Previous Conflict Bronheim Rebellion
Invasion of Righel
Lucerne - Invasion of Righel - Start
Location Kingdom of Righel
Start of Conflict 5121
End of Conflict 5122
Result Lucerne Victory
  • Annexation of Righel
  • Creation of Grand State of Bronheim
Kingdom of Lucerne Kingdom of Righel
Kingdom of Lucerne Kingdom of Righel
Kingdom of Lucerne Kingdom of Righel
Light Moderate
The Invasion of Righel was a war fought between the Kingdom of Lucerne against the Kingdom of Righel and resulted in the annexation of Righel into the Kingdom of Lucerne.

The Invasion of Righel would be sparked out of the end of the Bronheim Rebellion as during the Treaty of Bronheim the forces of Bronheim rejoined the Kingdom of Lucerne and turned on their one time allies in Righel and agreed to invade the italian nation.



The Invasion

Taking Madrisimo

Lothar, and Godfrey following their work in ending the Bronheim Rebellion move southward and acting on the orders of James Lovie II. would go to Castra Madrisimo where they would target the main Righel fleet there for sabatage and while this was not at first noticed it would come up in a major way at the Battle of Madrisimo.

Coup of Calcaria

As the Lucernians closed in on the capital of Calcaria it was Petillia who made her move and executed the coup of Calcaria using her forces to assassinate those loyal to her father as well as Venetians in the city and swept up in the violence was her mother who was also killed but the power hungry Petillia made no effort to stop the violence.

Surrender of Calcaria

Meeting with Petillia, its Brooke who takes the lead, and Leven is overcome by indecision and watches as the whole meeting happens without her really becoming involved, but this changes when Petillia and Brooke discuss the return of Quintus. Leven storms into the discussion and interupting the discussion she implies knowledge of what Petillia did to Quintus and after argueing with both Brooke and Petillia for a time she forces them to name Quintus as her adopted son and a member of House Martell while she will guarantee to never come after Quintus or risk Leven coming after her. Having achieved what she wants Leven demands that no more negotiations be done and everything further to wait for William who will surely be coming soon, and despite clearly revealing that she wants to finish things now so that she can get credit for this Brooke is unable to convince Petillia who is now frightened of what damage Leven can do to her.


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