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"My House deserved a better fate then what it found. My sister did not deserve to fall the way she did and no matter what I do from this point on the House I grew up with is gone. Nothing left but the memory of the good days."

-Mike Heard

House Heard is a very minor house in the Kingdom Of Lucerne that has become a tributary House of House Arryn.

Once a mightier house they fell into this position when their male heirs were killed during the events of the Plague, and the only surviving member was Amber Heard who married Benjamin Arryn and thus basically merged the two houses. House Heard now uses the House Arryn sigil as their own as the two have ceased being seperate Houses.

Mike Heard the male son of Amber Heard, and Benjamin Arryn decided following the death of his sister during the Battle of Berne that the House Heard name was gone, and he would completely enter the ranks of House Arryn. This means that perhaps one of the top ten largest houses in Lucerne had fallen into extinction in less then 15 years, a truly magnificant fall that mirrors perhaps only the fall of House Targaryan.


Early History

The Plague

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House Arryn

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Lucerne Civil War

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Amber Heard II.

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The End

With the death of Amber Heard II. who was the silent supporter of Mike Heard continueing the House so that they could control themselves and their fate Mike Heard decided that the time was over for House Heard. His father died of his wounds soon after the fall of Berne to the loyalists and this cemented his view that House Heard and its horrible fate was now at an end.

Noteable Members

  • Hektor Heard. Died during the Plague
    • Martin Heard. Died during the Plague
      • Ashley Heard. Died during the Plague
        • Thomas Heard. Died during the Plague
          • Elly Heard. Died during the Plague
        • Martin Heard II. Died during the Plague
    • Telvin Heard. Died during the Plague
      • Rachel Heard. Died during the Plague
        • Johanas Heard. Died during the Plague
        • James Heard. Died during the Plague
    • Amber Heard (Amber Arryn)
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