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House Darkmore is a Vandal House located within the Kingdom Of Lucerne, and making their home within the town of Duskenvale. House Darkmore stands as the Lord of the state of Darkhaven, and thus they are the vassal of nominally House Greymane as a member of the Grand State of Hillsbrad, but only the King of Lucerne can order them around at all times and know they will be anwsered. House Darkmore controls the state of Darkhaven and from this state they have control over several provinces as well as the southern border of the Kingdom of Lucerne, and despite lower population numbers they are powerful militarily.

House Darkmore following the death of Harbert Darkmore would have a succession crisis sparked between Ephraim Black of whom wanted to use his wife's blood ties in House Darkmore to take control of the house through Colin Black. This was eventually decided by Genn Greymane after Colin Black told him that he didn't want the position after he realized what his father was planning to use the power for. Following this Amantha Darkmore became the lady of House Darkmore and would lead them alongside her aunt, and sister of whom were great help to her.


Early History

Crisis in Darkhaven

Main Article : Crisis in Darkhaven

Crisis in Darkhaven
You are all being lied to by this girl. She is a murderer. She killed her friends, and now she has a taste for lying. She got away with it once, do not allow this monster of a girl to trick you into believing her.
Ephraim Black Large.jpg
When you looked at Ephraim Black he gave you the illusion that he was human. Everything about him looked the part, but beneath that cool exterior beats a heart that has nothing but hate, and evil. He is human in skin and bones alone.
Leana Darkmore

It would be Ephraim Black working under the commands of the Order of the Three Sins who would use the Battle of Castle Stragnarax to fufill the orders of his leader in the Lord of Gluttony. Using the battle he would be now able to move forward with their plot to take control of Darkhaven following his successful killing of Harbard Darkmore during the Battle of Castle Stragnarax, of whom he killed by stabbing him in the shoulder and then holding him down for nearly an hour while the Lord of House Darkmore bled out, and then during the night he would drag him to the walls which made it appear he had died to the Orcs. House Darkmore following the death of Harbert Darkmore would have a succession crisis due to the fact that Harbert had died without any male heirs and his sister had only one daughter in Abigail Darkmore who had already been married to Robin Highport leaving her as not a real option. Realizing this the lords of Darkmore were preparing to make Amantha Darkmore the lady of House Darkmore when Ephraim Black arrived at Darkmore with the idea of a better male candidate in the form of Colin Black of whom was the son of Melina Darkmore and thus a cousin to the lord of House Darkmore. Shocked about the turn of events Leana petitioned against the change as Amantha was the closest blood relative, and Colin Black had never visited, or knew anything of the land he would inherit. Ephraim arrived in Duskenvale with Cellia Black and begin making plans with the nobles there, and found many willing to listen to him as there were many who didn't want to be ruled by a young girl, and during this time Cellia Black used her considerable beauty to convinse several of the nobles of Duskhaven. Colin Black who was at this point still in Forks would be met by his cousin Rebecca Black of whom told him about the reality of his father's plan and that his father planned to remove the Darkmore girls as they were nothing but a threat to Colin and needed to be removed if Ephraim was to rule through Colin. Colin didn't want to believe what Rebecca said, but would agree to travel to Duskenvale with Rebecca Black of whom together with Colin's friend Eric Weinbrum, and his wife Vanessa Black the group would meet Lyle Crakehall and a small troop of House Crakehall on the road and then made there way to Duskenvale. Thus arriving at Duskenvale with his friend, wife, Lyle Crakehall, and Rebecca Black he would be met by his father of whom was furious that he had come to Duskenvale and was going to command his son to return to Forks when he would be interupted by Rebecca Black and Lyle Crakehall of whom took Colin Black and left him with his cousin Amantha. During this time spent time with his cousin Amantha Darkmore of whom he liked very much he came to learn about the reality of what his father was doing and how much it would ruin Amantha, and hearing this he would leave her to find her father of whom he was able to find through the assistence of Rebecca Black. Finding his father in the tower of Darkmore his plan to talk to his father would change dramatically when he overheard his father discussing how he was going to murder the Darkmore girls once he had control so that they wouldn't trouble him anymore, and how after he married Colin off to some girl he would then murder Colin and finally finish what he truly wanted for someone he called the Lord of Gluttony. Overhearing this Colin knew that Rebecca wasn't lying at all and went to his cousin of whom he found kissing Lyle Crakehall and telling her what he had heard the group would go to Amantha and leaving Eric Weinbrum behind with her to protect her with a few Crakehall men the group would leave for Hillsbrad to meet with the Arch Duke of the region in the form of House Greymane.

