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House Targaryan
Empire of Dragonstone.jpg
Flag of House Targaryan
Aryes Targaryan III.2.jpg
Aryes Targaryan III. the current Emperor of Dragonstone
Power Level Royal House
Kingdom of Loyalty Empire of Dragonstone
House Banner
Coat of Arms Black, a red three headed dragon
Words "Fire and Blood"
Vital statistics
Founder Aryes Targaryan I.
Current Leader Aryes Targaryan III.
Current Heir Rhaegar Targaryan
Date of Founding Placeholder
Headquarters Dragonstone
Level of Control
Level of Control As the royal house of the Empire of Dragonstone they have complete control over the Empire of Dragonstone.
Loyal Houses Vassal Houses

Cadet House

Race Human
Ethnicity Ostrogoth Germanic

House Targaryan is an extremely large Ostrogoth House that controls the Empire of Dragonstone capital of Dragonstone. For many years House Targaryan was a Lucernian House that for many generations held control over the Lordship of Tree Hill inside the Kingdom of Lucerne. Since their departure from Lucerne they rule a small Kingdom in Croatia called the Empire of Dragonstone, and have become even more powerful after they were able to summon a dragon to them, and from this dragon Flenix they have born seventeen Dragons of which have become a fightening force for the new Empire. House Targaryan upon their arrival in Dragonstone has a splitoff house formed by one of the remaining daughters of Aryes Targaryan II. in the form of House Blackfyre, and they retain a very tight, and loyal relationship with House Blackfyre.

House Targaryan would form their family sigil around the House Ysgramor sigil as a sign of their devotion to the Dragonoph religion and with the decline in the House Ysgramor power it stands as House Targaryan who has the more recognizable sigil.

House Targaryan under the leadership of Aryes Targaryan would become very close with William Lovie I. and Aryes became a member of the Companions of William Lovie I. leading to House Targaryan becoming one of the Dragonborn Houses.

House Targaryan was born as a House following their loyalty to William Lovie III. and it isn't crazy to say that before this the only succesful Ostrogoth House was House Lannister, of whom cared little about their own people. For House Targaryan the uplifting of the Ostrogoths became a major part of their goals and this would make them beloved amongst the Ostrogoths, and was one of the main reasons that their subjects of whom were Ostrogoths did not resist them during the madness of Aryes Targaryan and it took the involvement of non-Ostrogoths to actually remove them. Many Ostrogoths in Lucerne still long for the return of a house like House Targaryan as House Lannister continued to care only about itself. In the Empire of Dragonstone the leadership of House Targaryan have once again turned their goals towards the upliftment of their Ostrogoth brothers who have become the slave of choice in Westros, and Croatia.

House Targaryan, and the Empire of Dragonstone are the centerpiece of the Rise of the Dragon short story, and the house is majorly flushed out during this short story which brought them more into the limelight. The Rise of Dragon is the shortest of the short stories, and is only five chapters long, and during these five chapters the main characters are Deneyres Targaryan, Heath Targaryan, Ulian Wind, and Rhaegar Targaryan.

House Targaryan was originally made up of Ostrogoths who made their way into the Valley of Lucerne during the waning days of the Great Migration. The house was especially strong in wealth during their arrival in Lucerne, though it is not known the reason for their vast wealth the house was one of the most powerful houses in Forks very soon after their arrival in the town. Even through their wealth the house truly became known during the events of the Driving Tide where they were very close to House Lovie, who would eventually become the King of the Kingdom of Lucerne. House Targaryan was extremely powerful during the time of the Driving Tide in the valley of Lucerne, and they were the original founders of Tree Hill following their surrender to William Lovie. For generations the members of House Targaryan ruled over Tree Hill with an iron fist and had many vassal houses including the present Lord of Tree Hill in House Scott. The rule of House Targaryan came to an end in Tree HIll when Aryes Targaryan II. lost his mind and turned public opinion against the house. Following the death of many in the House, the remainder fled east past Gondor , and settled in what is now south eastern Westros. In Westros the members of House Targaryan founded a small Kingdom called Dragonstone where they rule a steap mountaintop city. During their discovery of this fortress they were first forced to battle against the Dark Elves that had been using the fortress as their home, and thus the place was filled with slaves most of which were dead, or near death. The members of House Targaryan have come to become a greater power following their capture of a Green Dragon of whome they have the skill to ride, and the ability to breed. This alongside the massive growth in Dragonstone due to the influx of Ostrogoths has meant that they are swiftly becoming a major player in eastern Westros, and are also being looked at by Gondor for potential allies against Orthanac.


