Horace Goodspeed
Horace Jurtey
is a senior member of the House Vorn honor gaurd but was born the son of two poor farmers near Brill making him a commoner and not a member of any noble family. Horace Jurtey had many siblings of which following the murderous rage of his father the only survivors were Mary, and Francis Jurtey of which his sister Mary has helped to run the House Vorn estates, and his brother Francis hid his identity and fled to Lucerne where he would eventually become a member of the Circle of Magi and thus is now a demented and evil creature far removed from what he once was.

Horace Jurtey is an extremely loyal member of the House Vorn Honor Gaurd and has on three seperate occasions nearly died trying to protect Jacob or a member of House Vorn Horace Jurtey is one of the many people that Jacob has over his life taken under his wing and uplifted from the poverty and failings that existed in their life before his arrival.


Early History

Horace Jurtey was born in his families farm north of Brill . During his time here he was constantly abused by his drunk father, who would often beat his mother, and other siblings. Eventually this got so bad that Horace's older sister was killed during one of his father's more violent moments.

This was the final straw for Horace and in an action that has forever haunted him he ran away from his home taking with him only his younger sister Mary Jurtey and heading to Lucerne .


When he arrived at Lucerne he expected to find the teeming jobs, and extreme riches that those in the villages and towns near Lucerne told stories of. But when he arrived he saw only the poverty and crime that was rampant towards the end of James Lovie's reign in Lucerne proper.


War in France

Present Day

Family Members

Mary Jurtey - Sister

Unknown Man - Father

Unknown Women - Mother

Leavia Jurtey - Sister

Francis Jurtey - Brother


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