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Homeland is a story built around the character of Jacob Swan and his time following being sold as a slave into Kizlev. Homeland is a part of the Chaos Rising Stories, and focuses on the northern expanse of Chaos, while the other stories in the Chaos Rising story deal with other areas of Chaos influence. Homeland is set within Kizlev, but the first chapters are detailing how he reached Kizlev, and he travels through Europe detailing the land, and following this he does travel into Prussia many times thus detailing The Empire. Alongside Jacob Swan and his story the story of Homeland also deals with several important characters across Europe, of whom tell the stories of their lives leading up to the time they are at currently including Medrig Hallbreaker, and Morgomir.

Homeland is originally a spin off of the End of Darkness meant to show the aftermath of Jacob Swan, but grew into a new storyline that works concurenly with the Lucernian story.

The Homeland story has six POV Characters in the form of Jacob Swan, Morgomir, Egor Vasa, Anya Orlov, Jakob Teague, and Nicolus Rotaru and of these characters Jakob Teague is the King of the Kingdom of Poland and is forced to deal with many issues in his lands, while Nicolus Rotaru is the bastard son of the King of Walachia where he works tirelesy for his brother the prince who is his best friend to protect the Kingdom of Walachia,

Homeland begins with Jacob Swan joining Earl Scott in attempting to relieve the city of Tree Hill, and after being defeated he wakes up in slave truck being sent westward. Horrified that its humans that are sending him westward he eventually arrives there with many of the other slaves being sent to paris, where he learns about current affairs in France before being purchased by a Kizlev man and begins his trip eastward.

POV Characters

POV Characters Chapter
Jacob Swan 1, 7, 13, 19, 25, 31, 37, 43, 49, 55, 61
Egor Vasa 2, 8, 14, 20, 26, 32, 38, 44, 50, 56, 62
Morgomir 4, 9, 15, 21, 27, 33, 39, 45, 51, 57, 63
Anya Orlov

3, 10, 16, 22, 28, 34, 40, 46, 52, 58, 64

Jakob Teague 5, 11, 17, 23, 29, 35, 41, 47, 53, 59, 65
Nicolus Rotaru 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 54, 60, 66

Plot Summary

Chapter 1

Jacob Swan is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he arrives at the door of the Mannover estate where alongside his best friend Torbon Mannover II. they meet with Lord Mannover Torbon's father and namesake of whom has rallied House Mannover at the words of Jacob to follow Earl Scott in defense of Tree Hill. Commanding the Mannovers to meet him at the gate with their forces assembled he travels to the keep where he plans to say goodbye to his mother and sister, and arriving there he is discovers that both have been sent northward to Gulltown by his father and that his orders were to find his father and join him in leading the defense of the city. For a moment Jacob considers listening to this but the words of Earl Scott ring out to him, and wanting to defend his betrothed he ignores his fathers words and writes a quick letter telling them where he has gone and leaves for the gate. Arriving at the gate he and his Mannover forces quickly slip into the ranks of Earl Scott's Tree Hill army and he joins Earl at the head of the army as they march to Tree Hil. He wakes up on the back of a carriage beneath the bodies of several others of whom he recognizes two of them as men who had joined him in trying to relieve Tree Hill. Remembering the events of his defeat outside of Tree Hill the fact that he has woken up is discovered by one of the men walking alongside the carriage and trying to get the man to tell him where they are going the man just laughs before speaking Frankish which he doesn't understand, and the man clearly growing tired of hearing Jacob speaks knocks him unconscious with a blow from the back of his spear. Waking up he goes to confront the guard once again but is stopped by Torbon Mannover of whom tells him that the men who captured them arrived shortly after the Orcs defeated them and made deals with the Orcs in return for taking them as slaves. While talking with Torbon they are interupted by a man speaking german of whom introduces himself as Ludin Marbrand and a member of the Circle of Magi, and the three have a conversation where in Ludin with little emotion describes the events that transpired to have them in their current situation. 

