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House Anthor was once a member of House Ordos but following the marriage of Nevia Ordos to a commoner they travelled north to Lucerne where he was knighted and founded a knightly house which following his success in the Driving Tide became a vassal of House Lovie. As a vassal of House Lovie House Anthor became especially powerful and wealthy, but the land they controlled west of Lucerne wasn't the best of places so they were in the middle wrung of the houses of House Lovie.
House Anthor was once a member of House Ordos but following the marriage of Nevia Ordos to a commoner they travelled north to Lucerne where he was knighted and founded a knightly house which following his success in the Driving Tide became a vassal of House Lovie. As a vassal of House Lovie House Anthor became especially powerful and wealthy, but the land they controlled west of Lucerne wasn't the best of places so they were in the middle wrung of the houses of House Lovie.
===The Journey===
===Founding of Anthor===
Main Article : [[The Journey]]
[[File:Anthor_Province_Maps.png|thumb|400px]]{{Quote(1)|It was east where I saw our future. It was in our expansion into the Riverlands, Westbridge and Westros that the growth of the kingdom would be built, and it all started with growth in what we actually had.|William Lovie III.}}
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Following the crowning of William Lovie III. as the King of Lucerne many drastic changes were going on in the Kingdom of Lucerne, and one of these was the idea of the neccesity of a port in eastern Stormwind to be the center of the navy of Lucerne. The [[Order of the Red Dragon]] had the funds and materials needed to begin construction of the Lucerne navy but no great port existed, and Lannistane was deemed to dangerous a location to do it at since the Lannisters couldn't be fully trusted. William would send [[Varian Anthor]] his family and vassals eastward where they would found a port on the island now to be named Anthor. The Port of Stormwind would become the beacon of the eastern section in a part of the land where there was little Lucernian presence. The vast province of Winterfell was somewhat broken up to make way for the larger state of Anthor and the many provinces within it, and this was compromise of later giving [[House Starke]] land north of Anthor (Later would become Hentwood). The lands that became Anthor would be rich in fishing, and had some mining, but the main operations of the house would be built around the port of Stormwind and the trade that would grow from being the center of eastern trade for the Kingdom of Lucerne.
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{| border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" class="article-table" style="float: right; width: 475px;"
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! colspan="6" scope="col" style="text-align:center;"|[[State of Anthor]]
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! scope="col"|Province 
! scope="col"|Lordly House
! scope="col"|Seat
|Southern Anthor
|[[House Anthor]]
|[[Port of Stormwind]]
|Eastern Anthor
|[[House Tolhmave]]
|Castle Stanum
|Northern Anthor
|[[House Cleef]]
! colspan="6" scope="col" style="text-align:center;"|Council of Anthor
! scope="col"|Title
! scope="col"|Held By
! scope="col"|Seat
|Master of Coins
|[[Saiden Cleef]]
|Arch Maester
|Telhin of Brill
|Port of Stormwind
|Master of Arms
|Tavin Tolhmave
|Port of Stormwind
|Master of Whispers
|Urven of Lucerne
|Port of Stormwind
|Master of Laws
|[[Candice Anthor]]
|Port of Stormwind
{{Quote(1)|House Anthor nearly bankrupted itself constructing the port, but as the loans from the Hales, and Lovie's flowed in the fears were somewhat alayed. This was going to be their main holding and for them you could tell by talking to Varian that he wanted it perfect. He dreamed of Stormwind, and Lucerne when constructing the port.|Leonardo Mevinlo}}
The Port of Stormwind's construction would be the responsibility of both House Anthor and the [[Order of the Grey Dragon]] of whom had already worked magic reconstructing Tree Hill. The Port of Stormwind was constructed over several months and during this time House Anthor was busy travelling around the new state making sure that everything was going according to plan, and during this time they were met by members of House Starke who arrived in the near built Port of Stormwind. During this time [[Leonardo Mevinlo]] would arrive in the port with nearly two hundred engineers and thousands of workmen from the west. Leonard had been tasked with completing the port as quickly as possible and that the Order would fund a basic design on its own, and that House Anthor would be responsible for any expansions on the plan. Finding Varian very much interested in growth he would be tasked with quickly adding to the construction several extra docks, and a large expansion of the Anthor esates.
[[File:Candice_Anthor_Wide.jpg|thumb|left|400px|Candice Anthor was the most trusted person for Varian Anthor and she was placed in charge of directing around all the nobles visiting the Port of Stormwind.]]{{Quote(1)|We were gaining a Noble House in our lands, and that was something we had to keep a close eye on. House Anthor was known for its honor, but honor is something often spoke of and unless tested how can one know.|Jon Snow}}
The Starke's were led by [[Robb Starke|Robb]] , and Brandon Starke while accompanied by [[Jon Snow]] and his friend Samwell Tarly in order to meet with the new Noble House that existed on their doorstep. Kevan Ambry also arrived in the area in order to make sure everyone knew that he was the first in line for the lands north of Anthor that were being promiced, and he arrived around the time that Keven, and [[Tyrek Lannister]] also arrived in order to see what was happening and how it would affect Castamere. [[Candice Anthor]] was placed in charge of leading the visiting nobles around and making sure they were kept happy, and she did this extremely effectively to the point that [[Keven Lannister]] bid her whether she would be open to a marriage to young Tytos Lannister. She would politely refuse but Jon Snow was listening in and watched as she eyed him afar, and after this she would confront Jon on evesdropping. She would kiss him, and the two would begin to take it farther until he stopped her telling her that his heart was with another. Following this the whole group would group together to meet with a large party of Frey's that her father had bid come to the port and see the scope of what was planned in order to further relations under the overal command of William.
