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House Shephard
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Power Level Arch Dukes
Kingdom of Loyalty Kingdom Of Lucerne
House Banner
Coat of Arms Death holding a scythe
Words None
Vital statistics
Founder Unknown
Current Leader Christian Shephard
Current Heir Jack Shephard
Date of Founding Placeholder
Headquarters Gulltown
Level of Control
Level of Control Province of Gulltown
Loyal Houses House Kilgor

House Scorpian

Race Human
Ethnicity Vandal Germanic

House Shephard is a powerful and large Vandal House opperating out of their seat of Gulltown, and within the Kingdom of Lucerne. The house is known for it's large honor gaurd, and its active participation in the Kingdom's conflicts. It also dominates, and commands the town of Gulltown, and maintains many farms in the area north of the river, and south of the river. House Shephard has a few vassal houses, but the largest and most important of their vassal houses are House Kilgor, who ceremoniasly have always commited their children into the House Shephard honor gaurd, and House Draster of whom controls a large swathe of land south of Gulltown.

House Shephard controls the town of Gulltown of which stands as the center of the province of the same name south of Lucerne Hold. Gulltown is one of the larger towns in the region, and the site of the largest castle south of Lucerne and north of Forks, while maintaining a vast surrounding area of farms that have become one of the breadbaskets of the Lucernian Kingdom. House Shephard also maintains a large castle in the form of Vorhelm east of Gulltown of which is quite large as well and is a training ground for the Shephard forces.

House Shephard followed the pathway of much of the Vandal Race when they fled Norway due to encroachment of the Andals, and this travelling led them to the Valley of Lucerne. In the Valley of Lucerne they discovered a land they could make their homes in and thus they became very loyal and hard working members of the small kingdom of kinds in the region of Forks. When the Driving Tide came they sided with House Lovie and brought there sizeable numbers to the battles there which meant they gained immense favor with William Lovie. This favor meant that when William Lovie was moving the houses around he brought House Shephard with him to the city of Lucerne, although they still retained control over their village of Tenobrau. During the next generations they were constantly on the forefront of nearly every conflict fought by the Kingdom of Lucerne, but it would be during the rise of Andrew Lovie that House Shephard would rise to a new level. As a house in Lucerne they were one of what the leadership begin to call reserve houses, and this meant that they were relied on heavily to provide manpower for the nearly constant warfare that was raging across the lands of the Lucernians. House Shephard under the advise and lead of Jack, and Sawyer Shepard would follow the young prince William Lovie III. during the Journey and the forces of House Shephard would follow the prince all the way till he was crowned King. House Shephard was one of the houses called upon to assist in the Battle of Berne, and once again they anwsered the call with heavy numbers, and they gained more respect for their work in that Battle. House Shephard took the lead on the invasion of Westian during the Invasion of Westbridge, and this was an important moment for them as of the major towns south ofWestbridge the largest by far was Westian.


House Shephard Honor Pack

Early History

The Original members of House Shephard were made up of Vandals who fled Norway following the expansion southward of the Andals. The members of House Shephard were very powerful in Norway, and had dozens of servents and gaurds. This all proved to be worthless as the Andals ransacked their village and killed most of the people including almost all of House Shephard. This violence was without purpose, and it was something that although it had happened to many other houses, it was still something that shocked the members of House Shephard who were unwilling up to that point ot leave their homes in Norway. But with the destruction wrought against both their servents, and their actual family they understood that they could no longer safely stay in Norway if they wished to remain alive. With this in mind the few members who could quickly left Norway and made there way south to Denmark. The House would remain in Denmark for a few generations while they rebuilt their strength but as time went on they seemed to slowly move themselves south. After two generations of movement south they settled down in the Valley of Lucerne.

Valley of Lucerne

The first place the first generation of House Shephard in Lucerne would come to settle was a small farming village outside of Forks. During their early days in the Valley of Lucerne they found the valley to bring them the peace and tranquility that they had not had since the ancient days of Norway, and thus they threw themselves headlong into this new lifetyle. House shephard enphatically joined the Driving Tide, and would find themselves in great favor because of their involvement on the side of House Lovie.

War in Arnor

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First Battle of Tree Hill

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The Dolburger Conflict

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The Truther Rebellion
You ever wonder how Tree Hill fell Franklin. You ever question how so many Orcs could just walk blindly across this kingdom and not a soul saw them. Maybe its time to start asking questions.

