Jacob Swan
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Story Role
POV Role Homeland
Appears In End of Darkness
Vital Statistics
Born 5103
Title Official Titles
  • Prince of Forks
  • Dragon Knight of the Steppes
  • Prince of Castle Bajna
Alias Young Dragon
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Status Alive
Allegiance Family Loyalties
  • House Swan
Racial Statistics
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Father Charlie Swan
Mother Renee Swan
Siblings Full Siblings


Internal Family
Spouse None
Children None

Jacob Swan is the son of Charles, and Renee Swan making him a member of House Swan through his father, and a member of House Yernese through his mother. Jacob Swan is also the brother of Isabella Swan, which since she married the king of Lucerne in William Lovie he is now a member of the royal family House Lovie. Jacob Swan has become involved with the second daughter of a high ranking noble of Erengrad in the form of Kira Tornov of House Tornov, and she has followed alongside him in his quest to save the land of Kizlev, and .

Following his being sold into slavery and then refusal to return home he was named by William Lovie III. Lord of House Swan of Kizlev and as this deal was worked out with the leadership of Kizlev in return for supplies he is no longer a slave but a noble of Kizlev. This agreement became null though when Jacob Swan accepted the offer from the Queen to become the heir of House Belesku as he knew that his basically adopted father had nothing else but him.

The first and eventually only son of Charles and Renee Swan, he was born only a short time before he was joined by his sister Bella Swan and during their youth the two were very close. At the age of seven he travelled to Lole where he squired alongside the family for several years becoming close to Hedrik Clegane III. of whom was the same age as his younger sister. At twelve he returned to Forks where he would squire under his own father, and this was the time of his life as together he learned how to eventually rule over the largest city in the Kingdom of Lucerne in terms of population. At the age of thirteen he took part in the Tournament of Roses at Forks where he entered the youth joust and would take home victory during the joust and as his reward he asked to be knighted and he was knighted by his own father. At sixteen it was Jacob Swan that would become betrothed to the twelve year old Floria Tanica the younger sister of one of his best friends Tiberius Tanica and following this betrothal he came to stay with House Tanica acting as a sworn sword for Lord Decius Tanica while he got to know his future wife better. All of his life though took a complete destructive turn whene the city of Forks and Tree Hill came under massive assault from a large force of Orcs, and he led a section of the defences of Forks which destroyed the force attacking Forks. Following this he went against his fathers command and joined Earl Scott and a sizeable force moving towards Tree HIll, but they were ambushed and the army wiped out with many seeing this from behind and he was believed dead. He was in fact now actually killed, but captured by orcs and sold into slavery in a massive train of Orcs which travelled west days after the Fall of Tree HIll. Coming to arriving in France he and the rest of the survivors found their way into what they discovered was a massive slave city in the ruins of Paris, and he would put to work as a slave of the city working the mines west of the city alongside the other Lucernians captured that survived the trip to Paris. Jacob Swan would spend the next nearly two years a slave in Paris but came to find new purpose through the discovery of Lesiana Frolois of whom he fell in love with as a young sister and this would change his excistence when she was purchased by Jutes and sent east to Kizlev. Unable to exist in a world without her he would conspire to have himself and his friends purchased by the same group but this failed for his friends leaving them behind but he was purchased by these Jutes where he would eventually find his way into the far east with the Human nation of Kizlev, and once there he realized how different the world in the north truly was. Upon arriving in Kizlev his natural abilities were quickly noticed and he has rose very quickly in the Kizlev military, and on top of this his influence increased dramatically as he became involved in a serious emotional relationship with Kira Tornov of whom was the daughter of the powerful Igor Tornov. His love for Kira Tornov, discovery of the deep threats of Chaos, and belief he would never make it home led him to not attempt to return to Lucerne despite the strong desire to go home. During this time he begin sending letters home where the world discoered his survival because of this and despite pleading with him to return none of the letters could convinse him to abadon what he came to believe was the true battle. His frist great conflict was when he repelled one of the vangaurd forces of Morgagian the Dark and his army of Rus that were attempting to rampage throughout Western Kislev.

Jacob Swan is the main POV character for the story called Homeland of which chronicles firstly his defeat during the Battle of Tree Hill, and then his eventual selling to Kizlev where he becomes a powerful military leader and fighting in the next Black Crusade. During the story he becomes a moral center in a land that is torn to shreds by the things being done to it from basically all angles, and he manages to find love as well while he is there.


