House Grundmun

House Grundmun is a large Dolish Household located in the Kingdom of Greenmore where they dominate the town of and capital in the form of Greenmore. Historically the vassal of House Everdeen the disasterous Dolish-Harrenhall War caused the lord of House Grundmun to come to hate House Everdeen and he created a plot which nearly anihilated House Everdeen only just missing this target but either way gaining independance for themselves.

Luca Grundmun would be at the Treaty of Kingsgrave where he would witness the leadership of the Dole surrender to the forces of Harrenhall, and following this learning about the death of his family he would become fanatically hateful towards the leaders who surrendered the forces of Dole to Harrenhall as he believed from the letters his family had sent him that they could have won, but above hating the leaders he hated Gale Everdeen who his brother had described as the reason they needed to retreat following the Siege of. Luca Grundmun would lead House Grundmun in the betrayal of House Everdeen causing the death of most of the house and then menipulating Katniss Everdeen to the the leadership of House Everdeen in a failed attempt to marry her to his youngest son Colic Grundmun something that failed due to the intervention of House Melark. Following the failure to capture the power of House Everdeen through marriage House Grundmun would break from the Realm of Kingsgrave and found the Kingdom of Greenmore which they immediatly used to declare war on the Realm of Kingsgrave initiating the First Kingsgrave-Greenmore War.


Early History

Family Members

Noteable Members

Other Noteables

Major Vassals

Name Title Loyal House Role
Hamden Moyer Grand Lord of Southern Lucerne House Moyer

Vassal Houses

Name Title Seat Lord
House Grightling Hearthglen Hanzal Grightling

Former Vassal Houses

Name Reason for Departure Current Status
House Toyne Departure of House Scarlet from Lucernian lands to Hearthglen Duke 
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