House Davion
House Davion is a medium sized Gothic house that resides in the Kingdom of Lucerne town of Tree Hill. Inside Tree Hill House Davion has become the sworn house of House Tyrell after House Tyrell instigated a devious, and brilliant plot that blackmailed the leadership of House Davion into becoming their sworn house instead of the noble house that they were before the blackmailing.

House Davion following the Driving Tide was one of the more powerful houses, and through this power they decided to become the vassal of House Targaryan over House Swan, and thus they followed House Targaryan when they departed Forks for Tree Hill. In Tree Hill they did well until their support of House Targaryan nearly led to their destruction if not for the brilliant defence of their estate east of the town by the Patriarch at the time. Following this conflict they were made a noble house by James Lovie, and they begin growing themselves inside the town of Tree Hill to the point that they were one of the larger houses inside the town. This would come to a skreetching halt when they were blackmailed by House Tyrell into becoming their sworn house, and suceeding their holdings east of Tree Hill. This bankrupted them economically for a time but they have begun to rebound recently after their current Patriarch in Finly Davion has proven himself a wise leader, and they have begun to grow a profitable operation south of Tree Hill.


Early History

Fall of Tree Hill

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Invasion of Westbridge

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Noteable Members

Family Members

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