Isabella Dololingion
Isabella Dololingion
House Dololingion
Story Role
POV Role None
Appears In Tears of Allemeni
Vital statistics
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Title Official Titles
  • Princess of Zurich
Nickname None
Race Burgundian
Religion Dragonoph
Status Alive
Allegiance Marriage Loyalties
Father Simun Dololingion
Mother Claudile Dololingion
Siblings Full Siblings
Internal Family
Spouse Conrad Carolingion
Children True Born
Isabella Dololingion is the daughter of Simun, and Claudile Dololingion making her a member of House Dololingion.

Conrad Carolingion would be commanded to go to the Dutchy of Aerenia where he is commanded by his father to deal with a several diplomats sent by the Empire of Metrovingia, and during this time he brings his sister Emma and his two best friends in the Alcase noblemen Jared Orsinio and his lover of which the group meets with the Duke of Aerenia and finds out that the Aerenia Dutchy rejected offers of union with the Marolingions and following this the Marolingions traveled to the county of Auxerre where they were now conspiring. Travelling to the County of Auxerre it is Conrad that meets with the Marolingion diplomat and the count of Auxerre and during this meeting things appear to be going well but after the Marolingion diplomat makes a rude comment to Conrad's wife violence begins when Conrad murders the man out of anger leading to a bloodbath in the counts hall which ends with all the Marolingion party dead and the shocked count of Auxerre cowed into support.


Early History

Searching for a Traitor

Main Article : Dragonback Dragon's Dream of 5127

Dragonback Dragon's Dream of 5127
I'm going to tell you a great truth. I believe you are ready to hear it.
Dragon Egg
Something was taken from a place where nothing should be taken from. We need you and Hared to go and find it.
Ageric Welovingion

Following visiting many of the islands and introducing himself to these islands counts and dukes he would return to Zurich where he was met at the docks by his father Lothair and Jared's father Fabin of whom was the king of the Kingdom of Alcase and he was told that he and Jared were being sent to the Caro Dragonback Islands where they would follow the directives of his uncle Count Ageric Welovingion. After spending time with his mother Della of whom clearly knows about his feelings towards Jared he leaves Zurich by boat beliving it to be just himself and Jared he is very excited but discovers that Emma has hidden herself on board the boat and travels with them causing an argument between him and his sister which ends with her revealing his feelings to Jared. Retreating below deck he begins crying believing that everything between himself and Jared is ruined but after several minutes Jared comes down and the two speak with Jared revealing he always knew and this changes nothing with their friendship. Emma comes down as well apologizing for what she had said and the three hug and then go back on board to continue their journey to the Caro Dragonback Islands.

I want you to know Conrad thats not how I see you. I was angry and I lashed out saying the one thing I knew would hurt you. I am truly sorry.
Emma Carolingion
Arriving at the Temple fortress city of Anniviers they are met at the docks by his uncle Ageric Welovingion and his cousin Ebroin Welovingion II. of whom they learn will be going with them and the chapter ends with Ageric revealing their quest will be to find and recover their cousin Ebroin's wife who was lost in the woods and is believed dead by everyone outside of Ebroin. Conrad and Jared are packing some things and discussing the coming journey ahead of them when his uncle comes into the room and asks Conrad to come with him as he has some final things to discuss with him. Following his uncle his uncle doesn't speak just directs him that he has something to show him and as they travel through the grounds of the keep they eventually make their way into a room guarded by several heavily armored knights and entering the room he sees a sole women standing in the room and the room is very large.
Grudonox Human GIf
Asking his uncle what is going on his uncle tells him to find out from the women and confused he speaks to the women of whom reveals to Conrad that she is in fact a dovah but is using Magi to make herself look this way and then she disaspears and a large White Dovah appears. Falling to the ground in shock he hears the voice of the women in his head as he speaks to her through the Dovah means of communication and together he speaks with the dovah and his uncle about the truth of his dragons dream where they reveal in fact it is his cousin Ebroin Welovingion II. that has stolen the eggs and they are menipulating him into taking them to the eggs. Agreeing to still take part the Grudonox says she will be coming but as Ebroin does not know of the true extent of the relationship between Carlingion and the Dovah she will remain in the human female form while flying above and spying for them. Leaving the room he meets with commander Rebin Etrigion of whom will command a company of fifty elite Dragon Knights to assist the Dragons dream. Returning to Jared he tells Jared what he has been told and while discussing this Emma enters the room and had been listening through the door and refuses to be left behind and begins putting on armor and despite them trying to stop her she will not listen and as they leave to join Rebin and the knights she is with them.

Entering the Woods

Emma Carolingion Cover2
You betrayed us all Ebroin. Everyone knows what you did. You have only one chance to survive this. Tell me where the fuck you took the egg and promise you that you will survive this. I promise you that I will let you leave the islands free. Just tell me the truth.
Conrad Carolingion

The group travel into the woods outside of the city and shortly after entering the forest they are set upon by a large force of Trolloc but Grudonox notices them before they can ambush them and thus they form a shieldwall and the Trolloc are massacred and during the fighting Ebroin is knocked out by Rebin who reveals that Ebroin has a Trolloc horn which he blew to attract the Trolloc to them.

Family Members


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