====Frey Trouble====
[[File:House_Frey_Sigil.png|thumb|400px]]{{Quote(1)|The Frey's were know as a rotten bunch but you didn't realize until you actually saw them that the rumors were true.|Jon Snow}}
Candice Anthor, and Jon Snow would continue to spend time together and she continued to attempt to seduce him, but his father's teachings about honor made him unable to do so. She would go to the port when the Freys arrived with Jon Snow beside her, and as the Freys visited it seemed clear to the Lucernians that the Freys were after a marriage. After discussions over the female Frey's that they brought with them went well it was believed by all those that were there that everything was going according to plan. After the Freys returned with [[Roslin Frey]] the most pretty of the girls that had been sent the Lucernians would make the mistake of not bringing Tytos Lannister to the meeting (Keven had been commanded not to by Tywin Lannister knowing that it would make them think it was Robb Starke they were offering) and this led the Frey's to believe that Robb was being offered. When this was made verbal there was laughter from several Lucernians who saw it as a joke that the Freys would believe Robb Starke would marry someone like a Frey. [[Walder Frey II.|Black Walder Frey]] would take out his sword and fighting nearly broke out before his father Stevron Frey grabs ahold of him and controls the situation. The Freys leave after this with parting words from [[Lothar Frey]] being very threatening to Robb Starke of whom they feel greatly insulted them.
[[File:Frey_Object_left_behind.jpg|thumb|left|400px|Robb never discussed the Frey object left behind in his room to anyone outside of Obella of whom he only vaguely mentioned once when she asked about the Frey's.]]{{Quote(1)|Beyond Childish were the Frey's. Did they honestly believe we would marry the heir of one of the most powerful men in the kingdom to a daughter leagues down the inheritence line of some foreign nation. Still hearing the limping Lothar Frey threaten my brother made my blood rise.|Jon Snow}}
The Frey's would return to their ships following the argument and despite attempts by many including a near marriage proposal created by Candice Anthor and Stevron Frey the other Freys were intimidated by Black Walder Frey and refused to listen to the heir of Frey in Stevron Frey. On the route back from the Port of Stormwind it is known that during the night everyone went to bed, and the next morning the boat had its anchors up, and many on board were dead including Stevron his wife, and the captain. Everyone believed that Black Walder had done it, but unable to prove it and unwilling to be next on the chopping block noone mentioned it, and the story returning to Frey was that the captain had gone insane and killed Stevron and his wife.
===<span style="font-size:16px;">Invasion of Westbridge</span>===
Main Article :[[ Invasion of Westbridge]]
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{{Quote(1)|I understood that Karl was far more hawkish then I could have imagined. In my view the only way to deal with a hawk is to take out everything around it, and watch it flop around. Soon Karl was going to see that trying to indimate the Kingdom of Lucerne would be getting a lot harder to do.|William Lovie III.}}
The invasion of Westrbridge was a plan that Andrew followed his meetings with [[Karl Franz]]. The meeting had started with a lot of promise but following the intial talks it became clear to both of them that they shared some serious ideological problems, and on top of that where Andrew had believed there would be talk about the survival of Arnor when Arnor was brought up it was as if it was a forgone conclusion and that wasn't acceptable for Lucerne. On one side of things he knew he had a sibling that was now queen of Arnor and thus he couldn`t leave her suvival to chance. On the second part he knew that if [[The Empire]] struck against Arnor and took it then the bottleneck they had for centuries would be gone, and they might spread south without resistence. When he looked at actually being able to intervene in Arnor and what that possibility might lead to his commanders and strategists would all suggest that would be foolhardy and would have little chance of success. What wouldn`t have a slight chance of success was if they could take Westbridge as a position to hold against the potential invasion of The Empire. In order to stop this Andrew went about planning the invasion of Westbridge which he believed would create the defence position which even with the fall of [[Arnor]] which he now believed was a certainty Lucerne could hold on against The Empire. In order to launch this main assault House Lovie would bring with them nearly all of their vassals including everything not part of western Lucerne of which would be remaining behind.
{| border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" class="article-table" style="width: 610px;"
! scope="col"|<font size="4" face="century schoolbook" color="White">House</font>
! scope="col"|<font size="4" face="century schoolbook" color="White">Leader of force</font>
! scope="col"|<font size="4" face="century schoolbook" color="White">Size of Forces</font>
|[[House Lovie]]
|[[Marcel Lovie II.]]
|<font size="2.5" face="century schoolbook" color="White">25,000 Men at arms, 4,000 Knights</font>
|[[House Martell]]
|[[Wilheim Martell]]
|<font size="2.5" face="century schoolbook" color="White">6,500 Men at arms, 800 Knights</font>
|[[House Faraday]]
|[[Charles Faraday]]
|<font size="2.5" face="century schoolbook" color="White">2,500 Men at arms, 250 Knights</font>
|[[House Highmore]]
|[[Freddie Highmore]]
|<font size="2.5" face="century schoolbook" color="White">3,200 Men at arms, 350 Knights</font>
|[[House Cullen]]
|[[Niklas Cullen]]
|<font size="2.5" face="century schoolbook" color="White">1,500 Men at arms, 45 Knights</font>
|[[House McCarty]]
|[[Emmett McCarty]]
|<font size="2.5" face="century schoolbook" color="White">2,100 Men at arms, 180 Knights</font>
|[[House Skane]]
|[[Torgon Skane]]
|<font size="2.5" face="century schoolbook" color="White">5,500 Men at arms, 900 Knights</font>
|[[House Anthor]]
|[[Anduin Anthor]]
|<font size="2.5" face="century schoolbook" color="White">2,000 Men at arms, 200 Knights</font>
|[[House Scarlet]]
|[[Saiden Scarlet]]
|<font size="2.5" face="century schoolbook" color="White">18,000 Men at arms, 1,500 Knights</font>
|[[House Mien]]
|[[Sigmund Mien]]
|<font size="2.5" face="century schoolbook" color="White">18,000 Men at arms, 1,500 Knights</font>
|[[House Fraizen]]
|[[Tirion Fraizen]]
