High Forest
High Forest2
Flag of High Forest
Europe Political
Malfurion Stormrage
Type of Goverment Senatorial Dictatorship
Head of State Malfurion Stormrage
Secondary Leaders Druid Leadership


Location The Forests of Athel Loren
Capital Fraitenhoom
Languages Sindarian
Demonym High Sindarian
Religion Elven Pantheon
Races, and Ethnicity Sindar Elves
Population Placeholder
That is the fairest of all the dwellings of my people. There are no trees like the trees of that land. For in the autumn their leaves fall not, but turn to gold. Not till the spring and the new green opens do they fall, and then the boughs are laden with yellow flowers; and the floor of the wood is golden, and golden is the roof, and its pillars are of silver, for the bark of the trees is smooth and grey.
Legolas Windrunner

High Forest is a massive kingdom that is the Home of the Sindar Elves of the forest of Mirkwood. It lies just north of Gondor, and is located in the large Mirkwood Forest of Central Europe, and borders the eastern half of the Rhine River for a long stretch, while being mainly within southern Westros. High Forest is the most powerful truly Sindar Civilization that remains in the world, and the forests of Athel Loren have come together to create a civilization that is glorious for the Sindar Ancestors and has become truly powerful.

The forest holds one of the fortresses of the reclusive Sindar Elves, and within the trees is the largest population of Sindar Elves outside of perhaps the Lothlorian Elves or remaining Sindar Elves of Ulthuan of which both are questionable. The Sindar Elves arrived in Athel Loren a broken people and have grown steadily in population since their arrival in Athel Loren to the point that they are much less an endangered race as they once were. The Sindar Elves have blossemed as well through their belief and thus advantages gained by their relationship with the forest. Alongside the Sindar Elven population of the land their is a sizeable number of Centaurs that live within the forests of the eastern plains. This Centaur population is one of the few remaining populations in Europe after their steady decline following the Eternity Wars and the racism they have faced outside of forests ever since.

High Forest has little in the way of an economy although they have become a heavy trader in wood to the outside alliances they have created in order to recieve back certain resources that they cannot recieve. This trading has allowed them to precure much in the way of an increased industry without the worry that they will be selling out their ancestors the way the ancient High Elves did, or the way the Lothlorian Elves have done.

The Sindar Elves of High Forest are very close with Gondor, and more recently have opened up a diologue with the Kingdom Of Lucerne. These two relationships are basically the only contact that the KIngdom of High Forest has with anyone outside of their fellow Sindar Elves of Quel`Thalas, and their ancient relatives in Lothlorian, or Ulthuan. Most of this openess is in counter to what their leadership under Furion Stormrage has been known to be about since the exodus of the Sindar Elves from Ulthuan. This forest is the closest it comes to the old glory days of the Sindar Elves of Ulthuan, and for this reason the isolationism that they have went into is seen by the culture as a neccessary evil and a new born Sindar Elf is simply brought up to understand that the forest is his home and they will love it till the day they die for it. Although a slow growing people the Sindar Elves of High Forest have become quite large due to their low death rates, and growing population base. This makes them the second largest concentration of Elves in Europe behind only the huge Kingdom of Lothlorian in actual numbers.

High Forest was founded as a kingdom during the Exodus of the Sindar Elves, and its founding was supposed to be an extremely open and simple expansion. The original information that they had recieved about High Forest was that it was a beautiful forest teeming with gentle forest life, but when they arrived they discovered a nest of Trollocs that was in the hundreds of thousands. Fighting against the Trollocs the Sindar Elves would form an alliance alongside the spirits of the forest, and the Centaurs and through all of this they defeated the Trollocs and forced them eastward out of the forest. Following this there was a massive buildup of the population of High Forest and from there the growth of the two would expand to the point that their safety was more then secure. High Forest would exit their isolation to further an alliance with Gondor and Lucerne and took part in the Battle of Minas Ithil, and the Second Battle of Tree Hill. Following these victories they would attempt to secure more Dragonbone Root for the making of a sort of superweapon, and in return for the assistence of Gondor, and Lucerne in gathering this they would trade massive quantities of wood which their wisps are able to gather without harming the trees.