Chapter 2

Egor Vasa is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he is walking the fields with young Alexi Rumin when he begins upon the insistence of Alexi to talk about his youth and how eventually he sought out a knights life with House Rumin. Following telling him the same story he always tells Alexi when he asks to hear his reasoning's he begins to tell Alexi that he will be leaving his service soon as Alexi's mother has finally succeeded in removing him from the ear of Alexi and will be returning back to him home, and Alexi is devastated by this but at the hearing of his mothers name he accepts that there is nothing he can do to stop it horrified by his mothers danger. Returning to Torgrad they are met at the gates by Egor's sister Nastya and realizing this may be the last time he sees young Alexi he drops to his knees and hugs the young lord who whimpers quietly into his shoulder, and before letting go Egor whispers words of encouragement to Alexi before finally forced to remove himself due to his sister intervening. Alexi is taken away by Fedor of Torgrad and Egor is left alone with his sister Nastya of whom is all smiles until Alexi is out of range and then she grabs him by the shoulder and pulls him into the gatehouse where she punches him the face before raining down insults on him before he eventually his able to force her off him. The two get into a long argument where her desire for him to die comes out for what she persieves as trying to take away her son, and despite denying this she won't hear it and changes their earlier plans for his knighting from two months to tonight, and Alexi won't be allowed to attend the knighting which devastates Egor, but knowing she will have him killed if he stays he is forced to agree.

Chapter 3

Anya Orlov is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she is present in the northern Ukrainian city of Usengrad where her father and brothers convene with the military leadership of Ukraine in regards to planning the defence of Usengrad of which everyone knows will be attacked by the Rus soon. She listens from the corner of the room as her father commands the entire army of Usengrad leave the fortress in order to deal with Korotkov Makorvich of whom continued to move about massacring villages throughout the north of Ukraine. Leaving the council chambers she is met in the hallway by Durova Kirur of whom attempts to convinse her to force her father to not leave the defence of Usengrad as this is what Korotkov is waiting for, and Durova is succesful in convinsing Anya of whom waits for her father outside the council chambers. When the councillers leave the chambers she is able to convinse her father and brother to listen to her and they all go back to the royal estate where they find the matriarch of the family in the form of Yulia Orlov, two of her sisters in Sofia and Olya, as well as there cousin Milenka Orlov also there, and together the group discusses the situation but the headstrong Sergey is unable to be convinsed to not lead the army out of Usengrad and Nitali who was convinsed is forced to relent and join his father. The chapter ends with Anya Orlov watching from the walls of Usengrad as the army of Ukraine is utterly crushed by the Rus army and devestated by this she is taken away by Durova Kirur of whom leads her out of the city alongside her mother and sister Alexandra but the group is unable to find her sister Sofia and after hours of searching they are forced to leave as the forces of Rus break through the depleted garrison at the main gate and enter the city.

  • This chapter details the events of the Rus invasion of her land in Kiev and the death of so many around her. Her time shuttling between the different fortresses of northern Ukraine, and the hellish time it was for the people of Ukraine is made clear as the Russians destroy the resistence slowly and spread southward towards the capital. Anya is

Chapter 4

Morgomir is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he is fishing in a small boat with his son just off the coast of what he describes as Denmark, and together with his son they appear to describe having quite a happy life. The two are forced to return to shore in a hurry when Morgomir sences the coming of evil and then sees it when he spots Barbarians coming from the north towards the shore, and running with his son back to the village where they live and seeing that there would be no time for their lord to come to the village and protect them he reveals to his son that he will be going to the shore and he will stop them from landing by himself. Kissing his son goodbye he awakes from his dream finding himself back in reality in the court room of Minas Frogral where he is comforted by the Frogral chancellor in the form of Ch-Orelion Urgentrin of whom is shown to be a close friend to Morgomir and the two move past his dreaming and discuss the happenings in Mordor. Morgomir is discovered to share none of the moral failings of Mordor and controls Minas Frogral as his own personal fiefdom planning for the eventual moment that he can turn against Sauron and regain the land of Mordor for the noble side of world. Morgomir and Orelion travel to the throne room where they meet with King Ilrin-Rendrian Westcellia, and his wife Sil-Katerine Westcellia of whom show themselves to be extremely loyal to Morgomir of whom tells them he is travelling east and that as always they must be very careful while he is not around. Morgomir travels down the road of his realm with a force of some five hundred of his elite Purple Guard of whom are all masked warriors trained from birth to become fierce warriors, and travelling he makes his way east to the fallen Dwarven fortress of Karak Diru where when he arrives he is met at the gates with friendship by the his duke Hur-Ghellian Ortrevelia, and Ghellian's son Cer-Thellian Ortrevlia II.

