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House Scott
House Scott.jpg
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Power Level Arch Duke of the Stormlands
Kingdom of Loyalty Kingdom Of Lucerne
House Banner
Coat of Arms Four Crosses
Words None
Vital statistics
Founder Unknown
Current Leader Dan Scott
Current Heir Lucas Scott
Date of Founding Unknown
Headquarters Tree Hill
Level of Control
Level of Control Controls the Grand State of the Stormlands.
Loyal Houses Vassal Houses
Race Human
Ethnicity Gothic

House Scott is a major Gothic noble family living in the Kingdom of Lucerne, and dominating the town of Tree Hill where they stand as the Arch Duke House of the Grand State of the Stormlands. The Scott House was once very weak but Peter Scott brought them into the limelight when he took over Lordship of Tree Hill following the madness of House Targaryan. House Scott in the reign of William Lovie has made many very important connections with the regime, but perhaps none as important as having a heir to the throne of Lucerne within their ranks, but all of this has also been shadowed by the rise of a conflict between Dan Scott and the ruling regime.

House Scott rose to prominence during the rise of House Targaryan in Tree Hill, and they would do this after they had made a good impression of themselves during the Driving Tide, and thus had been granted a post with the Targaryans. House Scott was one of the many sworn houses of House Targaryan's Vassal House Tyrell but during this time Peter Scott rose to power and brought them enough power that they became a Vassal of House Targaryan. As a Vassal they watched as House Targaryan imploded and they then were shocked when James Lovie named them the new Lord of Tree Hill. Under this new power they grew steadily until they were betrayed by the madness of Bill Loie and watched as Tree Hill was destroyed around them. Fighting a seige for many years brough them to the brink as they were constantly forced to defend themselves against the Orcish army that had camped itself within the ruins of the outer city of Tree Hill. After many years of siege they were relieved by the army of William Lovie III. of whom would later become king, and his kingship would corespond with the rise of Brooke Scott as the mistress of the king during this time. House Scott would watch as half of the Stormlands was given over to a new power in the Tyrells following the creation of the State of Highgarden, and this severely weakened their position, but they still controlled a lot of power.


Petery History

Goths during the Great Migration.jpg

It's difficult to imagine how different of lives we had back there. It was only a few generations ago, and yet its hard to even picture it.
Dan Scott

The original members of House Scott came from the east, and were members of the Gothic tribes of what is now Kizlev . The original members of House Scott fled these lands when the forces of Chaos first began there invasions. They fled westward and made there way into the Empire. The Scotts attempted to find their place in The Empire, but discovered as many of the migrating tribes did, that The Empire wasn't much safer or kind then the harshness of the attacks by Chaos were. After only a few generations here, the landscape was not what they wanted, and made their way southward where they eventually found themselves in the valley of Lucerne.

Valley of Lucerne

The Scott Family once they made it into the Valley of Lucerne they would found and come to dominate the small fishing village of Patria. The family existed here for several generations until eventually Peter Scott came to live in Tree Hill and took over Lordship of the town following the period in which House Targaryan the previous Lords of Tree Hill were removed, and James Lovie placed House Scott in charge.

Fall of House Targaryan

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Tree Hill Feast of 5119

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The Tree Hill Feast of 5119
A celebration of what we thought was a happy future for our two families. Look at where we are now.

Matilda Lovie Cover Amazing5.jpg

She looks just like Lisa. Surely you can practically see your own sister as she gets closer.
Peter Scott

Brooke Scott watches from the outer wall of Tree Hill with her grandfather Peter Scott, and grandmother Margarie Scott as her cousin Marius Scott arrives back at Tree Hill. Also on the wall watching this arrival is several prominent nobles in the form of Richard Lonmouth, and his son Victor Lonmouth as well as Renford Varryn and his son Renford Varryn II. While watching this Mace Tyrell II, and Emric Elric arrive with several of their personal guard and while Margarie continues to watch the arrival of Marius its Peter that takes Brooke's hand and brings her to the incoming noblemen alongside the Lonmouth's and Varryns. A conversation ensues where Peter asks for their support at the upcoming Feast of Tree Hill and while Emric is quick to agree to support Peter holding his cross as he gives Peter his word, its Mace that is reluctant to swear to his support. Brooke watches as the two haggle back in forth with Brooke not knowing what is in question but as Mace appears prepared to walk away its Peter that takes the group to the wall and looking down points out Matilda Lovie. Peter succeeds in having Mace agree to swear his support to him in return for Peter promising to allow Mace to send a troop of Tyrell men to guard Matilda alongside the Scott men. As she prepares to go down and meet with her cousin her grandfather leaves for the keep telling her that he must make last minute preparations for the upcoming celebration Feast that is being held in Marius honor, and then leaves with Mace Tyrell. Following her grandfather leaving its Brooke that goes with her grandmother back to the keep, where Brooke plans to meet with her friends Haley James, and Peyton Sawyer. Arriving at the keep she goes to the apartment of the Sawyers in the keep and isn't surprised to find Peyton, and Haley already together but can’t help but smile. Brooke and the girls spend the day together, with Peyton talking on and on about much she misses her betrothed and Brooke's sister Lucas and the other two just laughing at her as they both know that it won’t be long before Lucas returns from squiring at Castle Reiter and Peyton and Lucas are married.

