House Tyrell
House Tyrell
The Flag of House Tyrell
Mace Tyrell II.
Mace Tyrell II.
Power Level Vassal House
Kingdom of Loyalty Kingdom Of Lucerne
House Banner
Coat of Arms A golden rose on a green field
Words "Growing Strong"
Vital statistics
Founder Garth Greenhand
Current Leader Mace Tyrell II
Current Heir Willas Tyrell
Date of Founding Placeholder
Headquarters Tree Hill
Level of Control
Level of Control They control several powerful houses, and a large section of the influence base of the city of Tree Hill as well as lands far to the south east.
Loyal Houses House Davion

House Oakheart

Race Human
Ethnicity German Gothic

House Tyrell is a major gothic House that resides in the Kingdom of Lucerne city of Tree Hill, as well as controlling as their own the town of Highgarden, and the acting Arch Duke of the State of The Reach. House Tyrell was once the most powerful house inside the Valley of Lucerne but they for a long time traded being the vassal of one house to another of which they spent time as the vassal of House Scott a position that they do not at all enjoy, but this begin to change as they took control of The Reach through their seat in Highgarden. It is currently led by Mace Tyrell II. of whom is known throughout the kingdom as a weak willed man, but who in his own lands has done great things despite this reputation. House Tyrell is the Lord of the state of Highgarden, and from here they dominate a wide swathe of eastern Lucerne and are one of the richest houses in terms of actual wealth and population. 

The motto of House Tyrell is "Growing Strong" of which is a motto based on the fact that they have attempted to always grow their family with strength. House Tyrell is thought by many to be no better then a House Lannister in that they basically appear to have no morals when it comes to anything other then protecting their own house. The coat of arms of House Tyrell is a golden rose that is arrayed over a green field and this has to do with the ancient homeland of the Goth people.

House Tyrell are Gothic, and they have been one of the most powerful Gothic Houses inside the Kingdom of Lucerne since their rise before the Driving Tide. Members of the family tend to have curly brown hair and brown or golden eyes, and this is a unique part of their ethnic qualities.

It is currently led by Mace Tyrell II of whom has led the house since the death of his father Olenna Tyrell of whom was a menipulative man that has tarnished much of the reputation which might have seemed difficult after the behavior of his father Mastir Tyrell who destroyed House Targaryan. Mace's oldest son in the form of Willas Tyrell of whom is an extremely intelligent leader of whom was crippled as a child while fighting on horseback. His third son Loras is a noted tournament knight and was the lover of Kristen Trachtenberg before the First Battle of Tree Hill. Despite this control the members of House Tyrell are still the vassals of House Scott, and are forced to watch as they are now the equal level as several of their old vassals and being led by their old knightly house in House Scott.

While House Tyrell does have an estate inside the city of Tree Hill it also maintains a tight control over the port of Highgarden to the southeast of Tree Hill and is the seat of their control of the State of The Reach. Many members of Tree Hill that survived the Fall of Tree Hill did so because they were at Highgarden during the conflict. Highgarden was once just a mighty castle, but it has grown throughout the swamp lands it inhabits to the point that it now dominates several villages, and has the town of Highgarden sprawling around it. In Highgarden the true strength of House Tyrell lies, and it is their control of Highgarden that has made them extremely rich and influencial. Following the rise of William Lovie III. the vast expanses that were once simply known as Highgarden were broken up into several new provinces of which added together created the State of Highgarden of which fell within the Grand State of Tree Hill.

For the earliest history of the Valley of Lucerne post the destruction of Numeron, and the Great Migration House Tyrell controlled the city of Forks which was the only major city of the valley. During the events of the Driving Tide House Tyrell followed their loyal vassal house Lovie in their campaign to save the Dwarves of Lucerne, but discovered following the conflict that House Lovie was in control now of the entire valley. They held the city of Forks following the founding of the Kingdom of Lucerne, but the leadership of of William Lovie led to the conquering of that town after House Tyrell's leadership surrendered rather then be destroyed by the Dragon of William Lovie. They remained in Forks very briefly before they accompanied House Targaryan to Tree Hill. They became a vassal House of House Targaryan before they caused the destruction of House Targaryan and then from their hoped they would be named the new Lord of Tree Hill but instead watched as James Lovie gave that honor to the upstart House Scott. Following this slight House Tyrell would begin to spend more time building up Highgarden especially after Mace Tyrell II. was placed in charge of the town while his father Olenna stayed in Tree HIll and continued to control their powerbase there.



