House Termont
House Termont is a small Vandal banner house that operates out of the Kingdom of Lucerne city of Lucerne Hold. House Termont was formed when Eldrad Estermont's brother changed his name to Termont and formed his own small house, though he became a banner house of House Estermont thus keeping the connection but giving himself more independance. Technically Galen's wife Susan is the Patriarch of House Termont but in actuality he is the overall leader and uses her as a proxy to control the house until his son Fladen becomes the new leader.

House Termont was originally founded by Galen Termont of whome was bitter about the fact that his younger brother Eldrad was given control over House Estermont over him. With the bitterness clouding his entire life he broke from the house and founded his own knightly house at first which he built using wealth he had been left during the deviding of his fathers wealth. This growth was fashioned and eventually Edrad saw a threat and brought his brother to the table for negotiations, where Eldrad used his physically superior presence to indimidate his younger brother into agreeing to become a banner house. Following this Galen's wife put the idea in Galen's head that he had been utterly embaressed and that everyone was insulting him behind his back over what his brother had done to him. As this went on and on he became so bitter towards his brother that he eventually killed his brother by bribing his tester servent and having him poisoned.


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Lucernian Invasion of Gondor

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Invasion of Westbridge

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