House Wensington
House Wensington
is a large Gothic House located inside the Kingdom of Harrenhall and is known for its large military forces around Wensington Castle in the south of Harrenhall. House Wensington has been the most loyal of House Strong's vassals and despite the loss of a significant portion of their forces they have remained fanatically loyal to House Strong.

The sigil of House Wensington is two crossed trumpets and their arms are two golden trumpets crossed on blue, a gold chief with three black stags. Their motto is "Sound The Charge" and has to do with their long term military background.

House Wensington was first founded in the ancient days of House Strong entering the lands of Westros and was created after one of the female members of House Strong married a commoner who was knighted to make her a non-commoner. When House Wensington entered Harrenhall they would travel south of Harrenhall and construct the small keep which they called Castle Wensington.


Early History

The First Harrenhall-Dole War

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Siege of Harrenhall

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The growing discontent of House Seaworth reached its pinacle and the basic end of the line, when they attempted to gain influence in the small House Jare, and when this was discovered Robert Strong had Halten Seaworth put in jail as punishment. With this imprisonment the leadership of House Seaworth came to the conclusion that House Strong were tyrants that they should take the mantle of power in Harrenhall from. They decided to do this by reopening the channels that had existed with the Iron Islands before they had cut ties with such rebellious thoughts.

The Iron Islanders Come

Siege of Harrenhall
"Something changed immediatly in my heart the moment I saw them on the horizon. What was once just a thought was now going to happen. I was tempted for a single moment to stop."
-Davos Seaworth

As the plans came through and the Iron Islands agreed to finance and support the invasion in returrn for House Seaworth becoming the vassal of House Greyjoy. This vassal position would meant that they would become a member of the Iron Islands but at the same time be in complete control over Harrenhall. Obviously both sides did not intend to actually go through with this but either way the deal was struck and the Iron Islands prepared to send thousands of troops to Harrenhall in order to take control of the city. The Iron Fleet would arrive in the night and when Davos Seaworth saw the giant horizon covered with their ships he ordered his forces to execute the ambush on all those enemies that were in the Docks.

Lucernian Intervention in Harrenhall

Noteable Members

Family Members

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