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Early History

"I can hardly remember my home in Forks but what I remember of it is all positive. I know that I was loved, and I know that the world was a happy one that I excisted in. I miss many things in this world, and my family in Forks will forever be top of that list."
-Jacob Swan

Jacob Swan was born the oldest child of Renee, and Charlie Swan making him the future heir to House Swan. As Jacob grew up he became incredibly close with both his sister, and his father of whome he was devoted to without question. Jacob's relationship with his mother was always a frosty one as Renee had come to be jelous of Jacob and the affection that he recieved from Charlie, where as Renee was often ignored. This didn't change the fact that he was very close with his family, and he took on a very important role for Bella his sister. Bella was a shy girl and as she was only eight but was becoming more and more reliant upon her older brother to make up for the fact that she had no friends.


"I won seemingly everything I ever tried to do, and it was in those moments that I wanted to become obsessed with myself in a way. Each time I wanted to be vain, my father would walk up to me and take me for a walk into the vastness of the poor parts of Forks, and that made me perfectly aware of what I was fighting for."
-Jacob Swan

At the age of thirteen he took part in the Tournament of Roses at Forks where he entered the youth joust and would take home victory during the joust and as his reward he asked to be knighted and he was knighted by his own father.

Fall of Tree Hill

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The Orcs sent their slaves back to their main settlements in the Marseilles region, and once they arrived there the eighty four men now enslaved prepared themselves for the death they saw coming. Jacob had spent the last few years hearing the dark and violent stories of what happened to those who were captured by the Orcs, and because of this those men were withdrawn and utterly accepting of their fate. They were mistaken in what happened to those captured in that they were often sold to nefarious humans in the secretive slave market in Paris.

So the captured men of Forks were packed into wagons with the hundreds of other humans captured and begin the long journey towards the Paris slave market. It took nearly a month and half and nearly half of the slaves died due to the utter lack of support they recieved from their orcish captors but those who survived entered the slave market of Paris.


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Paris Slave Market.jpg

"Everything was wrong about what I found in Paris. The land wasn't supposed to be used in this manner, it was supposed to be in ruins not being used for slavery."
-Jacob Swan

Once a magnificant and massive city of the Bretonian Kingdom the city of Paris was now nothing more then a cruel joke of a city. Transformed now into one of the largest slave markets in Europe the city itself was teeming with thousands of every manner of species, and it was here that Jacob would be sold. It was luckily for him that he was purchased by a rich merchant from Kizlev who was in the market for warriors to replace his personal army. He was an incredibly patriotic individual and the main reason he went to Paris to recruit was he wanted to free as many slaves as he could and this was the easiest way to do it. Jacob Swan would travel with the slave convoy all the way back east towards Kislev, and during this trip he had a lot of time to lement the loss of his homeland and the simple fact that his family would think him dead. During the trip he would also grow close to Nikita Vlasiv of whom was one of the gaurds for the convoy, and he attempted to learn more about the language of the people of Kizlev since he would need to know it. Nikita also told him of the lands of Kizlev since he barely knew of them, and had only heard them mentioned as a eastern ally of The Empire. When they arrived in Kizlev City on the western border of the land of Kizlev he found himself meeting a girl that would come to define him in later days.

The Journey East

The Journey East
You ever wonder how Tree Hill fell Franklin. You ever question how so many Orcs could just walk blindly across this kingdom and not a soul saw them. Maybe its time to start asking questions.
Meeting Kira

Kira Tornov Cover1.jpg

I wasn't used to a women being so much in control, as back in Lucerne the role of a women was quite different to what I discovered the role of a women in Kizlev was.
Jacob Swan

The convoy would stop outside of Kizlev and while there many nobles of the city came to see the specimens, and more then a few inquired about Jacob, but the gaurds made sure they understood that Jacob was going back to Boras and was not for sale. During the inspections of him, a girl walked up to the side of the cage, and begin to inspect him. Running her hands along the bars of the cage she walked throughout without a word to Jacob, and despite how entranced he was by the beauty of this women he remained silent as well listening to the words of the slave master who told him so. She would put her hands in the air as if to describe that she meant him no harm, and then she stuck her hand into the bars and grabbed ahold of his face and ran her hand across his cheek briefly before checking his teeth, and the strength of his jaw. She finally spoke to him, in the harsh language of the Kizlevian, and when he didn't respond she spoke a different language, until finally she changed again and spoke to him in a broken German. Hearing her for the first time, he tried his best to concetrate on what his master had said.

