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Invasion of Westbridge
Invasion of Westbridge - Total.png
1. Battle of the Twins 2. Battle of Braedin 3. Battle of Westian 4. Battle of Margrove 5. Infiltration of Westbridge 6. Battle of Northern Westbridge 7. Battle of Yerness 8. Battle of Southern Westbridge 9. Battle of Westbridge
Location Westbridge
Start of Conflict 5129
End of Conflict 5130
Result Kingdom of Lucerne Victory
  • Westbridge Annexxed by Kingdom of Lucerne
  • Malfoy forces pushed out of Westbridge
Kingdom of Lucerne Kingdom of Westbridge
Kingdom of Lucerne Kingdom of Westbridge
  • † Lucius Malfoy
  • † Mavin Gripper
  • † Tavin Gripper
  • Tom Malfoy
† = Killed in action
(†) = Missing
 Surrendered = Captured
 Fled = Fled the Field
The Kingdom of Lucerne launched the attack with nearly the full weight of their entire Kingdom. nearly a hundred and fifty thousand would launch the attack over the course of the conflict. The Defence of Westbridge was extremely strong with some two hundred thousand defenders, but of this number only fifty thousand could be counted on, and due to menipulative tactics only twelve thousand were defending Westbridge itself.
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The Invasion of Westbridge was a large conflict between the Kingdom of Lucerne and the House Malfoy controlled region dominated by the city of Westbridge. The Invasion of Westbridge would dramatically change the scope of Europe, as the once minor Kingdom of Lucerne had in a matter of two years captured Lorderon, and the Riverlands thus creating a direct line to Westbrige, and once it had completed its capture the Kingdom of Lucerne had marked its path as a major power on the continent of Europe.

The City of Westbridge following the Invasion of Westbridge would become the capital of the Grand State of Westbridge and the leadership would flow towards House Labeouf of whom was named by William as the Arch Lord of the city and the Grand State. The run down defenses of the northern section of the city, and Westian were massively expanded by an influx of engineers from Lucerne and alongside this the port was expanded to become the home of the northern navy of Lucerne and the center of its northern trade routes.

Following a breakdown in relations between The Empire and the Kingdom of Lucerne the King of Lucerne in William Lovie III. decided to find a better place to defend the Kingdom from and at the same time make sure the Empire understood how serious they were, and this led to the invasion of Westbridge. In order to actually invade the region he had to annex the Riverlands, and Fairmarket and when he completed this the operation was ready to move forward, and also by the time this was done the entire region came to understand the severity of the Lucernian expansion. From the Riverlands and the new founded Port of Stormwind, and Lorderon the forces of Lucerne attacked the entire Westbridge region leading to a massive coordinated invasion all across the region. The city was the site of the largest intelligence operation ever launched and was basically rendered defenseless by a massive sabotage, and assassination operation that led to most of the main defenses being either unmanned or manned by weak troops. The city though was just a piece of the conflict and the entire region was taken city, by city without the main city even having any idea that the operation was underway.

Casualties during the Invasion of Westbridge were relatively light compared to the size of the fighting on the main island but the defenders in some areas such as Westian, and Yerness suffered incredible casualties as their leadership was relatively loyal and thus fought more bitterly and in these spots the attacking Lucenians took as much quarter as possible but in the cast of Westian it lost significant numbers and many noble houses were entirely wiped out during the fighting.

Following the Invasion of Westbridge the region and the continent would change dramatically as seemingly in a few years the Kingdom of Lucerne had become one of the major players on the continent. The Kingdom of Lucerne had doubled in size due to the invasions of Westbridge, and the actions that William felt were needed before the invasion. Some unforeseen consequences of the Invasion of Westbridge were felt in the form of the Emperian Invasion of Arnor which was launched by the Austrians after the failure of Karl Franz to stop the Lucernians led them to call the emperors bluff and once again the credibility of Emperor Karl Franz was put out there as he failed to stop the Arnor invasion as he had failed in Westbridge. Also the defeated Deatheaters of Lord Voldermorte would flee northward eventually landing in Tevinter where in their search for vengeance they would stage a coup and take control of the Tevinter Empire and eventually lead to the Tevinter-Lucerne War.


Meeting of the Dragon and the Griphon

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The invasion of Westrbridge was a plan that was formed by William Lovie III. following his meetings with Karl Franz. The meeting had started with a lot of promise but following the initial talks it became clear to both of them that they shared some serious ideological problems, and on top of that where Andrew had believed there would be talk about the survival of Arnor when Arnor was brought up it was as if it was a forgone conclusion and that wasn't acceptable for Lucerne.

The Empire

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The Empire had always viewed the forces of House Malfoy as a part of their sphere of influence so they always worked to make sure that Westbridge was kept safe from anyone wanting to take control of it. So when the Kingdom of Lucerne captured the Riverlands The Empire became worried about the threat they might pose to their buffer zone in the south. The Emperor Karl Franz became worried enough about this that he went to the Elector Count of Toppenheim and gave him a command to make plans for the reinforcement of Westbridge if anything should come to pass.


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Westbridge for its part had become a place of internal strife as the increasingly violent occupation of the Deatheaters over the lands of Wesbridge led to increasing signs of rebellion in the region. While this burgeoning rebellion was noticed by many it was ignored by Lord Thomas Malfoy of whom was concentrated on the Tevinter Empire following his gaining of a foothold in the Magisterium.


Operation Lightning

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Order of the Violet Dragon.jpg
Wars had become two sides slugging at eachother and ninety percent of the time both sides took a lot of casualties while the side that won was the side that had more men. I wanted to make war a strategy, and to that end I was going to work tirelessly to make sure I killed as many possible while losing the least possible.
William Lovie III.

Before the actual invasion could be started, and months before the forces of Lucerne begin marching northwards towards the land of House Malfoy, William Lovie got together with the Order of the Violet Dragon in order to change the way they were going to fight wars. William understood that the high walls, and formidable defenders meant that an attack would be met with heavy casualties and in order to continue expanding there was no way he could afford taking the casualties that would occur in a straight up siege. In order to bypass this he and the Order of the Violet dragon planned to use an incredibly high amount (the entire order) in order to assassinate key defenders that were not wanted after the siege, as well as to sabotage several sections of the defenses as well. The plan called for also the infiltration of elements of the Order of the Green Dragon into the city for the purpose of cultivating relationships with those they might want in leadership positions after the battle. Giving itself several months to accomplish this task in the city they were also moving heavily against the other major towns and castles throughout Westbridge.

Cultivating the Labeoufs

It was very much our hope, and frankly our long term plan that we would place House Labeouf in command of the city once we took control. From agents in the city we knew the Malfoys were beyond unpopular and the Labeoufs were held in great esteem by Westbridge's people.
Beren Tarbeck

With the infiltration moving forward it was the Order of the Green Dragon moving forward next, and this was to protect and cultivate relationships with those houses they wished to survive after the Battle was done. This firstly meant Ezio Ederiz and Beren Tarbeck would find reasons to constantly meet with Shia Labeouf of whom they found to be the perfect candidate as an heir. Seeing this they moved on to his father of whom they also came to believe was an honorable man, and thus the Laboeufs were shown to be perfectly capable of leading Westbridge once the knives started flying around.

Luring away Voldermorte

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If the Dark Lord is in the city this all ends in failure. Hes beyond any of your ability to deal with. Hes nearly a god.
Harry Potter

After being advised by Edward Cullen of the power of Thomas Malfoy the Lord of Westbridge a plot begin to make sure that he was not in the city when the attack was made against Westbridge. Edward would send a series of letters to Hogwarts and Harry Potter in particular in order to get their advise on any potential attack on Westbridge. From these letters they learned that Thomas Malfoy was spending most of his time either harassing Hogwarts, or within the borders of Tevinter and very rarely spent time anymore in Westbridge. Wanting to make sure that they could effectively deal a blow to the Deatheaters it was Hogwarts that sent The Order of the Broken Moon to the Kingdom of Taledavia and fed false information to Deatheater spies that they were traveling there to find the Well of Many Worlds an item of immense power. When Thomas Malfoy learned of this he would pause everything that was currently being done to gain control of Tevinter and led a force into the Kingdom of Taledavia also in an attempt to find the well before Harry Potter could, and if possible to kill Harry while he was outside of Hogwarts.

