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Isabella Swan
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Story Role
POV Role None
Appears In Lucernian Series
Vital statistics
Born 5106
Title Official Titles
  • Lady of Forks
  • Queen of Lucerne
Nickname Bella
Religion Dragonoph
Status Dead
Allegiance Family Loyalties

Marriage Loyalties

Racial Statistics
Maternal Italian
Paternal Italian
Father Charles Swan Small Icon.jpg Charlie Swan
Mother House Swan Small Icon.jpg Renee Swan
Siblings Full Siblings
Internal Family
Spouse Betrothed


Children True Born

With William Lovie III.

Isabella Swan or Bella Swan is the daughter of Lord Charles Swan, and Renee Swan making her a member of House Swan through her father, and a member of House Yernese through her mother. Bella had one brother in the form of Jacob Swan who was killed during the First Battle of Tree Hill, and following his death she had secluded herself from most friendships she once cherished. Bella Swan would be betrothed to Torbon Mannover II. and while there relationship was never anything outside of friendship due to their age it would end sadly when Torbon died during the First Battle of Tree Hill. She is married to William Lovie III. making her the Queen of Lucerne along with a member of House Lovie. With William she has four children in the form of William, Ashley, Lianna, and Tavlian Lovie III. of whome William is the current heir of House Lovie and during the Rise of Lucerne he is featured several times and appears very close to his half brother Thomas, while young Ashley is still young but has inherited the features of her parents quite noticeably, while Lianna is still a babe around the time of Westros but is old enough to be walking, while Tavlian Lovie III. was never truly alive as he was poisoned by Riley Scott alongside his mother of which the poison killed both of them in a murder that shook the Kingdom of Lucerne.

Bella Swan during her life held the title of Queen of Lucerne making her the second most powerful person in the Kingdom of Lucerne, and her role would be remembered as she uplifted thousands from poverty through donations and also heavily cultivated the growth of farmland in southern Lucerne where many of the most poor were sent as a means of growing themselves.

Isabella Swan would be born the seventh child of her father Charles Swan but at the time of her birth she was the fourth surviving child but remained outside of the line of succession due to her families gender succession laws. When Torbon was twelve and Bella Swan was eleven the two would betrothed and this marriage was one of great value for the two houses and attempting to bond the two together it was Torbon that became a squire under Charlie Swan but the shy Bella Swan treated him kindly but no romance blossomed during their years of growing up together with the only real strong relationship growing between Jacob Swan and Torbon who became best friends. During the Forks Civil War it was Isabella Swan alongside her mother and other younger members of House Swan that were kept within Swan Keep by her father who at this point was paranoid about plots to kill them due to what had happened during the Nicetius Revolt. The Fall of Tree Hill led to the death of her brother, and this was a blow that emotionally she couldn't seem to recover from. A shy girl who didn't have a very eventful life found herself thrust into the limelight once again when she fell in love with William Lovie. When Bella Swan married King William Lovie she became the Queen of Lucerne and in this position she has become very influential amongst the Order of the Dragon. She is often William's first ear when it comes to matters of the Dragon. Considering she was an atheist for the majority of her life this is quite the amazing turnaround. As Queen her marriage to William defined her, and she came to be almost fanatical in her love and devotion to William, and this led to some problems as she came to discover the existence of Brook Scott. Following the discovery of Brooke Scott she came to believe that her role as Queen was to be the best queen she could, but her nearly fanatical love for William meant that her jealously was slowly eating away at her. She would be involved in a long running conflict with Brooke of which she was the more mature of the two with Brooke attempting at the end to kill Bella, and only the unlucky intervention of Flemeth meant that Brooke failed in this mission. Following the death of Brooke it was Bella that watched William somewhat change as he was saddened by the death of Brooke, and Bella contemplated for the first time that she might be the second greatest love of William Lovie. As she realized this fact she begin to spend more time raising the children, and less time in the actual drama of trying to understand what she did wrong to make William love Brooke more, and this led to her becoming very influential in the lives of all of their children including Thomas Lovie of whom she treated as her own. After returning from his attempted reunification with the Dragons she is described as having been locked in her room for days with William during the Alice POV of Westros. As William continued to go into the mountains to see Brooke he would withdraw from her, but was forced back when she found out she was pregnant again, and this led to her to believe that he loved her again. Bella Swan would be poisoned by Riley Scott during the moments before she went into labor, and the poison would cause her to bleed out during the pregency leading to her death, and the death of her child with William. 