Brooke's Discovery

Brooke Scott Cover12 - Used.jpg

I knew that my father was a less then loving father. I didn't know there was a darker part to him then that.
Brooke Scott

That night its Brooke, Haley, and Peyton that go back to her family’s estate within the keep where her two friends join her in spending the night in her room. Brooke goes to her grandfather’s room to say goodnight and finding no guards she realizes he must be away. Planning to go inside his room and write a note for him before he arrives home, she opens his door using the key that he has given her. Going to his desk to get paper to write the note she stops when she sees a document with the title of report on Daniel Scott. Brooke is too nosy to ignore the document and instead of leaving as she knows she should she decides to read it. The document details an investigation done by Tilman Fischart the Ratmann of Tree Hill. Tilman had used his influence to find out information on Daniel Scott the son of Peter and Brooke’s father. This had been in response to Peter becoming concerned about his son and worrying that Daniel was a poor choice for the future of the Stormlands. During his investigation it was Tilman that had discovered that Daniel was in fact not a Christian and had converted to a Misotheism religious belief. Documents were found by Tilman in the private quarters of Daniel that detailed this philosophy, and this was confirmed unknowingly by Daniel himself when during the investigation it was Daniel that revealed his agreement with the text. The investigation also uncovered that Daniel had significant business involvement with House Nighting and this further showed the moral decay of Daniel Scott. Reading this caused Brooke to flee the room in a rush returning to her own room where she tried to sleep but the knowledge of what she had just learned about her father led to her tossing and turning all night.

Picking Sides
This will feel like I am declaring war on you Daniel. I am not. I love you son. I love you enough that I do not want to put you into a position where you will fail.
Peter Scott

Having been in and out of sleep all night the chirping of the birds at her window leads to her getting up before Haley and Peyton are awake and leaving her room for her grandfather’s office. Knowing he barely sleeps she hopes to find him in his office and seeing guards at his office doors its confirmed that hes inside. The guards who she knew as the palace guardsmen Gadaric of Scott, and Theodemar of Trensdale would tell her that she had to wait to go in as he was in a meeting. Surprised that he would be meeting so early she sat on the bench across from the door. After several minutes it was the door that opened and several men exited the room including a knight she didn’t recognize, her grandfathers personal guard Fridigarn Waldenbint. As her grandfather exited the room another man followed him who she recognized as baron Ralph Guntbold, as well as a young girl that Brooke believed was Ralphs daughter Lanna Guntbold. She watched as her grandfather and Ralph shook hands in a move that surprised her because she knew Ralph to be a close friend of her father who having read the letter, she knew would put her grandfather and Daniel on two different sides of the politics of the Stormlands. As the group departs down the hallway its Peter that invites Brooke into his office, and she follows behind him sharing a brief smile with Fridigarn. Closing the door behind her its Peter that tells her that he knows she read the letter about her father. He says that the letter was moved and her coming here now tells him that it was her that looked at it. She admits to seeing the letter and the two discuss his understanding that this puts her in a bad position, but Peter convinces her that he loves Daniel but cannot allow him to become the leader of the Stormlands after he’s gone.

This will feel like I am declaring war on you Daniel. I am not. I love you son. I love you enough that I do not want to put you into a position where you will fail.
Peter Scott

Understanding the logic of what hes saying the two share a hug where Peter tells her he loves her, and Brooke promises her grandfather that she won’t reveal what she read. Leaving Peter’s office, she goes back to her room where she finds Peyton and Haley are reading, but they both stop when she comes back. Unable to tell even her best friends what she learned she lies to them and goes to reading with them, but her mind is wandering as she does. Haley and Peyton eventually return to their homes leaving Brooke alone. Left alone she quickly leaves her room and finding Fridigarn she tricks him into telling her where the Guntbold’s are staying in the city. Learning they are staying in secret at his personal apartments in the Sea Gate its Brooke that leaves the keep going to speak with Lanna Guntbold. Arriving at the Seagate of Tree Hill she enters the Waldenbint estate and finds Lanna in the courtyard sitting alone reading a book.