The Region

During the Invasion of Westridge a lot of attention had to be paid to the numerous villages, and two towns that also consisted, and made up the holdings of Westbridge. Because the main focus was paid to what occured in Westbridge itself those who were sent to take control of the others areas were believed to be doing secondary missions by much of the high command. While this was true to an extent much of the actual support of House Malfoy was built in the tiny villages, estates, and the town of Margrove to the south of Westbridge.

Battle of Margrove

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Margove is a small town of only 2,500 people but they were perhaps the most stalwart and loyal citizens that Westbridge, and the proportion of the soilders of Westbridge that were from this town was actually quite substancial. Knowing this was the case through intelligence reports made by the Order of the Green Dragon, and the Order of the Violet Dragon the high command knew they had to make sure that they took control over the town or elce risk being hit from behind by loyalists, or leaving a taint of House Malfoy behind.

House Scott.jpg

Fall of Braedin

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House Scott was obiously a part of the planning of the InVasion of Westbridge as they were a Lord House and Lucas Scott was very popular with the young King of Lucerne in William. This planning hinged on several different sections of which the main things were as follows. Several houses would move against the outskirt castles, and towns south of Westbridge, while House Lovie and its vassals alongside others moved against the southern half of the Westbridge entrance. This meant that House Scott was required to take control over the invasion of the town of Breadin to the south east of Westbridge. The town of Braedin was the ancestral home of the large House Curtley, and as such it was heavily defended by the forces of House Curtley who despite their disloyalty to House Malfoy they were not willing to simply give in to outside pressure. This meant that House Scott when they left for the long trek north they prepared to siege the town, and its keep that the Order of the Green Dragon said was so heavily defended. House Scott left Tree Hill alongside their vassal houses and the sworn houses and made the long trek northward towards the village of Pomer. During the trek Lucas rode his horse beside Marvin Scott a man he barely had known and he came to find that the two had a lot in common, and they begin builind a relationship. Nearly four days into the trek he was greeted by the horse of Loras Tyrell riding up beside him, and the two of them came to ride together the rest of the way talking about random things. When they arrived they didn't join the main camp and instead passed west where they took control over the small village of Pomer where they left portions of House Black to maintain its control and to make sure no one left the town and warned everyone else.

Loras Tyrell 2.png


"We had been given some small amounts of information about the town due to turncoats that had fled the forces of House Curtley but basically we were walking in blind before we scouted the city."
-Lucas Scott

Lucas Scott, and his cousin Marvin Scott were placed in a leadership role by Andrew Lovie for the purposes of this siege and as such they took a small elite group of troops and during the middle of the night they went and surveyed the defenses of Breadin. When they reached the outskirts they were clearly able to see the true extent of the defenses. The town was defended by what appeared to be a large keep that while it didn't surround the entire town it defended what must have been the House Curtley Estate alongside the center of the town. As they returned to camp and all the scouts begin to flood back they attempted to find the most simple way of taking the keep without taking horrendous casualties. Loras Tyrell adised that his scouts reported to him that the northern part of the town appeared to be undergoing some sort of construction and that he believed he could use this too his advantage and attack that section with House Tyrell and his sworn houses. While this was happening the entire castle had been surrounded, and thus Dan Scott would arrange for a parley with the members of House Curtley. Joining Dan in the meeting were the Patriarch's of the other vassals present and many of their heirs, while House Curtley sent their prince and a few of the defence commanders to meet with them.

Barrister Curtley II..jpg
"I knew that they would want us to join with their kingdom and I knew that I could do that, but the moment they wanted inside the city, or the castle I couldn't agree. I would reject those terms even if it cost me our lives."
-Barister Curtley II.

Dan Scott would outline the terms of surrender, and made sure to note that William Lovie had said that they would retain control of Braedin but they would need to swear oaths of loyalty to the Kingdom of Lucerne, and allow a garrison of their castle until the conflict was over. The last terms were not acceptable to the prince, and so he regretebly rejected the surrender and prepared to return to the castle. As he was leaving he was told by Loras Tyrell that the Scotts had planned to have him captured and all his men killed. Hearing this just as he was leaving Barrister would return to Braedin with the belief that House Tyrell was on their side more then House Scott, and because of this it would affect the situation with Braedin. When Barrister Curtley II. returned to Braedin he met with the commanders and discussed how House Tyrell had told him that he was in danger and that only they had kept him from being killed.

Scouting Braedin.jpg
"My news caused a split between the parts of the leadership that wanted to fight to the death, and the parts of the leadership that wanted to surrender without bloodshed. Seeing the size of the enemy I knew we couldn't win, and thus for our survival I made the decision to allow House Tyrell to save us."
-Barrister Curtley II.

The leadership of Braedin led by House Curtley became devided under the opinions of though's that wanted to speak to this House Tyrell and get them to accept the surrender of the city, while the other side wanted to basically fight to the death under the leadership of Varin Curtley. Barrister the heir of House Curtley said that he had talked openly with the prince of House Tyrell and that this young man appeared very much to want them to survive. Others would argue that Barrister was being used, and just didn't know that. The argument raged throughout the night, and Barister Curtley the Lord of the city remained pasive until finally siding against his heir and deciding to fight hoping relief would come from Westbridge. His son was utterly shocked that his father had turned against him, and fled the room with several of his loyalists for the northern gate. Barrister when he arrived

The Siege

Varin Curtley

"An attack from all sides of the castle was exactly the only manner in which the siege was going to be succesful. My son Lucas advised me that we shouldn't leave the Tyrell's with so much time and space in the north but what could they do to stop my victory."
-Dan Scott

With knowledge of how truly defended the town was they prepared for the siege the next day as they knew that was their time frame that they had to complete the siege and take control of the town. Lucas planned to have House Scott, and its Vassals move against the town from the south, while House Tyrell and its sworn houses moved against the northern side of the town. This plan was coupled with the silent constructions of his cousin Marin Scott who had constructed several secretive devices which he believed would allow the troops to enter the fortress unhindered from any fire that might come their way. These moveable siege towers were something he had devised while drawing and this would be the first time he had a chance to use them. As this was going on House Tyrell was already in position in the north, and thus was sitting waiting for what Mace hoped would be a message from House Curtley. While the north was peaceful the southern side which was defended by Varin Curtley was provoking the actions of House Scott. Varin had his men fire shots into the field in front of where the House Scott men were mobilizing, and blew his horns all night long to try and keep the preperations from being made.

The Tyrells Move

House Tyrell Moving.gif
"Marin was dithering about with his fantasy siege machines, and I was going to take the castle before any of them knew what was happening. I sent a single scout to the northern gate with a letter. A letter which would mean victory for me, and another slap in the face of the Scotts"
-Mace Tyrell II.

As the forces of House Scott moved their forces into position for an attack the following day, the forces of House Tyrell would move another plan into action. Mace Tyrell devised a plan where he would take control of the town through the relationship that he had built with the leadership of House Curtley, and his son Loras had played the game perfectly to the point that during the morning Barrister Curtley II. would sneak out of the northern gate and meet with the leadership of House Tyrell. The plan was for House Tyrell to enter the northern gate peacefully, and do this before House Scott sacked the city Barrister would lead the front echolons of House Tyrell into the gate, and they would move into the cities northern side at nearly the same time that House Scott made their attack on the southern gate.