My first reaction was an unthinking pleasure. The angelic creature in the barn was indisputably beautiful, every bit as beautiful as Leven, or Obella. She was fluid even in stillness, and her flawless face was pale as the moon against the frame of her dark, heavy hair. Her limbs were smooth and strong, skin glistening subtly, luminous as a pearl.

William Lovie first description of Bella Swan

Bella Swan is described as having a very pale complexion with long, straight, dark brown hair, a widow's peak, unique chocolate brown eyes and a heart-shaped face with a wide forehead. Her eyes are large and widely spaced. Her nose is thin and her cheekbones are prominent. Her lips are a bit too full for her slim jawline. Her eyebrows are darker than her hair and are straighter than they are arched. As such, even before she became a vampire and inherited god-like beauty, Bella was rather pretty, as she unintentionally attracted the attention of several boys in school, not just Edward.


She is very well known for her piercing red eyes, which were caused because she was afflicted with Kranias as a child. She was bullied for this as a child though as people suggested due to rumors that this was caused by murdered her twin of whom must have been being born as well.


Bella Swan was born in Forks and was a member of the Lord House Swan, and through this she felt herself thrust into an attention tornado that she couldn't deal with. Her personality would be defined by this relative nervousness, and this did lead to her being quite withdrawn from the politics of her family for much of her childhood.


Main Article : Timeline of Isabella Swan

Isabella Swan would be born the seventh child of her father Charles Swan but at the time of her birth she was the fourth surviving child but remained outside of the line of succession due to her families gender succession laws.

Early Life

Due to her father's position as Lord her youth was filled with constant luxurious items in her life, as well as a lot of attention from the boys in Forks, as well as prospective suitors older as well. This was a situation that the shy Bella Swan was not even a little comfortable with, and as such she was constantly attempting to find excuses to get out of public forums where she was constantly harassed by suitors.


When Torbon was twelve and Bella Swan was eleven the two would betrothed and this marriage was one of great value for the two houses and attempting to bond the two together it was Torbon that became a squire under Charlie Swan but the shy Bella Swan treated him kindly but no romance blossomed during their years of growing up together with the only real strong relationship growing between Jacob Swan and Torbon who became best friends.

Second Lucernian Purge

Main Article : Second Lucernian Purge

The Second Lucernian Purge
This was a declaration of war against all of us. Today he came for me in Forks. Do not question that tomorrow he comes for you in Tree Hill. The day after he comes for Hillsbrad. This does not end until we stand together and let him know that enough is enough.

Kieth Shwartz1.png

Find out who launched the attack. Find out who helped them. Find out anyone who knew about it. Find them all and kill them.
Kieth Schwartz

The Second Lucernian Purge would begin following the Failure of the Pendant of Cleansing as a damaged James Lovie II. and Vhloraz struggled with the new reality of their situation it was the Circle of Magi that went about attempting to root out the conspirators of the Griffon Roost assassination attempt.

Expanding Conflict

Mildred would make an alliance with Galerius Macrinus where they two would work together with the support of Galerius's ally Atilia Hosidius to gain control of both southern, and Northern Swan and through this attempt to take control of the Grand State.

Invasion of the County of Scheck

Return of the Devils of Nune

Returning to Castle Dedekind after several months in Skane they find the castle is abuzz with movement. Meeting with Burgomaster Brandon Welechk they find out that Landsgrave Jamie Dedekind has travelled to Castle Scheck to assist there as the forces of the Gleckourds have assaulted into Scheck lands. Leaving Reimer to continue leading the main Nune forces its Leofrich that travels to Castle Scheck with Hanzal and a force of a hundred Nune men to assist Jamie Dedekind. Arriving at Castle Dedekind they are unable to enter the castle at first as they are not known men and its only when Simon Dedekind reveals them as loyalists that the tension is lifted. Following meeting with the leadership of House Scheck and House Dedekind its Leofrich and his forces that travel southeast to the fort of Scheckburg.

Skirmish at Scheckburg Fort

Main Article : Skirmish at Scheckburg Fort

Arriving at Scheckburg Fort they discover the fort has already fallen to the forces of the Gleckourd’s and as they attempt to pull back, they are set upon by horsemen. Fighting a skirmish against the cavalry they are defeated and Leofrich flees into the forest accompanied by only four of his men and Hanzal who has taken a bad wound from a spear. The group is forced to move through the forest but has to stop almost continuesly as the cavalry of the Gleckourds continues harassing them. As night comes its Hanzal that succumbs to his wounds and Leofrich is forced to leave him while he and his remaining men of whom are now nearly twenty as they have collected men throughout the day make there way north towards Flechk Hold.

