Previous Conflict War in France
Independence of Ravenna
Yvonne Pullo Cover Front Amazing
Location Ravenna
Start of Conflict 5132
End of Conflict 5132
Result Ravenna Victory
  • Independence of Ravenna
  • Instigation of Genoa Crisis
  • Lucernian Influence Expands
Rebels of Ravenna




Rebels of Ravenna

Kingdom of Lucerne

Rebels of Ravenna Loyalists
Rebels of Ravenna Loyalists
The Independance of Ravenna was a rebellion within the Roman Empire sparked when Yvonne Pullo turned against the Roman Empire expanding her control and installing herself as the monarch of the Kingdom of Ravenna. The independence of Ravenna would be a monumental event that would spark several other events in the form of the Genoa Crisis, and the Northern Roman Revolt which were both only really possible due to the Roman Empire having allowed a rival on the Italian Peninsula for the first time in centuries.

The Rebels of Ravenna would be assisted financially by the Kingdom of Lucerne of whom having aligned themselves behind Yvonne but also against the Roman Empire would send considerable financial assistence to the rebels allowing them to purchase a heavy amount of influence throughout the conflict.



The War

Battle of Monesi

Volundy Tullius would take control of the town of Mendatica during the Independance of Ravenna and during this conflict he made several raids against the Roman center of control town of Monesi and these attacks forced the Roman fleet there to be constantly leaving a garrison larger then they would have hoped to leave.


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