Chapter 5

Jakob Teague is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he is revealed as the Prince of Poland where he stands in the council chambers as his father discusses the situation as he fights a desperate fight against the forces of the Goblins who are becoming increasingly numerous on his eastern provinces, while also trying to expand southward into Luthwillian. Following this meeting he travels through the palace speaking to Jozef Kowalczyk the Cardinal of Poland a true believer in the christian faith of whom he talks to quite openly about the corruption still present at the top of the Polish government and together they discuss the next steps of the Polish Inquisition. Jakob Teague is walking from his meeting with Jozef Kowalczyk when he is intercepted by the recently released Danuta Krolik of whom is known to be the mistress of Jakob's uncle Dawid Teague and the mother of Jakob's cousin Jozefa Teague with whom Jakob thinks about as he speaks with Danuta. Danuta shows herself as completely disloyal to Dawid as she attempts to seduce Jakob but he is unwilling to sleep with her despite discussion of how close they came during her time in the dungeons and then she leaves him with a kiss that it takes all of Jakob's strength to stop. At the end of the chapter he is summoned to the council chambers where he learns that the eastern Polish town of Lodz was sacked by the Goblins from the fallen Dwarven Fortress of Karak Dum which had become known as Black Crag and was the source of all the trouble with the goblins. Jakob is given command of a platoon of the First Army in the form of the Royal Polish Second Platoon and would be sent to Lodz where he would secure the city as well as find out anything else that he could while his father would command the First Army and make his way to Poznan where the Goblins were now threatening. In this command he is joined by his childhood friends and fellow Polish noble young men in the form of Tomislaw Okon, and Adam Tarnowski of whom are shown to be loyal to him, and join him in meeting with his company captains. Following being given his command, and gathering his two friends he would meet with his company captains in the form of Fabian Bisek, Emil Gorski, and Joachim Bobik of whom would show him great respect despite his youth.

Chapter 6

Nicolus Rotaru is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he is in the training yard of Valeni the northern Wallachian fortress alongside his brother Radu, of whom are both being trained alongside Teodor Nita, and Anton Goldis two other squires to the great Knight Petru Cuza.

Chapter 7

Jacob Swan is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he is still in the carriage moving towards a destination, and during this travelling they pass ruined towns, and as they stop along the way he discovers their captors dealing with Orcs and buying humans from these Orcs. During these stops Jacob and Torbon grow close to another Lucernian named Tiberius Tanica of whom was the same age as Jacob and Torbon but they had never been close too during their youth but find friendship in the situation they are in. Following several more weeks of this they finally reach their destination in the form of Paris which to the horror of Jacob he discovers has become a slave city following the destruction of France by the Orcs. 

Chapter 8

Egor Vasa is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he is riding on the road towards his home in Kizlev and wipes a tear from his eye thinking about having to leave Alexi of whom he sees as a son, but he is interrupted from his tears by the sounds of horses behind him, and notices the flags of House Jastram the boyars of the Uskovic Oblast, and turning his horse they ride up to him demanding to know who he is, and revealing who he is one of the riders moves forward declaring himself Stanek Jastram III. the son of the Boyar of the Uskovic Oblast and asks for Egor to follow them north as they are moving quick to the fortress of northern Uskovic in the form of Turku which was under assault from the forces of Kvenland. Egor agrees as he is depressed about his failure to bring his sister to heel and wants to do something good before returning home where he knows he will be married off politically by his father, and thus he follows Stanek northward towards Turku. Arriving at the Uskovic capital of Chaglev he meets with Stanek's father Boyar Radik Jastram II. of whom is rallying the forces of his oblast for the relief of Turku, and during this meeting Stanek offers Egor command of a small troop of cavalry which he orders Egor to travel north with and scout out the forces attacking Turku so that when they arrive in several days they will have some understanding of the army they are facing. Egor rides north with his ten cavalry of which as he travels north with he discovers is filled with thieves and brigands outside of Gregor Jalowetz, and becomes somewhat concerned that he as the heir to House Vasa would be sent northward with such a group, but ignores his fears and continues riding northward. Riding over a hill towards what the men describe as Turku he sees before them a large force of what he realizes are Chaos forces due to their flags and this force reacts with shock to his arrival, but he stops and tries to command his men to turn back but is knocked from his horse and when he recovers from the fall he sees Gregor Jalowetz holding the reigns of his horse and Gregor details he was sorry for what they have done but his sister had paid Boyar Radik Jastram a lot of gold to guarantee that Egor never made it back to Kizlev. Watching the Uskovic cavalrymen riding away he turns back to the Finish forces who are now nearly on top of him and he pulls out his sword prepared to fight to his last breathe. The finish forces surround him, and then he fights one on one against several men killing each of them before the next comes until finally a red haired girl steps forward eliciting cheers from the finish forces and the two fight for some time before the more skilled fighter in the red haired girl knocks him to the ground, and with his sword out of reach he closes his eyes and begins praying saying his goodbyes, and then everything goes black. The chapter ends with Egor waking up chained in a wagon with the red headed girl that had knocked him out earlier sitting beside him staring at him, and the last pages are the two discussing his future, with the girl introducing herself as Eila Inha the daughter of the Chief of House Inha and the fact that she is taking him north into Finland as her slave for now.