Battle of Blechk Hold

Main Article : Battle of Blechk Hold

Travelling through the night they reach Flechk Hold in the morning but find the hold already under siege and are forced to move westward away from the fighting. Moving westward they arrive at a small Scheck village and realizing that an attack is coming sooner of later they evacuate the village and continue moving westward to Blechk Hold. Arriving at Blechk Hold the Nune forces and the villagers enter the holdfast where they meet with Burgrave Tristan Blechk of whom tells them that unless they are here to fight, they should head northward as his scouts have already seen Gleckourd men on the horizon. Leofrich and his men remain at Blechk Hold as they want revenge and gaining horses for themselves, they move south into the forest. In this move they are joined by some of the villagers and men at arms from the holdfast they prepare to ambush the Gleckourd forces once they arrive.

Skirmish at Eglisheint Fort

Main Article : Skirmish at Eglisheint Fort

Following their defeat of the Gleckourd forces they continue southward towards the Gleckourd fort of Eglisheint Fort where the captured man had indicated a general was located. Arriving at Eglisheint Fort they wait till nightfall with the plan of capturing the general and bringing him to justice. Entering the room of the general they find him sitting at a table with several of what they assume are his commanders and only the general’s son being held by Leofrich’s men keep the general from attacking them. The general taunts them that the government of the Crownlands has given them assistance and realizing that what they did to Nunendorf they now appear to be trying to do in Forks causes Leofrich to demand more information. The general who won’t risk his son being killed reveals the extent of the deals made against the people of Forks by the Crownlands, and during this dump of information reveals that they plan on assassinating Alice Lovie to bring more loyalists to their side when they blame this killing on the Swans.

Battle of Stellermeyer Hold

Detrick Neihas would lead his force to Stellermeyer Hold where he garrisoned the hold and was joined by his wife, son, and daughter at Stellermeyer Hold in an attempt to show the defenders how much they valued the defence of the hold.

The Battle

After several weeks of harassment, and near battles it was Detrick that led his force out of Stellermeyer Hold and engaged the Hosidius-Macrinus force in battle but after initially appearing to gain the upper hand the arrival of Gleckourd reinforcements blocked their retreat and led to a decisive defeat.

Surrender of Stellermeyer Hold

Detrick during the chaos that followed the defeat would be killed on the field of battle, and then in the aftermath of this the rest of the Neihas force surrendered, and while most of the commanders were sent back to Ashtourd it was Fredrick, Larra, and Dara Neihas that were handed over to the Gleckourd forces to save Stellermeyer Hold from being sacked.

Invasion of Western Forks

Siege of Castle Melfinger

Main Article : Siege of Castle Melfinger

Siege of Castle Dorflinger

Main Article : Siege of Castle Dorflinger

The Hosidius Plot

Escape of Alice Lovie

Alice Lovie Cover12.jpg

Think of me what you will. In time all truth comes out. What I am here to tell you is that you are a single choice away from becoming a monster.
Leofrich Nune III.