House Tyrell Victory.jpg

The Fall of Braedin

"I alongside my men pushed the machines to the walls, and the gate in the belief that there was a battle to be fought, but in fact the battle was over."
-Lucas Scott
As the forces of House Tyrell moved into Braedin the forces of House Scott moved against the southern gate completely unaware that fighting was happening on the southern wall. The forces of House Scott moved slowly across the field using their siege machines that blocked fire, and thought this was the reason for the lack of firepower against them, but instead it was because the southern gate was falling to House Tyrell. As they reached the gatehouse the gate door opened, and Mace Tyrell II. walked towards the machines letting them know that the battle was over. Dan Scott, and Mace Tyrell II. would nearly come to a duel, but Loras, and Lucas were able to calm the situation down, and losses were minimal outside of the defenders who lost significant numbers in the suprise attack by House Tyrell.

Siege of Westian

Main Article : Siege of Westian

Siege of Westian
Lord Shephard I command you to take Westian.

1. House Kane Landing 2. Battle of Whestianol 3. Gurse Capture of Esthiol 4. Lucerne Main Camp 5. Clune Capture of Queltiol 6. Violet Dragon Capture of Tower of Westian 7. Battle of Westian

Westian was a large town, but from the very beggining they were finding themselves locked in a harder and harder position.
Jack Shephard

House Shephard took the lead on the invasion of Westian during the Invasion of Westbridge, and this was an important moment for them as of the major towns south ofWestbridge the largest by far was Westian. Westian was a large town of nearly 47,000 people which was much larger then the other two towns that were required to be taken before Westbridge fell, and with most other houses committed to other things the task fell to House Shephard and its vassals and sworn houses to take the town. Christian Shephard gathered his family alongside his vassals leaderships and they met inside the House Shephard estates as they knew they were going to be late to arriving to the town as there forces were west near Castle Stragnarax and thus would be delayed. While they planned it was deemed by Christian that he would take charge of the attack, and that Jack, and the younger Taylor would form the next tier of the leadership planning. When John Shephard asked what his role would be the powerful Christian took the chance to take a shot at his brother when he told him that he would remain behind and stand as the regent of Gulltown until he returned.

Noble House Leader of force Size of Forces
House Shephard Christian Shephard 13,000 Men At arms, 670 Knights
House Kilgor Poldi Kilgor 4,300 Men At Arms, 120 Knights
House Scorpian Maron Scorpian 6,700 Men At Arms, 320 Knights
House Kane Reginald Kane 5,900 Men At Arms, 220 Knights
Westian Rebellion Christian Shephard 8,000 Outside City, 3,500 Inside City
Order of the Violet Dragon Thaleon Von Proveer 3 Cloaks, 32 Whelps

The call from Willaim for involvement had meant that nearly every house in the area was more then prepared to join with House Shephard and their forces massed for several weeks at Gulltown where the plan was to have everyone leave together. When the forces of House Shephard and their vassals were finally gathered together outside of Gulltown they left nearly four days after the rest of the Lucernians but due to their control of Gulltown they were able to use ships to move most of their forces eastward landing south of Stormwind and then making their march north. While the forces of House Shephard were marshelling and moving north it was Thaleon Von Proveer that was moving among the ranks of the Westian nobles and non-nobles forming a rebellious element within the area with the help of his cloaks Annelie Westheimer, Ernst Havenstein, and Mikael Fichtner. The Malfoy commander in the area was a man named Xavier Delcroix and had followed the commands of House Malfoy when he took the position and had forced extreme taxes, and punishments on the people of the area, and only the corruption of Lord Francis Gripper who allowed the excesses of the Deatheaters in return for being made quite wealthy, and due to all this the people of the area were very open to the words of Thaleon and his men. While Ernst and Mikael worked on expanding the rebellious forces of the area it was Thaleon, Annelie, and ten Whelps that moved against the Tower of Westian which located in the mountains north of Westian had to be taken in order to stop Westian from being able to warn the Westbridge forces. Attacking the tower they found light defenses and killed all those with malfoy colors but imprisoned those with non-malfoy colors and then entered the tower where they found a Death Eater in the form of Renaud Couturier and ambushing the Magi they took him hostage which signaled the capture of the tower which they then made as their base of operation in the area.

Preparing the Siege

House Kane

It was shocking the level of rebel support we had in the area. Considering that House Gripper wasn't a tyrant I wondered immediately how many rebels would be waiting at Westbridge.
Jack Shephard

When they arrived at the outskirts of Westian the forces of House Shephard outside of House Kane would begin their planning for the surrounding of Westian, and in this regard they begin sneaking small groups of troops to locations north and west of Westian while they awaited House Kane to arrive in the east. While surrounding Westian it was Sawyer Shephard that would take a small group of knights and dressed as merchants they would enter Westian where they would stay in the Estate of House Tarin of whom under Orival Tarin III. had turned against the Malfoys and had through this joined with the forces of Lucerne.

Mistaken Landings

House Kane

While doing this the first mistake of the siege would begin when the sworn house in the form of House Kane who had used ships to move along the coast landed too far north, and while attempting to march south towards their objective of eastern Westian they were spotted by scouts from Westian. Reginald Kane following the mistaken landing by his forces at the Siege of Westian would suffer a nervous breakdown and without his sister to advise him on what to do he would order his forces to attack the town of Whestianol but after this he handed command over to his son Hargon Kane II. and returned to the ships where he remained for the remainder of the Siege of Westian. Now under the command of Hargon Kane II. he commanded they send cavalry against the scouts but a close chase they were unable to stop the scouts who entered Westian warning the town of Lucerne's arrival. Hargon despite seeing no value in attacking Whestianol he would follow his fathers command and launched the Battle of Whestianol, while at the same time he sent word to the main force about what was happening in the area of Whestianol. Rebel forces had been concentrated at Whestianol and thus the town fell with relative ease but its capture was not meant to have happened but with their discovery House Kane believed they had to block the port and the road of which both were easy access for Whestianol. This moment through the entire operation into jeopardy and could have foiled the entire attack on Westbridge if not handled properly. Because of their discovery during the preparation for the siege they had been forced to set sentries all across the outside of the town stretching their might throughout the entire breathe of the town so that they could shoot down any ravens that attempted to warn Westbridge that they were coming. The fact that they were overstretched meant that the defenders could see this and over the course of the first day the defenders begin making sorties out of the gates to which became a larger and larger problem as the day went on. It was at this point the sorties would discover the large number of vassals of Westian that had joined the Lucernian attack, and this was reported back to the defense commander in Goren Doer of whom would begin executing people on the walls as a sign to not betray the Malfoys.

Thaleon Von Prover Cover.jpg
They continuesly throughout the day tried to break our encirclement, but they were hopelessly outnumbered.
Jack Shephard

Towards the end of the day the siege machines were finally completed and where the attack was not supposed to damage or kill to much of the city and its people they now no longer had a choice in the matter. Doren Doer attempted two sorties against the main concentration of siege machines, but he specifically used those forces that he worried were not loyal to the Malfoy's and while the first attack got close before being repulsed the second attack would surrender to the Lucernians and lose without causing anything close to a hit against the siegers.

First Salvo

Noteable Attackers Affiliation
House Shephard
House Scorpian
House Kilgor
Order of the Violet Dragon
I watched the Scorpians, and they were nearly giddy as the siegmaster came and told us the gates were going down within minutes.
Jack Shephard

The first shot fired by the siege machines changed the way in which the battle was meant to go as no longer was this a peaceful annexation this was a full blown siege that was happening. The siege machines fired for the next three days and then paused during the night of the third day and while they paused the Lucernians looked at the fact that their were several holes in the walls now and two of the gate, along with several towers were close to collapse. It was decided by Christian that they would level the southern gate, and towers and then overwhelm that area with their forces. While this was happening the rebels that Thaleon Von Prover had cultivated inside of Westian begin to openly attack the defenders during the night in coordinated attacks all across the town. Thaleon Von Prover would lead his Order of the Violet Dragon forces in infiltrating the personal keep of House Doer of whom was one of the staunchest House Malfoy houses in the entire region, and thus couldn't be allowed to survive the fighting. Thaleon Von Prover and the other assassins would murder their way into the compound using the rebel attacks as a distraction, and they would be able to capture the compound and kill the entire Doer family. Following this the rebels would take control of the compound, and barred the gates shooting anyone that came near causing a huge problem for the defenders. The fighting would continue for the rest of the night, and the next day when the sun begin to shine the outside Lucernians were greeted with the southern gates opening and a single man walking out.