|<font size="2.5" face="century schoolbook" color="White">18,000 Men at arms, 1,500 Knights</font>
|[[House Royce]]
|[[Yohn Royce]]
|<font size="2.5" face="century schoolbook" color="White">2,100 Men at arms, 320 Knights</font>
|[[House Jackson]]
|[[Joshua Jackson]]
|<font size="2.5" face="century schoolbook" color="White">450 Men at arms, 25 Knights</font>
|[[House Percy]]
|[[Conrad Percy]]
|<font size="2.5" face="century schoolbook" color="White">950 Men at arms, 95 Knights</font>
|[[House Vaith]]
|[[Rendrik Vaith]]
|<font size="2.5" face="century schoolbook" color="White">350 Men at arms, 16 Knights</font>
|[[House Trant]]
|[[Meryn Trant]]
|<font size="2.5" face="century schoolbook" color="White">310 Men at arms, 25 Knights</font>
|[[House Moore]]
|[[Mandon Moore]]
|<font size="2.5" face="century schoolbook" color="White">1,200 Men at arms, 312 Knights</font>
|[[House Ongrill]]
|[[Daryn Ongrill]]
|<font size="2.5" face="century schoolbook" color="White">950 Men at arms, 120 Knights</font>
|[[House Rosby]]
|[[Grogen of Lucerne]]
|<font size="2.5" face="century schoolbook" color="White">825 Men at arms, 150 Knights</font>
|[[House Denali]]
|[[Eleazar Denali]]
|<font size="2.5" face="century schoolbook" color="White">550 Men at arms, 65 Knights</font>
|[[House Steinmare]]
|[[Fenrick Steinmare]]
|<font size="2.5" face="century schoolbook" color="White">600 Men at arms, 150 Knights</font>
|[[House Cleef]]
|[[Saiden Cleef]]
|<font size="2.5" face="century schoolbook" color="White">1,750 Men at arms, 550 Knights</font>
|[[House Arryn]]
|[[Paul Arryn]]
|<font size="2.5" face="century schoolbook" color="White">14,000 Men at arms, 750 Knights</font>
|[[House Krinner]]
|[[Benjamin Krinner]]
|<font size="2.5" face="century schoolbook" color="White">4,000 Men at arms, 250 Knights</font>
|[[House Dorin]]
|[[Trailen Dorin]]
|<font size="2.5" face="century schoolbook" color="White">3,200 Men at arms, 220 Knights</font>
|[[House Hale]]
|[[Matthew Hale]]
|<font size="2.5" face="century schoolbook" color="White">4,000 Men at arms, 400 Knights</font>
|[[House Vorn]]
|[[Jacob Vorn]]
|<font size="2.5" face="century schoolbook" color="White">2,200 Men at arms, 250 Knights</font>
====<font size="5" face="century schoolbook" color="Black">Making Camp</font>====
{{Quote(1)|It was the deciding day. All across the line we were breaking them, but one mistake and it would all crash down.|William Lovie III.}}
The [[House Martell|Martells]] fought beside the main army as it moved towards the southern gateway of Westbridge, and as they camped out during the day in the forest Leven got the chance to see William Lovie again for the first time in a long time. During most of the day the men were resting so that they would be ready for the night attack, but William was constantly on the move visiting the different house leaders and finding out all the things that were going on with them. The visits with many of the Lords went smoothly but his arrival in House Arryn`s tent would be somewhat different. Arriving in the Arryn part of the giant camp he discovered that Bryan Arryan hadn`t made the trip and had sent [[Paul Arryn]] in his stead. Knowing Paul was a skilled fighter he discussed with them what would cause Bryan to not come for such an important event and heard for the first time about how weak willed Bryan was beyond what he already knew about. Leaving the Arryn tent he visited House Krinner, and Dorin of whom he would count upon to take up a significant portion of the attack, as House Arryn would be launching against the keep to the west of the main gatehouse. One of his final meetings would come with House Martell of whom was one of the premier houses of House Lovie`s entourage and also Leven Martell a member of the Shadow Council was with the Martell forces.
{{Quote(1)|Leven had always been there for me in a way that few people in this world would ever truly be there for you. She was beyond just someone I counted as a friend, and other then Jasper and Alice she was the be all for me. A person you shared everything with, and of whom never judged you was too much to ignore, and seeing her then made me realize how much I had ignored it.|William Lovie III.}}
Leven Martell would be waiting all day for the arrival of her best friend, and their actual meeting took place when William came to the Martell part of the camp to meet with [[Doran Martell]] who he assumed would be leading the force, but when he arrived at the command tent to find the three Martell sisters looking over the battle plans and talking furiosly over the plans. When they finally noticed that he was their flanked to his right by Jasper Hale, and to his left by [[Draco Highmore]] they watched panicked for what his reaction would be to the realization that Doran wasn't leading the force but instead it was his three young daughters. Instead of anger he looked to his two friends and begin laughing before walking to the table and discussing with them the upcoming battle. As the group disperced, Leven stepped forward towards William and she made a note of how quickly Jasper moved to shield the prince from what he must have deemed as a hostile gesture from Leven. Instead of hostility she wished to speak to him, and he was basically done for the day so he said that she could follow him to his tent and they could discuss old times.
=====<font size="5" face="century schoolbook" color="Black">Growing Up</font>=====
{{Quote(1)|I wanted to have everything with him. He was supposed to be my future. It should have been me he marrid and fathered children with. I just couldn`t let go of that belief, it didn`t matter that he had married and had children with someone else I just couldn`t move past him.|Leven Martell}}
As she followed him back to his tent she had a moment to watch how much he had changed. Where once he had been wild and charismatic in a way that made you feel used but at the same time want to, he was now kinder, and his charisma was a gentle thing that seeped off him and instead of feeling like their was a nefarious reason behind the kind words now he seemed to truly care. She watched as he greeted everyone that he walked by, and when they finnally reached his tent they moved through the numerous gaurds, and entered his inner room. Inside the room she wondered what would happen but she was suprised when he let out a sigh and slumped down on a chair. She laughed at the moment before joining him in the seat beside him, where she gave him a moment to relax before they begin talking. They laughed and joked and the feelings that [[Leven Martell|Leven]] had for him returned just as strong as they had once been, and as the conversation got later she begin to plan to attempt to seduce him. This plan changed when they begin discussing his children, and when she heard him discuss them she realized just how far he had come. Despite the fact that she wanted him. Despite the fact that she was still in love with him, she knew that she couldn't do it. Even if she believed that she was capable of seducing him she didn't have the heart to do it to him considering everything he had become. So without that in mind she ended up falling asleep in his room with perhaps the first true friend she had ever had.
