House Perdent
House Perdent
is a medium sized Vandal House located in the city of Horn Hill and the Kingdom of Lucerne. House Perdent stands as one of the premier vassals of House Tarly and formed themselves within Horn Hill but they now control more land outside of Horn Hill where they dominate north of the city and have set up a sizeable mining operation there making them the weakest in strength but most wealthy house of Horn Hill.

House Perdent would join their liege lord in House Tarly during the events of The Journey where they would fight heavily in the Battle of Minus Ithil with two of its members dying during the fighting, and following this with the only remaining member being young Galbart Perdent he would be sent back to Horn Hill while his bastard brother led the forces of House Perdent into the Second Battle of Tree Hill.


Early History

Losing Independance

House Perdent would fight alongside House Tarly against the forces of the Starke's when they expanded westward but were defeated alongside their liege lord becoming a part of the Starke Kingdom at the time.

The Journey

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Lucernian Civil War

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Game of Rivers

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Invasion of Westbridge

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Noteable Members

Family Members

  • † Ludor Perdent. Killed during the Plague
    • † Mari Perdent. Killed during the Plague
      • † Ludor Perdent II. Killed during the Battle of Minus Ithil
      • † Holgar Perdent. Died during the Battle of Minus Ithil
        • † Leysa Perdent. Killed during the Plague
          • † Olias Perdent. Killed during the Plague

Other Noteables

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