Things Change

Taylor Shephard.jpg
We had no idea what the point of the messenger would be, but after the success we had already had I couldn't see a scenario where they kept fighting.
Jack Shephard

The defenders led by House Gripper sent a messenger to the defenders in order to discuss what was happening, and when he arrived Jack Shephard was the one to speak to him alongside his cousin in Charlie Shephard. They told the messenger that they didn't want to damage the city they simply wanted to take control and that nothing would change for them except they would be under better rule without House Malfoy. During the conversation they learned that House Gripper's only son and heir to his house had been killed during the early breakout attempts and that the Lord of Westian was now prepared to have the whole city burn down before he gave it up to the murderers of his son. Jack Shephard would attempt to see if there could be any compromise made and he learned from the messenger this was impossible as the Lord of House Gripper was commanding the setting of barrels of oil that he was going to light in his plot to burn the city to the ground. 

Horen Gripper.jpg
We had been commanded to have House Gripper remain in command of Westian, but the death of Horen Gripper had ended their will to survive it seemed. The Lord of Westian had lost himself in grief and was ready to burn the city down by all accounts. From inside the city we had destroyed House Doer and due to that the main ones who would have been able to resist the madness were now wiped out, creating a scary situation.
Jack Shephard

With this in mind they delayed for a time while the command of House Shephard got together to plan how they were going to proceed. Knowing they were going to be in serious trouble if somehow House Gripper survived this they knew first and most importantly during the fall of the city that entire house had to be killed, and as they discussed who would be responsible for this Maron Scorpian stood up and said that his house would take the lead on this. Thaleon Von Proveer was contacted along the wall using flag messages and from this he would organize the rebels and his assassins to be prepared for the attack to come that day. House Kane was commanded a special mission as well as they were commanded to find and protect the members of House Tarin inside the city as House Tarin was decided to be the next Lord of the House since House Gripper refused to be reasonable. With the plan in place the next day the armies of House Shephard watched as the siege machines tore apart the gate, and towers of the south and left a giant series of holes throughout the southern half of the town. While there were some defenders still on the wall the rebel attack the previous day, the large number of defections and the retreat of House Gripper into their personal compount meant that the walls were a skeleton crew. With the gap open they moved through it and while taking casualties getting through they broke the defenders and made their way inside the town where they found most of the resistence was now formed by House Gripper's personal elite gaurd and the rest of the houses, and defenders were throwing their weapons down and surrendering of which all were accepted.

Ending of House Gripper

Bloody business was House Gripper. One of those times where you knew what had to be done, but it didn't make it easy to do it.
Jack Shephard

While House Shephard and House Kilgor moved throughout the town securing its main locations, the two other houses in House Scorpian and House Kane went about their specific missions. House Kane located the members and leadership of House Tarin very quickly and arriving at the estate they would be greeted as liberators of which led to the easy taking of the estate and it being brought under heavy guard to protect them thereby quickly finishing their task. House Scorpian moved directly towards the House Gripper estate where they met heavy resistance from the last of the House Gripper military who appeared to be engaging in a last stand to protect their lord and his family. Making their stand at the gatehouse leading into the estate they were slowly picked apart by the massive numbers brought to bear by House Scorpian, and finally defeated as Faril Scorpian led a group over the walls behind their lines and fell on the gatehouse killing the last members of the guards. The last stand having now failed and with his orders to follow Maron Scorpian led his soldiers inside the estate where they proceeded to go room to room killing every member of House Gripper including women and children.

Maryl Gripper Large.jpg
I don't know why I did it. I know it was the right thing to do, but this was war. I had killed many men that day, and yet here I was staring at this broken young girl and I couldn't stand the thought of killing anymore.
Evin Scorpian

As they prepared to leave the estate the young member of House Scorpian in Evin Scorpian discovered a beautiful young women hiding beneath a bed, and when he approached her and asked her name she begin crying and he knew she was a member of House Gripper. He knew she must die but he didn't have the heart to do it so he told her to stay quiet and hidden and then he left quickly to another room where he found a body of a House Scorpian soilder and dragged him into her room. Seeing the dead body she wanted to cry more but he covered her mouth and told her to change into his clothes so that she could escape. She relunctantly followed his words and changed, and then once changed she followed him out of the burning estate, and through the wreckage of the family she loved. Unknown to Evin Scorpian was the fact that while he was changing her they were being watched by Tobias Henkel of whom would report back to Thaleon that Evin had allowed a member of House Gripper to survive. This would be kept as silent information as they wanted to make sure that she was wanted dead or whether she could be married and thus kept alive as further ammunition for the control of Westian by Lucerne.

Wading through Death
Elize Scorpian2.jpg

With the estate in tatters and believing with sadness that the killing was done Faril went outside to meet with Evin of whom he proceeded to insult before telling him that Maron their father had told him to make sure that he checked inside the estate to see what the real family had done. As he entered the estate he walked from building to building seeing the endless parade of dead bodies he was horrified at what his family had done, and as he prepared to walk into one of the last houses he felt a hand on his shoulder. When he turned around to look he saw that it was Elize whose hand was on his shoulder and while her face was somewhat covered with blood, and her personal armor was covered with it as well she looked at him with a smile that made him feel loved, but at the same time sad for how disturbed she had become. She pulled him into a hug which made him forget for a moment where all the blood that covered her had come from, and he allowed himself to simply enjoy her embrace and forget the violence. As she hugged him she whispered in his ear and they had a conversation that would prove critical in their later days of which was encircled by her final words.

"Don't get to upset that you can't go in that house. Don't dwell on that because when your pained by that your ignoring the more deadly question which is what kind of person could go into that house."

-Elize Scorpian

Maryl Gripper
Maryl Gripper Large1.jpg

As they prepared to leave the estate the young member of House Scorpian discovered a beautiful young women hiding beneath a bed, and when he approached her and asked her name she begin crying and he knew she was a member of House Gripper. He knew she must die but he didn't have the heart to do it so he told her to stay quiet and hidden and then he left quickly to another room where he found a body of a House Scorpian soilder and dragged him into her room. Seeing the dead body she wanted to cry more but he covered her mouth and told her to change into his clothes so that she could escape. She relunctantly followed his words and changed, and then once changed she followed him out of the burning estate, and through the wreckage of the family she loved. As she followed him out of the wreckage he saw his sister Elize walking quickly towards him, and he knew that she knew that he was up to something. She walked over and pulled Evin and Maryl into a small house that was nearbye. She attempted to find out for what reason Evin would protect this girl, and he couldn't give her an anwser but when Faril entered the house to find out what they were doing she lied to Faril and told him that she was just congratulating Maryl - of whome she passed off as a random soilder - on her work during the massacre. When Faril bid Maryl to speak Elize spoke up again and said that she had cut off the soilders tongue during an argument, and this was enough to finally get Faril to leave the house and give them a chance to talk about things. Despite her obsessive love for Evin Elize promised to keep the girl safe and make sure they were able to get her back to Lucerne but once there she made sure that Evin understood that she couldn't stay with him or else her kindness would be overriden by her love for Evin. With that she walked up to Evin and gave him a passionate kiss before walking back out. When she left Maryl spoke for one of the first times when she asked Evin who that women was, and she was shocked when Evin said that it was his sister.