{{Template:Conversations - Rise of Lucerne}}
I walked with Jasper passed the orange tents of the Martell`s and had a tinge of excitement as I knew I`d see Leven. She was a truly great friend, and the fact that I hadn`t seen her for some time gave me pause as to why I seemed to always treat her that way. She was one of the Shadow Council, but in a lot of ways she was the forgotten member. Treated as an outsider without every really saying it outloud.
Jasper constantly questioned to me whether the feelings that she held for me were recipricated, and it was never really something I had been forced to deal with. When we were young and sleeping together I had pushed it aside because I was angry and bitter, and she was one of the few that loved me to such a level that in the back of my mind I knew I could treat whatever way I wanted. I would never be able to apologize enough to her for what I did to her back then, but she had never asked for an apology which honestly just made it worse. 
Shaking hands, and saying my hellos to the knights along the way I was stopped by the fat lord Mavin Vaith of whom was a good man, but my uncle had always joked he loved his pies and cakes far more then he did anything else. When I questioned how I could trust such a man Emmett had joked that I should simply send him cakes and pies as often as possible. Jasper would sacrifice the time of Emmett so that we could move past, and I could just make out the look of anger that he shot at Jasper who just laughed in return. Walking into the Martell`s main camp, I saw Leven, Dorea, and Obella on one side of the table, flanked by Wilheim, Mandon Moore, and Maryn Trant who were on the other side. As I got closer I saw a young boy that looked the spitting image of Maryn and despite never knowing him I assumed it was his heir in Ian Trant, and the boy despite his youth would immediatly know to bow on my entrance. ``'''My Lords, how goes the planning.'''``
I shouldn`t have been suprised when Leven was the first to anwser. ``'''My King the Martell forces are well ready for anything asked of them.'''`` You would hardly know that we were best friends with the dutiful way she spoke, but I knew even if I told her not to she wouldn`t ever speak to me outside of privacy in anyway other then extreme class.
``'''My cousin is correct my King. The final elements of House Trant arrived just this morning bringing our entire force to bear. We are now completely ready for the assault.'''`` Wilheim would bow as well after speaking, and pointed towards the different elements on the papers they were looking at, showing how strong in number they were.
``'''Excellent. I must continue my rounds as I still have the Faraday`s and their most likely desire to see me hand the Highmore`s over as a good luck charm for the battle to deal with.'''``There was laughter in the tent, and it went that way for a good ten minutes longer until Emmett came into the tent with a less then happy look on his face telling us that we had to retire for the night. I bid the commanders get some rest before the night got to late, and gave Leven a nod of my head a brief smile before shaking each of their hands and kissing Dorea, and Obella`s hands and then moved out of the tent. As I walked following Jasper and Emmett who were by this point argueing about Jasper`s joke on Emmett I felt a hand on my back and went to see what Draco wanted, but when I turned and looked it was Leven smiling at me. ``'''Leven, its good to see you.'''``
``'''I`ve missed you too my King.'''`` I wanted to force her to call me Will like she did when we were in private, but I knew it was a lost cause so I just moved forward.
``'''I`m sorry I had to rush out like that I hadn`t meant...'''`` She smiled at me before raising her hand as if to say for me to stop. She had always been far too kind for me, and it was true shame and a boon to have a friend as pure as she was.
``'''Nothing to apologize for my king. I was just happy to see you. Its been...Its been a long time.'''``Her saying it brought me to the realization of how long it had truly been since I`d seen her. She had allowed her hair to grow out, and her orange tinted armor was a masterpiece that I know she took very seriously. When we were young there wasn't a moment that I was training that she wasn't nearbye. There wasn't a time that I was bettering myself that she wasn't right beside me making herself better too.
"'''It's been too long.'''" I meant it more then I could put into words. The problems with Edward had left me understanding how fragile relationships were. I wanted to make sure that Leven perhaps my greatest and most loyal friend didn't become an Edward so I acted. "'''Leven are you available?'''" Her eyes lit up clearly realizing or atleast hoping I was going to ask her to join us.
"'''If you have need of me your grace I am avaliable.'''"
"'''Then follow us we have some Faraday, Highmore fueds to hear about." She laughed before looking around and making sure noone had seen before smiling back at me. "Come on milady lets go."'''
'''* * *'''
"'''How many different ways can such a small group describe how they hate something.'''"
"'''William, I have no idea how you were able to just stand there and listen to that. Desmond spent five minutes describing how he felt Draco's armor was an insult to your house. I wanted to stab him in the chest.'''" She laid her sword down as I unclasped my shoulder armor and rested it on its hanger. My gloves came off with some difficulty and I had to remember to have the armoror look at them before I went into battle.
"'''Please don't do that Leven. If you do then I'll have to hear about the orange armor of murderous Leven Martell and how I should send you into the mountains to live on goats.'''" The Faraday's were embaressing themselves, and I don't know whether they cared enough anymore to change it. Perhaps there hatred over the death of Joey Faraday was so strong now, that nothing could stop it until one side was dead. It seemed to me that death was the only way out of this mess, but when the Faraday's wanted the death of an individual that was months away from being a member of my own house they seemed the only canidates to die.
