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House Handlin is a large sized Brann House that runs itself out of the city of Atranta of the southern part of the Riverlands. House Handlin stands as a Riverlord controlling their own land with their only liege lord being the Arch Lord house in the form of House Tully.

House Handlin would enter the history of Europe when they appeared as one of the clans that joined the Brannish Warlord Harren Hoare in conquering the Riverlands and during this invasion the members of Clan Handlin reformed as House Handlin and took control of the Atlantian town of Atranta where they grew there powerbase within.


Early History

Invasion of the Brann

The Riverlands would begin to become dominated by the Brann as under the leadership of the Brannish warlord Harren Hoare of whom battled against the forces of Denmark in Germania for some time causing enough damage during his raids that he was given a vast amount of gold by the Teutons who filtered him to the south alongside a very large army of Brann, and they would eventually reach Westbridge where they stayed briefly before they were once again paid by the Westbridge Franks to go south where they entered the Riverlands.

War with Tiras

Entering the Riverlands the Brannish under Harren Hoare would quickly declare war on the Atlantian Kingdom of Tiras of which while in disarray at the time still controlled the entire region of the Riverlands and was in serious talks with Lorderon to merge together forming an Empire. The initial fighting would be disastrous to the forces of Tiras of whom having never recovered from the Downfall of Numeron generations previous were crushed into three engagements losing control of all of northern Riverlands, and the center was near complete loss before the arrival of reinforcements from Lorderon. Harren Hoare would lead the Brann into a massive battle near what is now the lands of the Blackwoods and would crush a combined Tiras, and Lorderon army forcing there surrender and retreat from the Riverlands.

Exodus of the Atlantians

Following the disasterous Atlantian defeat at the Battle of Blackwood they would be given a brief reprieve by the injury of Harren Hoare of whom would become bedridden for weeks and during this time his brother Harras took command of the Brann and negotiated with the Atlantians despite commands by his brother Harren to put the Atlantians to the torch. Harras was soft on the Atlantians due to falling in love with an Atlantian noble girl, and when Harren got better and tried to order the victorious Brann to kill the retreating Atlantians it would be Harras that murdered his brother becoming the leader of the Brann.

Game of Rivers

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