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House Jestife was once a very powerful Vandal house based out of Brill during the reign of William Lovie. Exiled from Lucerne following the Lucerne Civil War they now serve House Malfoy in their expansionism north of Westbridge .

First coming to prominence during the Driving Tide House Jestife followed William Lovie to Lucerne where they became very close to the ruling family in House Lovie. There main members stayed behind during the War in Arnor and thus they were pursuaded heavily by John Lovie into following his madness. They lost their position when they sided with John Lovie during his madness, and they were forced to move to Brill. They were then nearly destroyed when they sided with the True Sons of Lucerne and attempted to assasinate members of the Lucernian regime. House Jestife then fled north and came to become a vassal house of House Malfoy where they now are one of their greatest supporters.


Early History

The Driving Tide

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First Lucernian Civil War

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Following their defeat during the fall of John Lovie the remaining members of House Jestife left Lucerne where their reputation was ruined, and they fled east to the town of Brill. In Brill they used their coniving behavior meshed with their violence to utterly dominate and takeover the town from the old leader of the town in House Cash. With this in place House Cash left the town and moved to Tree Hill which left the main leadership of the town now gone, and replaced by House Jestife who the town would find had no skill in controlling the town. Their main goals over their time there were not the improvement of the town, and instead they actually begin heavily investing in basically their own village inside the town. The construction of this village left the town in huge debt, but instead of attempting to fix this the leadership of House Jestife made things worse when they further put the town in debt as they upgraded heavily their personal forces, and contructed a massive armory where they stored this vast equipment stores.

Lucernian Civil War

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The Discovery of Traitors
He is truly a man king. But he is the king. Loyalty doesn't go away just because the one you are loyal to loses his mind.

Escorting a Bride

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I need you to escort my daughter west. These are dangerous times and I need a man I can trust to do this. Can I trust you Robin?
Varian Anthor
With House Anthor rising very high in power following the founding of Anthor it was Varian Anthor that would use this new power to influence House Onggrill to finally accept the long standing betrothal between his beloved daughter Candice Anthor and Morgon Ongrill. Having successfully used his influence to force this it was Candice Anthor of whom would following the founding of Anthor be sent to Castle Ongrill in order to marry her betrothed Morgon Ongrill of whom had finally accepted that the decision to marry was outside of his control. Despite having accepted his fate whatever love he had for Candice had gone away following the discovery that she had cheated on him during their betrothal, and had not only fallen in love with the man but had also mothered a child with the man. Candice traveled westward escorted by Robin Highport of whom had been asked to accompany Candice as a favor for Varian and Robin saw this as an easy way to travel to see Vanessa of whom he had learned had gone back to the Lucernian estate for House Cleef alongside her brother in order to assist in the passing of the estate to a newly founded knightly house. While traveling on the Wuhr River the emotionally upset Candice would spend most of the time flirting with Robin and while he was nice to her he was dismissive of this but she continued and this continued all the way till they reached the Greenhave River and prepared to move north up the Aelevin River. Reaching the town of Libanius which sat at the forks of the Greenhave and Aelevin River it was the group that would remain on board the boat attempting to get what sleep they could before they made there final move down the Aelevin River and then west up the Trachten River to while camped on the road she attempted to sleep with him but he would resist her causing her to flee his tent.
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After being embarrassed by the refusal of Robin to sleep with her she ran away from the camp and her escorts and was captured by a group of soldiers that had been following them and the men would be revealed to be led by Thomas Grestife a bannermen of House Jestife and this force would quickly take her back to the House Grestife castle where they awaited their next direction from House Jestife. On the road with Thomas Grestife it was Candice that for the first time realizes the consequences of her actions and tried to bed Thomas to let her go but Thomas despite feeling bad for what he was doing was unwilling to help her and thus the two made it back to Castle Grestife. While held a hostage at Castle Grestife she would be treated well by Lord Reginald Grestife of whom showed himself to be an honorable man but was driven heavily by the oaths of loyalty he swore to the king and by extension House Jestife and he attempted to explain this to Candice but she refused this line of argument telling him that William was the king now and everything done against him was treason. Several days after her capture it was Jeremy Jestife the man who had taken the lead on the capture of Candice Anthor who would arrive in Castle Grestife and he would arrive revealing that the plan was for her to swear herself to their cause and then travel back to Anthor and murder her father and brother and thus become the lady of House Anthor. When she refused this outright it was Jeremy that unlike her previous captors he did not treat her well instead depriving her of luxury and then when she continued to refuse he had her stripped and he would threaten sexual violence if she did not comply within two days.

Rescuing Candice


House Malfoy

Noteable Members

Family Members

  • † Ottwin Jestife II. Killed during the First Lucernian Civil War
    • † Gretchen Jestife. Died during childbirth
      • Ottmar Jestife. Died at Battle of Lyons
        • Rolanda Jestife. Killed at Battle of Karak Crannog
          • Goswin Jestife. Died at Battle of Lyons
          • Witold Jestife. Killed at Battle of Karak Crannog
          • Horton Jestife. Died during the Attack on Lucerne
            • † Hostella Jestife. Executed by House Swift trying to flee
              • † Jorrel Jestife. Killed during the Siege of Brill
              • † Wendell Jestife. Died during the Attack on Lucerne
              • Maege Jestife
              • † Holden Jestife. Died during the Attack on Lucerne
          • Ottmar Jestife II. Killed by Saiden Scarlet
          • † Arina Jestife. Killed during the Siege of Brill
            • † Arnol Snow. Killed during the Siege of Brill
              • † Waylar Jestife. Killed during the Siege of Brill
              • † Korban Jestife. Killed during the Siege of Brill

Other Noteables