The Speech

This will feel like I am declaring war on you Daniel. I am not. I love you son. I love you enough that I do not want to put you into a position where you will fail.
Peter Scott

The speech details that he plans to vote at this meeting to change the succession laws of the Stormlands to Tanistry, and he makes it clear that the reason for this is to keep Daniel from becoming the new lord after he dies. Taylor watches as the hall erupts into anger over this as those who support Peter fight with those who support Daniel, but as the yelling reaches its pinnacle its Marius that smashes the bell causing the whole room to stop and stare at him. Marius delivers a speech describing his view on the future of the Stormlands and playing even more at the fears people have over Daniel he successfully forces Daniel to stand his men down lest he look like the man they are accusing him of being. Daniel leaves the room with several of his most ardent supporters leaving Marius and most of the diet to remain behind and listen as Marius continues to talk of the positives that the Stormlands has in front of it.

Taylor Discovered
Do you think this is funny? Have a told a joke to you little girl? Am I wearing the clothes of a jester? Trust me the next time I see you, I will show what a joke I am.
Daniel Scott

As they continue watching the speech it is a door that slams open and as Daniel comes through, Clayton, Nathan, Taylor and Lilly flee but Taylor trips and is noticed by Daniel. Daniel sees that she was looking through the window and realizing that she saw his embarrassment firsthand he verbally attacks her leaving her in tears, but as Nathan prepares to come out of his hiding spot, she waves him away instead taking the abuse. After Daniel finally tires of this abuse, he grabs her by the shirt ripping her top as he drags her back through the door and throws her onto the other side locking it behind her. Taylor is taken out of the keep by a man at arm as was ordered by Daniel and taken outside the gates of the keep she is not sure what to do as she barely knows the city outside of the tour that Nathan gave her. Knowing that her family as a small apartment in the city where her uncle Hank James lives with his family, she asks the guard where the property is but he refuses to help her and demands she cross the Bridge of Saint Reginald, and crying she watches him struggle with his order, and then as continues to cry, he goes to her and pretends to drag her away but instead whispers to her the location of her uncles apartment. Going through the streets she gets help from different vendors on the street and successfully makes her way to the apartment of her uncle and knocking on the door she is greeted by her aunt Mary James, and cousin Gloria James. Without a word her aunt pulls her into a hug and unable to speak as she begins crying again her aunt takes her to her room and lays her down staying with her while rubbing her back and taking care of her as best, she can.

The First Battle of Tree Hill

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The Journey

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Lucernian Civil War

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Invasion of Westbridge

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End of Brooke Scott

Noteable Members

  • † Bravin Scott. Father of Peter Scott.
    • Peter Scott. Died during First Battle of Tree Hill
      • Margerie Scott. Died during First Battle of Tree Hill

Vassal Houses

Name Title Seat Lord
House Crooler
House Toldor Grand Lord Treevale
House Oakheart Grand Lord Oakheart Den
House Lonmouth Evenfall Hall
House James Tree Hill
House Guntbold Guntbold Hold
House Crane Crane Castle
House Elric Castle Elric
House Varryn Frosthelm

Former Vassal Houses

Name Reason for Departure Result of Departure
House Nighting Vassal of House Scarlet
House Targaryan Exiled from Lucerne

Knightly Houses

House Faust

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House Faust.jpg

House Faust is a small but powerful Gothic house located in the Kingdom of Lucerne within the city of Tree Hill. House Faust is the knightly house of House Scott, and this has been since Peter Scott knighted Vander Faust and Vander swore his house to House Scott.

House Faust was founded as a logitimit force after a young Vander Faust left his small village and travelled to Tree Hill where he would befriend Peter Scott. This relationship led to the knighting of Vander Faust and after this he swore House Faust to the leadership of House Scott, and in this way House Faust would form itself around basically the personal gaurd of House Scott. They formed the bodygaurds, and the soldiers closest to the actual members of House Scott, and its leadership. During the Fall of Tree Hill House Faust would suffer sever losses in the two brothers of Vander Faust, along with several of their children, alongside much of House Faust's military as well. By the time of the Invasion of Westbridge they had rebuilt themselves somewhat to the point that they were once again able to retake their role as the personal gaurds of House Scott, and they thus followed House Scott during the Invasion of Westbridge.