Battle of Yerness



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For the Invasion of Westbridge to be a success the Lucernian army had to do something about the threat of the large Westbridge which was anchored in the massive fortress of Yerness. Yerness Island was basically a massive port on the south of the island which contained the vast majority of the Westbridge fleet, and then four large castles at the north, west, east, and center of the island with the most powerful being the center fortress called Castle Yernede. Controlling Yerness would also mean the difference between an easy boat ride for rienforcements in the cast that the battle drug on for days or longer, so it became clear that Yerness could not be ignored and needed to be taken. The difficult task of taking Yerness fell upon House Swan, alongside its vassals in House Clegane, House Yernese, and House Black along with many of their sworn houses. In order to actually take the fortresses their were several options.

Option A: They could use the Lucernian Fleet and land on top of the actual Fortress of Yerness from the south. This was a very risky option as the fortress was heavily gaurded from this angle, and if they were spotted they would have no means of laying siege as they would simply be wiped out.

Option B: They could go up the eastern side of the Rhine River and then use hundreds of small boats to ferry their troops to the island itself. This option would allow for them to put the fortress under siege, as the only means of stopping an attacker from landing on the eastern side was the small Castle Menmont controlled by House Menmonet. This castle was under construction after a brief civil war in the house had heavily damaged it.

In the end Option B was chosen by House Swan, and they along with the rest of the army travelled north to Lorderon where they took boats as far north as possible before travelling on foot to the eastern bank of the Rhine.

Castle Menmont2.jpg

Castle Menmont

The broken Castle Menmont was of vital importance to the defence of Yerness as a whole but the calls for resources to rebuild the castle from Westrbridge had met with nothing and thus they had to do it all themselves and for this reason the rebuilding, and repairs were drastically behind schedual. House Clegane led by Mathew, and his brother Hedrik led the initial boats across the waters and they quickly eliminated the sentries that watched the water for anyone coming across. With the sentries eliminated the other houses landed on the banks of the castle except for House Black of whome landed farther north and would be taking control of the small village of Downden as the base of operations for their siege of Yerness.

Battle of Yerness Stage 1.png

Taking the Castle

Matthew, and Hedrik Clegane led their forces into the depths of the castle, as they planned to move from within while the forces led by Charlie, and his nephew Brody Swan would lead House Swan, alongside House Yernese in a breakthrough of the castle itself. With the sentries down the castle had minimal defences that late at night, and thus the forces broke through all over the place with minimal casualties, but House Swan ran into a problem when Jordin Menmont barred the front gate of the keep and thus blocked them into the courtyard which they now had near complete control over. Without siege weapons they attempted to find other ways in but basically waited for House Clegane to complete their side of things. Matthew and Hedrik moved with their small force inside the castle completed unaware to House Menmont who as Hedrik moved into the throne room was preparing to send Ravens away to warn the rest of the island. A struggle broke out between the remaining gaurds and the overwhelming forces of House Clegane who was now inside their walls. Hedrik Clegane watched as Vormin Menmont slew two men by himself and made his way over to the old fighter. Vormin Menmont was a well known fighter, and looking at him was looking at a large man covered completely in armor leaving little weakenesses open to an enemy. As the two fought Vormin found himself a true match but as they continued to fight the rest of House Menmont surrendered around them after members of House Clegane unbarred the gate and allowed in the rest of House Clegane, and House Swan. Even with his house surrending around him Vormin continued to fight and despite Hedrik`s offer to stand down Vormin refused, and thus after a few more minutes of fighting Hedrik slew Vormin through a slash across the neck which was the only place not covered by armor.With this House Menmont surrendered and Castle Menmont along with House Menmont were not under Lucernian authority.

House Yernese.png


When House Black arrived with their near five hundred men on the outskirts of Downden they moved quickly into the village and took the entire village under their control. With the village under their control they sent word to Castle Menmont that the next stage was ready to begin. Everything went according to plan in Downden up until the point where Aldo Yernese the Patriarch of the House who was an old man fell down a hill and died upon hitting the bottom. For House Yernese this could have thrown the entire operation into disaster but instead Volker Yernese quickly gathered the troops together along with their sworn houses and made sure they all knew everything was fine, and that he would lead the house effectively. With Volker Yernese now in command of the house he quickly set about burrying his father on the hill he had died on, and then he begin preparing his force to move south and meet with House Clegane for the attack on Castle Yernede.

Battle of Yerness Stage 2.png


With Castle Menmont taken the forces of House Swan moved completely unhindered towards their next goals. House Black moved with its sworn houses towards Castle Irinsi where they waited for a small fleet to arrive before they would hit the castle during the next night. House Mangles broke off from House Black and moved between Castle Yerness, and Castle Yernede and from here they would attempt to stop anyone from making it towards Castle Yerness. House Clegane moved towards Castle Yernede and through the day they spent the day surrounding the Castle from all sides, and constructing siege machines, and defences for their archers. Archers were placed throughout to stop any Ravens that attempted to get away. While this was going on House Swan made a coast line boat ride towards the port of Yerness where they prepared to take the Port from the front where it had no business being suprised in. While House Swan moved in this direction ten ships from the Lucernian Navy moved towards the port and prepared to make sure no boats were able to sail away.

Attack on Castle Yerness

Siege of Castle Irinsi

Port of Yerness.jpg

Taking of the Port of Yerness

"The Port of Yerness was the resistence on the island of Yerness. The moment that port went down every single defender on the island understood their island had fallen."
-Charlie Swan

With basically every settlement in the entire island of Yerness under the control of the forces of House Swan they would prepare for one of the final attacks when House Swan ambushed the port of Yerness from the front, and a major seaborne attack as well. The entire attack waited until night had come, and by this point the defenders still had no idea that anyone was taking the island from them and because of this they were unaware for such large numbers to attack them. The Lucernian Navy would make their way into the port using no lights on the boats to conceal their movements and once they were inside the port they dislodged the forces of House Crakehall, and House Dogget of whom quickly took control of the port area, and House Crakehall led by Jonas Crakehall would take control of the keep from which a great massacre of the defenders in the keep would awaken the town to the attackers.

House Crakehall was forced to fight a desperate fight over control of the gates into the port

Capturing the Gate

"House Dogget's supreme failure to silently take control of the keep led to my forces being bogged down in a fight we didn't want to be invovled into."
-Jonas Crakehall

After the massacre at the keep and the raising of the alarm House Dogget was forced to deal with a growing number of defenders of whom were making a stubborn defence of the central and southern gate to such an extent that the attack on the central gate was so fierce that they were forced to pull back. Once they had pulled back a small force led by Garon Dandrill would hold the central gate defenders in place while the remainder of House Dogget moved against the southern gate. The southern gate was already hard pressed to defend themselves, and with this influx of attackers they were pushed out of the gatehouse or killed. House Dogget was able to gain control of the southern gate, and from here the forces of House Swan would swarm into the town, and with the control of the keep the entrance, and the waters the defenders surrendered all across the port.

Siege of Castle Yernede

The City

Benjamin Ordos.jpg

Operation Blinding Light

One of the largest and most daring of the sections of the Invasion of Westbridge was the fact that a large part of the overall invasion relied on the attack on the northern section of the city of Westbridge by the Order of the Blue Dragon. The Order of the Blue Dragon had built itself to a level where it now had four hundred trained Magi of which were all grouped into sections of the Order each with specific goals in mind. Unlike the rest of the Army attacking Westbridge the Order of the Blue Dragon left for Westbridge the day after Andrew ordered their part of the invasion. A small group of Conjuration Magi left quickly and when they arrived a week later they summoned a portal from which the entire Order of the Blue Dragon managed to make themselves through. The fact that they were so far ahead of the rest of the force meant that they had more time to prepare themselves for the coming attack. While the Azure Lords planned things out they had the Illusion Lord in the form of Benjamin Ordos scout out the inside of the northern Gate alongside the members of his Illusion Faction. Over the course of several days the Illusion Magi were able to scout out the entire northern section and from this they were able to discover the large weakenesses that existed in its defences. Where there were strong points they pushed this information towards the Order of the Violet Dragon who were then able to silently remove certain gaurds from duty through killing, or capturing them and hiding them in secret locations.