Early History

The members of House Tyrell were originally made up of Goths who are a germanic tribe originally from Kizlev. They were some of the first to flee modern day Kizlev, and bypassed The Empire, and made almost a straight route towards the Valley of Lucerne.

Because of this straight direction they were one of the first germanic houses to enter Forks, and in this way they were larger then the others when they arrived as well. As the largest house they made sure to gain the loyalty of any house that wished to enter the city, and if you were not loyal then you could go elsewhere. In this way they had nine vassal houses by the time of Driving Tide.

The Driving Tide

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Kingdom Of Lucerne

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With the Lovie Family now in charge of the Kingdom , and House Swan becoming the dominent figure in Forks, House Tyrell was at a crossroads. They wanted to retain the power they once had but didn't see that as possible in Forks. This belief led them to moving to Tree Hill . This decision was once again a bad long term decision by House Tyrell, as it would eventually lead to their destruction in the Fall of Tree Hill. During their time in Tree Hill they watched bitterly as William Lovie placed House Targaryan into the position of Lord of the city, and in this way they were one more time ignored in favor of personal relationships on the part of House Lovie.

Fall of House Targaryan

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House Scott

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Fall of Tree Hill

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Tree Hill retreat

Retreating defenders as the Orcs smash through the gates.

"The insanity that leads a man to turn on his people. The madness filled him to the brim until the point came that he snapped. There was no stopping it. It was all blood and death."
-Earl Scott

With the command of the city falling out of the hands of Earl Scott the vacum of power fell to the hands of Sayden Nighting of whom was told by Bill Lovie that the Orcs were incoming and was promised the Lordship of Tree Hill for his assistence in destroying Tree Hill. As fate would have it, not only was most of the Tree Hill army not at their post because of the trade meeting in Forks. But the leader of the Army, and Lord of Tree Hill Earl Scott was also not in Tree Hill when the attack was underway. This meant that the city which would have already been in serious trouble due to the suprise attack which was incoming were nearly completely at the mercy of the orcs without the majority of their army in the actual city. While significant number of nobles were in the town as Bill hade not made the trip something anyone outside of Earl Scott was even allowed to go the devestation was incredible in the early moments.

Margaery Tyrell Cover

Margeary Tyrell would be one of the many nobles that was involved in the initial massacre of Tree Hill.

"I was walking around the edges of the garden when I heard the noise. It was a sound I had never heard before in my life but it was defenaing in its scope, and horrifying in its pitch. It was the sound of a city dying I just didn't know it at the time."
-Margaery Tyrell

The Orcs moved across the plains in as perfect a following of the directions they had been given by the Circle of Magi as the Orcs were probably capable of. Destroying two villages as they moved they overran the outkeep that gaurded the inital approach to the city. While the outkeeps were meant to have been occupied by nearly fifty men each the deployment scheduales had been purposly screwed up by Sayden Nighting. With the outkeeps not alerting to an attack the Orcs were on the doorstep before anyone knew what had happened, and it was in that moment that the fate of the city was sealed. The Orc army was within 100 feet of the gates when the first gaurd saw there arrival, and scanning across the field it was a blanket of green as the Orcs were seemingly endless in number. The gaurd ran the alarm bell, and then the men manning the gate attempted to close it. All the Tree Hill gaurds that were present in the area swarmed the gate in the hopes they could hold the gate until it could be closed. Traven Goodsbrow, and the Oakheart twins Frasier, and Thomas Oakheart were in the vicinity and would also move in the direction of the fighting at the gate. Traven and the Oakheart twins would be overwhelmed alongside the rest of the gaurds at the gatehouse and the Orcs swelled into the city from the main gate shattering the cork that held the Orcs at bay. Once they had control of the gate the Orcs quickly destroyed any resistence that managed to form in the outer city, while they began destroying and setting buildings ablaze.