"'''What fools the Faraday's are.'''" She pulled off her final piece of chest armor and rested it on the ground. It was difficult not to look at her sexually, as she was a walking temptation. A girl who loved me as deeply as Leven did, and of whom looked like that was nearly a sin to not touch, but I had commited far too many sins of late to add one more so easily.
"'''I'v truly missed you Levia.'''" She stopped taking her armor off for a moment and looked at me with a smile so wide it didn't seem possible.
"'''I've missed being called Levia.'''" She left her lower armor on and moved to sit beside me on the bed, and again the temptress tempted me.
"'''Your sisters call you Levia.'''"
"'''Obella has been away with Robb in Stormwind, and Dorea has been in the north visiting High Hrothgar.'''" She said it with such sadness, and lonliness that I knew in that moment how much hurt I had caused her. I hadn't meant to send her away for so long, but she was honestly the only one other then Jasper that I could truly count on.
"'''I'm sorry I sent you away I just...Its just you guys are my only sure things.'''" I wondered if I still counted Edward amongst that number. Was my bitterness towards him ever going to go away.
"'''Why not Emmett, or Edward then. I don't mean to be rude but I missed you. Your my best friend, and I felt like you just sent me away like I was nothing.'''" A tear fell down her cheek, and I wiped it with my hand and as she fell into my hand I caressed her cheek.
"'''I am truly sorry Leven. I have taken you more then any other person in my life for granted. I love you, and I guess I thought in my mind that you and I were just...just so close that I could take advantage of you. Does that make sence.'''" It was the truth, and if there was one thing I wanted to remain it was our honesty. I never wanted to skirt around eachother the way we all did now with Edward. It was a fate for us worth then the ending of our friendship.
"'''It does, but please don't anymore. We are better off close to eachother. I don't mind leaving every once and awhile, but that was a long time.'''"
"'''Never again, unless the world is ending and its the only way to live.'''" She laughed and rested her head on my shoulder. "'''Lets pray it never comes to that Levia.'''"
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====<font size="5" face="century schoolbook" color="Black">The Start</font>====
{{Quote(1)|If there has ever been a more coordinated assault in the history of man, I`ve never heard of it.|Wilheim Martell}}
While the Invasion of Westbridge was split into many different sections with the forces of [[House Scott]], and [[House Shephard]] attacking the two major towns south of Westbridge. While they did this [[House Lannister]], and [[House Starke]] prepared to invade the main island by use of the Lucernian fleet in the dark of night, of which their attack would corespond with the attack of the main force on the south gate, and the Order of the Blue Dragon on the northern Gate. With all this in wait [[House Swan]] would invade Yerness which would block any relief from coming south from the Westbridge forces north of the town, as well as stopping [[Tom Malfoy|Voldermorte]] from coming south by boat. While this happened House Lovie moved north towards the Westbridge town of [[Margrove]] which had before the battle had started been assumed to be a minor town but information flooded into the high command that Margrove had been fortified by [[House Pollen]] and it would now be a major obsticle for the movement northwards. William knew that he didn't have time to besiege the city so he left behind [[House Scarlet]] and gave them the charge of taking Margrove and then holding the town until the Invasion was over. The vast army would then surround the completely unprepared city, and once the defenders knew how many were around them they hunkered down for a siege and waited for reinforcements. Only a few hours after surrounding the city House Lovie and the majority of the force would depart and leave House Scarlet, Mien, and Fraizen in charge of continueing the siege.
=====<font size="5" face="century schoolbook" color="Black">Control</font>=====
{{Quote(1)|Sometimes you looked at Byron Arryn and just thought...this man is far too pathetic to be real.|Jasper Hale}}
While Andrew was busy with the Martells [[Jasper Hale]] was busy at work completing the taks that he had been ordered to do by William of which mainly consisted of making sure that House Arryn was on track towards their part of the operation which was of great importance. During this he was accompanied by Emmett who believed that he could make the situation less uncomfortable and actually get something done. While the main force attacked the gate castle, the forces of House Arryn would attack the small port/town of [[Vlasnia ]] that harbored to the west of the gatehouse. A relatively heavily defended section of Westbridge this was of supreme importance that this be taken quickly by House Arryn otherwise the heavy artillery that was in place inside the port. Because of the damage taken by House Arryn's leadership caste it was the decision of Byron Arryn that he not lead the force and thus [[House Arryn]] and its vassals were being led into battle by Martin, and Paul Arryn, as well as his son Derek, and his niece Spencer Arryn of whome was known to be there by Martin but most others thought she was a mercenary hired by the Arryns to offset their losses. Jasper would spend much of the night discussing the plans for the next day with the Arryns and he would find a suprising intelligence in [[Derek Arryn]], and he would make a note in his memory to make sure that William knew of this mans potential. When this was over he and Emmett would leave the command tent of House Arryn and return to their respective Houses where they would be leading their respective attacks. For Jasper that meant he would be fighting alongside his best friend William Lovie as a member of the Praetorian Gaurd, while Emmett would be truly bringing the growing forces of House McCarty to the forefront with his assistence.
=====<font size="5" face="century schoolbook" color="Black">Final Moments</font>=====
{{Quote(1)|I had this feeling of calmness that washed over me that final day. It was a feeling I had not felt the entire time we were planning, and was the calm before the storm.|William Lovie III.}}
