House Stanescu
House Stanescu
is a large Romanian Household located in the Kingdom of Romania where it dominates the city of Brasov which has given them the Title of Princely House of Romania.


Early History

Fourth Siege of Brasov

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While they had known eachother for three years it was only watching Krakus during the siege that brought Irina to have romantic feelings towards him.

The Goblins have attacked these walls three times before this. Every time they come they are pushed back. Such is the strength of you men. Such is the strength of this city.
Alexandru Dinu

Krakus would be within the walls of Brasov when a Goblin army came down from the mountains and attacked the city, and forced to fight on the walls he killed several goblins while defending the Palace of Brasov earning the adoration of the Brasov princess Irina Stanescu. Smoke goes up in the north of the city and a messenger arrives telling Ser Alexandru Dinu that the northern gate has fallen and the goblins are moving towards the palace ground, and with this news in mind Krakus is commanded to return to the palace as goblins had overrun the northern gate and were moving towards the palace, and moving to the palace he follows nearly a dozen men at arms and several knights in the charge to reinforce the palace grounds. Making his way into the palace just minutes before they lock the gates and goblins start arriving he is sent into the keep by Alexandru in order to see the prince family of House Stanescu. Finding the family in disagree as Prince Florin was caught outside the palace and was unable to make it back leaving the palace to be commanded by the princes brother Dracul Stanescu of whom was a Magi of ill repute among the city. Finding Irina crying in the corner of the room while Dracul argued with Lord Sorin Bucur he would go to her and knowing her well enough from his time squiring with her father he would hold her as the two lords argued about whether to deploy the Palace Guard to the walls as Sorin Bucur wanted, or barricade themselves within the inner Keep as Dracul wanted.

Noteable Members

Family Members

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