Chapter 9

Morgomir is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he arrives at the Kingdom of Conarch where he is greeted at the gates by lines of nobles but the one who steps forward and speaks to him is a women of whom Morgomir smiles as he realizes it is Sil-Freilla Westcellia and then from the crowd steps Rur-Anarion Astinion IV. the Prince of the Kingdom of Conarch. The chapter ends with Morgomir arriving at the eastern most border of the Kingdom of Toran where they wait within the ruins of a once mighty Toran city now in ruins due to the Mordor-Kandor War, and they have barely made camp when Morgomir's sentries alert them to the arrival of the Arakhora of whom are led by Krisnee Sethekk, and  but accompanied by hundreds of other Arakhora leaving Morgomir immediatly outnumbered. 

Chapter 10

Anya Orlov is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she arrives in the deep south in Crimeria where she and her family led by her mother rally the forces of the city to prepare for the coming battle of Kiev which is the next logical point for the forces of Rus to attack. Her arrival has been preceded by the arrival of her brother Anton Orlov of whom brings bad news from the north when he reveals that House Nikolenko has turned against Ukraine and sided with Rus handing over Dombass to the Rus before he was able to arrive there and he brings with him princess Hanna Nikolenko of whom is his betrothed and was the one that kept Anton from the death that awaited him had she not warned him of her families betrayal. Anya and Hanna spend time together as she awaits word of her father who is within the Sevestapol palace grounds where he clings to life and with the death of Nitali at Usengrad Anton is the acting regent in the line of succession and Anya and Hanna work to raise his confidence for the Summit at Sevestapol which attended by a multitidue of Christian leaders will be the only hope for a Ukraine victory, and after Anton asks her Anya agrees to accompany Anton into the meeting. The chapter ends with Anya departing Sevastopol for Kiev alongside her brother Anton Orlov, and his future wife Hanna Nikolenko of which Anton leads the Crimean army to Kiev in order to defend it in the coming Battle of Kiev, and marching down the road Anya talks the situation over with her uncle Stas Orlov of whom has led his forces from the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk and she notices how scared her uncle is about the situation and he even mentions to her other options other then fighting though when she pushes back he backpeddles this line of questioning. 

Chapter 11

Jakob Teague is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he departs through the gates of Warsaw moving towards Lodz alongside his two companies of troops. Arriving at Bolkow Castle they would meet with Sergeant Klemens Morga commander of the 70th Division of whom formed the rearguard for the fighting to the east at Lodz, and meeting him he would describe the situation to the east at Lodz where the main siege of the city was finished but the goblins were still within the walls of Lodz. After a long discussion with Klemens Morga he finally opens up and questions why Jakob is in Lodz when the main army of the goblins was to the north at Poznan, and shocked he comes to the conclusion through their conversation that they have been tricked and that his father is walking into a trap at Poznan. Discovering a trap set for his father at Poznan he attempts to lead his forces north to Poznan but captain Joachim Bobik convinces him that he cannot leave the siege of Lodz and that he will lead his company north to intercept the Kings army warning them of the trap. Following the departure of Joachim Bobik and the 8th and 19th companies he would lead the 5th company alongside Klemens Morga and his 70th division towards the hills outside of Lodz where they would link with the remnants of the 32nd company led by captain Konstantyn Koslowski.

