would arrive in the top tier of the tower when the final fight went down, and it was her presence that blinded Bill for a moment and led to Sophia hitting him in the shoulder with her sword slashing him quite badly. She would hold his hand alongside Sophia as he died, and once he passed away she would take Mysticism from his body and leave the ruins of Orleans for her next stop in the Valley of Lucerne.

Hermione Tranger is a POV character for a chapter of the End of Darkness, a chapter in the Rise of Lucerne, and a significant portion of the School of Magi and it is through Hermione that we learn most of the inner workings of the Hogwarts region. As the onl POV character from the Hogwarts region outside of Harry Potter she is the main character of the Hogwarts theater of the story thus making her departure all the more critical. In the first chapter of Westros we see that Hermione is a major POV character as she travels throughout Europe eventually landing in Orleans.



Early History

"Born into poverty her life should have went the way all poor women's lives went. She should have married a farmer's son, and lived her life being a farmers wife, but instead she was born with Magi powers. That Magi brought her into a world that she couldn't have ever imagined she'd be."
-Harry Potter

Not much is known about Hermione's life before she entered the wizarding world. She was the only child of John, and Tanji Tranger, who were both healers in the town of Jortin of Lorraine. They were "quite ordinary" and "a bit bemused" by their odd daughter but quite proud of her all the same. She realized quite early though during her youth that she had Magi powers, and her parents were uncharacteristically supportive of a thing that was usually descived by parents as a curse or worse. Her parents took her at the age of seven to visit the vast Magi Kingdom of Hogwarts and she was introduced to many of the teachers while there and this was the main reason her parents decided to send her to stay at Hogwarts while they saved up money so they could come as well. Her parents would sit her down on their return from Hogwarts, and tell her that she needed to leave this place so that she could have a better life, but they also made her very aware that they were not leaving her as they were going to Hogwarts as well once they could save up the money. She was saddened to be leaving her parents but they promised her that they would be coming eventually so she only had to be alone for a little while and this life was far greater then the one that was left for her in Lorraine. She would pack her bags at the age of eight years old and leave the only home she had ever known to leave for the Kingdom of Hogwarts.

Coming to Hogwarts

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"Hogwarts was a magical place in every sence of the word. Run by people who seemed to truly care about the ones they were leading it created a world that wasn't filled with the inequalities I had grown to feel were normal back in Lorraine."
-Hermoine Tranger

Hermione Tranger enjoyed her years as a pupil at Hogwarts, and took assignments, classes, and school rules very seriously. Her favourite subject was initially Charms, and later Arithmancy, and the only areas of study that gave her trouble were Flying and Divination. Some students, such as Terry Boot, wondered why Hermione was sorted into Gryffindor house rather than Ravenclaw, given her keen mind. Hermione admitted that the Sorting Hat did consider putting her in Ravenclaw. Being sorted into Gryffindor, Hermione would share a dormitory with Lavender Brown, Parvati Patil, Fay Dunbar and another girl. During these extremely early days she kept mainly to herself as she was seen by many to be of such intelligance that it was annoying to be around. She was emotionally hurt by this as she didn't mean to be a snob and she honestly didn't want to come off as one.

Hogwarts Civil War

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The Philosophers Stone
School of Magi.jpg
I grew up a young boy being told the stories of ancient Wizards, and Witches and the great things they did. One of these stories was of a great Magi fighting his entire life to defend the Magi world from the outsiders that hated it so much. He fought for years and years, and lost everyone he loved, and I remember asking my mother if this story had a happy ending. My mother carassed my hair before she told me that the story ended with the great Magi defeating the monster that had took everything from him, and the world was saved. I asked her what happened to the great Magi and she changed the subject. I realize now why she did that. The noble man defeats his enemy, and then he dies. This is the way of the good side. We fight and we lose everything just to save a world, that we will never see. It seems unfair to me that the good of the world is so cruely chosen to die, while the evil of the world is given free reign for however long they choose.

