House Oakheart of the Rilerands
House Oakheart
of the Riverlands is a Brannish/Gothic house that is a powerful branch of House Oakheart that was created following the marriage of Lucas Oakheart to Padme Oakheart. House Oakheart of the Riverlands is a cadet house of the larger House Oakheart, but power wise stands as a riverlord due to replacing the older nearly extinct House Goodbrooke.

House Oakheart of the Riverlands motto is the same as their master house in the form of "Out roots go deep" of which means that they will always dig in and fight to the end wherever they may be which is something was proven when they lost a large part of their force attempting to hold the gate of Tree Hill while everyone else fled.

House Oakheart of the Riverlands stands in a position of being an Arch Duke in terms of where they are in controlling other houses, but in fact they stand as both a cadet house of House Oakheart, and a Riverlord within the powerstructure of the Riverlands. House Oakheart has many vassals based on their annexxation of House Goodbrooke, and these houses include the top tier houses like House Piper, and House 

House Oakheart was founded by Lucas Oakheart after he fell in love with Padme Goodbrooke and married her forming a new house. Alongside Padme the two would work tirelessly to rebuild the area following the disasterous civil war between House Goodbrooke and its vassals. The main elements of the rebels remained a part of their power structure and for this reason Lucas and Padme were forced to remain constantly gaurded as they worked to improve the relationships. Despite a dramatically rebuilt land, and improved diplomacy the rebels begin to plot again, and Lucas was forced to deal with rebels in the country side attacking merchants and travellers trying to destabilize his rule.


Early History

Banditry War of Maidenshore

Ironborn Invasion of the Riverlands

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Noteable Members

Family Members

Other Noteables

Vassal Houses

Name Seat
House Piper Rocky Steppe
House Lothston Lothten Hold
House Whent Whenenhall
House Wode Wode Hall
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