High Forest Map
High Forest is located in Central Europe within the subregion of Westros in the deep south of Westros. The Kingdom itself lies north of Gondor, and Mordor. Lies east of The Kingdom of Lucerne. Lies west of the Trolloc forests of Mirkwood. Along the western border of High Forest is the mighty Rhine River of which allows the Sindar Elves to trade with their allies in Lucerne through the use of the small port of Auberdine. The northern border is connected to the plains of Bolten where they have had a historical issue of violence and conflict between themselves and the Kingdom of Bolten.

The forest of Mirkwood that High Forest lies in is one of the largest and most dense forests in Europe, only eclipsed in size by Drakenwald, and Athel Loren.The Star Mountain, and the lost peaks are extremely large mountain peaks that exist within High Forest, and it is at the top of the Star Mountains that lies Talonreach the great city of the Druids of the Talon. At the top of the Lost Peaks lies the nest of the Great Eagles, and it is from here that they fly and make their homes. The Great Eagles nests also lie across several of the other mountains but their main roost is in the Lost Peaks.


Early History

High Forest1

In the early times of High Forest the land was ruled by the Woses, and when they fled the Woses allies in the Centaurs took control but they were beaten back by many external enemies.

I think now that all of us were looking for something different. Alleria wanted something she could settle down in and be at peace. Sylvanus wanted strength. I wanted to find something that was different.
Vareesa Windrunner

High Forest was a forest that had been sighted by many Sindar Elves while they took part in the War of Vengeance. When these Sindar Elves returned and the talk amongst the Sindarian people turned to leaving Ulthuan and the moral failure of the High Elves, one of the first and most popular talking points was High Forest. Above this talk it would be the scouting done of this forest by Vareesa Stormrage during the War of Vengence that would come to make High Forest defined by the Sindar Elves.

War of Vengeance

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Warrior 2 by wlop

During the War of Vengeance the Sindar Elven elements of the High Elf army were deployed mainly in areas with large forests that would assist in their ability to act according to their strengths. But it was not these large armies that would discover High Forest instead it would be Vareesa Windrunner who would discover it as she scouted eastward on a personal mission for Malfurion Stormrage. It was during the War of Vengeance that the life of Vareesa along with her family would change completely. She went along with her sisters when the call of the Pheonix King went out for all Elves to assist the war effort in France against the aggressive and monsterous Dwarves. As the conflict continued the four siblings began to show a split in what they were interested in. Vareesa followed the teachings of Maflurion Stormrage and looked for a forest that teemed with the life that the world was made of. Her siblings though went to different forests, and in this way the four siblings begin to grow apart as the war went on. This devide in which forests they all were visiting would have little importance during the war but when the Elves were forced to return to Ulthuan following the attack by the Dark Elves the three siblings found themselves serperated for the first time on how to move forward. Vareesa was direhard in her devotion to the high Druid in Furion Stormrage, and because of this she wished to follow whatever command Furion told them to do. This was different then Sylvanus who had become involved in a minor off shoot of the SIndar Elves led by a prince named Laera Sunstrider and she wished to listen to his teachings about the forest. In the center of this debate were Alleria, and Legolas who simply wanted to be a part of the forest as they had always been.

The Exodus of Ulthuan

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"There comes a point when all things end. A time in the lifeline of a people when the glory, and honor of the past are replaced by the greed and coruption of the future. I shall not sit by and watch as the island of Ulthuan burns around me. I shall not watch as the people I have loved and cared for since my birth are destroyed by the madness of our failings."

-Malfurion Stormrage

Eventually the coruption of the High Elves reached a point where no longer could Malfurion or the vast majority of the Sindar Elves in Ulthuan accept the madness of Ulthuan and in this way Malfurion began the exodus of the Sindar Elves of Ulthuan to the shores of France.


Founding High Forest

When the Elves arrived in Mirkwood Forest they found it wasn't as unihabited as it once was. The forests now teemed with the darkness brought on by the coming of Trolloc to the forest. These Trolloc were led by a powerful Myridrrim, and due to this they were growing quite powerful. The Sindar Elves devided themselves along the western portion of High Forest and at first Malfurion entered them into a battle of attrition while they attempted to find a way to understand why the Trollocs were so organized. The battle raged for years and the Elves founded themselves their first settlement in the settlement of Nonatar where the vast portion of the Sindar Elves came to live while they battled themselves against the Trolloc.

