House Goodbrook
House Goodbrooke
 is a very large and powerful house within the Riverlands where they stood as a Riverlord from their seat of Pinkmaiden until the killing of their entire male line led to the near end of the family which was supplemented by House Oakheart of the Riverlands until the birth of Lucas Goodbrooke II.

During her twelth year she would become isolated in her families keep after House Goodbrooke became embroiled in a civil war with its vassals. During this conflict her older sister, and younger brother would be taken prisoner by House Piper. This would lead to the death of her father after he attempted to negoitate their release but was unbelievably rude to the vassals who held his children and was killed during the battle that ensued. As the tides turned on the rebels following the rise of her older brother Oben, who attempted to negotiate an end to the conflict. The tide turned even more after Yellina, and Vullin escaped House Piper but drown attempting to escape their persuers in House Piper and this As many of the vassals of House Goodbrooke came back to their side House Goodbrooke was devestated by the death of both Jellia and Oben were killed in an ambush by House Piper. With so much death Hoster Tully would send in forces from House Tully and place Padme in command of House Goodbrooke, and punished House Piper by exiling Hanns Piper from the Riverlands and executing Vitus Piper for being the one most blame for the start of the conflict.


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Banditry War of Maidenshore

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