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House Hantoway is a very large Brannish Household located in the Kingdom of Lucerne where it dominates the Island of Hantoway within the Riverlands. House Hantoway stands as a Riverlord within the Riverlands thus making their liege lord House Tully of Riverrun but they have always formed a separate grouping with House Graege more then the other Riverlords.

House Hantoway and House Graege would form the only real resistance to the incorporation of the Riverlands into the Kingdom of Lucerne, and following arguments at the Riverrun meetings House Hantoway would be invaded at Hantoway and incorporated through force, while House Graege surrendered following the fall of House Hantoway.


Early History

Game of Rivers

Main Article : Lucernian Invasion of the Riverlands

Noteable Members

Family Members

  • Lucas Hantoway
    • Selice Hantoway
      • Alys Hantoway
      • Krella Hantoway

Other Noteables

Major Vassals

Name Title Loyal House Role
Hamden Moyer

Vassal Houses

Name Title Seat Lord
House Fortexius

Former Vassal Houses

Name Reason for Departure Current Status