Awakening the Trees

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It was during this stalemate that the Sindar Elves were visited by Coeddil of whome was an ancient Ent or spirit of the forest. Coeddil told them of how at the center of the forest lay the grandfather tree which was a tree of unimagenable power if used in the wrong way. He told them that a Myridrrim had made its lair there and was calling thousands of Trollocs to the forest where they were defiling the beauty that was High Forest.

High Forest War

"If you do not act this forest and everything in it will fall into darkness. That may matter little to the humans but in you I sence a caring for the trees that I have no senced for many years. Prove the rest of my people wrong and save this forest. Prove your people wrong and do the right thing for the right reasons. If you do this the forest will stand beside you."


Following this meeting the Sindar Elves undertook a massive invasion of the central section of High Forest where Malfurion led the forces of the Sindar Elves against the numerically superior Trolloc. The battles were fierce but eventually the Elves were within the lair of the Myridrrim and it was here that the forest would make itself known once again. As the Sindar Elves invaded the lair of the leader they heard a massive howl go throughout the forest and following this the owl scouts they were using gave dire warnings that unimagenable numbers of Trolloc were moving against the Sindar Elves. As the Sindar Elves were preparing to be overwhelmed Malfurion battled alongside many of the leaders against the Myridrrim who had become nearly a god by eating from the Grandfather Tree. As the battle raged and the Trolloc begin overwhelming the Orcs the forest turned on the Trollocs and came to the aid of the Sindar Elves.


Founding of Grandfather Tree

The Forest unleashed themselves on the unsuspecting Trollocs in numbers that were in the thousands. Ents, Eagles all manner of creatures came out of hiding and poured against the Trollocs in a massacre that killed tens of thousands of Trolloc and left the forest utterly clear of Trolloc. Inside the Lair of the Mydrrill the forest sent two of its greatest in the form of Coeddil, Treebeard, and Quickbeam of whome took the fight over and destroyed the Myrdrril who found he couldn't damage the tree spirits because of how much of the Grandfather tree that he had injested. With the death of the Mydrril and nearly all the Trollocs the forest was cleared of the darkness that had plagued it. Malfurion stood alongside his leadership cohort and prepared to find out what the forest would do now, and he was much happier when Treebeard stepped forward and told him that the Elves were now in control of the forest until such point when they turned against it. The decision was made that the Sindar Elves could live amongst the forest and asisst the forest in its defence and in return the forest would make sure that the Elves always had a place in the places of High Forest. With them coming together the Sindar Elves constructed a vast palace defence amongst the once destroyed ruins of Grandfather Tree and from here the center of the religion of the Sindar Elves was constructed around Grandfather Tree.

Founding of the Kingdom of Lothlorian

The Result of the Sindari Exodus from Ulthuan
Grouping Site of Settlement Population
Malfurion's Elves High Forest Upwards of 950,000 Sindari Elves heavily devided between fighters, civilians and children.
Laera Sunstrider's Elves Athel Loren Around 400,000 Sindari Elves heavily divided between fighters, civilians, and children.
I had to carve out a new destiny for our people. The Sindar Elves would only find themselves destroyed if they follow Malfurion any further. It was time for a new path.
Laera Sunstrider

As Malfurion Stormrage started the exodus of the Sindar Elves the second most powerful Sindar Elf in Laera Sunstrider took his followers and went as well. During the crossing he used Magi to make sure that certain ships were delayed quite heavily. In this way the ships of his followers as well as several other Sindar Elves that he wanted did not arrive in France until nearly two months later. As time wore on the Elves on board became horrified that they would never arrive, and that some great evil was delaying them, but each day Laera Sunstrider used his charisma to control more and more of the Elves. By this point Laera Sunstrider spread word to his supporters amongst Malfurion that the ships had crashed into rocks leaving the fleet of Laera dead or lost in the waters. Malfurion with great sadness would leave behind volunteers of whom took the form of Laera supporters to wait for the stragglers but he took the rest of the Sindar Elves with him to High Forest. When the second wave finally did arrive in France and did not find Malfurion waiting for them those who were not among the devout followers of Laera were scared, and open to manipulation. Laera used this moment to rally the second wave of Sindar Elves of which there were many of his personal followers, and brought them to the forest of Lothlorian which was the forest scouted by Sylvanus during the War of Vengeance, and of which she had advised him of.

