Ignis is one of the sons of Gymer and forms one of the four clan leadership roles for the Storm Giants with himself personally leading the Molten Giants Clan.

The four Clan Leaders of the Storm Giants would be formed by Gymer during the days preceding the Titan Civil War and were created in order for Gymer to have more of a command structure for the Main Branch of the Storm Giants as he watched the other branches of the Storm Giants forming their own leadership castes.


The Eternity War

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Titan Civil War

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Rise of Germania

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The Rise of Germania
Here in this land we will build the future of this world. We shall make something beautiful here.
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Here in this land we will build the future of this world. We shall make something beautiful here.

Following the Thunderlands Civil War it was Tamfana who was tasked by her father in designing a plan for the domination of the Germans in Europe, and in this planning she traveled to germania where much of the German people had become situated. Taal and Ulric would be building their power base in central Germania when the arrival of a daughter of Odin in the form of Tamfana led to an alliance and the start of what would become the German Pantheon and together the three would expand the Kingdom of Middenland.

The Rise of Harad

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As the German Pantheon was expanding its control of Germania it was the children of Taal in the form of Edeltraud, and Marthurd that would create their own group of Germans who they called the Sueve and they took this group southeast of Austria fighting a war known as the Sueve Invasion of Harad against the native Luthwillians. Following the defeat of the Luthwillians the Sueve formed the Empire of Harad named after the child of Edeltraud and Marthurd who had formed a romantic relationship ruling over the land as king and queen.

Fall of Germania

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The Fall of Germania
You killed my beloved Erizabet. All of this was my vengeance.
Do you hear the voices father? They are beautiful.

Fhor as the Queen of the Kingdom of Gothica inside the expanding Empire of Germania would find her life as close to perfect as she could have possibly imagined but this changed when she met Faal the son of Taal and the two fell in love which would cause jealousy from both of their spouses but it was Faal's wife Serindia that became the true problem when she became corrupted by the Chaos Titan Godrus. With nearly her entire court having turned to the forces of Chaos it was Fhor who was abandoned by Faal who would return to Middenland at the insistence of his father who could see the rising chaos in Gothica, and without Faal it was Fhor who fell under the sway of her chaos court and gave in to the whispering of Godrus. Following the corruption of Fhor she would instigate a period of political destruction which led to the collapse of the Empire of Germania into a several different Kingdoms in the form of the Kingdom of the Goths, Kingdom of the Vandals, Kingdom of Teutons, and the Kingdom of the Utogens. Fhor would be confronted at the Kingdom of Gothica's capital of Berlindia and it was here where her madness was finally put to an end when the army of Vandalia led by Odin, and his children were able to overwhelm her and despite assistence from Chaos forces she was defeated and died during the fighting.

Fall of Teut

Wodanz following his corruption would allow agents of darkness into the court of the Kingdom of Teut and these agents had the affect of turning several prominent members of the german pantheon to his side in the form of his wife Tiewaz, and Fahlena of whom while both not fully corrupted joined his side, while his daughter Halena fled the court for her grand father to warn him what was happening.

Battle of Nulne

Wodanz would be confronted at the Battle of Nulne by Odin, and Tamfana who led most of the army of the Kingdom of Vandalia against the Kingdom of Teut, but in a shocking turn of events Odin and the Kingdom of Vandalia was defeated by the forces of Teut and after they captured Tamfana it was Odin who agreed to leave the conflict in return for her safe return and the allowance of the Vandals to leave Germania for the north. Faal would be seduced to the wrong side of things during the events of the Fall of the German pantheon in an attempt to save his lover at the time in Fhor but after taking part in the killing of a town of innocents he realized what he had signed on too and left the forces of Wodanz returning to his father.

Corruption of Marthurd

Edeltraud and Marthurd would remain neutral during the Fall of the German Pantheon fighting on neither side, but they did openly assist many of their pantheon members in escaping the violence but the general objective for the Sueve during this time was protection of their lands and surviving the fighting. An unintended by product of the Sueve effort to provide safe haven for those escaping the violence was the arrival of Faal with his child born from his union with Fhor and this child named Dhoria had been corrupted by her mother and his corruption would be spread to Marthurd who begin to suffer from the whispers of Chaos.

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