Chapter 12

Nicolus Rotaru is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he

Chapter 13

Jacob Swan is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he wakes up beside a young girl in the form of Lesiana Frolois is sleeping against his chest, and waking up he thinks on the things that have happened to him revealing that nearly two years have passed since he was brought to Paris. Revealing that he has been working the mines nearbye as a slave of the Orcs he also reveals he has come to love Lesiana as a young sister and is basically living at this point to keep her safe as well as his friends of whom also sleep nearbye in the form of Tiberius Tanica, and Torbon Mannover. Lesiana has a nightmare and begins crying forcing Jacob to wake her and as she wakes she describes to him the dream revealing much about her childhood including the fact that she is a Frolois of which is the Frankish ruling household of Paris, but she cannot return home as her father was a traitor to the cowardly lord of Paris and was executed alongside Lesiana's sister and mother. The chapter ends with a fellow slave running into their home and telling them that Lesiana has been caught and was being sold at the slave markets, and Jacob immeditaly runs followed behind by Torbon, and Tiberius and running towards the location of the slave markets they reach there to find the slave auction has already started with Lesiana standing to the side of the slave stage crying as she is prepared to be sold.

Chapter 14

Egor Vasa is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he wakes up again in the wagon, but Eila is no where to be seen instead he is approached by a young boy who introduces himself as Ossian Inha the younger brother of Eila and he boasts that he is the current heir to the army that captured Egor, and seeing a lot of Alexi in Ossian Egor continues talking with Ossian and the two have a long conversation which is only interrupted by the return of Eila of whom sends away Ossian.

Chapter 15

Morgomir is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he meets with the Arakhora of whom are able to communicate in Numenorian through a translator of whom shocks Morgomir and his forces when several humans appear revealing themselves as Cer-Urlessian Ghorniavh, and Cer-Olian Frohviazh of whom are Numenorian Knights of the the former Mordor Kingdoms conquered by the Arakhora and through this translation the conversation is able to begin. Morgomir reveals to them a gift in the form of a Magi item he has created which he has fashioned in order to force a dying spirit within it, and he reveals this to be a method of finally killing one of the Nazgul, and while Skraa Skettis is hesitent Krisnee is very willing to try this as he knows they will be fighting a major battle against the forces of Mordor in the next weeks.

Chapter 16

Anya Orlov is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she and her brother stand in the council chambers of Ukraine where they alongside the generals plan out the battle plan for the coming conflict, and together they determine that the best course of action is to defend the city and not sally out as went terribly at Usengrad. Anya travels to the gates with Hanna Nikolenko where they meet the first of the arriving reinforcements in the form of of prince Korhan Osman of whom was sent by his brother Orhan Osman II. the Turkmenistan diplomat and Korhan as another son of the Sultan of Turkmenistan arrives with some two thousand Turkish troops and says that his father is rallying a larger army and plans to invade eastern Rus to distract the Rus alongside with sending thousands of more Turkish troops into Ukraine to assist. The Summit of Sevestapol happens following the arrival of

Chapter 17

Jakob Teague is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he wakes in bed beside Jozefina Machuga and they speak together lying in bed about her life before Lodz was sacked. Jakob promices that he will make things better for her family and for Lodz and they are kissing when Adam Tarnowski comes to the door and gives him a letter. The letter is written by captain Emil Gorski and reveals that Joachim Bobik turned on him and blocked his ability to alert the king of the trap and this led to a fight of which Joachim Bobik won due to the intervention of a force of rats (Skaven) during the battle and now Emil was retreating westward towards Warsaw with Joachim close behind. Horrified that his father would not be alerted to the coming trap he immediately summons his forces and leads a meeting where he describes the situation, but before they can agree to rally to head northward Sergeant Klemens Morga arrives and says that Goblins are incoming towards Lodz.

Chapter 19

Jacob Swan is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he

Chapter 20

Egor Vasa is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he and the army of Eila arrive at the city of Porvoo which is the seat of House Inha, and alarmed at the size of the city Egor is forced to react quickly as he taken by Eila personally and brought through the gates where travelling through the roads of the city he is stared at by the curious people of the city before eventually arriving at a drawbridge into a large hold fast where an older women stands on the drawbridge accompanied by an older man and several guards. 