Deciding Fates

Leana Darkmore being related to House Darkwood would bring yet another loyalist to Darkhaven in order to resist the forces of Ephraim Black.

When you looked at Ephraim Black he gave you the illusion that he was human. Everything about him looked the part, but beneath that cool exterior beats a heart that has nothing but hate, and evil. He is human in skin and bones alone.
Leana Darkmore

Rebecca Black, Lyle Crakehall, Vanessa Black, and Colin Black would arrive in Hillsbrad and were given an audience with the new Lord of House Greymane in the form of Liam Greymane. Laying out the situation with Liam they were very open about what was going on, and while Liam was reluctant to believe the true extent of how nefarious Ephraim was being in Duskhaven he would agree to travel to Duskhaven in several weeks and he would decide the lordship of Duskhaven himself. Rebecca and the group returned to Duskhaven to find that several of the prominent lords of the province had arrived in Duskhaven including Jon Lowport of whom brought with him his wife, son, and daughter, while Edric Fordale arrived as the new lord of House Fordale accompanied by his sister, and wife, and finally Robin Highport arrived with his wife and sister, but Rebecca would quickly find that each of these lords had their own agendas. The arrival of House Darkwood would incense tensions as Kieth Darkwood, and his brother Derek Darkwood would bring significant forces in order to protect their niece Leana Darkmore, and upon their arrival blood was nearly spilled between Derek Darkwood, and Ephraim upon learning his plotting.

When you looked at Ephraim Black he gave you the illusion that he was human. Everything about him looked the part, but beneath that cool exterior beats a heart that has nothing but hate, and evil. He is human in skin and bones alone.
Leana Darkmore
Noble Family Leadership Role in the Crisis
House Lowport Jon Lowport House Lowport would send significant forces to Duskhaven in order to protect the remaining Darkmore's after the death fo the Patriarch, and they were extremely agressive towards Ephraim Black and his attempt to take control from the Darkmore's.
House Highport Robin Highport
House Fordale Edric Fordale
House Darkwood Kieth Darkwood House Darkwood would send significant forces in order to protect blood member of the family in the form of Leana Darkmore of whom was the niece of Kieth, and Derek Darkwood.

With the arrival of the Arch Duke only a week away the meeting in Duskhaven would be increased when Orival Crane arrived with two of his brothers and a sister on the request of his friend Jon Lowport II.

The Arch Duke Arrives

Noteable Members

Family Members

  • † Elron Darkmore. Killed during the Battle of Lyons
    • † Vellia Darkmore (Vellia Darkwood). Died during childbirth
      • † Harbard Darkmore II. Died at Battle of Lyons
      • Harbert Darkmore. Killed during the Battle of Castle Stragnarax
        • † Tysha Darkmore (Tysha Brent). Commited Suicide
          • Harbard Darkmore II. Killed during Battle of Castle Les Gleinshoul
            • † Genovete Darkmore (Genovete Fromonville). Drown on River Valie
              • † Ophellia Darkmore II. Died during childbirth
                • Gauthier Vallee
              • † Welden Darkmore. Drown on River Valie
              • † Elron Darkmore II. Died of sickness
          • Aelfwyn Darkmore
            • Fredrik Glarmore
              • Oliver Glarmore
              • Astrid Glarmore
              • Fredrik Glarmore II.
        • † Astrid Tishbein. Died during childbirth
        • Erika Darkmore (Erikka Darkwood)
          • Hanzal Darkmore Killed by Bandits
    • † Celia Darkmore (Celia Raddatz). Died during childbirth
      • Leana Darkmore
        • † Tristan of Darkmore. Died of sickness
          • Abigail Darkmore. Died during childbirth
      • † Cassie Darkmore. Died of sickness
  • Jeor Darkmore
    • † Ophela Darkmore. Died during childbirth
      • Melina Darkmore (See House Black Branch)

Other Noteables

Vassal Houses

Name Title Seat Lord
House Lowport Grand Lord Lowport
House Highport Grand Lord Fogtown
House Fordale Grand Lord Hardhill