House Shelt
House Shelt is a large Vandal House located in the Kingdom of Bolten, and dominating the lands along the coast of the Rhine in the western section of Bolten. House Shelt is the vassal of House Cole, and provides a significant amount of the personal forces of the house due to the large population it controls in western Bolten. House Shelt has no major holdings, but controls dozens upon dozens of villages, and several castles of which add together into a siginicant fiefdom.

Baryn Shelt accompanied his liege lord in Josh Cole to the meetings between House Cole and House Scarlet representing the Kingdom of Lucerne and Baryn would support his liege lord when Josh decided to turn against House Bolten and the Kingdom of Bolten towards the side of the Kingdom of Lucerne. House Shelt would take part in the Lucernian invasion of northern Bolten where led by Baryn Shelt and two of his sons in the form of Daryn, and Dontis Shelt they would provide great assistence to the Lucernian invasion of northern Bolten.


Early History

First Bolten-Lucerne War

Main Article : First Bolten-Lucerne War

Noteable Members

Family Members

Other Noteables

Major Vassals

Name Title Loyal House Role
Hamden Moyer

Vassal Houses

Name Title Seat Lord
House Fortexius

Former Vassal Houses

Name Reason for Departure Current Status
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