Fall of Typhon's Keep

Siege of Typhon Keep
"Typhon's Gate was the personal keep of House Typhon, and the fact that they held to the last man bought time for the rest of the city to atleast get a chance to survive at the main keep."
-Lucas Scott

Located in the northern section of Tree Hill the estate of House Typhon was a small but secure keep that had long controlled the northern section of the city. A vassal of House Scott they would be within their estate as the city burned and the northern half was completely wiped out. Blocking their gates when the Orcs arrived on the scene the males took to the walls and fired upon the Orcs drawing major attention to themselves and slowing the advance as the Orcs attempted to take the Keep. The Gate was bashed down, but the defenders had placed a barricade behind this forcing most of the Orcs to use makeshift ladders, and ropes to climb onto the walls. Getting onto the walls the Orcs would wipe out the defenders including Lord Typhon and his two sons, and would thus gain entrance into the courtyard within. The final son of House Typhon would defend the inner hold nearly alone trying to protect his mother, cousins, and sisters but watched as the Orcs killed the remaining gaurds and the rest of House Typhon were massacred in the inner hallway.

Last stand at the Gryphon Gate

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Lucas and Peyton3
"You heard the screaming and the fire started to go into the air, and you just knew there was something beyond the usual kind of bad happening."
-Loras Tyrell
Massacring the population of the city the Orcs swarmed towards the next and last point of resistence in the form of It was at this point that the first Orcs began reaching the Inner gates, and it was here that Lucas Scott would make him self famous. By this point the defences of Gryphon Gate were being stiffined by the dozens of noble born that arrived at the gate in order to defend the last bastion in the city. By this point those who still lived outside the inner keep were flooding through Gryphon Gate, and despit being less known the defence of the outer courtyard by Loras Tyrell and his brother Garlan Tyrell. The two led a force of House Tyrell into the courtyard and cleared the streets of Orcs and kept fighting until they were forced to retreat when Loras was struck on the head by an Orc Mace. As the hundreds of soilders and fleeing citizens ran through the inner gate to the relative safety of the inner city, the commander in charge of the gate in the form of Devon Davion ordered that it be shut out of fear the Orcs would get in. This act would have doomed hundreds of people 
Nathan and Lucas

who were still racing trying to get inside but the risk grew increasingly real as the Orcs begin overruning the courtyard despite the archer fire from the walls. Lucas by this point entered the frey alongside Garlan, and Paul Tyrell, Deert Dravion, Hank James II., and Hansal Oakheart and the group would move to Devon Davion who they pushed to keep the gate open, but he was reluctant fearing the fall of the entire remaining population if he did this. The commander held off after Lucas convinsed him to hold the gate open as long as he held the bridge, but regretted his decision when his son Deert Davion followed Lucas onto the bridge.

"I watched him tell that man that he was going to go over the wall and everything inside of me desperatly needed to stop him from killing himself. His heart was not completely in surviving and the moment you went into something like a battle you needed to be completely driven to live. If there was even a sliver of doubt then you shouldn't be doing it. But how do you tell someone you love to betray what they believe to be right? How could I make him understand that nothing was as important as him surviving. How did I let him know how truly important he was."
-Peyton Sawyer

Overcome with relief that she was alright he ran to her, not caring what had transpired between the two. Peyton was hysterically crying and Lucas held her until he overheard the gatemaster saying he was going to shut the gate, thereby dooming hundreds perhaps thousands. Before Peyton could stop Lucas he had rushed over to the gatemaster and volunteered to hold the bridge. The gatemaster was beyond skeptical, and he also knew that Lucas was the prince of House Scott, and because of this Dan would have his head if he let him do something so stupid but in the end Lucas convinsed him to give him the time he could. With his plan in place he scanned around for Peyton and when he saw her he quickly returned and said goodbye.

