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House Hartrian is a large Frankish Household located in the Kingdom of Lucerne city of Westbridge where it controls a section of the city holding the Title of Island Baron. House Hartrian is the Vassal house of House Labeouf and this is a stark change for House Hartrian of whom previously ruled over Westbridge but was all but annihilated in the Malfoy takeover of the city.

When the Kingdom of Lucerne attacked Westbridge the members of House Labeouf were specifically targeted by the Lucernians for survival and following their victory the Labeouf House was put into position of Lordship of Westbridge. As the new Arch Lord House of Westbridge House Labeouf would become heavily involved in the growth of the city and the province of which they were greatly assisted by the help of the Kingdom of Lucerne, who told them that their long term plans were to turn Westbridge into a fortress so strong noone would dare to assault them.


Early History

Malfoy Takeover of Westbridge

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The Malfoy Takeover of Westbridge
You are the one person I never wanted to lie to. I'm sorry. I truly am sorry.
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We must gain more power before we can ever hope to go back to Hogwarts.
Thomas Malfoy

Forced to retreat following their defeat at the Battle of Hogwarts it was Thomas Malfoy that took refuge in his families holdings on the island of Malfoyia. Consolidating themselves on Malfoyia the Order of Walpurgis would begin recruiting on the island rebuilding much of their strength, but no longer having access to the Vaults of Hogwarts meant that the Order had lost most of its financial strength and this led to the order beginning to target Westbridge for control.

Betrayal of a Friend

Malfoy Occupation of Westbridge

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With the city under their control House Malfoy proceeded to take more and more control of the trade profits the city brought in which caused a large amount of resentment amongst the population. When it became clear that there was going to be riots Tom Malfoy placed his younger brother in charge of holding the city under their control. Tom had silently hoped for failure so he could finally kill his brother without consequence, but in fact Lucius was able to appease the different sections of the town. With the city pacified Tom left the city and went north to the House Malfoy stronghold of Brunnswaggen where he continued his goals of ending Hogwarts for good.

Family Members