Arriving at Castle Hosidius its Leofrich that sends in two villagers who say they have friends in the castle. Waiting outside for some time its Leofrich that discusses with several of his knights how much this changes everything for him. He had always believed in his heart that the move against Nunendorf was a move orchestrated by powerful nobles in the capital. If the crown itself was now involved, then just retaking control of Nunendorf would never change things. If this was true, then they had to take actual action against the crown itself. The villagers return bringing with them a citizen of Castle Hosidius and he reveals that the princess is in the capital and was brought in by Paulus Yernese and a force of Yernese men. Infiltrating the castle, they first go to Paulus Yernese of whom is staying outside the keep and thus is the easiest to get to. Finding him on the bottom floor of the apartment he was staying in hes with several of his knights and a few men at arms and thus when they enter a fight almost breaks out. The confrontation between the two groups ends when Leofrich tells him about the true plan which is to kill Alice and with Paulus believing she would survive the plot he decides to assist them. Paulus demands that one of his knights in the form of Canus Ordius and several men at arms accompany the Nune Devils to make sure that Alice has someone nearby that she knows, and then the two group follows Canus as he leads them towards the keep. The Nune Devils remain outside the keep while Canus and one of the men at arms goes into the keep gathering Alice. Waiting outside the keep they can now tell how much of a military buildup is happening in the castle with lines of supplies and weapons stacked all around the inside of the keeps outer courtyard. Canus returns and Leofrich sees Alice is with him, and they begin moving towards the gatehouse. Alice is sitting in her lodgings in Castle Hosidius alongside Eddara, and Adala when a knock on the door interrupts them. Adala answers the door revealing Canus Ordius who rushes in moving directly to Alice. Rushing her to pack her things and prepare to leave its Alice and the girls that demand to know whats going on but Canus says there is no time, and he will explain it once she is safe. Packing quickly, they follow Canus who is himself led by two of his knights as they make their way through the hallways of the castle towards the exit. Reaching the gateway out of the keep they are stopped by a knight and two men at arms of House Hosidius and a confrontation breaks out which leads to a near fight, but a man steps between the two groups and tells them that Paulus, and Atilia Hosidius are waiting for the princess. The Hosidius knight appears frightened of angering Atilia and so lets the groups pass by when Alice vouches for their story. Leaving through the gate she sees a large group of horses and Paulus waiting, and she wants to run to him, but instead remains calm and walks alongside the men. Once they are at the horses none of the men waiting there say anything just telling the girls to get on the horses, and when Paulus whispers for her to do the same she is too scared to do anything but comply. As the other girls get on their horses its Paulus that puts Alice on her horse. As he does this he finally speaks, and he tells her he loves her and that he’s sorry, and before she can say anything he smacks the horse causing it to begin riding with the rest of the group. She turns and watches as Paulus moves back towards the fighting at the gatehouse, and tears fall from her eyes as she regrets not saying she loved him. Getting away from Castle Hosidius she speeds her horse to ride alongside Canus who is talking with the man that defused the argument earlier. Finally finding her courage she commands the men to tell her what is going on, and instead of Canus it’s the man who introduces himself as Leofrich Nune III. that tells her the truth of the whole thing. Shocked that Paulus may have betrayed her she loses her confidence and begins crying leading to her falling back in the group riding beside Adala and Eddara who try to calm her down. As they continue riding its Leofrich that falls back to ride beside her and the two speak for a time. Leofrich tells her about knowing her father, and mother and tells Alice a story of travelling to the capital when word had come in that the king had returned alive from France. He had arrived ahead of the king, and he was in the giant crowd of people that waited in Lower Lucerne for his arrival. When James and the survivors arrived, he remembers crying at the sight of the army. He had felt such hope to see the king again. He remembered the king walking up to him, and like he did to dozens of men that day he hugged him and comforted him over the death of his brother at Lyons.

Siege of Castle Clune

The groups arrival at Castle Clune is met by Landsgrave Luthor Clune as well as Dantmann Friedhelm, and Hochmeister Baldwin. In behind these men Alice also notices several younger girls and one of them who has the cloak of Luthor Clune smiles at her and Alice smiles back. For the first time since they left Hosidius its Leofrich that reveals the truth of what happened there, and a shocked to finally hear it said outloud its Alice that begins crying which is noticed by everyone. Feeling weak for having cried in front of everyone its Alice that attempts to steel herself throughout the rest of conversation, but her outburst is not ignored and Luthor commands his daughter and several of her handmaids to lead Alice, Adala, and Eddara inside Castle Clune to where they will be staying during their time at Castle Clune. Alice is followed inside by Canus and several of the Clune men at arms and despite being given a friendly meeting its Alice that cannot trust these men and sticks close to Canus who is the only person she still trusts outside of her handmaids.

End of the Siege

Devils in Klopferia

Find out who launched the attack. Find out who helped them. Find out anyone who knew about it. Find them all and kill them.
Kieth Schwartz