We had travelled all this way, and yet here I stood on the edge of a lake that was supposed to lead us to everything we would need, and I saw nothing.

When the Elves arrived in Athel Loren they were guided throughout by Sylvanas who had intimate knowledge of the forest. In this way the large group of Sindar Elves was able to dramatically eliminate the local Trolloc without much difficulty. With the forest clear Sylvanus lead Laera to the island that she had seen, and been told by Illidan was a source of great power, but when they arrived there Laera discovered that they had been tricked by Illidan and that there was nothing special about the island. As he prepared to give up on this spot out of the water appeared Illidan Stormrage. Illidan begged to speak to Laera priveatly and when he agreed the two discussed how Illidan had absorbed the Skull of Maethor thanks to the efforts of his children and for this he wished to meand the differences between the two by helping to craft a massive devise which would be able to harnass a massive amount of Magi, and become the culmination of everything that Laera had ever dreamed of. Laera was skeptical at best but told Illidan that he had one year to complete the devise, and if he succeded then all would be forgiven but if he failed then he would hunt him down and kill him. Following this Illidan travelled to the Island of Quel`Dalas as the Elves had come to call it, and begin constructing the Sunwell. While working on this he was watched over by Laera`s trusted daughter Maen`Tryden Sunstrider who was a youthful but still gifted Magi. As the sunwell was being constructed the Elves obviously could not sit idle so they were joined together and begin constructing the city of Silvermoon.

Founding of Silvermoon

COming of High FOrest
We had travelled all this way, and yet here I stood on the edge of a lake that was supposed to lead us to everything we would need, and I saw nothing.

Silvermoon was constructed over the course of the year that Illidan was constructing the Sunwell, and during this time the Sindar Elves who were heavy in number constructed a city that could home the entire group of them meaning that the well over 400,000 Elves at the time needed to live there. The city was constructed out of white stone and living plants in the style of the ancient Ulthuani empire and interwoven with the natural topography of the landscape. The city contained the famous Academies of Silvermoon as a center for the learning of Arcane Magic and Sunstrider Spire, a majestic palace home to the Royal family of the Sindar Elves of Athel Loren. The Convocation of Silvermoon (also known as "The Council of Silvermoon"), the ruling body of the Sindar elves was also based here within the Court of the Sun. Nearly a year after starting the construction and nearing completion the entire society of Athel Loren stopped as Illidan returned to the main island accompanied still by Maen`Tryden.


Illidan Stormrage Cover Founding
I held up my end of the bargain Sunstrider. Its your turn to hold up your end of our deal.
Illidan Stormrage

Illidan would come shore with Maen`Tryden still at his side but she was now clearly quite pregnant, and this caused great anger from Laera Sunstrider of whom had planned her marriage to nobles loyal to him and this put a serious wrinkle in his plans. From this anger he would reject the deal he had with Illidan Stormage and after a great argument broke out Illidan would be taken into chains while Maen`Tryden would also be taken to the palace and kept locked away. Illidan would be kept under guard by Maeiv Shadowsong of whom would be placed in charge of the new Lothlorian Barrow Dens which would serve as a large prison for Athel Loren. While Illidan and Maen`Tryden remained locked away the upper echolon of the forces of Laera Sunstrider would travel to the now created Sunwell and upon arrival basked in its power with several passing out from the effects of the Sunwell. Large forces were brought to the island where they would construct the fortress of Quel'Dalas and completely cover the Sunwell within. While this was happening communication begin to open fully between High Forest where the main force of the Sindar Elves had landed, and the now growing lands of Laera Sunstrider of which Laera attempted to slow as he wanted to keep complete control. After months of construction Laera would stand over the top leadership and proclaim the creation of the Kingdom of Lothlorian, and in his first act he ordered the execution of his sister, and Illidan for treason.