During the next day their was an almost awkward silence that fell over the massive army, and nearly the entire command structure of the attacking force as everyone understood that night would signal the attack they had all been preparing for and obsessing over for the past week. During the day House Arryn would silently march its way out of the main camp alongside House Heard, [[House Krinner]], and House Dorin where the would prepare for their invasion of Vlasnia. With their departure William Lovie begin to create a buzz as he once again spent the afternoon visiting as many of his troops and commanders as he could, and it was during the final few hours that he would order the beggining of the attack. When dusk hit he ordered that House Martell led by three daughters would move forward and conseiled in the forest move to the east of the fortress and prepare to board the boats they had made for the purpose of their attack behind the lines. As the Martells left William Lovie would say one last goodbye to his friend Leven Martell, before preparing the main force for the attack on the gate. House Lovie, and House Faraday alongside the [[Order of the Red Dragon]] would form the main attack along the castle while the forces of House Jackson, House Cullen, and House Vaith would attack along the flanks of the castle using heavy artillery to shield their troops who would mainly be using ladders to assail the walls. Alongside this attack would be of cours the House Martell attack which would be assisted as well by the Order of the Violet Dragon who had been busy at work inflitrating the southern gatehouse keep with rebel troops, as well as murdering watch commanders so that the walls would be sparsely defended giving the attackers the most time possible to get on the walls.
{{Quote(1)|The fear of Lord Volermorte arriving was palpable across the entire force. Everyone of us had been told that this man may be no longer mortal, as his power made him nearly a god.|Edward Cullen}}
As the armies of Lucerne massed in the valley the Order of the Violet Dragon moved northward in their entire strength and silently over the course of a few days infiltrated the city of Westbridge. The Order already had sympathizers in the city as House Malfoy was extremely unpopular in Westbridge and as such it wasn't hard to find people that were loyal. With roughly a month before the army of Lucerne was to arrive the forces of the [[Order of the Violet Dragon]] went about changing schedules for the defenders so as to weaken sections of the wall. Those who it was planned to survive the conflict were basically given vacations on the day of the conflict so that they would not be caught up in the conflict. As well as this they begin setting up a rather sophisticated, and well equipped rebel army that on the day of the invasion would be completely focused on taking control of the southern gate.
====<font size="5" face="century schoolbook" color="Black">The Attack</font>====
[[File:Griffin_Assault_-_Invasion_of_Westbridge.png|thumb|400px|The Griffin Assault would bring about the fall of the already weakened tower, and keep defences of the southern gatehouse.]]{{Quote(1)|All the planning, all the effort we had done, and it all came down to this moment. Either we beat them, or they beat us. It was that simple.|William Lovie III.}}
The moment that dusk settled on the skies above the army William Lovie gave the order to begin moving to attacking positions. The siege machines were pushed forward in case the siege didn't work according to plan and they were forced to bash their way through while at the same time the hundreds of ladders, and dozens of siege towers were silently pushed forward as well by dozens of oxen. The siege towers were the main thing that might be noticed and thus they were covered with trees and it was hoped that the darkness and the lack of real defenders on the walls would allow the towers to get nearly to the walls before noticed. As the army pushed forward it was the Griffins of [[House Griffon]] and the Order of the Red Dragon that first hit the defenders as hundreds of Griffin Riders landed in the towers and within the keep of the southern gate and made a mess of the defenders. By the time William Lovie III., and the other members of the main force had reached the gate Tristifer Griffon had placed the flag of Lucerne on the largest tower, and the front gate was being opened by other Griffin Riders.
{{Quote(1)|It was the first time we had truly used the Griffins in this role, and they provided more then I think even we thought they could. I worried they would be shot out of the sky, but they were able to move quick enough and come from a high enough angle that the enemy was blind to them until it was too late.|Tristifer Griffon}}
Tristifer Griffon and his Griffon Riders had broken the defenders and opened the gates allowing the massive force inside the walls, and they proceeded to mop up the remaining defenders of the southern gatehouse. Leaving the southern gatehouse and making their way towards the bridge spanning the mainland to the real city of Westbridge William would stop the army momentarily and await the flags of the rebels to go up on the other side of the bridge. When the flags didn't go up initially there was fear it had failed for the rebels, but a few minutes later the flags went up and the entire main force begin moving across the bridge spilling into the main island.
{{Quote(1)|It was the first time we had truly used the Griffins in this role, and they provided more then I think even we thought they could. I worried they would be shot out of the sky, but they were able to move quick enough and come from a high enough angle that the enemy was blind to them until it was too late.|Tristifer Griffon}}
The defences were by this point collapsing all across the line, and they were greeted by the sights of the rebels holding hundreds prisoner all across the main island. During their movement though William and his center would come under assault from a fanatical group of Deatheaters of whom came directly for the king hoping to kill him. The many lords and knights around him fought at his side as they fought against this final counter assault, and one by one the Deatheaters fell dead as their [[Magi]] was muted by the defences on the runic armor of William, and the several Magi around him. William would as they pushed forward make his way with most of the main army towards the holdings of House Labeouf where they would make sure they were safe, but he sent [[Joshua Jackson]], and the forces of House Skane, and their vassals towards the final holding of Lucius Malfoy of whom they wanted to capture but if he died it would also be fine.