Leofrich Nune is standing beside Luthor, and Lorent as they watch the ship take Alice northward and to the safety of the Crownlands. Leofrich and Lorent leave when Luthor is forced away by the arrival of his Dantmann Fulcanius Auxentius. The two are saying their goodbyes, but as Leofrich goes to leave its Lorent that stops him. Walking with him once more its Lorent that tells Leofrich that he needs his help, and then reveals that if Leofrich helps him then he will take him to see a man that knows about the destruction of Nunendorf. Leofrich tells him he needs to speak to his men before he can commit to this, and so goes to speak with his men. Speaking with the men they all agree that they want to learn the truth of Nunendorf and thus agree to go back to Dedekind and gather the full Nune forces and then assist Lorent. Returning to Lorent they seal their deal and Lorent leaves to prepare a boat for his men as well as Leofrich and his men to travel westward to Dedekind. Arriving back at Dedekind they meet with Reiner and the other commanders and going inside the baracks they have made for themselves at Dedekind its Leofrich that tells them what happened to him. After revealing the offer by Lorent who was waiting at the boat its Reiner that agrees quickly wanting to know what truth they can. Gathering the men, they now travel on two boats southward where Lorent wants them to go to the port of Castle Melfinger where they can then travel to Klopferia where Lorent’s lover is. Arriving in the waters outside of Castle Melfinger they are unable to reach the area due to what is a clear blockade of the port, and as they are approached by several warships they prepare for battle. Being outnumbered they do not immediately fire on the other ship instead they move side to side with it and Leofrich speaks with the captain of the other ship who reveals himself as Edgar Jolpfer II. and tells Leofrich that he and his ships need to leave the area as Melfinger is in rebellion and thus the entire bay is now closed. The arrival of another ship as the two ships are talking leads Leofrich to agree to leave the area, and after Edgar reveals they are planning a major attack the next day the two groups leave with Leofrich and Lorents ships moving northward. Returning the next day during the night they travel without lights and make their way towards the River Klopfer. Arriving at the Inlet they make their way down moving now with lights as they have passed the blockade. Most of the Nune Devils remain with the ship but with fifty horses aboard the two boats they double ride most of the horses leaving a force of nearly 75 to travel south towards Klopferia.

Skirmish at Klopferia

Main Article : Skirmish at Klopferia

You spent all this time running away from what happened to your family. I almost feel bad that this is how it ends for you.
Alberich Klopfer

Arriving at the outskirts of Klopferia they are shocked at the size of the city, and its Lorent that tells him all about the changes brought about in the city by the rise of the Guild of Klopfer. Waiting till morning the group enters the city in several waves as to not create too much suspicion. Leofrich and his men rent out rooms at the local tavern which they pay for with coins given to them by Lorent and then wait for Lorent to give them the signal to help him as he leaves them and goes to find out where his lover is being held. That night while the group spends the night just having a simple night together its Leofrich that cannot find Reiner or Theodrik but assumes they just went to bed early and doesn’t investigate it any further. Hours after Lorent has left its Leofrich that begins to worry about it and as he goes outside with Markus, and Edrik he sees lines of men armed outside. Leofrich speaks with the leader of the men waiting for them outside who reveals himself as Alberich Klopfer the Baron of the land. After a long conversation between the two its Alberich that prepares to kill the Nune Devils when Reiner, Theodrik, and Marcel arrive holding the sons of Alberich as hostages alongside his wife. This situation leads to Alberich agreeing to let them leave with horses in return for his children and wife being given back to him safely. Before leaving with the horses its Leofrich that forces Alberich to make a Vow of Odahviing giving Leofrich and his men a twenty four hour head start in moving northward.

Escape from Klopferia
Find out who launched the attack. Find out who helped them. Find out anyone who knew about it. Find them all and kill them.
Kieth Schwartz

Having made the deal to escape its Leofrich that leads his men and the horses they have gained outside the walls and then begin the hard march back to the boats. They gather back their own horses and continue on the road moving as fast they can as they all know that the Klopfer forces are going to be chasing after them as soon as the twenty-four hours is over. While riding back its Leofrich that takes each stop they make to speak with Lorent, and Klopferia who are being attacked constantly by the other Nune Devils angry over Lorent’s betrayal. Leofrich puts an end to this telling them that while Lorent and Klopferia are with them they are under his protection.

Attack on Melfingerhit

Leofrich and his men arriving on the outskirts of Melfingerhit and looking over at Reiner the two smile as they prepare to attack the unsuspecting Klopfer forces. and his forces move against Melfingerhit and during the skirmish that follows the Klopfer forces surrender almost immediately as they are taken completely unaware. Capturing Melfingerhit is a huge move for the Nune Devils as they discover that there is a large prisoner of war camp that has been set up at the village, and thus the Nune Devils quickly go about freeing these men. The commander of these Melfinger forces is named Manfred Nesselrode and he takes command of the prisoners and while the Nune Devils make their plans to go north and take control of the western Chain tower its Manfred that prepares to raise forces in the area to garrison Melfingerhit. While at Melfingerhit its Leofrich that sends a raven to Castle Melfinger telling them that they are preparing to assault the tower, and that once they do this would be the time to join in the attack.