The Triumverate2.jpg

From that moment on, Hermione Granger became our friend. There are some things you can’t share without ending up liking each other, and knocking out a twelve-foot mountain troll is one of them.
Ron Weezly

Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, and Ron Weezly were not always the the Triumverate that they would become and in the the beginning it took many close encounters for the three to finally become as close as they have. They would first meet on the train ride from the capital where the students of Hogwarts would first prepare for their departure, and it was on this train ride that the dynamics of the beginning of the group would begin. Harry Potter arrives at the carriage station where joined by his family he prepares to board the Hogwarts carriage train which is a massive carriage which takes the children who are enrolling in Hogwarts and surrounded by his family he sheds a tear as his mother gives him a kiss on the cheek before he enters the carriage. Entering the carriage alongside his cousin Sybill Potter of whom is the same age as he is the two hold hands as they find their seat, but as they are walking down the aisle Sybill is taken away by several young girls of whom knew her from the church and the two say goodbye as Harry finds an empty booth to sit at.While Ron, and Harry started off as friends and Harry was always polite to Hermione there was an almost bitterness between Ron and Hermione due to Rons behavior which was caused by him finding many things difficult due to his lack of natural intelligence on their level. Hermione Granger attached herself to Harry and Ron, following them around and trying to prevent them from breaking school rules and getting into trouble.

That was the first time we nearly died, and a part of me was so scared in that moment that I thought that everything elce in the world would be nothing compared to that moment. As if the danger of that Troll would some how create in me a defence against everything elce that would ever threaten me. I was wrong.
Hermione Granger

The friendship between the three was solidified when, on Halloween during their first year, the three were forced to confront a mountain troll, that had been set loose in Hogwarts in the earliest attempt on Harry's life. Unaware that a troll was on the loose in the school, Hermione had spent that day crying in the girls' bathroom after overhearing Ron making unkind comments about her. The troll made its way into the bathroom she was in, and Harry and

Hermione Granger Gif4.gif
Ron came to her rescue, and proseeded to fight the Troll. None of the three had any experiance fighting anything of that magnitude so the fight was extremely chaotic with the Troll nearly killing the group several times, but their quick thinking kept them alive. As the fight looked to be going against them Ron was picked up by the Troll who prepared to kill Ron, but before he could Harry stabbed it through the foot with a wooden post, and the Troll fell over from this. With the troll falling on its stomach Harry climbed on its back and shot it behind the head where Hermione screamed to him it had weak armor. With the troll lying dead the group stayed quiet for several minutes as Harry checked on his two friends, and though they didn't know it the Triumverate would be formed by these moments. When Professors Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape, and Quirinus Quirrell arrived at the scene, Hermione covered for the boys, claiming she was fighting the troll because she had thought that she could fight one, having read a great deal about them, and that Ron and Harry had merely come to help her escape. From that point on, the three students were best friends.

The Trapdoor

Hermione Granger would become the source of much knowledge as she gained a relationship with Head Master Albus Dumbledore, of whom begin to show her things that opened her eyes to the darkness of Magi.

The ancient study of alchemy is concerned with making the Philosopher's Stone, a legendary substance with astonishing powers. The Stone will transform any metal into pure gold. It also produces the Elixir of Life, which will make the drinker immortal.
Albus Dumbledore

On one night, she followed them as they were leaving Gryffindor Tower to duel Draco Malfoy. Unknown to Harry and Ron was the fact that Draco was too afraid to challenge them and because of this he had gone to Argus Filch and told him that Harry and Ron were going to the third floor to cause mayhem. When they arrived at the dueling spot they were spotted by Argus Filch of whom demanded to know what they were doing up there and before he could say anything else they bolted away from him and ran upstairs. They were chased by Argus Filch, acting on a tip off by Malfoy, into the third floor corridor — forbidden to students — where they came face-to-face with Fluffy, a three-headed dog belonging to Hagrid. Later on, she argued that her spying was to their benefit when she pointed out the dog had been standing on a trap door, which Harry and Ron had not noticed. After using Magi to cause the dog to fall asleep they moved the god again with Magi before descending into the trap door. After going through the trapdoor, a long drop led to a chamber filled with Devil's Snare, planted by the Herbology teacher, Professor Sprout. The Devil's Snare was designed to entangle and suffocate any intruders, especially quickly the more the intruder attempts to escape. As the Snare is sensitive to heat and light, Hermione used a charm that created a jet of Bluebell flames to free Ron. As they attempted to turn back a Magi wall appeared behind them leading to them having no choice but to go down.