Early History

House Targaryan was originally made up of Ostrogoths who made their way into the Valley of Lucerne during the waning days of the Great Migration. The house was especially strong in wealth during their arrival in Lucerne, though it is not known the reason for their vast wealth the house was one of the most powerful houses in Forks very soon after their arrival in the town. Even through their wealth the house truly became known during the events of the Driving Tide where they were very close to House Lovie, who would eventually become the King of the Kingdom of Lucerne.

The Driving Tide

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John Lovie

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John Lovie shortly before his capture

Following the massacre that was Bloody Supper the now completely mentally unhinged became the Second King of Lucerne. His coronation was a strange and bloody event which during he killed three slaves which had been brought in only for his coronation. Following this madness he begin making outlandish commands which whether he knew could not be followed or not didn't matter since he found with each passing day the people turned more and more against him. At first he had the support of several houses of which the main ones were House Lannister, House Jestife, and House Ordos. Following his ordering the murder of several prominent members of House Scarlet he lost the support of House Ordos, and following House Ordos pulling out House Lannister begin to shuffle many of its members out of the city of Lucerne.

With his supporters dwindling he was unable to stop a rebellion from growing within the Kingdom which was led by House Swan, House Starke, and House Scarlet. As riots spread into the cities John Lovie ordered several houses that he thought were loyal to him to take control of the centers of the major cities. These commands were supported heavily by the military of House Lovie that was spread very thin in these endevors. House Targaryan had been sent orders to take complete control over Tree Hill and stamp out any riots that sprung up but these commands were ignored by the very old Aryes Targaryan I. Of all the commands he sent out though only House Gretter actually followed through, and they took control of the port of Forks but were unable to enter the city as crowds of citizens of the city blocked their way, and House Swan and its vassal houses manned the walls. These houses grouped together and were able to persuade the vast majority of the population to the idea of placing John's young son James on the thrown in place of John and quickly went about retaking the Kingdom.

Civil War

Death of Gragorix Scarlet

House Targaryan met with the massive army that was forming near Forks and they were heavily involved in the affairs that broke out during the Civil War. Those loyal to John Lovie were approached and given a choice to either die beside John, or to accept the rebellion's valitity, and to this end they begin assasinating the members of House Gretter who were the only John Lovie loyalists still operating outside of Lucerne. The Battle at the port of Forks was a complete massacre as the House Lovie forces that were there to maintain the peace turned against House Gretter causing the annihilation of the entire house. With the Kingdom completely lost to John Lovie he ordered House Lannister to hold the pathway into Lucerne and make sure that noone was able to get in. When he made this order House Jestife strongly objected as they believed (correctly) that House Lannister were not in the struggle for the long run. As the rebels approached the city House Lannister did betray John Lovie and allowed the rebels to enter without a fight. With his rule about to end John Lovie ordered House Jestife to hold the palace while he spent the last hours of his rule in Lucerne torchering and murdering the members of House Lannister that had remained in the palace as collateral. House Targaryan was especially important during the Battle of Lucerne as they had quickly shuffled Katheryn Scarlet the wife of John Lovie out of the mess that was unfolding, and were also able to allow the escape of several hundred loyalists from the Sky Towers before John Lovie could order their murder.