Lord Voldermorte.jpg


Voldermorte had already been heavily talked about by high command but the main problem was that everyone just said that he needed to be driven away and that was fine and good but the problem of actually getting him away from the region north of the city was the difficult part. It was learned from the Order of the Green Dragon of whome had spies within Voldermortes ranks that the Dark Lord enjoyed staying north of the city where he continuesly used his Magi powers to pester the ally of Hogwarts in the Kingdom of Dowenshire, and the Kingdom of Heathfall. This meant that he was not actually inside Westbridge but at that range he would be close enough that he would be able to reach Westbridge in a matter of less then a day which would not give the Order of the Blue Dragon enough time to secure the northern Gate in case something went wrong. In order to drive him away from this place it was devised that the Order of the Blue Dragon would work alongside the Order of the Green Dragon, and the rebels that had been founded by the Order of the Violet Dragon in order to push information to Tom Malfoy that Hogwarts was planning on creating an alliance with several of the regions small kingdoms in order to destroy his ability to attack Hogwarts. In this way Heathfell, and Dowenshire were going to come under heavy assault, but both were well prepared for this, and were being told to hide themselves in their fortresses for the time of the siege.

The Southern Gate

While the Invasion of Westbridge was split into many different sections with the forces of House Scott, and House Shepard attacking the two major towns south of Westbridge. While they did this House Lannister, and House Starke prepared to invade the main island by use of the Lucernian fleet in the dark of night, of which their attack would corespond with the attack of the main force on the south gate, and the Order of the Blue Dragon on the northern Gate. With all this in wait House Swan would invade Yerness which would block any relief from coming south from the Westbridge forces north of the town, as well as stopping Voldermorte from coming south by boat. While this happened House Lovie moved north towards the Westbridge town of Margrove which had before the battle had started been assumed to be a minor town but information flooded into the high command that Margrove had been fortified by House Pollen and it would now be a major obsticle for the movement northwards. William knew that he didn't have time to besiege the city so he left behind House Scarlet and gave them the charge of taking Margrove and then holding the town until the Invasion was over. The vast army would then surround the completely unprepared city, and once the defenders knew how many were around them they hunkered down for a siege and waited for reinforcements. Only a few hours after surrounding the city House Lovie and the majority of the force would depart and leave House Scarlet, Mien, and Fraizen in charge of continueing the siege.

Leven Martell3.jpg


As the massive army moved northward towards Westbridge they passed through numerous villages of which the majority would immediatly surrender to them, but two were forced to be taken after they resisted the movement of the army through them. As they arrived in the vicinty of Westbridge the army would make camp in the forests surrounding the southern Gate. The Martells fought beside the main army as it moved towards the southern gateway of Westbridge, and as they camped out during the day in the forest Leven got the chance to see William Lovie again for the first time in a long time. During most of the day the men were resting so that they would be ready for the night attack, but William was constantly on the move visiting the different house leaders, and their actual meeting took place when William came to the Martell part of the camp to meet with Doran Martell who he assumed would be leading the force, but when he arrived at the command tent to find the three Martell sisters looking over the battle plans and talking furiosly over the plans. When they finally noticed that he was their flanked to his right by Jasper Hale, and to his left by Draco Highmore they watched panicked for what his reaction would be to the realization that Doran wasn't leading the force but instead it was his three young daughters. Instead of anger he looked to his two friends and begin laughing before walking to the table and discussing with them the upcoming battle. House Martell would be responsible for moving forward a few hours before the rest of the army and operating along the east shore of the gatehouse and during the attack they would board hundreds of small boats and land the boats along the bridge behind the forces. In order for this to sucede word was sent to the Order of the Violet Dragon to make sure that the lighting along this part of the bridge was taken out, and ropes were layed out so that the troops could actually get up to the bridge as it was raised nearly fifteen feet above the water with no way on except on the islands or the gatehouse. As the group disperced, Leven stepped forward towards William and she made a note of how quickly Jasper moved to shield the prince from what he must have deemed as a hostile gesture from Leven. Instead of hostility she wished to speak to him, and he was basically done for the day so he said that she could follow him to his tent and they could discuss old times.

Growing up

Leven Martell2.jpg

As she followed him back to his tent she had a moment to watch how much he had changed. Where once he had been wild and charismatic in a way that made you feel used but at the same time want to, he was now kinder, and his charisma was a gentle thing that seeped off him and instead of feeling like their was a nefarious reason behind the kind words now he seemed to truly care. She watched as he greeted everyone that he walked by, and when they finnally reached his tent they moved through the numerous gaurds, and entered his inner room. Inside the room she wondered what would happen but she was suprised when he let out a sigh and slumped down on a chair. She laughed at the moment before joining him in the seat beside him, where she gave him a moment to relax before they begin talking. They laughed and joked and the feelings that Leven had for him returned just as strong as they had once been, and as the conversation got later she begin to plan to attempt to seduce him. This plan changed when they begin discussing his children, and when she heard him discuss them she realized just how far he had come. Despite the fact that she wanted him. Despite the fact that she was still in love with him, she knew that she couldn't do it. Even if she believed that she was capable of seducing him she didn't have the heart to do it to him considering everything he had become. So without that in mind she ended up falling asleep in his room with perhaps the first true friend she had ever had.


House Arryn5.jpg

While Andrew was busy with the Martells Jasper Hale was busy at work completing the taks that he had been ordered to do by William of which mainly consisted of making sure that House Arryn was on track towards their part of the operation which was of great importance. During this he was accompanied by Emmett who believed that he could make the situation less uncomfortable and actually get something done. While the main force attacked the gate castle, the forces of House Arryn would attack the small port/town of Vlasnia that harbored to the west of the gatehouse. A relatively heavily defended section of Westbridge this was of supreme importance that this be taken quickly by House Arryn otherwise the heavy artillery that was in place inside the port. Because of the damage taken by House Arryn's leadership caste it was the decision of Byron Arryn that he not lead the force and thus House Arryn and its vassals were being led into battle by Martin Arryn and his son Derek, and his niece Spencer Arryn of whome was known to be there by Martin but most others thought she was a mercenary hired by the Arryns to offset their losses. Jasper would spend much of the night discussing the plans for the next day with the Arryns and he would find a suprising intelligence in Derek Arryn, and he would make a note in his memory to make sure that William knew of this mans potential. When this was over he and Emmett would leave the command tent of House Arryn and return to their respective Houses where they would be leading their respective attacks. For Jasper that meant he would be fighting alongside his best friend William Lovie as a member of the Praetorian Gaurd, while Emmett would be truly bringing the growing forces of House McCarty to the forefront with his assistence.

The Final Moments
Southern Westbridge Gate.jpg

During the next day their was an almost awkward silence that fell over the massive army, and nearly the entire command structure of the attacking force as everyone understood that night would signal the attack they had all been preparing for and obsessing over for the past week. During the day House Arryn would silently march its way out of the main camp alongside House Heard, House Krinner, and House Dorin where the would prepare for their invasion of Vlasnia. With their departure William Lovie begin to create a buzz as he once again spent the afternoon visiting as many of his troops and commanders as he could, and it was during the final few hours that he would order the beggining of the attack. When dusk hit he ordered that House Martell led by three daughters would move forward and conseiled in the forest move to the east of the fortress and prepare to board the boats they had made for the purpose of their attack behind the lines. As the Martells left William Lovie would say one last goodbye to his friend Leven Martell, before preparing the main force for the attack on the gate. House Lovie, and House Faraday alongside the Order of the Red Dragon would form the main attack along the castle while the forces of House Jackson, House Cullen, and House Vaith would attack along the flanks of the castle using heavy artillery to shield their troops who would mainly be using ladders to assail the walls. Alongside this attack would be of cours the House Martell attack which would be assisted as well by the Order of the Violet Dragon who had been busy at work inflitrating the southern gatehouse keep with rebel troops, as well as murdering watch commanders so that the walls would be sparsely defended giving the attackers the most time possible to get on the walls.