The Birds

Hermione Granger7.jpg

Thats a really big dog.
Ron Weezly

A downward sloping passage led to another chamber filled with flying keys, charmed by Professor Flitwick. A large wooden door led to another chamber. The door would not open with the use of any charm such as Alohomora, one needed the correct key to get through. To pass, one had to use the broomstick provided to catch the correct key. However, once airborne, the other keys will try and attack the pursuer. The group attempted to ride broomsticks which were on the ground in order to reach the keys but they continued to fail at this until finally Harry was able to reach the top of the room and made a death defying jump in order to reach the correct key, and then survived the jump after Hermione slowed his fall with Magi. When the group finally managed to get the key and get into the next room a man in a dark robe appeared in front of them, and while this man throughout the conversation to follow would remain anonymous in truth it was an apparition of Tom Malfoy. When they attempted to raise their wands against him he disarmed the group and proceeded to tell them a story.

Dear children there was once a young wizard that wanted to live forever. This young wizard wanted to live forever so much that he spent his entire families wealth, and all of his time creating a stone which while the user held would make him stop aging. This man would use this stone to prolong his life until one day a thief stole it from him in the night. This theif would take the stone and sell it on the market to a man who took the stone to a school. This school would hide the stone for years and years, but the man never forgot the stone, and finally caught the trail of the stone, and when he did he attempted to get it back, but he discovered their were obstacles in his way. You three have passed three of the obstacles, and if you wish to surive you will pass the rest, and when you reach the end you will give me the stone or you will die.
Tom Malfoy

The man would proceede to tell them that story before making them perfectly aware of the fact that they were going to die, unless they did what he wanted and got him the stone. The three attempted to resist him, but he was far to powerful in that moment and they were pushed back again. With no hope the three agreed to his demands and told him that they would get him the stone. With this the man would pick up their wands and hand them back to the three before he pushed them through a door and into the next room.

Playing Chess

Game of Chess.jpg

You've been studying your books for years Hermione. Harry is the most gifted wizard I've ever seen. You want to know what I'm good at. Watch me win us this game of Wizard's Chess.
Ron Weezly

The next chamber was dark and resembled a graveyard, it contained a Human Chess Game, enchanted by Professor McGonagall. To defeat the game, one had to play themselves across the board and checkmate the King according to the rules of Chess. One cannot simply walk across the board and pass, so an adequate knowledge of Wizard's Chess was needed to complete this task. Ron had come to love chess during his time at Hogwarts and was one of the best in the entire school so he was able to defeat the game quite easily, but on the checkmate move he was forced to sacrifice his player and this injured him, and with the entrance to the final room closing in front of them Hermione, and Harry were encouraged by Ron to leave him behind to find his own way out while they went through to the final stage.

Seven Potions

Hermione Granger 5.jpg

It's just the three of us. We have to work this out to get out of here. There isn't two other people I would want at my side.
Harry Potter

The next obstacle guarding the Stone was a logical riddle set by Professor Snape, and entering the room Hermione, and Harry now alone without Ronald are left to enter what they know is the last obstacle to their goal. Before entering the room the two held each other for some a few minutes as Hermione had begun to shake uncontrollably out of fear, and Harry consoled her, and in this moment kissed her on the forehead another moment in the expanding chemistry between the two best friends. Upon entering the chamber, the doorway through which one entered was blocked by a purple flame. The other entry way leading to the Philosopher's Stone, was blocked with black flame. A table with seven bottle of differing shapes sat in the middle of the room. Each bottle contained a liquid, but the bottles were not labelled with their contents. Three were poison, two contained nettle wine, one contained a potion to safely traverse the black flame, and the last contained a potion that allowed passage back through the purple flames. The riddle, when properly worked out, revealed the contents of each bottle, and therefore which one was safe to drink to allow onward progress.