And with her hello she walked away clearly not knowing that hello was what you said at the beggining of the conversation and not the end. Watching her walk away she was joined by several heavily armed men who surrounded her as she walked back towards her horse, and before she departed he watched her give him one last look before galloping away. With Kira out of sight he was approached by Nikita Vlasiv one of the gaurds who asked him what she had said to him. He told Nikita and when he asked who the women was, he was told that it was Kira Tornov the daughter of one of the most powerful men in the Kingdom of Kizlev in the form of Igor Tornov the leader of Erengrad.


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"He became the son none of my wives had ever been able to give me. One swing of his sword told me everything I ever needed to know about the German."
-Boras Belesku

When he was finnally delivered to his new master in Kizlev the man in Boras Belesku took one look at him and decided that Jacob was going to be a true warrior. Boras used his wealth built up as a long time trader to turn the broken Jacob Swan into his personal champion. He spent months bringing in a master trainer, and armorer to his estate where he fashioned armor and weapons that Jacob would use. All of this was happening as he was talking up his newest warrior to his people, and he spent a lot of energy making the young Jacob Swan the source of so much hope. While this was going on he was being trained further in the eastern style of fighting, which differed greatly from the very ordered style used in central Europe, and was regaining much of the strength that he had lost after so long as a slave.

Battle of the River Venigors

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The Battle of the River Venigors
I don't ever want to be that scared again Kira. Promise me something. Promise me, that whatever comes our way. Whoever we end up fighting against. No matter how things turn out. We don't do it alone. We do it together.

Dora Novakovic Cover Amazing1.jpg

I had a lot riding on the young German. On the one hand he could win the battle and everything I had been building would only get stronger. With a victory behind us our forces would swell, and our chances of survival went up massively. On the other he could fail.
Boras Belesku

Everything had been relatively quiet in the Oblast of Oplane and this had led to Jacob and Boras to have more and more time to train the unkept peasents they continued to bring into Castle Bajna. Boras and Jacob Swan would have their quiet growth ended when they were alerted to the arrival of a large force of Chaos attacking the eastern steppes. This force was a vangaurd of the much larger force of Mogragian, and thus its purpose was mainly to test the resistence against the main force, and to sow destruction in the land. The size of the army was too large for just the forces of Boyar Boras Belesku and thus he went to Boyar Novokov Pentov with the hopes of uniting their forces alongside the forces of the Atarnan Alexi Rumin. Novokov had by the time they arrived already marshaled his forces alongside the two thousand gathered by Alexi Rumin's regent in Nastya Vasa, and was more then willing to join with their forces in order to save his land from the destruction about to happen to them. The three forces thus combined and waited in the forests near the large village of Khanrov where they would plan to come out of hiding from three sides once the forces of Chaos had gone past them and from there would ambush them.

We caused the deaths of a lot of innocent people by letters the outliers through but we trapped them at the same time. It was a cold calculating move that I never thought I would do. But I had too.
Jacob Swan

The Chaos force some fourteen thousand strong would come to the spot the allied forces were waiting and stopped briefly before they were engaged by small forces of Chaos spreading outwards from the main Chaos force. Under the advise of Jacob Swan these vanguard forces were not fought against and instead allowed to penetrate their defenses and this caused them to continue moving forward but they did report back to the main force that the Kizlev defenses were no where to be found and this caused arrogance among the main force. At this point Jacob Swan once again made advise that was heeded when he advised Ser Fedor of Volksgrad that he should send a force westward to make sure the outliers didn't cause to much damage behind their lines, and he did so sending two hundred riders west to hunt the outliers they had let by. Funneling the Chaos forces towards Khanrov they would finally make their move during the early morning just before the sun was setting and the Chaos force still in the process of sleep and completely unaware of the location of the Kizlev forces would be caught in the open as the Kizlev force came at them from three sides. True to their legend the chaos force would react violently and what forces that could begin to put up resistance, but by twenty minutes into the battle nearly half the Chaos force led dead and relatively light Kizlev casualties were causing mass panic among the lower ranks of the Chaos force. Beginning to splinter and retreat northward between the two northern forces the Chaos central leadership made one last attempt to stop the retreat when Lord Grugion of Rus roused his elite guard and went after Jacob Swan. Slavnov Ursenic led House Belesku's personal guard into the maelstorm allowing Jacob to deal with the Chaos Lord who had already butchered several Kizlev villages and was monstrous to behold. A fight between Grugion and Jacob Swan ended the battle with Grugion proving no match for Jacob and his death would cause the complete route of the remaining Chaos forces northward.