Fall of House Targaryan

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Moving East

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With public opinion completely turned against them following the execution of Aryes II. and much of the entire house they had a decision to make. They could attempt to rebuild their reputation or they could accept that they were probably stuck with the reputation their patriarch had built for them. They decided that their reputation was damaged beyond repair so the time to leave was upon them. The House gathered all of their wealth and followers and begin travelling northward towards Westbridge in the belief that they would make their way to the Empire where all matters were forgiven.

On the road the House became entrenched in a running battle with a gang of bandits who realized the wealth on board the caravan and thus attacked the Targaryans. At one point the Targaryans were forced to completely halt and fortify their wagons into three larger fortified wagons in which the women and children would hide on board. This worked better, and they were then able to more quickly move but they found constant road blocks set up by the bandits on the routes north so they were forced to keep heading east. As they kept moving east they eventually found themselves at the small fishing village of Hjarlmsson. Staying there for a few days they hired the village to ferry them across the waters to the city of Koenisburg where they thought they could then head north to Lorderon and then moe up the Rhine towards the Empire.



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When they arrived in Koenisburg they settled themselves outside the walls, and the house attempted to barter much of their valuables, and heirlooms in order to finance further movement by the group. These trades continued for many weeks until eventually they had sold basically everything they were at all willing to sell. Before they left on the boats northward the patriarch at the time Aryes Targaryan III. was stopped by a strangley clothed man who offered to give him information as well as an item of invalable importance if only Aryes would take his household east and give a box to the magister in Pontus. Skeptical was Aryes until the robed man showed him the item he was going to give the targaryans if he did the task was the legendary Dragon Harp which was said to be able to call Red Dragons with its beautiful noise.

The Harp.jpg

War of the Harp

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Following the Fall of House Targaryan in Tree Hill they left their homes in Lucerne and begin travelling eastward to the Westros town of Koenisburg, and while there they met a man who told them that if they went to Pontus then they would gain perhaps the most powerful object in the entire region called the "Harp". The Harp was a legendary item of unimagineable power which could if used by someone with enough Dragon's blood be used to litterly call dragons to its sound.

Unfortunatly for House Targaryan they were not the only ones offered this deal as the mysterious man was a servent of Malekor, and was attempting to cause the destruction of Westros through the destruction of Pontus, which would weaken the entire region. Following his meeting with House Targaryan he used other servents to offer the same deal to the leadership of Harrenhall, Iron Islands, Kingdom of Bolten, and the Easterlings. With all these parties now obsessed with the hope of getting the "Harp" from Pontus the armies of these nations headed towards Pontus.


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Empire of Dragonstone.jpg

When Aryes Targaryan III. saw the mountain of Dragonstone he immediatly knew that this was the spot that House Targaryan would stop. Aryes led the caravan up what they discovered was a mountain trail. As they moved up farther they discovered a series of small temples and shines to gods they had never seen before.

After hours of marching up the trail the caravan was grreted with the site of a massive stone wall blocking their route. As they moved towards it they were greeted by three elves of clear dark elven appearance. As Aryes looked around and saw the ruins of other caravans, skeletons he immediately realized they were in some serious trouble. The elves bid they come inside their camp, and Aryes knew he had to think quick about how they were going t survive this, so he agreed to enter but he also spread word amongst his house that they were to prepare for battle, and when he gave the command they would attack the elves before the elves attacked them.

Aryes Targaryan III.2.jpg


With the defeat of the Dark Eles the members of House Targaryan alongside their loyalists were in complete command of the fortress of Dragonstone. As they eplored the fortress they were shocked to discoer how truly ast the fortress was. The few Dark Eles that they had captured still refused to talk so they had to assume that the ast size of the fortress was due to the fact that they had captured the fortress from someone elce, and then maintained it through the use of the hundreds of slaes that they discoered as they traversed the fortress. It appeared that the Dark Eles had also been using these slaves to build a giant enclave within the largest of the mountains peaks which stretched miles into the sky, and was the tallest thing that Aryes Targaryan III. had eer seen in his life.