Danger lies before you, while safety lies behind. Two of us will help you, whichever you would find, One among us seven will let you move ahead, Another will transport the drinker back instead, Two among our number hold only nettle wine, Three of us are killers, waiting hidden in line. Choose, unless you wish to stay here for evermore, To help you in your choice, we give you these clues four: First, however slyly the poison tries to hide You will always find some on nettle wine's left side; Second, different are those who stand at either end, But if you would move onwards neither is your friend; Third, as you see clearly, all are different size, Neither dwarf nor giant holds death in their insides; Fourth, the second left and the second on the right Are twins once you taste them, though different at first sight.
The Riddle

Hermione tells Harry that it is a test of logic and not magic wherein most wizards fail. She solves the puzzle, and at Harry's instruction, drinks the one that will allow her to head back through the purple flame, while Harry drinks the one to head into the black flame and into the final room, where he is surprised at who he sees. As Professor Quirrell presumably traveled through the chamber to reach the Mirror of Erised, he must have had to take the Black Fire Potion himself, and, as there was only enough potion for one person in the bottle, that would have used it all up. However, he may have taken some of the potion with him when he entered the chambers, and drunk that instead. Another possibility is that the bottles had had a Refilling Charm on them.

The Stone


The final obstacle was the Mirror of Erised, designed and set by Albus Dumbledore and was designed with a major moral shield leading to those with moral failings to basically be unable to succeed at this test. The only way to obtain the stone was to look into the mirror, see yourself having it, but not using it. Most people would see themselves using it, such as turning things to gold, crafting Elixir of Life, or giving it to someone. It was at this moment that the man in the dark robe appeared again and this time he revealed himself as Proffesor Quirrell and told the three that he was unable to get the stone from the mirror, and the only person he believed that could was Harry Potter and it was for this reason that he had Draco Malfoy lure the three of them into the tunnel. Also appearing at this point are several others dressed in dark clothing wearing masks who support Quirrel, and while their identity would remain a mystery the people were in fact Draco Malfoy, Astoria Malfoy, Tobias Grundeven, and Charlotte Painsley of whom were there under orders from the Deatheaters leadership. Quirrell asks for help from his master to get the Stone, and a snake-like voice tells him to use the boy. Harry is told to look into the Mirror. Under threat Harry is forced to look into the mirror. He sees his reflection pull the Stone out of his pocket and put it back in, and Harry feels it drop into his own pocket. He lies to Quirrell about what he sees, telling him instead that he sees himself shaking hands with Dumbledore, after winning the House Cup for Gryffindor. The snake-like voice tells Quirrell Harry is lying and Quirrell takes his turban off to show Harry what lies on the back of his head. As Quirrell turns around, Harry is shocked to see another face where the back of Quirrell's head should be. The face has red eyes and a snake-like slit where the nose should be. Harry realises this is the face of whoever this Lord Voldemort is, and Voldemort demands Harry give him the Stone. Harry refuses and runs, but Quirrell seizes him. However, the contact with Harry's skin burns Quirrell and causes him to have boils all over the area in which Harry touched him. Harry grabs Quirrell's face, then his arm, and holds on, with the blinding pain in his head building, until he feels the arm wrenched away before he blacks out. He awakes in the hospital wing with Dumbledore there, telling him Quirrell did not succeed at getting the Stone, and indeed the Stone has been destroyed.

Conflict with Draco



During his early time in Hogwarts he was consistently approached by one Draco Malfoy who wished for Harry to leave the school. When it became clear that wasn't going to happen the two became bitter rivals and were in near constant conflict with eachother. In the days that came before the Basilisk Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy engaged in a duel which unkown to Harry caused the death of Harnia Trout of House Slytherin.

The Duel

The Goblet of Fire

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Hogwarts War with The Empire

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The Breaking of the Triumverate

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Civil War in Alcase

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Hermione Arrives in Alcase
I speak...its just I never thought I'd actually find one of them. I just assumed he would have been two steps ahead of me...but you...your proof that I can save him.

