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Jack Bulwer is the son of Buford, and Victaria Bulwer making him a member of and the current Patriarch of House Bulwer through his father, and a member of House Tyrell through his mother. Jack Bulwer has a half sibling in the form of Carola Cross of whom was the product of his father having an affair with a commoner and Jack kept her safe when he was a child but couldnt protect her any longer and this led to him sending her with Trevor Baratheon for protection. Jack Bulwer would be married to Ophellia Merryjones of whom he met during the Nortburg Tournament following the events of the Journey and the two have been in love ever since.

Jack Bulwer would become the Patriarch of House Bulwer following his father falling in the Fall of France, and when this happened he was heavily assisted by his mother in ruling over the lands of House Bulwer. Jack would work to protect his half sister Carola Cross when his mother discovered her excistence and this led to him eventually sending her away with Trevor Baratheon to keep her from being killed by his mother. Jack Bulwer would during the events of The Journey travel to Highgarden with several of his friends and take part in the meetings determining which side the Tyrells would support, and when it turned to the favor of William he would join the forces and took part in the Battle of Minas Ithil, and the relief of Tree Hill alongside becoming good friends with Tyrek Lannister during this time. Following the Journey he would join his forces to the taking of Fairmarket, and the Riverlands and would remain in RIverrun for sometime before returning home to find out that Ophellia's father had approved the marriage and they were to be married.


Early History

Jack Bulwer would become the Patriarch of House Bulwer following his father falling in the Fall of France, and when this happened he was heavily assisted by his mother in ruling over the lands of House Bulwer.

The Bastards of Robert Baratheon

Finding the Lost Children of Robert Baratheon
One day son you will wish that you had never brought these children to our court.

Robert Baratheon Cover1.jpg

I'm your son.
Broderik Snow

Of the bastards of Robert Baratheon the first would be the child of Robert Baratheon, and Lisbeth Tarly. Broderik Snow would be told of the identity of his father during his early childhood and in this way at the age of sixteen he would travel to the seat of House Baratheon in Tenade where he would introduce himself to his father of whom on the urging of Randyll Tarly - who had sent a letter with Broderik - would accept Broderik as his illegitimate child. In terms of birth order it was Broderik that was the eldest child of Robert Baratheon and while Broderik had been told that this meant that he would be the heir of House Baratheon he was shocked to discover that Robert would not put him in the line of succession instead leaving Trevor Baratheon as the heir of House Baratheon. The arrival of Broderik was a happy moment for Trevor who did not realize the growing hatred that Broderik held for him due to their positions in the line of succession, and unaware of these feelings it was Trevor that spent a lot of time with Broderik. Broderik would spend several months in Tenade and during this time he did not receive any king of emotional time with his father but the bitterness grew as he watched the way Trevor interacted with Robert who seemed to love Trevor causing more anger to grow within Broderik. Broderik attempted to curry favor with his father by suggesting he could remove the other bastards that were out there, but this shocked Robert and led to Robert forcing Broderik to return to Hornhill. Before leaving back for Hornhill and in an effort to drive a wedge between Trevor and Robert it was Broderik that would reveal the existence of many other bastards born of Robert to Trevor. In this declaration it was Broderick that revealed the existence of five bastards but only knew the location of one in Sunspear, and in what he hoped would lead to Robert blocking him he told Trevor that Robert would know where the rest of them were. This attempt failed when Robert responded to Trevor with understanding and gave him the funds needed to find the bastards and bring them to Tenade, although he said he only knew of the exact location of the Sunspear child, but knew the vague location of the others.

Isabella Snow

Isabella Snow Cover Amazing2.jpg

I have learned from my father that he slept with Arianne Martell. I'm here to find my sister.
Trevor Baratheon