Fall of the Chain Towers

Leaving Manfred and his men to watch over the prisoners its Leofrich that moves his forces up the inland road towards the western Chain Tower. Having changed into the equipment of the captured Klopfer forces they reach the tower, and with the tower’s defenses being entirely designed to protect it against seaborne attack the land route was wide open. With their disguises letting them get in close they can overwhelm the defenders who like at Melfingerhit surrender quickly and having captured the defenders without any real fight they are able to gain control of one of the squadron of ships of the Klopfer navy. Using the tower, they begin firing on the ships of the eastern tower, and as this is happening, they begin to see ships of the Melfingers also coming towards them. Lowering the Harbour Chain, they allow the Melfinger Fleet to move outside the bay and begin engaging the Klopfer Fleet. With the Klopfer forces now outnumbered and being fired on by the western Chain Tower the Klopfer fleet begins extracting the forces from the eastern tower and begins retreating from the Bay entrance. The chapter ends with

Meeting at Castle Dresselbeck

Main Article : Meeting at Castle Dresselbeck

Escape of Marius

Following the attack by Theoderic on the spire it was the men of House Arennis that quickly retook control of the tower, and northern wall, but by this point the men of Theoderic had fled the wall and left behind the sigil of House Scott to blame Marius for the attack. Finding the sigil, it was Visenarr that arrived at the spire intent on arresting Marius, but discovered a dying Matilda, and a Marius severely injured by an arrow to shoulder. Marius would be allowed to escape Arennis Hold by Visenarr Arennis, with a horse through the northern gate, but he was not able to get to his force south of hold, or to the Swans east of the wall due to the lockdown on the hold, and so instead planned to travel north attempting to reach Kissenburg. Marius would fall off the horse due to passing out from his injury to his shoulder and laying bleeding in the forest he would drag himself to the road in the hopes of being found. Marius would be discovered by farmers travelling to the village of Arrenishet and they took him back with them to the village. At the village it was Marius that was mended to by the village and remained in the village for the night but knew he had to escape and despite not being healed he left the healer. Marius was forced to flee the village by the arrival of Weitlest men before he could purchase a horse but was assisted by a young man (Find young man) who showed him the way to Arrenishit. Arriving at Arrenishit the boy helped him buy a horse from the village and after thanking the young man he traveled by horse to Kissenburg where he hoped to seek the protection of his mothers family in House Kissling while he attempted to return to areas more loyal to his grandfather.


While at Kissenburg he would be betrayed by his uncle Ernest Kissling III. of whom was the Edelherr and thus kept Marius's arrival a secret from Landsgrave Brandon Kissling. Using men loyal to him it was Ernest that held Marius prison outside Kissenburg for several days treating him well while he waited for forces loyal to the Circle to arrive. Willibald Guntbold, and Wilhelm Kissling would arrive and took custody of Marius taking him northward to Castle Kornfield where he was held until the arrival of Mildred Gleckourd who took him by boat to Gleckheint.

The First Battle of Tree Hill

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The Journey

Main Article : The Journey

Queen of Lucerne

Bella Swan17.jpg

It was so much to take in at one time. I thought I had a lot of responsibilities when I was the daughter of a Lord, but becoming the Queen of a kingdom that ruled over thousands wasn't something that I was prepared for. The only solice and what pushed me forward was the way in which William worshipped me. He never stayed away for long, and his love created in me a devotion I had never known.
Bella Swan

Now married Bella Swan was the Queen of Lucerne, and as she quickly found out this came with many responsibilities, of which the largest was making the popularity of the royal family as high as possible. In the search for this she went on nearly daily missions to Lucerne proper to oversee the progress of Andrew's rebuild of the slum areas of the city. During this time she became slowly aware of the fact that Andrew was apparently involved in an affair with Brooke Scott of House Scott. This came as a shock to Bella as she believed that she had given Andrew everything he could have ever wanted, and at first she was deeply hurt and the two got into their first arguments over the fact that Bella refused to tell Andrew why she was sad. When the couple didn't solve things themselves Alice involved herself as she is known to do, and she came to Bella and harassed her until she told Alice why she was upset. Alice was as shocked as Bella was that Andrew would be involved in something, and she told Bella that she would find out the truth but she wouldn't reveal that Bella had any knowledge of this affair.

