House Gallo
House Gallo
is a medium sized Spanish house located in the city of Dresdan where it controls an estate within El Cids Square. House Gallo is one of the three vassal houses of the powerful Spaniard noble family of House Pacino and in this position they hold sway within the Spaniard enclave of El Cids Square.

House Gallo would be converted to the Sigmarite religion under the command of their lord in the form of Allon Pacino, and following this they would fall into line with their lord throwing off their previous Dragonoph religion.


Early History

Conversion of House Pacino

Jessica Pacino CoVer
Listen to me father. This is the path of what is truly right in the world. It matters not what this fake dragon tells its followers for if you listen to me then you will hear the true words of the only god on this world.
Jessica Pacino

Jessica Pacino would be commanded by the Knight-Captain of the Anvil of Sigmar in the form of Tranis Skalner to make great efforts in converting her father and by extension all of House Pacino to the worship of Sigmar, and believing truly in his words she would return to her families estate where she begin to work at converting her father. Unknown to Jessica was the continued menipulation of Lerris Tonproth of whom would use the entrance she allowed him to begin to use his Magi to get into the mind of her father making him begin to hear voices which Lerris made him believe was Sigmar himself. While Jessica was pressuring her father about the truth of Sigmar her father was beggining to hear the voices in his head which were telling him to believe her and to follow him, and thus with all of this coming together Allon Pacino would convert to the worship of Sigmar and on the urging of his daughter Jessica would command the remainder of the family to also convert. His movement towards following the voices in his head would also lead to him converting all three of his vassal houses in the form of House Aldana, House Escarra, and House Gallo to the worship of Sigmar which together brought a huge swing to the Sigmarite forces in a short period of time. 

Dresdan Market Massacre

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Family Members

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