House Darkmore
House Darkmore
is a Vandal House located within the Kingdom Of Lucerne, and making their home within the town of Duskenvale. House Darkmore stands as the Lord of the state of Darkhaven, and thus they are the vassal of nominally House Greymane as a member of the Grand State of Hillsbrad, but only the King of Lucerne can order them around at all times and know they will be anwsered. House Darkmore controls the state of Darkhaven and from this state they have control over several provinces as well as the southern border of the Kingdom of Lucerne, and despite lower population numbers they are powerful militarily.

House Darkmore following the death of Harbert Darkmore would have a succesion crisis sparked between Ephraim Black of whom wanted to use his wife's blood ties in House Darkmore to take control of the house through Colin Black. This was eventually decided by Genn Greymane after Colin Black told him that he didn't want the position after he realized what his father was planning to use the power for. Following this Amantha Darkmore became the lady of House Darkmore and would lead them alongside her aunt, and sister of whom were great help to her.


Early History

Crisis in Darkhaven

Main Article : Pitch Black

Noteable Members

Family Members

  • † Elron Darkmore. Killed during the Battle of Lyons
  • Jeor Darkmore
    • † Ophela Darkmore. Died during childbirth
      • Melina Darkmore (See House Black Branch)

Other Noteables

Vassal Houses

Name Title Seat Lord
House Lowport Grand Lord Lowport
House Highport Grand Lord Fogtown
House Fordale Grand Lord Hardhill
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