=====<font size="5" face="century schoolbook" color="Black">Death of Lucius Malfoy</font>=====
{{Quote(1)|The town was burning around me, and it seemed hopeless to believe we could survive after the arrival of Severus, and the members of Hogwarts from within our ranks. Nothing to do but wait. Nothing to do but wait and hope my family surivived.|Lucius Malfoy}}
With the fall of the final gatehouse into the main city, and the quickly debarking marines from House Starke, and House Lannister the forces remaining under the command of Lucius Malfoy waited for his command, and he ordered them to retreat to the Malfoy Keep for what everyone believed was a last stand. At this moment more then half the remaining men under his command would lay their swords down instead of retreat, and thus Lucius travelled over the bridge with less then thirty men left and ordered the men to prepare for the final attack. He was reported to by a messenger that the Hall of the Deatheaters had just fallen, thus meaning their final means of escaping the city was gone as the forces of Hogwarts alongside the Order of the Blue Dragon had teleported directly inside the building after the wards had been destroyed by traitors within the Malfoy forces. With Westbridge fallen to the forces of Lucerne Lucius saw this as his chance to finally die. As his remaining men prepared to die in the last stand, he knew he had to make sure that his son Lucius wasn't going to make the same mistakes that he did. Lucius first went to his youngest son, and the only one left in his family who he felt had any morals left and told him the following.
[[File:LUCIUS_Malfoy2.jpg|thumb|400px|<font size="2.5" face="century schoolbook" color="White">Lucius had finally come to the end of resistence and understood it was all over for him.</font>]]
{{Quote(1)|You must listen to me son. What has happened here was for the best. We are morally bankrupt, and the pain weve caused must be paid for, and I plan on making the first deposit. No matter what happens son never allow vengeance to consume you or elce you will make the mistake my brother made. I love you son.|Lucius Malfoy}}
Following this he took out his sword and walked to the center of the bridge connecting the main island to the palace, and stood waiting for the forces of Lucerne to come. His men waited around him horrified but still remaining loyal to the end, and in that moment he ordered them to lay their swords down, and return to stand with his family. After a few minutes Joshua Jackson arrived on the bridge with his men, and told Lucius to stand down and accept the surrender of the city. Lucius just laughed at them and said that his time was over, and if they had any compassion they would end him. Joshua knew something about compassion for the weak, and he ordered his men to stand down while he engaged Lucius in a duel. The two fought and as Draco watched on Lucius was killed by Joshua Jackson, and then released gently into the river.
{{Quote(1)|You just never think your hero is going to die. You always assume after reading books, and hearing stories that the hero lives. Either everything I'd ever read, or heard was a lie or my father wasn't the hero. And if he wasn't the hero that means he was the villian. And if he was the villian what does that make me?|Draco Malfoy}}
Joshua would lead his men across the bridge and find the remaining members of House Malfoy and their vassal aristocrats lying on the ground with their swords thrown away. Seeing this he ordered his men to take them into captivity until they knew what to do with them. As the House Jackson men moved to do this, Draco finally came to the conclusion that would change everything. Draco would rise from the rest of the surrendered troops and stand up. His mother would yell at him to lay down, and think about his wife who was in another part of the city, but he had to escape and so he ran from the group and climbed to the top of the House Malfoy keep. Chased by the men of House Jackson, and the now arriving Lovie forces, and the shouting of his mother he would jump from the ramparts into the water nearly thirty feet down barely missing the rocks. Hitting the water he stayed under as long as he possibly could before hiding under the outcropping of rocks so that none could see him. The Jackson men believed he was dead, and thus he managed to escape but left behind much of his family and his wife and young son.
{{Quote(1)|My King we have control of the city. Its truly happened Will, you took Westbridge.|Leven Martell}}
With the death of Lucius the capture of remaining resistence within the final Malfoy keep the city of Westbridge was well and truly fallen into the hands of Lucerne. William would meet with the commanders of the attack at the center of town, and already news filtered in about the fall of Yerness, and the numerous towns south of Wesbridge having fallen as well. Realizing he had a true victory William would have the Labeoufs brought to the center of the town where the large population of the town was brought forward, and from there he named the Labeoufs the new Arch Lords of the Grand State of Westbridge. Promicing to assist in rebuilding the city, the people would chear as the Malfoy`s and their madness was pushed out and the new Lucerne-Labouef union began.
==Noteable Members==
==Noteable Members==
===Family Members===
===Family Members===
*Tommen Anthor
*Tommen Anthor. Killed during the Third Battle of Minus Ithil
**[[Varian Anthor]]
**[[Varian Anthor]]
***[[Tillien Anthor]]
***[[Tillien Anthor]]
****[[Candice Anthor]]
****[[Candice Anthor]]
*****[[Morgon Ongrill]]
***** † [[Robert Snow]]
******[[Robert Ongrill III.]]
****[[Anduin Anthor]]
****[[Anduin Anthor]]
****[[Relia Anthor]]
****[[Relia Anthor]]
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====Other Noteables====
====Other Noteables====
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House Anthor
House Anthor is a a large and powerful Vandal House located inside the port of Stormwind within the Kingdom Of Lucerne. House Anthor is the vassal of House Lovie, and for this reason they have always been quite powerful through this relationship, and are often held beside House Martell, and House Highmore as the most loyal of the House Lovie vassals. House Anthor grew exponensially when they were given the control of the newly constructed Port of Stormwind, and through this port they have become one of the most powerful houses in the entire Kingdom of Lucerne when before they were a middling house. This power increase they hold directly because of House Lovie, and their leadership under Varian Anthor is dire hard loyalists to House Lovie without question or resolve.