Emmy Shephard Large.jpg

I found a companionship, and a love out there with those bandits in a way that I had never felt in my entire life. It wasn't that I agreed with what we were doing it, as it was as simple as I couldn't not be with them. Even when it might cost me everything in my life I couldn't stay away from them, and I definitely couldn't stay away from her.
Edward Shephard

Following the attempted murder of a younger peasent from west of Gulltown it was Johan, and Helan that were forced to remove him from the general public and sent him westward where he was placed in charge of a small garrison in the keep of Vorhelm. During his time at Vorhelm he befriended a group of youths in the nearby village that made their living by robbing merchants traveling on the roads nearby. Among these bandits was Emmy Pratter and alongside her he became a member of a powerful bandit gang that became notorious enough that he was ordered to put an end to them by the highest ranks of the nearby village. Since he was in charge of the garrison he made little effort to actually stop them, and this led to a continued question of what he was doing in Vorhelm. Spending his time among the bandits he grew close to Lambert of Vorhelm of whom taught him about the Temple of Glaurung and through this he found prayer and some manner of peace which calmed some of his violence but also during this time his relationship with Emmy changed and the two became deeply attached to as they both found a peace in each other, and their connection grew. As time went on she would persuade him to actually take part in the banditry, and as he did this their final bond was created. The love that the two held for each other was above anything else either of them felt, and for this reason she was able to finally forget the horrors of her youth, and Edward was able to move past his anger for a time. As this continued Edward would alongside Emmy became a leadership member of The Truth Brigade and with him in a control position there skill and strategy lifted itself immensely. Also among this growing leadership would be Jada Oakheart of whom having discovered that her brother Han Oakheart had become a bandit she attempted to find him by joining one herself and her brutality and intelligence would bring her quickly to the leadership of a group of bandits she called the Yellow Swords of Aerene and they aligned themselves to the Truth Brigade falling under the leadership of the Truthers. Through his leadership they became notorious enough that he was ordered to put an end to them by the highest ranks of the nearby village. Since he was in charge of the garrison he made little effort to actually stop them, and this led to a continued question of what he was doing in Vorhelm by many including increasingly members of House Shephard. Trenlik of Oakheart would be sent north from Tree Hill on the trail of finding Jada Oakheart of whom had left House Oakheart searching for her beloved brother Han Oakheart and in this search had become a member of the Truth Brigade a small but growing bandit force in the lands of House Shephard, and searching for Jada was difficult for Trenlik as he made the mistake of trusting Edward Shephard of whom imprisoned him in the dungeons of Vorhelm. Imprisoned within the walls of Vorhelm, Trenlik would remain in this position until after several weeks he was approached by Jada Oakheart and swearing himself to her protection he would join the Truth Brigade.

In the back of my mind I knew that there was the possibility of House Shephard sending in a larger amount of forces, I just didn't think they would send so many. When my cousin Jack arrived at the head of the force I knew I was in serious trouble, and they were going to wipe out everything I had come to love. In that moment I realized what was more important then my birth family.
Edward Shephard

While Edward Shephard had failed to act on the bandits in Vorhelm his family in Lucerne had been sent letters asking for assistance, and some of them hinted that the young Edward Shephard could be involved in the actually bandits. With this in mind the Lucernians led by House Shephard would mass forces and move towards Vorhelm where they planned to completely wipe out the bandits and bring Edward in for questioning. In command of the forces of House Shephard and the Dutchy of Gulltown was Jack Shephard, and Sawyer Shephard of whom would gather to them a force of some two thousand men at arms and over a hundred knights and arrive without warning at Volhelmn and when they arrived the usually unemotional Edward found himself unable to turn against those he had come to love, and this led to him abandoning his post and joining the bandits in the forest. The conflict would become known as the Dolburger Conflict after the fact that while Jack and several men at arms asked Edward to show them the nearby village it would be Edward that led them to the Dolburger River and then ran away from his cousin to join the truthers.

Battle of the Hold of Truth

As the Truth Brigade was completely surrounded in their last hold out known as the Hold of Truth, and their other bandit allies had retreated away, they all knew that the final battle was upon them. Despite knowing that they were doomed the Truth Brigade would refuse to retreat and decided to die together and in this way they prepared for the assault of the massed forces of House Shephard. The Truth Brigades hid themselves in the trees, and anywhere they possibly could, and when the forces of Jack, and Sawyer arrived it took hours to get inside and they took terrible casualties to the dug in forces of the Truth Brigade. Jack, and Sawyer who in the final battle captured their cousin and his bandit wife Emmy alongside half a dozen other membersof the Truth Brigade.

Trial of the Truthers

House Shephard would bring the prisoners back to Vorhelm where Jack, and Sawyer would host the Trial of the Truthers where in the sixteen survivors were placed on trial for their crimes. Arriving during the trial was Taylor Shephard of whom as the trial was well underway would speak emotionally in favor of prison time for the Truthers, and despite resistance it was Jack Shephard who did not actually want to execute so many people and thus took the escape offered by Taylor in jail not execution. As a part of this deal it was Taylor Shephard that was placed in command of the Volhelm which he was commanded to turn into a prison, and was given full authority over the area to do this.

The Journey

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Civil War

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Siege of Westian

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Noteable Members

Family Members

Honor Members

  • Fredrik Lane
  • Neil Frogurt

Vassal Houses

Name Title Seat Lord
House Kilgor Duke Gulltown
House Gurse Duke Gulltown
House Scorpian Grand Lord Castle Scorpian Meron Scorpian
House Kane Duke Gulltown Reginald Kane
House Clune Duke Gulltown Luthor Clune