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I'll never forget the look in his eyes. There wasn't evil there. He was a scared young man. Not much older then me. He was afraid. Always remember that when your dealing with people. Good people. Bad people it really doesn't matter. Everyone is capable of evil when they are scared enough.
Leofrich Nune III.

Horton Jestife is the son of Ottmar, and Rolanda Jestife making him a member of House Jestife.

Horton Jestife would be present during the First Lucernian Purge and took part in the sack of Nunedorf which was an event that greatly troubled him but he followed through out of loyalty to his family. Following the sacking of Nuendorf it was Horton that went on the move searching for survivors of the massacre and during this he became overcome by his conflicting emotions and when his force discovered Leofrich Nune III. hiding in the forest with his daughter and nephew it was Horton that allowed him to flee.




Early History

The First Lucernian Purge

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