House Tarth
House Tarth
is one of the larger Gothic Houses in the Westros city of Harrenhall. House Tarth was always aligned with House Strong but following the early events of the siege of Harrenhall they changed sides and gave control of the factory district to House Seaworth which proved devestating to the siege. House Tarth is perhaps the fourth largest house in Harrenhall falling only behind House Seaworth, House Strong, and House Peach.

House Tarth was alongside House Strong one of the main clans that moved south threw Dole during the Great Migration, and during this trip they became extremely valuable to the leadership in House Strong, and this relationship continued during the rise of Harrenhall. As Harrenhall begin to grow in strength the members of House Tarth found themselves pushed into more and more of a role of being the manuphactures of the town, and there control was stamped all over the northeastern district of the city which became known as the factory district. In the years preceding the War with Dole they founded the small town of Tabor where they begin to pour a lot of their energy into. This town meant that there center of influence moved somewhat out of Harrenhall into the bergouning western section of the Harrenhall region. When House Seaworth begin plans to betray House Strong they were not consulted as it was believed correctly that they would simply ride the winner to the end with no real moral standing point.


Early History


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The First Harrenhall-Dole War

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Siege of Harrenhall

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Battle of Harrenhall

Brianne Tarth

This relationship was extremely taboo as House Tarth controlled the regions of the Factory District and they were placed inside the House Seaworth camp by this. The relationship though didn't end and when he proposed and she accepted the entire city has been put on high alert by the outcome of this marriage.

Lucernian Intervention in Harrenhall

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