House Kilgor

House Kilgor is a Vandal house that resides in the Kingdom of Lucerne inside the major city of Lucerne. House Kilgor is a vassal house of House Shephard, and is devoted in their loyalty to House Shephard. House Kilgor is known for being the founder and dominent supporter of the Aevine sect of the Dragonoph religion which dictates that Aerene is the wife of Glaurung and is the second most powerful member of the dragon Pantheon.

House Kilgor has the words "Life begins and ends with the Black" and this goes along with their commitment to the Aevine sect of the Dragonoph religion where in they worship Aerne above the other Dragons. House Kilgor's sigil is always a black flag with the letter K stitched into the middle, and this is maintained throughout their holdings.

Originally made up of Vandals migrating southward during the Great Migration the members of House Kilgor suffered great losses during the Driving Tide, and because of this they designed their House heraldry as a broken flag. Following the Driving Tide they followed House Lovie into Lucerne, and over time became the vassal house of the more powerful House Shephard. This relationship has continued into since the days of the Driving Tide, and the members of House Kilgor can be counted on as the most loyal vassal house for House Shephard.


Early History

Valley of Lucerne

Driving Tide

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Kingdom of Lucerne

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House Shephard

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Siege of Westian

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Noteable Members

Family Members

Main Branch

  • Addler Kilgor. Died during the Driving Tide, the first leader of House Kilgor.

House Krane Branch

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Jutta Kilgor was the daughter of Addler Kilgor II. and the sister of Ralph Kilgor thus making her a major member of House Kilgor but she was married to Hanzal Krane.

Other Noteables

Sworn Houses

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