The Attack

The Griffin Assault would bring about the fall of the already weakened tower, and keep defences of the southern gatehouse.

All the planning, all the effort we had done, and it all came down to this moment. Either we beat them, or they beat us. It was that simple.
William Lovie III.

The moment that dusk settled on the skies above the army William Lovie gave the order to begin moving to attacking positions. The siege machines were pushed forward in case the siege didn't work according to plan and they were forced to bash their way through while at the same time the hundreds of ladders, and dozens of siege towers were silently pushed forward as well by dozens of oxen. The siege towers were the main thing that might be noticed and thus they were covered with trees and it was hoped that the darkness and the lack of real defenders on the walls would allow the towers to get nearly to the walls before noticed. As the army pushed forward it was the Griffins of House Griffon and the Order of the Red Dragon that first hit the defenders as hundreds of Griffin Riders landed in the towers and within the keep of the southern gate and made a mess of the defenders. By the time William Lovie III., and the other members of the main force had reached the gate Tristifer Griffon had placed the flag of Lucerne on the largest tower, and the front gate was being opened by other Griffin Riders.

It was the first time we had truly used the Griffins in this role, and they provided more then I think even we thought they could. I worried they would be shot out of the sky, but they were able to move quick enough and come from a high enough angle that the enemy was blind to them until it was too late.
Tristifer Griffon

Tristifer Griffon and his Griffon Riders had broken the defenders and opened the gates allowing the massive force inside the walls, and they proceeded to mop up the remaining defenders of the southern gatehouse. Leaving the southern gatehouse and making their way towards the bridge spanning the mainland to the real city of Westbridge William would stop the army momentarily and await the flags of the rebels to go up on the other side of the bridge. When the flags didn't go up initially there was fear it had failed for the rebels, but a few minutes later the flags went up and the entire main force begin moving across the bridge spilling into the main island.

The Fleet Arrives

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"This would be the first time that we would be asked to work together since the War against Gondor. During that conflict both sides had not worked together at all and had basically moved however they wanted in order to take as much land for their respective house. This time we were being shuttled by the new Order of the Red Dragon and thus we would be landing where the commanders had decided it was best to land."
-Robb Starke

Eddard Starke was the leader of the Starke forces that were assembled to take part in the Invasion, and he along with House Lannister was tasked with using the ships that had been constructed to land on the two islands that existed in Westbridge. On the lead up to the campaign it was members of the Kreigs Marine that were brought in as mediators for the two sides that despised eachother and basically tasked with making sure that they worked together for the good of the invasion. Eddard and his council met with Tywin, and his council at the Port of Stormwind where there armies were camped west of and together over the course of two days they decided on the best course of action. They decided to land the majority of their troops on the main island, while they split their vassals, and banner houses into attacking the individual islands that dotted Westbridge city so that there would be no holdouts left. On the day of the invasion Eddard relunctantly led his forces along with House Lannister on to the boats of the Kreigs Marine fleet, and they sailed up the river Rhine to coincide with arrival during the night.

"When we stopped for the night at Kul Tiras you knew there was going to be trouble if everyone wasn't seperated so sadly enough the fleet split into the two sides with the Starke's landing in Boralus, and the Lannisters landing in Drisburg."
-Daelin Proudmoore

The fleet would stop for a night in Kul Tiras where they were forced to split in half so that there wouldn't be any trouble. While there Eddard Starke would meet with Daelin Proudmoore who took him throughout the capital of Kul Tiras and told him of the lands, while in Drisburg the Lannisters made little contact with the Kul Tiras people and stayed mainly on the boats. As they left it would be the next day that they would land on the islands once they got the sign that the city was under siege by the flags that House Lovie would

Invasion of Westbride Fleet.jpg

plant on the towers of the southern gate, as well as a message arriving from a griffon of the Luftwaffe. On a normal occasion their boats would have been discovered by the Westbridge lighthouses that were located throughout the islands, and this would have led to the fleet of Westbridge ships launching to stop them, but the lighthouses were taken out of commision by the work of the Order of the Violet Dragon and thus Westbridge was blind to the ships movements. This would be the first time that the fleets of the Kreigs Marine would be used in this manner, and the hundreds of ships litterly packed themselves on the River with many ships litterly bumping into eachother because of their close proximity. The Fleet would plant anchor within range of the island, and all throughout the night the men on board waited for the flags to be raised and the griffon to arrive. When the Griffon arrived and the flags were raised the Kreigs Marine moved its ships to land on the main island.

The North Islands

House Baratheon1.jpg
"It was the first time many of my men had seen real combat since the conflict with Gondor, and there was some worry that they would panic under the pressure that was surely going to come our way."
-Robert Baratheon

The attack on the northern islands was mainly an attack on the small wall estate that controlled the largest island, and its walls were small enough that the ships dropping them off would only need to make a few small holes in the wall in order for the troops to be able to spill into the estate and quickly take control of the island. The defenders were controlled by House Brand who controlled several vassals on the northern islands and was well fortified in the estate, but its vassals had been silenced by the Order of the Violet Dragon greatly weakening their defences. The troops landed on the islands without much problems but a gaurd on the wall noticed their arrival as they spilled into the homes of the people of the northern island, and when this happened the bells went off, and the estate became aware of the attack. As Randyll Tarly led his forces into the breaches created by the ships the combined vassals of House Starke made simple work of the few defenders that had managed to wake themselves up in the middle of the night. As they broke the ranks of the defenders it was Dickon Tarly that dueled Ryan Brand the heir of House Brand and defeated him but spared his life, and this caused a general surrender of the House Brand forces and the northern islands with it.

The Southern Island

Hanzal Reyne.jpg
"I had been told by the Order of the Violet Dragon that the defenders of the southern islands were mainly kept in line by the defenders of House Rangold of whom were very rich and powerful. I knew the right of control, and if I was able to best the leader of the house, and then he was knighted by me I would gain them as a Sworn House. The taking of the southern Islands were never in question once William captured the southern gate, so I knew my main purpose had to be taking control of House Rangold."
-Hanzal Reyne

The Southern Islands were heavily populated and even more heavily defended, but its main problem was the fact that House Lovie and the Order of the Red Dragon once they broke the southern gate would be coming at them from the front, while the forces of House Reyne, and House Tarback alongside their sworn houses would be coming in from the relatively undefended rear ranks. As the siege moved to the more heavily defended bridge areas of the southern islands the Kreigs Fleet moved the vassals onto the island, and then proceeded to move towards the main contested areas where they targeted the defenders with their on board archers, and balistas. The members of House Reyne made a straight movement towards the forces of House Rangold, while the remainder of the landed forces captured the southern islands one after another before taking the defenders of the main southern gate from behind and allowing inside House Lovie, and the Waffen Army. House Reyne led by Hanzal made their way into the House Rangold esate and shocked the house by having Haznal challenging the Lord of House Rangold to a duel. The two would fight for some time but Arthur Rangold fell, and prepared to die. Hanzal offered him the choice of death or becoming a sworn house, and Arthur chose to become a sworn house, and thus Hanzal had gained exactly what he wanted with basically no losses.