"When I looked at the giant entrance to this fortress I was more then shocked at the scope of it. Judging by the slaves bodies that lay strewn about the ground it may have been a scary amount of time that they had been constructing their vision of a home. It got more amazing as we traelled up the giant stair cases and discoered that at different levels they had constructed these giant floors that in some cases stretched to be the size of individual castles."

-Aryes Targaryan III.

With the discovery that they had uncovered a place more Vast then anything they could have ever imagined they begin to clear out the fortress of the thousands of dead bodies that lay throughout it, as well as feeding the hundreds of surviving members of the slaves that had toiled for the Dark Elves over the course of the years they had lived there. As they got to uncover more information from the Dark Elves they discovered that the Dark Elves had been massivly constructing things throughout Dragonstone, and that underground their were also vast caverns which houses the slaves during the days they were not being worked to near death. The few suriving Dark Elves were placed inside of cages where they remain to this day with the survivors being Lord Utherin, Braelex and several other surivors of less importance. This couldn't have gone any better for the members of House Targaryan as they had basically inherited a nearly completely constructed capital city. As the fortress was fixed up they begin to set about the way in which it would look in the future.

Coming of the Dragon

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Recovering the lost

While Flenix recovered the Targaryans decided they needed to get back their heirlooms they had lost during their stay in Koenisburg, and Karhold. In order to do this they decided on a two fold plan. The first stage would be to gather money through the use of Rhaegar Targaryan winning tournaments throughout Westros. The second stage was the larger production of the minerals in the mines northwest of Dragonstone. With both of these plans they believed they could quickly procure vast wealth which they could use to retreive their old heirlooms, as well as providing for supplies, and equipment that would improve Dragonstone itself. 

War of Five Armies

Rhaegar Targaryan was a man of substance. Sometimes men of substance make for great allies. They give you the idea that you could follow them anywhere and no matter what the odds they will always prevail in the end. Sometimes this is true. Other times they just conquer the land until finally someone stabs them in their sleep.
Mika Bolten

With their attack grinding to a halt under the seemingly endless numbers of the Trollocs it was the decision of Rhaegar to try and find assistence where he could. Using gold from his supplies Daemon Blackfyre and Kursten North were able to recruit nearly two thousand mercenary from Pontus of which gave them cause to reengage the offensive. This would be countered when forces from Isengard begin to appear on the front, making it apparent that Sauron and Saruman had conspired with the Trollocs to stop Dragonstone in its tracks.

The Orcs and Beasts flooded the land in numbers that seemed like the stuff of legend.
Rhaegar Targaryan

With the alliance of the two dark groups they were able to push the Dragonstone forces back further and further until eventually they were only a few miles from Red Keep. Sending word to Visery's to prepare the defences Rhaegar would return to Dragonstone briefly where he gathered the other two dragons that were old enough for battle and flew east of Red Keep. Leaving the defence of the fortress to his family he awaited the attack of the Mordor-Isengard forces before he struck with near complete shock. The Mordor and Isengard forces would push against Red Keep with nearly forty thousand Trollocs, and ten thousand Orcs and humans of Isengard and quickly put the castle under siege. Viseryan, and Red Wind would mount a spectacular defence of the western wall of which killed thousands with the loss of very few defenders, and when the full scale attack was launched Rhaegar finally had his moment. Using all three of his dragons he was able to defeat the Trolloc-Isengard army at Red Keep and bloodied their forces quite badly during the First Battle of Red Keep. The Trolloc-Isengard forces suffered extreme losses as the dragons chased them from the field burning their army nearly completely, but the Dragonstone forces would be unable to push their advantage when word came that Deneyres had suffered a near massacre against the Nordlings. Rhaegar at this point would be forced to go westward when his sister's attacks begin to fail due to serious resistence from the Kingdom of Nordling. Travelling westward he brought with him two of the dragons leaving only one dragon on the western front. Before he left he sent a letter to William Lovie detailing him the situation and how the dynamics were changing.