Hermione Arrives in Alcase

Hermione Granger Other Large1.jpg

I was alone for the first time in my life, and the loneliness was a pain worse then anything I'd felt since the death of my parents. It wasn't the lack of human companionship it was the fact that I couldn't reach out and touch Harry if I wanted to. Everything that was good was just so far away, and it seemed clear to me as I searched the ruins that nothing was going to be easy on this path.
Hermione Granger

Hermione would enter Alcase as the forces of the Kingdom Of Alcase were battling internal chaos forces led by one of the ruling house, but for her part she didn't see how truly dangerous the land was all she saw was the fact that she was separated from everything that she loved including Harry most of all. Upon their arrival at Strasburg they meet with Fleur Delacour of whom takes them to the Academy where they meet with the leadership of the Children of Harnene of whom Hermione tells them what she is after, and they initially state that they don`t know where the item she is looking for is, but she sees that Olympe Maxime is lying and begins getting upset which almost starts a fight but is stopped when the Children Council leaves the room to discuss. Returning from their discussion they reveal to Hermione that they will help her find the necklace if she allows two of their number to go with her in order to make sure that nothing hostile happens to the one who has the necklace, and she agrees despite not wanting so many people with her. Departing Strasburg with Fleur Delacour, and Josette Didier now five strong they head westward where she is still not told who has the necklace but is told that she will be introduced to the one who does and that person will decide whether or not Hermione can have the ring. While on the road they begin to come across bodies and the signs of battle and at this Fleur Delacour reveals that the holder of the necklace was Leliana Thoe Orsinio of whom had left for the west with most of the Strasburg army in order to battle John Orsinio. Realizing she had to act quickly before Leliana Orsinio possibly was killed and lost the ring to the forces of evil that she might not be able to get the ring back from. Hermione, and the group would travel by horse for days, running their horses ragged until they discovered a large battlefield, and the camped army of Alcase. As the group waded through the thousands of bodies she wondered sadly whether she was too late, but when the group was taken in by several Alcase guards her hope rose.

Finding the Ring


Seeing her alive told me for the first time that I might actually be able to do this without Harry having to die. If I could just find all the dead grails I could save him. If only...
Hermione Granger

She was immediately taken to a low level commander, and when she was cleared that she wasn't a member of the defeated forces of John Orsinio she asked to be taken to Leliana Orsinio, and the guards told her where she was, and she bolted towards the area leaving behind the yelling members of her group who could not keep up with her. Finding Leliana's tent she barged in without any sort of notice, and the guards posted at the tent didn't react quick enough and she was inside the tent with Lelliana. Once inside the tent she used Magi to close to entrances, and block herself in with Leliana. Leliana immediately went for her sword, and as she grabbed for it Hermione saw the ring on her finger, and dropped to her knees in happiness. Leliana at this point was beyond confused but she called out for aid, and she could hear the sounds of swords hitting against the tent but as soon as they hit the cloth the sword was pushed away, and no damage was caused. As the commotion outside got more out of hand and more and more guards tried to get in Johanas reached the area after hearing the alert, and attempted to charge his way through the tent to no avail.

Evil Clouds.jpg
Leliana Orsinio : What sort of Magi is this?...Do you not speak women?

Hermione Granger : I speak...its just I never thought I'd actually find one of them. I just assumed he would have been two steps ahead of me...but you...your proof that I can save him.

Leliana Orsinio : Save who?

"Hermione Granger : Harry.

The two would proceed to talk and Hermione showed her the book prophesying the danger of the ring in her company of which Hermione told her was the Black Ring of Mael, and was a piece of the evil Dead Grails and as they talked and after realizing that Hermione meant her no harm she lowered her sword and Hermione released the spell blocking the tent. As the spell went down Johanson barged through the cloth and crashed into the tent before getting up and picking Hermione up by the neck and nearly killing her before Leliana was able to get him to release her. The three would talk, and eventually Hermione would eventually get the ring, and told them thank you for their help, and she was sorry for everything that she had caused to them. As she got on her horse to leave and everyone said goodbye the sound of trumpets went off, and as she peered towards the sound she saw a massive dark cloud on the horizon. As this was happening the Lothlorian Elf Zerevor Sunsorrow also arrived at the site but having seen that Hermione had reached the forces of the Kingdom of Alcase first he made the decision to lend assistance to John Orsinio in return for promises that he could have the ring once John had victory.