Chapter 21

Morgomir is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he arrives at the fortress of Karak Diru where he is rushed to by Hur-Ghellian Ortrevelia of whom tells him that several Nazgul and a large Orc force had went to Minas-Frogral following his departure and they had taken away Rendrian, and Katerine of which at these words Morgomir commands his men to make way their way to Minas-Frogral and he summons his Fel Beast through Magi and flies his way to Minas Frogral. Morgomir goes to the chambers of Rendrian and Katerine and finds the hidden ring that when he touches allows him to communicate with Rendrian and Katerine where by the three have a conversation within the Fade away from the ears of anyone else, and Morgomir reveals that he will be travelling to Dol Goldur to get them back but realizes that he will be blackmailed into doing something for Mordor and reveals that this means the Civil War must truly begin as he cannot lose them. Morgomir would arrive at Dol Guldar where he would be met by Adunaphel the Wroth, and

Chapter 22

Anya Orlov is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she. The chapter ends with Anya riding through the gates out of Kiev to what she believes is her escape, but instead she is stopped on the road by several mounted men and attempting to go by them she is unable to and stops leaving two of the group to move forward revealing Anya's sister Sofia, and her husband of whom tell her that Ukraine is gone, and she can either accept this and join them or die here and now.

Chapter 23

Jakob Teague is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he pulls the sword from the Goblin leader Jazmaz Loosehead, and returns to the command leadership where he finds captain Fabian Bisek and together they make there way back to Lodz alongside their forces of whom are near uncontrollable in their cheering as the victory was extremely devastating against the Goblins.

Chapter 25

Jacob Swan is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he is standing in the crowd watching as slavers are bidding on his beloved Lesiana, and as she cries on the stage he is brought to memories of first finding her. He is brought out of his daydreaming by Torbon as she has been purchased by a slaver and taken away, and at this the three move through the crowd to see who had purchased her discovering that she had been purchased by a Jute and at this they follow the slaver back to his quarters. Following the Jute man they are eventually noticed by the Jutes guards and upon discovery a fight starts where Jacob kills several Paris guards until eventually a women comes out and fighting her one on one she knocks him unconsious. Jacob wakes up in a tent tied up and finds Tiberius, and Torbon beside him and realizes from the sounds outside the tent they are to be sold as slaves, and realizing that he needs to find his way to Lesiana he and the other three do their best to prepare for what is to come. After several rounds of purchases the three are brought to the stage alongside several others, and he watches in horror as they are bid upon by merchants other then the Jutes who he had hoped would bid on them as they had been told. Following the bidding Jacob Swan is seperated from Tiberius, and Torbon and is taken away by one of the Jutes in the form of a man who appears to him to be of a whole different world by the way he dresses and dragged away by the mans guards they arrive at a tent where he is taken to a chair before the man gives him water. Trying to communicate with the man he is unable to understand the man as he responds in another language that Jacob doesn't recognize, and thus the man refills his water and lays out new clothes for him before leaving the tent. Jacob contemplates trying to escape so that he can find Tiberius and Torbon, but before he can the women who had defeated in combat enters the tent dressed in armor and looking quite dangerous and she speaks to him in Germanic but clearly of northern dialect. Telling him that he has been purchased by Boras Belesku a Kizlevian Noblemen she introduces herself as Lubina Belesku the mans sister and tells him that he will be going east to Kizlev as a warrior, and that he cannot return home, and Jacob reveals his purpose stating all he wants is the find Lesiana, and she tells him she will make it so. Jacob attempts to get Lubina to purchase Tiberius, and Torbon as well saying they are excellent warriors and will be of great value, and to this she is more open leaving the tent to find out on their prices. The chapter ends with Lubina returning telling him that she was unable to purchase either as Tiberius had already left the city moving towards Alcase, while she had been unable to find out who had purchased Torbon.

Chapter 28

Anya Orlov is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she is following behind her sister Sofia of whom is now clothed in yellow robes followed slightly behind by her husband and she is led up the palace halls where they are lined by two lines of Rus swordsmen, and behind them the hordes of Ukrainian nobles watch as she is led to the throne.

Chapter 29

Jakob Teague is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he arrives at Poznan where as his army looks out at the city he notices immediately the lack of any kind of fighting signs around the city itself with the battle clearly having been fought away from Poznan, and travelling towards the battleground he walks among the dead attempting to find his fathers body but is unable to locate it but does find the broken body of his cousin Anton Teague. Disgusted even further he commands his men begin digging graves for the fallen, and he personally digs a grave for his cousin of whom he is nearly overcome by rage over the death of. After burying his cousin and coming to the complete realization that Poznan was a part of whatever trap has been laid he meets with his commanders to discuss a strategy moving forward.