It was Isabella Snow would be living within the walls of Sunspear Hold when Trevor Baratheon begin his search for the bastard children of his father and Isabella Snow would be discovered when she was one of two children outside of Broderik that Robert remembered the names of their mothers, and upon learning this it was Trevor that traveled to Sunspear Hold to find his sister. Trevor was given a boat from the Baratheon Fleet to make the journey an also assigned Ser Leopold of Baratheon to escort him with two men at arms showing how much Robert wanted to help him on the journey. Robert had told Leopold to help him in any way he could, and to not conceal anything if given the option thus showing Trevor that Robert cared for him. Arriving at Sunspear Hold it was Trevor that was able to locate his sister Isabella Snow and meeting with her he found she was living a tough life as she was the house servant of an old merchant in Sunspear and in this relationship she barely made enough to live on and with this in mind it was Trevor that offered her a chance to come home with him but she wanted to stay in Sunspear and he was able to use his pull to have her assigned to House Martell where she became a lady in waiting to Leven Martell. Trevor and Leopold would spend several weeks at Sunspear and during this time he made it clear to the nobles there that Isabella Snow was his sister and needed to be treated with respect. During these weeks it was Isabella that revealed that she had been visited several times by a man who had given her coin throughout the years, and she called the hooded man, and after asking about this man he learned the man was Maester Vholler. From this it became clear that Robert must have sent Vholler to give these gifts to the young girl, and once again Trevor was shocked at his fathers secret feelings. Having done his best to better the life of Isabella the two said there goodbyes but promised to keep in touch with Trevor arranging for her to be able to send letters to him, and she would promise to do the same.

Edric Snow

Carola Cross Cover1.png

Our father said he slept with a girl in Trensdale. Told me the girl had showed up at Tenade a few years later with a baby boy. Father had given her a bag of coins and sent her on her way. All I know is she said she was going to buy a farm with the money back home.
Trevor Baratheon

Arriving at Trensdale it was Trevor that was brought to the Lord of Trensdale in the form of Jack Bulwer but as he is only nine his mother Victaria Bulwer stands as the regent of the house and when Trevor asks for helping finding his brother its Victaria that refuses this assistance and tells Trevor that while he has her families hospitality she will not lift a finger to help him. Leaving the Trensdale keep they find that everyone they go to ask for assistance has been already warned not to assist them by Victaria and thus they reach a complete dead end. As night hits and they prepare to leave Trensdale in failure its the group that is approached by a young girl clad in armor of whom tells them she will help them find his brother if they promise to take her with them and give her a job. Agreeing to this offer the girl reveals she is Carola Cross the bastard daughter of Buford Bulwer the late husband of Victaria, and has gotten the information from her half brother Jack who secretly has been supporting her but wont be able to manage this for much longer leaving her needing a way forward without her brother. With the help of Carola they are able to located Edric who is living as a farm hand on a large farm south of Trensdale, and find he is living alone as his mother died years earlier. Talking with Edric they find he knew nothing of his father and hearing the truth of things he is not bitter or angry about what happened to him, and when Trevor asks him to come with him back to Tarnade he agrees as he has nothing in Trensdale keeping him there without his mother.

Gendry and Johan Snow

Father said that a pair of girls from Merkel had come to him seeking help with their children. He had once again given them a bag of coins and sent them on there way. We go there and make it right.
Trevor Baratheon

Leaving Trensdale with his brother Edric, and his new friend Carola Cross the three traveled east down the Wuhr River and while travelling the three got closer as Trevor treated them with a respect that neither had ever been treated with before. Playing Tafl as they traveled they were having a really good time, but also Trevor told Edric what to expect when they eventually reached Tarnade and Edric for his part made indications that he may not want anything to do with their father instead just pretending to be someone else.

Oktavia Snow

I heard about a sister just outside Tenade. No one will speak of her but I pressured Maester Vholler and he told me that she was sold to a merchant and now lives as a slave. Its a point of major embarrassment for our father. We must move carefully to help her.
Trevor Baratheon

Having recovered Gendry, and Johan and their mothers it was Trevor, Edric, and Carola that travelled back to Tarnade where back home Trevor would be able to make them comfortable while he made plans for his next moves. Isabella Snow would assist her brother Trevor Baratheon in searching for the remaining children of their father, and she was instrumental in the discovery of Oktavia Snow a commoner living just outside of the House Baratheon estate. Discovered living a poor life at a rundown farm just near the Baratheon estates it was Trevor that found this unacceptable and would use his personal funds to purchase the farm from the corrupt merchant who had owned it and brought the farm to ruin, and then helped his sister further when he purchased tools and goods that turned the farm into a prosperous operation, and after all of this it was Oktavia that would secretly be taken on by Trevor as an attendant but her identity was kept a secret.

The Journey

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Lucernian Civil War

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Invasion of Westbridge

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Family Members


Tyrek Lannister

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Jack Bulwer, and Tyrek Lannister would first meet during the events of the Journey when Jack Bulwer led the forces of House Bulwer into the fighting, and the two got to know eachother during the waiting time before the arrival of the King of Gondor.