Second Battle of Avricourt
Demons three times the size of a man. Humans with three arms. This was what chaos gave you.

Second Battle of Avricourt

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Leliana Orsinio Large.jpg
I looked at the cloud and tried to feel for some kind of Magi in the area, and what I felt was horrifying. Like a void had appeared in the world the chaos worshippers were a presence in the Fade that I hope I never feel again.
Hermione Granger

Following the destruction of the army of Chaos in the first battle of Avricourt the forces of John Orsinio had retreated, and everyone believed they would flee completely out of Alcase, but instead he regrouped the remaining chaos forces west of Avricourt. The army of Alcase was going to chase them down, but the distraction of Hermione Granger, and the fact that a larger force being led by the King in Fabin Von Orsinio meant that the Alcase forces were in the same position camped. John Orsinio had managed to gather a larger force then in the first battle, but did it at the cost of completely surrendering his original plan of long term raiding, and occupation of the lands of Alcase as he had brought every single soldier he had available to the battle. As Fabin Orsinio reached the area John Orsinio launched his assault on the camp of Leliana, and Johanson hoping to defeat that camped army before turning against the remaining force in Fabin's army. The force of John Orsinio would bring thousands of demons along with it further augmenting its numbers, and as it appeared over the hills near Avricourt the army of Johanas, and Leliana would marshal themselves to fight against the army of Chaos. Hermione seeing a chance to flee eastward would be given the blessing of Leliana to leave them and do what she had to do, and she was nearly going to leave before she realized Harry would not have wanted her to do that, and even if he did she could not accept becoming the person who just left. Discussing it with the others in her group they all agreed that they had to stay with Fleur Delacour being especially strong towards staying and with that agreed on she turned around and followed Leliana into the right flank.

Chaos has come to our doorsteps men. It is time we showed traitors what happens when they take the easy path. Anyone can choose to betray everything they stand for, and gain some marginal reward, and remember my friends that is the easy way. The hard way is the path we all have chosen. The hard way is standing beside your brothers and sisters and defending the land you grew up. Defending all the values that make our existence worth fighting for.
Johanson Hawkes

Remaining at the camp the camped army would prepare themselves for the charge, and Johanas would command the center of the force, while the left flank was commanded by Isabelle Hurnia, while the right flank was commanded by Leliana and she was joined there by Hermione. Seeing this from their vantage point the royal army of Fabin would make their way towards the valley beneath them but were several hours away, and thus wouldn't be able to affect the initial assault. As the Chaos forces smashed into the army the intial charge broke pieces of the army as the demons horrified them, and the mass charge nearly caused a retreat of the army. As the army wavered Hermione would summon a gigantic yellow bird that flew over the ranks of the army and gave them heart, and this somewhat steadied them.

Demons three times the size of a man. Humans with three arms. This was what chaos gave you.
Johanas Hawkes

As the fighting intensified John Orisinio watched from the ranks as Johanas Hawkes wiped his way through the ranks of the chaos center forces, and then watched the Alcase forces celebrate as Johanas killed a greater demon of Slanaash. Seeing momentum change against him despite his larger force John Orsinio would charge into the left flank where Isabelle Hurnia was fighting a losing fight against a large force, and he would engage her in a duel. Granted gifts by Slanaash John was beyond the fighting ability of Isabelle and he sliced her nearly in half before tossing her head into the Alcase ranks, and causing a near rout of the left flank. As the left flank collapsed John turned his forces from attacking the left flank to moving against the center and Johanas. On the right flank Hermione and Leliana killed their enemy one after another but there was always another, and so Hermione watched as Leliana broke from the front line and cut her way through the chaos ranks making her way towards a Chaos Magi. Fighting the Chaos Magi Hermione led a charge as well breaking the chaos forces attempting to surround Leliana and her force that had broke through, and the right flank begin to be pushed back towards the dueling Leliana and Magi. The Magi and Leliana would duel for many minutes, but the Magi found his spells constantly blocked by Hermione and her group, and as it continued Leliana finally killed the Magi and broke the right flank of Chaos. With the death of the Magi the demons begin to lose form, and after a few minutes the demons of the Chaos Army had shifted out of the real world and back into the fade where they had been summoned from.

