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House Manderly is a very large and powerful House in the Kingdom of Bolten that dominates the province of White Knife and the major city of White Harbor. House Manderly lost their independance during the years preceding the War with Lucerne after Domeric Bolten engaged them in conflict and would defeat their navy through superior strategy and then won a great battle at White Harbor.

Their blazon is a white merman with dark green hair, beard and tail, carrying a black trident, over a blue-green field. Their motto has not yet appeared in the books.

House Manderly lost their independance during the years preceding the War with Lucerne after Domeric Bolten engaged them in conflict and would defeat their navy through superior strategy and then won a great battle at White Harbor. Following their defeat the Lord of House Manderly in the form of Wymen Manderly would gain great respect for Domeric Bolten and would consent under his word of protection to send his second son, and cousin to the Dreadfort as hostages to ensure House Manderly's loyalty. When the forces of Bolten would invade the Divine Lands House Manderly would send a large force to assist under the command of Wylis Manderly, but by the time they had succeded in arriving Ramsey had already retreated the main army and thus he retreats alongside Domeric half in order to follow someone he respects but also because he fears the life of Domeric is in jeoperdy and wishes to protect the prince. Wylis is ordered by Domeric to head westward in order to stall the Cole's from what everyone know's is their eventual betrayal to the Lucernians, and Wylis relunctantly heads there despite wishing to remain near Domeric to protect the prince. When both the death of Domeric Bolten, and the Dreadfort Court Massacre happen the loyalty of House Manderly is unknown, but after their army leaves the Cole lands they arrive in the Dreadfort following the retreat of House Marsh. Wishing to pledge their loyalty and saying that he believes the story told of Lucernian assasins Wylin Manderly's father who has taken command of the army is allowed to enter the Dreadfort with many of his knights.


Early History

White Knife marriage

Miley Black Large
I was unmarried, and I knew that my age was going to mean that it was only a matter of time. My mother had always told me the only thing to pray for was that your husband would be kind, because you were never going to get to choose yourself.
Miley Black[src]

Following the coronotation of William Lovie III. the tournament of Nortburg was held to celebrate this occasion, and during this many foreign kingdoms sent people to represent them and try to regrow relations with Lucerne as most relations were on life support under the rule of Bill Lovie. One of these groups was House Manderly of the White Knife, and they would send many members including Wylis Manderly and his wife and daughter, as well as Marlon Manderly the uncle of Wylis. After the tournament ended Wylis would come to speak with William Lovie III. and the two would discuss marriage options between the houses, and on the advise of Charlie Swan William's father in law it was decided that Miley Black would be married to Winfred Manderly the only son of Marlon Manderly. Miley would be recalled as quickly as possible to Nortburg where she met with Wylis, and Marlon and was seen to be exceptionally beautiful and smart and thus Marlon immediatly accepted the arrangement, and it was decided to happen shortly after. It was agreed between Wylis, and William that following the marriage the two groups would begin arrangements to bring the Manderlys into the sphere of Lucerne, and away from the growing threats of Bolten, and the Iron Islands.

Miley Black getting married far away was the perfect excuse that I needed to escape the death that I saw everywhere I looked in Tree Hill. They could seemingly rebuild every fallen brick, and bring in hundreds of new people, but all I saw was death and pain.
Lucas Scott

Once the Manderlys returned to White Knife the wedding was already being planned, and it takes longer then expected after Ironborn raid several ships filled with wedding supplies purchased from Pontus. When the wedding is finally planned Miley Black and basically her entire family alongside many nobles of Forks travel to the White Knife for the wedding. Lucas Scott travels northward and alongside Morrigan joins the fleet going to White Knife and acts as the sort of commander of the defence of the fleet despite be uneeded due to the high strength of the fleet. On the trip to the White Knife Lucas Scott grows to be friends with Miley Black and the two share stories of their youth with Lucas withholding much of the true darkness that he went through. One night Morrigan finally confronts him on why he has lied so many times to Miley, and he breaks down revealing that he is trying to make himself believe it wasn't as bad as he knows it was, and the two share a kiss before making love in his room beneath deck.

House Manderly1
One of the first things that dies when your in the kind of hopeless situation we were in Tree Hill is the ability to understand human interaction. You long to be be treated kindly because for so long you were sad, but the sad truth is that strangers don't usually make the best crutches to stand on.
Lucas Scott

Arriving at the White Knife Lucas Scott was shown around the land by Wylis Manderly and his wife of whom held hands the entire time they walked Lucas around White Harbor. Lucas would remain with Wylis after his wife had to leave to wake up their youngest of whom needed milk, and the two would discuss the situation in White Knife, and Wylis was completely open as Lucas had a letter from William saying that Lucas was to be fully trusted with sensitive information for he was a loyal servent. Wylis discussed with him how the Boltens had begun sending word to White Harbor stating that the White Knife was deemed a part of the larger plans for Bolten, and that if they did not join with the Boltens then other steps would be taken to have them join. Lucas questioned whether they could hold off the Boltens, and Wylis told him that it was going to be difficult for the Boltens as the Manderlys had a large fleet which would make crossing very difficult, but if they were able to land they had significantly larger ground forces and in that case White Knife would fall. The two would be interupted when a messenger told Wylis that Domeric Bolten and his cousin had arrived in White Harbor with several other nobles, and wished to attend the wedding. Domeric Bolten would demand food be given to him so that he was under the guest right while he remained in White Harbor, and Lucas would briefly meet with the prince of Bolten, and despite what he had thought he would find Domeric was a kind young man.

The Wedding went by without a hitch, but the presence of Domeric, and Jordin Bolton was something that opened my eyes to what awaited us in the not so far future.
Lucas Scott

The wedding went by without a hitch, and Lucas would make a point to meet fully with Domeric Bolten, and he leaves the wedding to find Domeric waiting outside the hall for him. The two leave the wedding and speak of many things, and Lucas is shocked at genuinly nice Domeric appears to be, and Domeric tells him a story of Bolten, and despite how well the two get along the conversation takes a dark turn when Domeric is forced to threaten Lucas with the knowledge that if Lucerne interferes anymore in the White Knife that he will be forced to intervene himself. Lucas knows that Domeric is a capable young man and knowingly takes this threat as more then just a hollow gesture knowing that Domeric will do this despite his gentle nature. Following their conversation Lucas receives a raven and it instructs him to return to Lucerne where he is to meet with his uncle Kieth in Highgarden, and he is to do this with all possible haste.

Defeat of White Harbor

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House Manderly lost their independance during the years preceding the War with Lucerne after Domeric Bolten engaged them in conflict and would defeat their navy through superior strategy and then won a great battle at White Harbor.

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