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House Constantine
is a massive Italian House located inside the city of Constantinople and dominating nearly completely the Byzantine Empire.

House Constantine first came to prominence during the foundation of the city of Constantinople where they became the dominent fixtures of the town.


Early History

Second Roman Civil War

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Turkish Night of Tears

Byzantine Expansion

Moving Eastword

"All the previous movements had been preperation for the attack on the east. In the end what we had done before had led us to this moment, and the Nehekhara forces were wholefully unprepared for the forces I was willing to bring to bear against them."
-Tony Constantine

The Empire of Nehekhara is without a doubt one of the largest empires in the entire world, and its size provides it one significant weakness. Because of its size it has such long borders that it can be easy to miss when one border is getting hot. On top of this their conflict with Ind, and their allies has led to the need for a massive build up on their eastern border, and the constant need for a massive force against Lahmia means that they are stretched thin on a lot of different borders. The border with Byzantine was basically the responsibility of the Armenians to defend, and they had been doing this against the rampaging hordes of Arabs and Turks that had in the past moved against the western border of Nehekhara. This time though the Armenians were caught in a massive trap as the Byzantines had placed a huge force of Ostrogoths directly in front of their border, while the main Byzantine army split in half with one half moving as well against the Armenians and the other against the lightly defended center of the border.

Noteable Members

Family Members

Other Noteables

Vassal Houses

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