Our left flank had broken, while their left flank had done the same. As Lelian pushed to the center and John did the same the final battle would be found in the center.
Hermione Granger

With both left flanks of the two armies being overwhelmed the two victorious flanks moved to the center and engaged the already desperate fighting in the center. As the Magi force of Hermione Granger moved to support Leliana it was Zerevor Sunsorrow who finally made his move engaging them in battle and attempting to kill Hermione for control of her ring. The group fought Zerevor but his power was incredible and centuries of life had left him with a control and knowledge base that was difficult for the six to defend against and with Zerevor overpowering them Hermione was able to defend herself but a deflected blasting shot struck Josette Didier killing her instantly and only narrowly missed Gilbert Genin who lost an arm and was horribly burned by the shot. Enraged at Gilbert being hit it was Alexandra Genin who lost herself to magi and attacked Zerevor with renewed effort and when everything she threw at him didn't work Zerevor was finally defeated when Alexandra charged at him physically knocking his staff out of his hand. As they tried to kill him a panicked Zerevor used non-verbal Magi to teleport from the field leaving behind his staff, but surviving the battle. With Zerevor gone the group left an emotionally destroyed Alexandra behind to care for her dying husband while they made their way to assist the center. John Orsinio seeing Johanas kill one of his few remaining friends, and perhaps the sole remaining person he trusted would charge at Johanas, and as he was overcome by anger and rage his god himself in Slanaash would change him from his human form into a Greater Demon of Slanaash and it was in this form that John Orsinio and Johanas Hawkes would battle. An extremely formidable fighter John was only able to hold off the charge of the now demonic John Orsinio and felt himself pushed back inch by inch. As he was knocked to the ground John would be smashed back from a bolt by Hermione Granger, and Bethany Hawkes of whom were able to keep John down while Johanas, and Leliana charged at him and struck him many times killing the demon and releasing John Orsinio. With John Orsinio dead, and the demons deforming the chaos forces were broken, and despite attempts by the other commanders of the army to hold them they would retreat away from the slaughter that was now ensueing on the chaos forces. By this point the cavalry of Fabin including the king himself had arrived and would charge into the retreating chaos forces wiping out the remaining parts of the army.

Lucerne Finds Orleans

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Second Arnor War

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The Dagger of Lost Souls

Selina Surion1.jpg

Watching someone from afar that you know has a dagger with the ability to control minds was a disconcerting prospect. But as we continued to watch him it was as if he never felt the need to use the dagger. He had conflicts that he resolved with his words, and he kept the dagger nearly always hidden beneath his bed. It wasn't until he was forced to use the dagger that we even came to believe that he understood what the dagger did.
Selina Surion

Selina Surion would finally catch up with Hermione Tranger when she had awoken in Westbridge after her survival of Arnor, and Selina would wait a few days before she confronted the girl she had been waiting so long to discuss things with. Alongside Hermione Tranger, Selina Surion would travel into the Riverlands where they needed to track down a dagger in order to further their plans to gather the Dead Grails. Finding information that Kren Scarlet had obtained a dagger that matched the description the two would find him in order to obtain the dagger. The two would find him a wealthy and powerful noble, and following him for weeks Selina would come to greatly admire Kren and had a serious affection for the young man. During this time Hermione would come to explain some of her love for Harry and the fact that basically all of this while important to the continent in an unimaginable way was actually for her more about the survival of her beloved Harry Potter. Selina came to tell her of how she was one of the last of what was once a thriving Numenorian community in the lands Austria (she lied as she didn't completely trust anyone to know where her family was located) and in giving away their secrets they grew quite close. Around this time Hermione begin to feel an ominious cloud overtaken the city of Hearthglen, and she and Selina both became aware that something dark had entered the city, and that it was not a coincidence that it had arrived at the same time as they had. Realizing they needed to move quickly Hermione was able to use the Cloak of Neverune to allow her and Selina to enter the keep of Hearthglen where they would come to look for where the dagger was hidden by Kren.