Lucernian Civil War

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Fight With Brooke Scott

Brooke Scott 2.jpg

It was easy to hate this women from afar. At a far away distance she was just some whore that used her body to seduce the love of my life. From afar I couldn't see the devotion that was written in her eyes. I couldn't see the tears that fell from her face each time they parted in a way I knew all to well because the way she acted towards William was the same way I did. Once I got close I didn't hate her the same way.
Bella Swan

Now knowing that the affair was true and so in love with Andrew that she feared that if she confronted him about it then their was a risk that he might leave her, Bella decided to take matters into her own hands. She planned to accompany Andrew when he went to Tree Hill for his regular visits to see how the rebuild was continueing. When Andrew told Bella that he was leaving Bella told him that she was going with him, and despite his attempts to convinse her not to go she went anyway. As Bella and Andrew took the wagon to Tree Hill she wanted to see if he would tell her the truth, and when after a day he didn't speak of it, she begin to implement another plan of hers. She had seen pictures of this Brooke Scott and the rumors about her said that she was a breathtaking beauty that oozed sensuality with every move, and thus she decided to attempt to seduce Andrew in a more sexualized way then they were used to.

End of Brooke Scott

Wedding of Hanna Arryn

A Desperate Gamble

Second Arnor War

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The Depression of Rachel Richardson
Death took over my whole life. I couldn't see my children anymore. All I could see was visions of what he looked like out their on the field of battle. Tell me how I move on without dying.

Rachel's Assassination Attempt

Main Article : Rachel's Assassination Attempt of William

Rachel Richardson Cover Amazing5.jpg

Death took over my whole life. I couldn't see my children anymore. All I could see was visions of what he looked like out their on the field of battle. Tell me how I move on without dying.
Rachel Richardson

Rachel Richardson would be emotionally destroyed when Marcel Lovie was killed during the expedition into Arnor, and she would try and confront William on her belief that it was his fault that Marcel was dead, but when she arrived at his room he was crying with Alice over the deaths of not just Marcel but of Natalie of whom they believed was dead as well. Seeing his pain broke her further and she would devise a plan to kill William who she believed was responsible for the death of Marcel, and putting this together she got inside the Sky Towers where she tried to assassinate the two but found that William was prepared in an event known as Rachel's Assassination Attempt of William. Following the success and failure of her attempt she was banished from the Kingdom of Lucerne and sent to a place of her choosing she would go to the Kingdom of Lahmia where she hoped that distance would help her recover from what had happened to her.

Return of Riley Scott

Leven Martell Small21.jpg

Taking on mistresses. Sons coming home. The love of my life returning. What a confusing time.
William Lovie III.

William travel to Forks on their way back to Lucerne from Fairmarket. On the boat ride back after a long talk with Morrigan, she takes matters into her own hands and finally reveals to William that she wants him in what ever way she can have him, and despite his marriage he sleeps with Leven. Arriving in Forks they are met on the docks by Charles Swan of whom they talk with for a time, but this ends when Riley Scott arrives alone on horseback, and wishes to return with them to Lucerne for a time. Riley reveals to him that Dan Scott is conspiring to make him and heir and he loves his family and doesn't want to see them come to harm through the menipulations of Dan Scott. Leven goes with William as he talks with Riley, and after Riley leaves with Thomas for a while he tells her that he is amazed at the changes in his son, and as they watch as he spends time with Thomas, and longs to see his three oldest sons become friends. Leven once again talks to Morrigan of whom congratulates her on gaining William in the way she did, and Leven shocked to know Morrigan knew begins to take Morrigan into her confidence revealing the arrangement she offered William and he seemingly agreed to.

Death of Bella Swan


Bella Swan's death would shape the Kingdom of Lucerne for months after she was gone as the kingdom was shocked by her death of which the vast majority believed to have been a simple miscarriage, but the nobility begin to get wind of its true nature in a poisoning by Riley Scott.

Queen of Lucerne

Bella Swan during her life held the title of Queen of Lucerne making her the second most powerful person in the Kingdom of Lucerne, and her role would be remembered as she uplifted thousands from poverty through donations and also heavily cultivated the growth of farmland in southern Lucerne where many of the most poor were sent as a means of growing themselves.

Family Members


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