House Anthor was once a member of House Ordos but following the marriage of Nevia Ordos to a commoner they travelled north to Lucerne where he was knighted and founded a knightly house which following his success in the Driving Tide became a vassal of House Lovie. As a vassal of House Lovie House Anthor became especially powerful and wealthy, but the land they controlled west of Lucerne wasn't the best of places so they were in the middle wrung of the houses of House Lovie. The fate of House Anthor changed dramatically after they were given the control of the Port of Stormwind, and thus overnight they were one of the most powerful houses in the entire Kingdom of Lucerne.


Early HistoryEdit

House Anthor was once a member of House Ordos but following the marriage of Nevia Ordos to a commoner they travelled north to Lucerne where he was knighted and founded a knightly house which following his success in the Driving Tide became a vassal of House Lovie. As a vassal of House Lovie House Anthor became especially powerful and wealthy, but the land they controlled west of Lucerne wasn't the best of places so they were in the middle wrung of the houses of House Lovie.

The JourneyEdit

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Meeting with High ForestEdit

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Founding of AnthorEdit

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The Discovery of Traitors
He is truly a man king. But he is the king. Loyalty doesn't go away just because the one you are loyal to loses his mind.

Escorting a BrideEdit

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Candice Anthor Cover - HD1
I need you to escort my daughter west. These are dangerous times and I need a man I can trust to do this. Can I trust you Robin?
Varian Anthor
With House Anthor rising very high in power following the founding of Anthor it was Varian Anthor that would use this new power to influence House Onggrill to finally accept the long standing betrothal between his beloved daughter Candice Anthor and Morgon Ongrill. Having succesfully used his influence to force this it was Candice Anthor of whom would following the founding of Anthor be sent to Castle Ongrill in order to marry her betrothed Morgon Ongrill of whom had finally accepted that the decision to marry was outside of his control. Despite having accepted his fate whatever love he had for Candice had gone away following the discovery that she had cheated on him during their betrothal, and had not only fallen in love with the man but had also mothered a child with the man. Candice traveled westward escorted by Robin Highport of whom had been asked to accompany Candice as a favor for Varian and Robin saw this as an easy way to travel to see Vanessa of whom he had learned had gone back to the Lucernian estate for House Cleef alongside her brother in order to assist in the passing of the estate to a newly founded knightly house. While travelling on the road the emotionally upset Candice would spend most of the time flirting with Robin and while he was nice to her he was dismissive of this but she continiued and while camped on the road she attempted to sleep with him but he would resist her causing her to flee his tent.
Candice Anthor Gif Large
After being embarrassed by the refusal of Robin to sleep with her she ran away from the camp and her escorts and was captured by a group of soldiers that had been following them and the men would be revealed to be led by Thomas Grestife a bannermen of House Jestife and this force would quickly take her back to the House Grestife castle where they awaited their next direction from House Jestife. On the road with Thomas Grestife it was Candice that for the first time realizes the consequences of her actions and tried to bed Thomas to let her go but Thomas despite feeling bad for what he was doing was unwilling to help her and thus the two made it back to Castle Grestife. While held a hostage at Castle Grestife she would be treated well by Lord Reginald Grestife of whom showed himself to be an honorable man but was driven heavily by the oaths of loyalty he swore to the king and by extension House Jestife and he attempted to explain this to Candice but she refused this line of argument telling him that William was the king now and everything done against him was treason. Several days after her capture it was Jeremy Jestife the man who had taken the lead on the capture of Candice Anthor who would arrive in Castle Grestife and he would arrive revealing that the plan was for her to swear herself to their cause and then travel back to Anthor and murder her father and brother and thus become the lady of House Anthor. When she refused this outright it was Jeremy that unlike her previous captors he did not treat her well instead depriving her of luxury and then when she continued to refuse he had her stripped and he would threaten sexual violence if she did not comply within two days.

Rescuing CandiceEdit

Invasion of WestbridgeEdit

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Demons on the LooseEdit

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Noteable MembersEdit

Family MembersEdit

Other NoteablesEdit

Name Title Role Location
Vanduin Lonar Dragon Knight of House Anthor Kriegs Marine Reich Marshal Port of Stormwind

Vassal HousesEdit

House CleefEdit

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House Cleef
House Cleef
is a large Vandal House located in the Kingdom of Lucerne that dominates the province of Northern Anthor and their seat lies in the town of Goldshire. House Cleef is the vassal of House Anthor, and they have been in this position for generations but after House Anthor was given a state to control House Cleef increased dramatically in power. House Cleef holds the province of Northern Anthor of which contains a large amount of mining that has made House Cleef quite wealthy despite the lack of a large population their seat in Goldshire has grown steadily due to the wealth.

House Cleef holds the province of Northern Anthor of which contains a large amount of mining that has made House Cleef quite wealthy despite the lack of a large population their seat in Goldshire has grown steadily due to the wealth. House Cleef is a heavy producer of Tin, and silver of which they mainly trade southward to Rome, but have made some trade deals in the northern direction as well.

House Cleef was knighted alongside House Anthor and during this time they were devestated by disease and lost many of their members thus leading to them becoming a vassal of House Anthor. This position would pay off after the Journey when House Anthor was given command of the newly created state of Anthor while House Cleef was given command of the province of northern Anthor.

Knightly HousesEdit

House TolhmaveEdit

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House Tolhmave

House Tolhmave is a small Vandal House located inside Lucerne Hold within the Kingdom Of Lucerne. House Tolhmave is the knigtly house of House Anthor and was founded so that Burns Tolhmave could marry Elesia Anthor with the blessing of her brother.

House Tolhmave would begin after its first member in Burns Tolhmave fell in love with the sister of Varian Anthor and the two wanted to get married before the birth of their frist child. The only way to do this was if they married and then he founded his own knightly house so that she wouldn't be a commoner whore.

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