Attacked in the night like the monsters they had become. We would learn for the final time the consequences of what happened when you asked for too much. Ravenholdt had asked for the stars and the gods didn't answer them. When the gods abandoned them the demons came and acted as their saviors. For that they are forever doomed. Sometimes a god answers you immediately and you thank them for what they have done, and the speed at which they have done it. Other times the gods cannot answer you right away, and it is in these moments that the weak choose demons, and the virtuous choose patience. The Ravens should have waited. They should have waited...
Hermione Tranger

As they prepared to take the knife from him at night they watched as several black robed men infiltrated his keep. Watching the men from afar they were shocked into action when the assassins would murder an old man that was wandering the halls of the keep doing his tasks. Coming out of their hiding spot they would gain on the assasins and just reach the room when the two attempted to kill Kren. Defending him against the assassins he awoke and used the dagger to mind control the assassins into stopping attacking him. He used the dagger on Hermione, and Selina as well and from their initial anwsers and the fact that they were defending him he became convinsed of their innocense. Using the dagger further he was able to discover that the assassins had been sent by the Order of the Raven after Ravenholdt signed an alliance with Mordor, and one of their first tasks was to derail the attempts to gather the Deathly Grails. The assasins revealed to them that the Order of the Raven had sent hundreds of its finest throughout the continent in order to try and find the Grails, and that the two in the Riverlands were only a small drop in the bucket to the numbers that were on the move. As they continued to gain more information they were halted by a third assassin who appeared in the window and killed the two assassins with throwing knives before escaping out the window, and after they chased him across the roofs of the keep he too got away after he committed suicide by jumping from the top of a tower into the ground.

Hermione Tranger would be uncertain if anyone knew of her quest, but when Selina arrived followed shortly after by the Ravenholdt assasins she knew the cat was out of the bag.

I realized in that moment that the secret was out. I had been discovered.
Hermione Tranger

Following the death of the third assasin they would return to the home of Kren Scarlet and find his uncle Darion Scarlet had arrived in the city, and that they needed to leave, but that Kren would meet them east of the city in the small Holdfast of Poppen Hold. Hermione and Selina would leave Hearthglen as he said, and arrived at Poppen Hold where they found it the personal keep of Kren Scarlet, and they were admitted entrance after a raven had arrived from Kren saying they were his friends. When they were preparing for sleep they were stopped by the Captain of the Gaurd of Poppen Hold in the form of Ser Wilfryd Willot of whom took them into the dungeons where they met with the dungeon master of whom showed them a captive who they quickly realized from his atire was a member of the Order of the Raven. They were unable to speak to him as the Captain said that he had been commanded to keep the prisoner away from everyone until he arrived. Hermione, and Selina would wait as patiently as possible for two days, and Hermione was preparing to storm the dungeon to torture the Black Raven when Kren Scarlet arrived at the castle and accompanied them into the dungeon.

This man entered Hearthglen a day before you two saved my life. He brought with him a device that darkens the litteral air around it, and I want to know what his purpose was.
Kren Scarlet

Kren Scarlet would use the dagger to force the Black Raven to reveal information to him, and learned quickly the man was Petar of Weerhousen, and had been a member of the Ravens since before Ezio's civil war nearly destroyed it. Kren was able to learn that the device that Petar had brought with him was a sort of Palantir of which leached the light, and good from the area around it due to the fact that Sauron was able to see through it. Krens was able to destroy the device through the assistence of Petar, and once it was destroyed he learned that it was used to corupt the holder of the device, and it was linked to a necklase he still wore. Destroying the necklase he was revealed to be an honorable man that was being menipulated by the necklase and didn't remember anything since the day he had put the necklase on. Kren would leave Petar in the dungeon while the three went to his personal quarters and discussed the next move. Hermione was reluctant to reveal anything but Kren made her painfully aware that she would need him and the dagger before everything was done, and thus she revealed that she was now going to head for the next Dead Grail of which was Elder Wand and was present in the lands of Albion or England.

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