Dear Honorable King William Lovie, Third of your name,
I hope this letter finds you in better condition then it finds my forces. After initial success we have met stiff resistence in the form of a Beastmen, and Mordor alliance. I am aware of your continued assault on Bolten, and do not wish to ask you for assistene, instead I bid you tell me whether an alliance with the Elves of High Forest, or the Kingdom of Gondor may prove to have any hope to it. If any of this seems possible please make me aware of the manner in which to contact the Elves for I am in great need of assistence.
Forever the friend and ally of Lucerne

- Rhaegar Targaryan

Tyrande Whisperwood would become involved in conflict against the Trollocs east of High Forest in the war called the First War of Five Armies. After alligning themselves somewhat with the humans of Dragonstone under the advise of Lucerne the forces of High Forest found the humans being pushed further back following the involvment of larger numbers of Trollocs, the forces of Isengard from the south, and finally the small forces of Bolten also in the area. Tyrande would lead the rangers into the Battle of Sodistin Mountain where the forces of Dragonstone, and High Forest would battle against a massive army of Trollocs, and Isengard allies, of which the battle would all but decide the fate of that region.

Battle of Sodistin

During the Battle the Sindar Elves would mass themselves into position behind the army of Dragonstone where their longer range could be of better use, and thus during the battle the Elves reigned incredible amounts of arrows on the Trollocs and Orcs. The army of Dragonstone consisted of two dragons in the form of Beleyrian, and Bevarion of whom were forced this time to deal with large numbers of Bat Riders sent from Mordor of whom kept them from destroying the massive Trolloc, Orcish force. The main Dragonstone army numbered nearly sixty thousand and was far more disiplened, and prepared then the opposng forces but their superior numbers gave them the ability to surround the army around the village of Sodistan. Despite all of this the numbers of Trollocs and Orcs shattered the Dragonstone center and forced a unorganized retreat where by much of the Dragonstone army was killed, and many of the High Forest army also fell. Following the battle Tyrande would regroup her forces near Red Keep and instead of staying with her new allies she pulled her forces back and retreated to High Forest to the discust of Rhaegar Targaryan who cursed Tyrande as a traitor.

Noteable Members

House Targaryan Family Members

House Blackfyre Branch

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House Lovie Branch

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  • Lillia Targaryan. Murdered by John Lovie during the Bloody Supper
    • William Lovie II. Murdered by John Lovie during the Bloody Supper
      • Tavlian Lovie. Murdered by John Lovie after hunting him for years
        • Tavlian Lovie II. Killed by Bandits while attempting to return to Lucerne
          • Mertia Rossan. Murdered by Bandits while attempting to return to Lucerne

House Targaryan of Neuin

Other Noteables

Name Title Role Location
Varys Rugen Master of Whisperers Master of the Spie network within the Empire of Dragonstone Dragonstone
Lord Utherin None Advisor for the Emperor of Dragonstone Dragonstone
Lord Oriana Lord Commander Advisor for the Emperor of Dragonstone Dragonstone
(Ser) Boras Blout White Sword Knight of the Kingsgaurd Dragonstone

Name Title Seat
House Redwyne
House Wind
House Sared

Former Vassal Houses

House Nighting.jpg

House Nighting

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House Nighting was a powerul Vandal house within Tree Hill which dealt in trading of the darker and more illigal activites of Tree Hill. House Nighting came into conflict with William Lovieover their practices and they lost their wealth following this, and were subsequently destroyed during the Civil War in Lucerne .

House Nighting came to power following the rise of their Lord House in House Targaryan and under the Targaryans they grew wealthy through the control of brotherl's and other businesses of this type. When House Targaryan was driven out they became the vassal of House Scott but their business remained the same. During the Fall of Tree Hill they were less hit then nearly any house in the entire city, and thus when the city was liberated they returned nearly as strong as when they had left. Their power was crushed when Andrew Lovie rejected their selling of slaves, and as such they lost much of their business causing them to join the True Sons of Lucerne, where during the tail end of the Civil War they attempted to destroy House Scott but failures from their commanders led to House Scott defeating them and having the entire house executed.