Peyton and Lucas Gif4

Peyton and Lucas's love was one of the unforseen casualties of the Fall of Tree Hill

"If this is the end Peyton I want you to know that I loved you. I may not always show how much I love you but just know that in my heart you were always what kept me going...Just know that I loved you."
-Lucas Scott

And with that Lucas kissed her and then ran to the bridge alongside the other members of his party leaving a destroyed Peyton to watch him leave. Peyton attempted to get onto the wall to see him but the gaurds forced her back farther into the keep where she eventually met up with Brooke, and Haley who watched with her from the Dragon Tower what they believed was the death of Lucas Scott on the bridge. By this point Nathan had organized the defenders to mobilize against the bridge and he commanded nearly two hundred hardy archers who provided a heavy stream of arrows onto the incoming Orcs thinning their numbers greatly for Lucas and his party. As the Battle of the Gate was moving forward Lord Dan Scott would become infamous silently when he murdered Hank James of House James after the man had stumbled into his room and found a letter detailing his knowledge of the Fall of Tree Hill being a planned event.

The Defence of the Bridge

Lucas Scott
"Was jumping onto that bridge a smart move? Probably not, but the alternative was locking that drawbidge and watching as hundreds if not thousands of people that might have lived died. I couldn't just sit there and watch the city I loved fall in such a way."
-Lucas Scott

Lucas and his party alongside five men at arms of various houses proceeded to hold the bridge for almost an hour under extremely difficult cercumstances. At first he moved far past the bridge as he shouted for people to hurry up and get inside, but after fifteen minutes he started to see the first trickle of Orcs moving forward and it was in this moment that he held the road for a time stopping Orcs with carefully aimed bow shots. Garlan, and Hansal Oakheart were also firing arrows near him, while Deert, and Hank were directing people towards the bridge and making them hurry. He and the rest of the party were slowly pushed back by their numbers as he didn't want to be cornered in the street, so he pushed himself to the first tier of the bridge and thus allowed the people to continue getting inside the Keep. While they were pulling back two of the other men at arms fell to Orcs, and Deert took a horrifying blow to his arm of which when Lucas moved to him they were both very aware that the wound might be fatal, but he refused to retreat and they covered it as best they could. His desperate fight continued as the Orcs begin swarming at him in increasing numbers, and during this time he held the front of the bridge standing side by side with Garlan Tyrell while the other men at arms, and the party joined the archer fire from the walls as they devestated the incoming Orcs. At times they would be assisted by some of the fleeing soilders, but they basically held it alone against hundreds of marauding Orcs for nearly a half an hour. Wave after wave failed to get by him and Garlan, and as his success seemed more and more likely gaurds from the wall joined his defence of the bridge. They continued to hold until finnally they were confronted by the largest Orc any of them had ever seen, alongside nearly half a dozen other massive Orcs and hundreds of others that also tried to get by.

Defeating Lugdush

"His skin was bright red, and he was so large that he seemed to obscure everything around him. He pushed two of his own men off the bridge in his desperation to get at us, and I raised my shield knowing this wasn't going to be an easy fight."
-Lucas Scott

The Orc was Lugdush and was the second highest commander behind Jurden Hardaxe himself, and was perhaps the strongest of the lot and for this reason Jurden had sent him at the vangaurd and when watching Lucas murder Orc after Orc he saw his chance to rid himself of Lugdush. The Orc moved up to the lines surviving archer fire from the walls without any pause, and raised his sword before killing the man next to Lucas and sending Lucas, and Garlan flying to the ground and knocking Garlan uncounsious against the ground. Lucas called out for the other men to retreat, but they refused to leave him and his party stood side by side with him as Lugdush attacked again. Deert would be the first ot fall as Lugdush ignored a slash across his chest from Lucas and cleaved Davion nearly in two, and followed by this Lucas ducked underneath another slash from Lugdush and slid behind him engaging two of the other massive Orcs. While Lucas fought them Hansal was slashed across the face by Lugdush and killed, while the three men at arms were killed by the other Orcs with Lugdush with the last Orc dying as it killed the last man at arms leaving Lucas killing the remaining Orcs while Lugdush and Hank James II. battled.

