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House Crane is a large Vandal House located in the Kingdom of Lucerne where they dominate the province of Southern Tree Hill and the capital of the province in Crane Castle. House Crane is the vassal of House Scott, and they have been this way since the departure of House Targaryan.

House Crane dominates the province of southern Tree Hill, of which much like northern Tree Hill, and western Tree Hill is sparsely populated and is mainly farmland. House Crane`s main holding is Crane Castle of which is a very large castle surrounded by a significant town, and is a meeting point for the southern lands. House Crane has taken to raising a large amount of horses and they have taken this as their main point of export with many of the great houses of Lucerne all buying horses raised in the Crane Lands.

House Crane would suffer the least of the Scott Houses during the Orcish Invasion of Tree Hill as they were cut off from being able to assist, and they had none of their members in the city. House Crane would remain isolated for years following the siege, and this led to a sort of independance that many in the house came to enjoy more then paying taxes. During The Journey House Crane was alerted by House Tyrell to the develepments but refused to send men, and thus when Tree Hill was eventually liberated the news got out that they had not assisted and they became blacksheep in the Tree Hill region. There Lord in Dustin Crane became known as Cowardly Crane, and was insulted throughout the entirety of the Invasion of Westbridge where House Crane would take part in. During the events following the Invasion of Westbridge they were targeted by Dan Scott of whom offered them redemption if they sided with him, and thus House Crane fell behind Dan in order to try and regain their once reputable situation in Tree Hill.


Early History

Fall of House Targaryan

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Noteable Members

Family Members

  • † Reginald Crane. Killed during the Skorraholt Revolt
    • † Talia Crane. Killed during the Skorraholt Revolt
      • † Markus Crane. Killed during the Battle of Lyons
        • † Natalie Crane. Died of Sickness
      • † Edric Crane. Killed during the Skorraholt Revolt
        • † Gerda Crane. Killed during the Skorraholt Revolt
          • Edric Crane II.
  • † Tristifer Crane. Killed during the Skorraholt Revolt

Other Noteables