The Main Island

Jamie Lannister2.jpg
"So many things can go wrong when you attack a fortress using suprise. Maybe they were all aware we were coming, and the moment we got off the boats we would be met by a hail of arrows. Maybe the siege machines would fail and we wouldn't be able to get past the walls. So much could have gone wrong, but when we landed aside from a few strong points they fell without much of a fight."
-Jamie Lannister

While the attacks on the northern, and then southern islands were more easily accomplished it was the main attack on the largest island that would be the most interesting. It was here that the House Malfoy forces led by House Labeouf, and their vassals were the strongest, but it was also here that the forces of the Order of the Violet Dragon had become the most intermingled in the attack. When the forces of House Lannister, and House Starke made their way onto the island carefully planned rebels forces attacked Malfoy forces all across the island, and this was followed by the loyalist vassal houses openly turning against House Malfoy, and thus chaos was brewing behind the main lines as the forces of House Starke, and House Lannister engaged the forces of House Malfoy in the streets. House Malfoy was barely mobile at this point but its commanders were able to atleast launch a defence of the streets, but they were cut down as they were defending against a very well prepared and more numerous oponenet. With the death of several commanders of the defenders the defence collapsed and they begin retreating into the attackers hoping they would be able to surrender, and they were as this was part of the attackers mandate.

Death of Lucius Malfoy

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Snape's arrival and capture of the key northern bridge led to the end of major resistance in the city.

"The town was burning around me, and it seemed hopeless to believe we could survive after the arrival of Severus, and the members of Hogwarts from within our ranks. Nothing to do but wait. Nothing to do but wait and hope my family surivived."
-Lucius Malfoy

With the fall of the final gatehouse into the main city, and the quickly debarking marines from House Starke, and House Lannister the forces remaining under the command of Lucius Malfoy waited for his command, and he ordered them to retreat to the Malfoy Keep for what everyone believed was a last stand. At this moment more then half the remaining men under his command would lay their swords down instead of retreat, and thus Lucius travelled over the bridge with less then thirty men left and ordered the men to prepare for the final attack. With Westbridge fallen to the forces of Lucerne Lucius saw this as his chance to finally die. As his remaining men prepared to die in the last stand, he knew he had to make sure that his son Lucius wasn't going to make the same mistakes that he did. Lucius first went to his youngest son, and the only one left in his family who he felt had any morals left and told him the following.

LUCIUS Malfoy2.jpg

"You must listen to me son. What has happened here was for the best. We are morally bankrupt, and the pain weve caused must be paid for, and I plan on making the first deposit. No matter what happens son never allow vengeance to consume you or elce you will make the mistake my brother made. I love you son."

-Lucius Malfoy

Following this he took out his sword and walked to the center of the bridge connecting the main island to the palace, and stood waiting for the forces of Lucerne to come. His men waited around him horrified but still remaining loyal to the end, and in that moment he ordered them to lay their swords down, and return to stand with his family. After a few minutes Joshua Jackson arrived on the bridge with his men, and told Lucius to stand down and accept the surrender of the city. Lucius just laughed at them and said that his time was over, and if they had any compassion they would end him. Joshua knew something about compassion for the weak, and he ordered his men to stand down while he engaged Lucius in a duel. The two fought and as Draco watched on Lucius was killed by Joshua Jackson, and then released gently into the river.

At the end Lucius Malfoy wanted to escape what he had done, and he got his wish.

"You just never think your hero is going to die. You always assume after reading books, and hearing stories that the hero lives. Either everything I'd ever read, or heard was a lie or my father wasn't the hero. And if he wasn't the hero that means he was the villian. And if he was the villian what does that make me?"
-Draco Malfoy

Joshua would lead his men across the bridge and find the remaining members of House Malfoy and their vassal aristocrats lying on the ground with their swords thrown away. Seeing this he ordered his men to take them into captivity until they knew what to do with them. As the House Shephard men moved to do this, Draco finally came to the conclusion that would change everything. Draco would rise from the rest of the surrendered troops and stand up. His mother would yell at him to lay down, and think about his wife who was in another part of the city, but he had to escape and so he ran from the group and climbed to the top of the House Malfoy keep. Chased by the men of House Shephard and the shouting of his mother he would jump from the ramparts into the water nearly thirty feet down barely missing the rocks. Hitting the water he stayed under as long as he possibly could before hiding under the outcropping of rocks so that none could see him. The Shephard men believed he was dead, and thus he managed to escape but left behind much of his family and his wife and young son.


Fall of Tywin Lannister

Tywin Lannister Fall1.png
He had everything going for him. The wealth. The power. The prestige. Everything a man could have dreamed of when he was young had been attained by Tywin and yet here we stood.
Tyrek Lannister

While the Invasion of Westbridge was in full swing, it was the idea of Tywin Lannister to finally remove Tyrion Lannister from the ranks of House Lannister. Tyrion had begun to acheieve the very thing Tywin had always feared as he became increasingly popular, and that was noteritty. The more people that knew about him, and liked him the more Tywin was forced to accept that Tyrion was actually his son, and that made him have to think about the death of his beloved wife Joanna. Jamie and most of the Tyrion loyalists would be going with the main army, while obviously during the attack there was no place for Tyrion so he had the perfect oppurtunity where there would be little chance of any collateral damage to other Lannisters that mattered to him. Leaving behind his son in regency of Castamere while he was gone he would command several of his more dark servents to infiltrate the Lionsden and murder Tyrion while framing it to look like the Starke`s as to cause more problems between the two.

What a failure those fools made of the act. I had paid a good sum of money to make sure that Bronn character wasn`t going to be around when the deed was done, and yet there he was. I paid even more to make sure Tyrion would die and yet here we are.
Tywin Lannister

The attack failed as Tyrion had been in his study training Tommen Lannister alongside Bronn and when the assassins broke into the room Tyrion and Bronn had left for the balcony briefly to hear what the commotion was. The assassins panicked seeing Tommen and attempted to silence him, and one of Tommen`s cats had its tail stepped on which caused it to scream and this alerted Tyrion and Bronn. Running into the room to find one of the assassins holding Tommen it looked like they were there to kill Tommen and this Bronn charged the group, while Tyrion called out for help from the balcony. As Tyrion reentered the room he was struck across the face with one of the attackers sword and fell to the ground with the mighty gash of the attackers sword. Bronn killed two of the four men, while the other two surrendered and were taken into custody.

Tyrion Lannister Hurt.png
I came home to find my brother broken and near death, and I wanted to know why. Bronn took me to the men responsible, and it was the first time in my life I enjoyed causing that kind of pain in others.
Jamie Lannister

Tyrion became very sick following the cut to his face forcing Tommen to be the regent of Castamere under the tuetelage of his aunt Genna Lannister of whom returned from the Island of Frey to assist Tommen in this time of need. Cersei also begin to plan to leave for Lucerne to care for her son Tommen while Myrcella was planned to return with her as well. While this was happening the Lucernians won the Battle of Westbridge, and following this Jamie, Tywin, and Tyrek Lannister returned to Castamere to the news of Tommen`s assault, and the actions of Joffrey Lannister. Returning to Castamere Tywin would discover the debacle of his attempted assasination and attempted to dig his way out, and it would be as he attempted to do this that Jamie would discover the truth from the assassins through torturing them.


Tywin Lannister Fall.png
There was a blind rage in the eyes of Jamie as he charged out of the tortures room and towards his father. I chased after him with all the speed I had, and still he seemed to move faster. The hate drove him forwards.
Tyrek Lannister

After torturing the assassins Jamie, and Tyrek now knew the truth, and before anyone could say a word Jamie bolted from the room and charged through the halls of the Lionsden and searched for his father in the council chambers where he knew him to be. Finding his father and Eddard, and Brandon Starke he was momentarily shocked by this before he overcame it and charged his father. After a massive confrontation Tyrek would get between the two men and this forced Jamie to let him live, and Tywin would depart the room fleeing his enraged son. Jamie would attempt to one more time confront his father, but found his father had fled the city and was travelling north to Stormwind, and from there he was told his father was planning on staying in Lucerne as the true regent of House Lannister.