House Dogget is a large gothic house located within the Kingdom of Lucerne, and making their home within the port of Lole from where they also control the province of Southern Lole.


Early History

Invasion of Westbridge

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Port of Yerness

Taking of the Port of Yerness

"The Port of Yerness was the resistence on the island of Yerness. The moment that port went down every single defender on the island understood their island had fallen."
-Charlie Swan

With basically every settlement in the entire island of Yerness under the control of the forces of House Swan they would prepare for one of the final attacks when House Swan ambushed the port of Yerness from the front, and a major seaborne attack as well. The entire attack waited until night had come, and by this point the defenders still had no idea that anyone was taking the island from them and because of this they were unaware for such large numbers to attack them. The Lucernian Navy would make their way into the port using no lights on the boats to conceal their movements and once they were inside the port they dislodged the forces of House Crakehall, and House Dogget of whom quickly took control of the port area, and House Crakehall led by Jonas Crakehall would take control of the keep from which a great massacre of the defenders in the keep would awaken the town to the attackers.

House Crakehall1

House Crakehall was forced to fight a desperate fight over control of the gates into the port

Capturing the Gate

"House Dogget's supreme failure to silently take control of the keep led to my forces being bogged down in a fight we didn't want to be invovled into."
-Jonas Crakehall

After the massacre at the keep and the raising of the alarm House Dogget was forced to deal with a growing number of defenders of whom were making a stubborn defence of the central and southern gate to such an extent that the attack on the central gate was so fierce that they were forced to pull back. Once they had pulled back a small force led by Garon Dandrill would hold the central gate defenders in place while the remainder of House Dogget moved against the southern gate. The southern gate was already hard pressed to defend themselves, and with this influx of attackers they were pushed out of the gatehouse or killed. House Dogget was able to gain control of the southern gate, and from here the forces of House Swan would swarm into the town, and with the control of the keep the entrance, and the waters the defenders surrendered all across the port.

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