Give me my brother. He needs to pay for his crimes, but not this way. Laera listen to reason.
Malfurion Stormrage

As the preperations were being made for the two's execution Alleria Sunstrider would sectrely send word to Malfurion Stormrage in High Forest of what was happening, and after the initial shock that the Sindari Elves had survived in the second group Malfurion would go to Athel Loren in large force. Captain Vur'talos Darkshadow would arrive before the main High Forest army with some four hundred sentinels and would relay the coming of Malfurion Stormrage to the Lothlorian commanders of whom led by Laera planned to resist and tried to kill Illidan but found his, and Maen'Tyrden's cell's were locked through Magi and they couldn't get in. Moving in from the west another force of some two thousand Sindari Elves from High Forest arrived under the command of Hammon Winterdew and would block the western approach into Silvermoon awaiting the arrival of the main force led by Malfurion. Arriving at Silvermoon with nearly one hundred and fifty thousand SIndari Elves at his back Malfurion would demand the return of his brother to stand for trial, and at first Laera would refuse, but as the High Forest siege of Silvermoon continued many Sindari in his own ranks whispered of the right of Malfurions claims and thus he was forced to relent and returned Illidan to Malfurion, but the relationship between High Forest, and Athel Loren was broken. While Malfurion was willing to fight over the return of his brother he was less willing to fight over Maen Sunstrider of which Illidan once he was returned to the High Forest lines would take as a betrayal and not even the words of Tyrande could stop him from abandoning his brother who had just saved him.

The Gondor Civil War

Battle of Cair Andros

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The Journey

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Meeting with High Forest

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Mirkwood Forest

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Noteable Treekin

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Main Article : Centaurs

The Centaurs of High Forest are a grouping within the Kingdom and nation of High Forest that live prodominently in the open fields of the eastern section of High Forest. Led by the three Khans the Centaurs are devided into three Clans in the form of Clan Kolker, Clan Magram, and Clan Galak of which Clan Kolker is the most seen of the clans as it makes its home near Fraitenhoom inside a massive valley north of the city, Clan Galek is the most numerous of the tribes and the most militarily capable, while Clan Kolker only came to High Forest a century ago and have been living in the eastern lands for this time growing their strength.

Green Dovah

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The Green Dovah have made a home within High Forest and this holding known as the Green Dragonshire is the largest concentration of Green Dovah in the entire world with only Ulthuan, and the Galkland Islands having anything close to their numbers.


The Sindar Elves are as spoken of earlier devided into two different societies. The first being the Druids, and the second being the Sentinels. Both groups group together to lead the Elves of High Forest. The Centaurs form a third union within the Goverment and they nominally rule themselves, but their Khans are on the lines of an Arch Druid, and thus must form up when commanded by the 

The Druids

The Sindar Elves of High forest are ruled by a Druid Council formed during the savage and brutal beggining of High Forest. The druid council is made of the 5 most honorable druids of the day of whom lead the five Druid Aspects, and the five then appoint one of their member to be the Grand Arch-Druid and the leader of High Forest. The Druids while serving a front line military role, as well as command role in the military are more commonly taken to the task of administration of the Kingdom.

Ranks Within the Druids :

  • Grand Arch Druid
  • Arch Druid
  • Holy Keeper
  • Master Druid
  • Druid

While in Sindar Elven society the main skill in preserving the Kingdom militarily is usually handled by the females, while the internal development issues are handled by the Males. The Druids are a critical figure though since many spend years within the Emerald Dream and thus are not seen for this entire time during their sleep. Sindar Elves with golden eyes and/or antlers are also believed to possess great Druidic potential. Of note, Malfurion Stormrage, Broll Bearmantle, Queen Azshara, and Illidan Stormrage all possessed golden eyes. It is also possible to develop golden eyes or antlers later on as a Druid becomes more powerful, and as they become more attuned with nature.

Grand Arch Druid

The Arch Druid is the leading member of the Druid council and is the main decision maker when it comes to the overall direction of the Sindar. He works in consort with Ranger General when it comes to the defence of High Forest, but as for foreign relations, and internal development the Arch Druid is responsible not the Ranger General. The current Arch Druid of High Forest is Malfurion Stormrage, and he has served in this position since he first drove the Sindar Elves to flee Ulthuan and found themselves in the forests of Europe.