Chapter 31

Jacob Swan is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he At the end of the chapter he departs Paris sitting in the carriage that will take him to the east and travelling along the road he passes the rows of dead bodies strung up on poles to scare away those thinking of coming to Paris and is horrified to see Torbon Mannover among the dead. 

Chapter 32

Egor Vasa is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he

Chapter 34

Anya Orlov is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she waits at the north gates of Kiev with her sister Sofia for the arrival of the Rus overlord of Kiev of whom she realizes quickly is meant to be her husband and if things go well she will at best be a puppet, and at worst a slave to this Russian's desires.

Chapter 35

Jakob Teague is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he departs Poznan heading towards Warsaw, and marching up the road to Warsaw he travels with Bozimir, and Juri Jurszak two of the sons of Senator Godzislaw Jurszak of whom he is polite to continuing his show of not being upset by what happened, but throughout the entire road towards Warsaw he thinks of his revenge against them.

Chapter 37

Jacob Swan is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he is emotionally devastated by seeing Torbon dead and remains quiet for nearly two weeks before he is finally forced to begin speaking by Nikita Vlasiv of whom speaks to him in a basic form of High German which Jacob Swan is able to understand somewhat due to it being in the same language family as the Low German of Lucerne.

Chapter 39

Morgomir is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he

Chapter 41

Jakob Teague is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he stands at the side of his uncle Dawid Teague as his uncle is named regent of the Kingdom of Poland while he is named the heir to the Kingdom of Poland and agrees to not take up the mantle of becoming king until the age of 26 and also promises that he will name his uncle Dawid as the Cardinal when the time should come. Following the feast celebrating the "victory" of Poland during the Fourth Green Crusade he departs the feast to go to bed when he is stopped on the way by the girl he had danced with during the feast in the form of Hanna Bobik of whom tells him that she will tell him a great secret if he follows her, and not threatened by Hanna, but also extremely attracted to her he follows her to her room. Entering her room she reveals that if he agrees to marry her giving her the influence and protection that such a marriage would allow then she reveal the names of the entire conspiracy against his father including the depths of the conspiracy. Reluctant due to his love of Jozefina Plaska he agrees after she begins telling him about some of the plans of the conspiracy including a return to legalizing slavery, and having agreed she reveals the involvement of her father and all the other conspirators, and then tells him that later his uncle is going to give him a pick of several noble ladies including herself and that all he must due is pick Hanna. Returning to the party he is barely able to even speak realizing he is surrounded by so many men who had conspired to murder his father and the rest of his fathers men, but is forced to react when just as Hanna told him he is ambushed by his uncle in front of the entire party when his uncle brings out a series of noble ladies including Hanna and manipulates the crowd into forcing a quick decision for Jakob who chooses Hanna. Going to bed overcome with rage over how widespread the coup against his father was he hears a knock at the door and going to the door he sees his sister Wisia of whom is crying and realizing how much her life has changed he feels horrible for not thinking more about her and brings her into his room where he comforts her and allows her to sleep with him in his bed.

Chapter 43

Jacob Swan is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he is awoken by Nikita Vlasiv of whom tells him they are hours away from Castle Bajna and he should be ready for their arrival. Met at the gates by a small group centered by a large Jute he can only notice one person in the form of Leliana of whom without a word sprints towards him knocking him to the ground as she holds him into a death grip of a hug.  

Chapter 45

Morgomir is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he

Chapter 47

Jakob Teague is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he travels to Tarnow with his uncle and his mistress of whom as a part of the deal between Jakob and Dawid will soon become Dawid's wife due to Jakob agreeing to abolish the marriage of Dawid and Jozefina Tarnowski.

Chapter 49

Jacob Swan is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he

Chapter 51

Morgomir is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he

Chapter 53

Jakob Teague is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he departs the capital for Lodz where he has convinced his corrupt uncle that there is a profit in him returning to Lodz and rebuilding the town, but leaves behind Tomislaw Okon to watch over his uncle of whom names Tomislaw as a Captain in the Royal Polish 1st Hussars of whom guarded the Palace.

Chapter 55

Jacob Swan is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he

Chapter 58

Anya Orlov is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she

Chapter 61

Jacob Swan is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he arrives at the gates of Erengrad where he waits with the horses while Boras goes and visits with a red haired man of whom he says is the

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