Vog Rahjak
"The thing stood as high as a building it seemed. It was a monster of the demons themselves, and it made you understand clearly what was happening. Watching Deet, and Hansal, and James and then all those poor men I just hated the thing. I let that hate overcome me, and I'm glad I did."
-Lucas Scott

Dodging blow after blow Hank was joined by Paul of whom would slash Lugdush badly on the leg knocking him to the ground, but when Hank went for the killing blow Lugdush would grab him and break his neck before throwing him into the moat. Lucas by this point had killed three of the large Orcs, and one of the final was able to overwhelm him and push him to the side, and as it raised its axe to kill him an arrow struck it in the head. Looking to the source of the arrow he saw his brother Nathan on the wall, and the two shared a quick look before Nathan reaimed his bow and fired once again into the mass crowd behind them. As Lugdush cornered Paul against the side of the bridge and prepared to kill him Lucas jumped on his back and was able to stab him through the less armored back part of his neck killing the massive Orc. Now exhausted from that fight and standing alone on the bridge he was finnally forced to pull back when nearly 50 Orcs almost surrounded him, causing him to jump into the moat. Those on the wall believed he had been struck down and killed. The Gryphon gate was then shut but Lucas was stuck on the outside of the wall.

Closing the front door

Haley James6
"I woke up in a ditch on the outskirts of the wall. My survival rested upon the simple fact that the Orcs had killed everyone and thus they didn't believe it was possible for anyone to be alive outside of the wall. A more determined force might have checked my body, but I lay there awake in the water for nearly two hours before I finally was alone enough to make a dash for the keep."
-Lucas Scott

But Lucas was not dead. He managed to sneak his way around the city, and it was during this time that he would further his fame. He managed to sneak back to the outer city gate, by moving silently through the sewers that ran from the Scott Keep all the way to the front entrance of the market which was just a short run to the gatehouse. Finding none of the Orcs had worked on clearing the sewers he was shocked to find dozens of people hiding themselves in the sewers, and warning them they needed to quickly make their way to the keep he kept moving arriving at the market entrance, and leaving the sewer he looked out and saw the gatehouse. Flowing through the gatehouse were the Orcs, and he knew that unless he stemmed the tide the Gryphon gate would be overwhelmed with little difficulty, and thus he snuck his way along the side of the road and made his way into the tower where he killed the three Orcs gaurding the main floor of the gatehouse before making his way upwards into the actual door mechanism room. Once there he wiped out the Orcs who were now holding the gate house. There were dozens of Orcs spread throughout the gatehouse tower but they were in a rampaging mood and thus he was able to ambush them room after room until he had cleared his way to the actual mechanism that would control the porticuls. Once he had control of the gate house he closed the outer gate. By shutting this gate he had managed to stem the flow of Orcs entering the city, and through this act most likely saved the inner city who was having great difficulties holding. Quickly making his way onto the ramparts he was forced to briefly fight his way along the wall before he jumped off the wall onto the roof of a house below. Making his way from roof to roof he would get himself all the way back to the keep and seeing the keep wall, he was able to fashion a rope that he used to climb back over the inner wall, where he was found by his brother Nathan passed out on the wall.

The Siege of Tree Hill


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Following the liberation he has spent his time further expanding the military might of House Tyrell, and he has personally begin using this strength to improve the reputation of House Tyrell. When the Civil War became more known to the people of Lucerne he personally travelled to Lucerne where he swore himself to Andrew, and promised the men of House Tyrell would stand beside him in any conflict that he required assistence with. This promise was something that meant a lot to Andrew and because of this promise when the Battle of Berne started in its planning phases House Tyrell was sent a request to join the army. This alone was a huge deal since following the Fall of House Targaryan and before that the events between the two houses during the Driving Tide the two houses had never been close.

Invasion of Westbridge

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Noteable Members

Family Members

Main Branch

  • † Mace Tyrell. Died during the Driving Tide
  • † John Tyrell. Died of Old Age
    • † Sasha Tyrell. Died of Old Age
      • † Hanzal Tyrell. Died during the Battle of Lyons.
      • Orla Tyrell (See House Griffon Branch)
      • Avina Tyrell (See House Svaeder Branch)

House Bulwer Branch

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House Scott Branch

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House Lovie Branch

House Bardwyn Branch

House Griffon Branch

Vassal Houses

Name Seat Title Lord
House Davion Highgarden Grand Lord
House Bulwer Trensdale Grand Lord
House Grimm Castle Grimm Grand Lord
House Bardwyn Castle Bronn
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