Name Reign Seat
Malfurion Stormrage  - Current Fraitenhoom

Arch Druids

The Arch Druid cheifs are very similar to a Lord of most Human Kingdoms except for the fact that they rule over a Druid Aspect and the specific region that Aspect might control. Each Arch Druid is responsible for a specific area of High Forest and because of this they are the main advisors of the Grand Arch Druid when it comes to the matters of their area. Of course the main purpose of these Druid Chiefs is not a logistical commander of whom rules over the land but instead their main purpose is to rule over their specific Druid Aspect and in this role they are supremely powerful.

Name Druid Aspect Seat
Brann Bearmantle Druid of the Bear
Talflarion Stormrage Druid of the Talon
Flagril Staghelm Druid of the Cat
Lenarass Searrow Druid of the Sea
Rennistur Treelk Druid of the Tree

Main Article : Druid of the Cat Aspect

In addition to being able to call upon the forces of nature, one of the signature properties of Nature magic is in its' ability to alter the shape of its' user. When a shapeshifting spell is cast, the user calls upon a particular spirit in order to alter their form, and for Druids of the Cat Aspect they are calling upon the spirit of the Cats.

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Druid of the Sea Aspect

Main Article : Druid of the Sea Aspect

In addition to being able to call upon the forces of nature, one of the signature properties of Nature magic is in its' ability to alter the shape of its' user. When a shapeshifting spell is cast, the user calls upon a particular spirit in order to alter their form, and for Druids of the Sea Aspect they are calling upon the spririts of the Sea.

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Druid of the Tree Aspect

Main Article : Druid of the Tree Aspect

In addition to being able to call upon the forces of nature, one of the signature properties of Nature magic is in its' ability to alter the shape of its' user. When a shapeshifting spell is cast, the user calls upon a particular spirit in order to alter their form, and for Druids of the Tree Aspect they are calling upon the spirit of the Trees.

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The Sentinels

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High Forest Sentinels

Along with the druid council, their is the Sentinels. The sentinels are the all female military force that defends the forests of High Forest. The Sentinels are led by the Ranger General, and she in turn appoints commanders beneath her. Given the threat of invasion that constantly looms, few roles are as critical to the defense of the land as the sentinel. "Sentinel" is an ancient title, its skills are rooted in ancient tradition from even before the time of the war of Vengeance.

The Sentinels were established shortly after the War of Vengeance , and all of its soldiers are Sindar Elven women. They were created in order to replace the old army. Sentinels are elite archers and skirmishers, capable of doing tricks with the bow that few others can hope to match. The Sentinels gaurding of the border is an endless job, and because of this they have grown immsensly close to the forests, and can be found in the same tree for weeks waiting for any sign of intrusion into the lands they protect so diligently.

Leadership of the Sentinels

Name Rank Title  Seat
Tyrande Whisperwood 1 Ranger General Fraitenhoom
Vareesa Windrunner 2 Ranger Lieutenant
Mereena Swifteern 2 Ranger Lieutenant
Shandis Stormrage 2 Ranger Lieutenant
Glorifindal 2 Ranger Lieutenant
Lylandris 3 Huntress Southern High Forest
Sain Lonevin 3 Ranger Lord Southern High Forest
Illyiana Mooblaze 3 Huntress Luzern Forest

Realms of High Forest

The Realms of High Forest are the colonies of the High Forest Sindari Elves of which are located outside of Mirkwood Forest. 

Name Location Leader Population
Low Forest South Eastern Gondor Kurtalos Ravencrest Roughly 1,500
Luzern Forest Central Lucerne



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A Centaur is a magical creature whose head, torso and arms appear to be human and are joined to a horse's body, and they are a part of the overall species called Cenarius's Children. They are, however, their own species, and are not any kind of half-breed. Despite possessing 'human intelligence', centaurs are classified as Beasts by many commoners who meet them, and it is usually shocking when they speak and show their high intelligence. Like horses, centaurs can come in a variety of colours, ranging from deep black to white, and this color trait is shared in the Keepers of the Grove.

Amongst the Centaur there is a distinct split in the race in the form of the Centaur, and the Keepers of the Grove. The Centaurs themselves are the normal version of a Centaur of which is the horse and human look, while the other section the Keepers of the Grove share a Stags lower body, and an elven upper body. What distinction occured that made this shift is unknown but a Keeper of the Grove is rarely birthed and when it is it usually always becomes a leader amongst the Centaur.

Centaurs are known to be gifted in divining. Indeed, the centaurs of the Forbidden Forest regularly made vague allusions to seeing the future, as when the centaur Firenze told Aragorn Elessar that they were fated to meet again, and when he and Shellian spoke of the "intermission" of sorts, between the Gondor Civil War, and the Relief of Gondor.


Main Article : Elven Pantheon


Goddess of the Harvest

Description: Isha is the goddess of the harvest and is worshipped by most farmers throughout Ulthuan, but is also seen as the goddess of fertility or Earth Mother and thus one of the three gods of the Sindar Elves. The farmers often give offerings to her temples in the hope of a good harvest. She is a merciful god who lends succour to those in need of it. Isha is commonly depicted as a gloriously beautiful young elf woman with immeasurably long, golden ponytails flowing about her. She is the daughter of Asuryan and Lileath.

Symbol: Commonly a stylised eye with a single tear below it. Mage-Priests of Isha are usually female and they wear robes of pure white.

Temples: There are no temples to Isha as such but some elves have small shrines dedicated to her in their houses. Her worship is most popular among Wood Elves not least because she is the wife of Kurnous the Hunter and is immersed in their theological histories.


Goddess of Rain and Rivers

Description: Torothal is the goddess of rain and rivers and is principally a Wood Elf deity and little known outside their woodland realms except by some Human woodsmen and trappers. Torothal is said to bring rain and control the currents courses of rivers. It is said that when the rivers rage and flow strong Torothal is angry. Torothal is often portrayed as a very young and beautiful Elven woman. Sometimes she is given fish scale patterns on her skin. It is said that Torothal can assume the form of any fish or river-dwelling creature and can also become a rain cloud at will.

Symbol: Torothal's symbols are stylised designs of rain clouds and wave emblems to symbolise her as patron of rivers. Mage-Priests of Torothal do not wear any special attire and are clad in the normal clothes of Wood Elf society.

Area of Worship: Torothal is almost entirely a Wood Elf deity and is worshipped in all the main woodland realms. However, there are some Human fishermen and boatmen that worship the river goddess believing that she will provide them with plentiful fish and calm riverboat journeys.

Temples: There are no temples to Torothal. However, there are certain holy places dear to her devout followers and these tend to be very special rivers and lakes or areas in the woodland realms that are especially wet due to incessant rainfall and showers.


God of the Hunt, Lord of the Beasts

Description: Said by some Human theologians to be an aspect of Taal, the Old Worlder god of nature and wild places, Kurnous is one of the major deities of the Wood Elf pantheon, being the master of the forest animals among which Wood Elves live. He is the patron of Beastfriends, and is worshipped by some Elven Scouts and Hunters. Kurnous is normally portrayed as a composite being, over ten feet tall, with an Elven body but the head and tail of a stag. It is said that he can also take the form of any forest creature at will.

Symbol: Like Taal, Kurnous is represented by a stag's head with branching antlers. Mage-Priests of Kurnous dress in the same way as other Elves.

Temples: The whole of the forest is Kurnous' temple: wherever his beasts wander, he is present. However, there are places which are more special to his worship than others: certain natural clearings, rocks, trees and so on. A Wood Elf automatically recognises these places: members of other races cannot. Elves will almost always try to keep other races away from holy ground.


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The forest holds one of the fortresses of the reclusive Sindar Elves, and within the trees is the largest population of Sindar Elves outside of perhaps the Lothlorian Elves or remaining Sindar Elves of Ulthuan of which both are questionable. The Sindar Elves arrived in Athel Loren a broken people and have grown steadily in population since their arrival in Athel Loren to the point that they are much less an endangered race as they once were. The Sindar Elves have blossemed as well through their belief and thus advantages gained by their relationship with the forest.

Population Centers

Name Population Notes
Malanaar 42,000
Fraitenhoom 109,000
Dolanaar 13,500
Gail Alenia 23,000
Talonreach 32,000
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