Caught at the River

Kira Tornov Cover Amazing3.jpg

His eyes haunted my dreams for much of the time that we were apart, and it maddened me. I had seen for less then a few minutes but those few minutes now haunted my dreams, and spilled into my life. I wanted to know where he was now, but I was too afraid to ask anyone. I knew that eventually I would have to or he would most likely die out their in the east, if he wasn't dead already.
Kira Tornov

As the Chaos forces retreated northward after their devastating defeat it was Kira Tornov that awoke thinking of the German Jacob Swan that continued to haunt her dreams. The meeting of the two had been brief but she would think of him for some time afterwards and it would be almost six months before she would meet him again. She discovered from a member of her battalion that the slaves at Kizlev City were being sent eastward for the army of Boras Belesku. While those six months were on she found herself constantly wanting to ask Boras who she knew somewhat where Jacob was now. She never did because she feared being scorned by those around her for looking into a slave, but as the days went by she found herself consumed by thoughts of him. She was shaken from these fears when she was alerted to the fact that a large Chaos force had been defeated by Boras and his forces in the east and was now moving rapidly north attempting to flee. Ravens sent to the north had warned her of their arrival, and she decided to ambush them as they attempted to cross the river Venigors. Commanding her Kreml Guard to mobilize she alongside her commanders Hetman Ursenic, and Graldamir Weisenov planned for the assault and sent word northward to Fork Orlosk where she wanted them to make sure noone got through on that side of the defences. She was moving her forces while Jacob Swan was now leading alongside Boras the large Kizlev force as they chased the forces of Chaos northward towards the trap waiting for them.

I had been fighting for six months against the environment, and then suddenly there is this huge Chaos force, and we are suddenly fighting them. After we destroyed them as a force and were chasing them down, I find myself being called a hero for what I did in the battle. I found myself carried away by the events and then when we massacred them on the backs of a mighty river I found myself staring once again at the most beautiful girl I'd ever met. Her face covered in a bloody red that matched her hair, and the look of curiosity in her eyes made me want to reach out and take her in my arms.
Jacob Swan

As Jacob's force pushed them towards the river the larger force of Kira Tornov would sit in front of them and cut them down by the hundreds as they attempted to blindly escape the forces of Jacob, and didn't even attempt to resist the forces of Kira. As they were stalled in their retreat north they attempted to move eastward but couldn't shift quickly enough before they were smashed from behind by the forces of Jacob and Boras and thus the entire Chaos force was massacred before it could escape. As the two Kizlev forces met in the center it would be Jacob, and Kira meeting again this time she saw him in full armor, and he saw her covered in the blood of the enemy holding onto her two swords. The two would basically make a bee line for each other and when they met without a single word to each other he placed his hand on her cheek and she melted into his hand before he pulled her into a hug. Seeing their usually unemotional leader hugging into this unknown man, many in her force were confused, and it wasn't until she pulled away and he led her by the hand away from the battle that the whistles and hooting begin.


Over the years following this he found himself in the Kizlev army and taking part in quite large battles. These battles were led by Boras and his army which grew large as the people of eastern Kizlev attempted to band together to hold themselves against the encroaching horde. Each year Jacob was in Kizlev he remarked that there forces grew weaker but the enemy forces were larger every year. Boras said that such is the way in the east, and that no hope would come until the enemy started moving towards Kizlev and then the civilized west would come to their aid.

"The Battle of Tree Hill was a complete joke compared to the endless hordes that poured into Kizlev almost every year. It took my first battle up here on the stepps for me to understand that."

-Jacob Swan

Understanding that this was a growingly hopeless fight Jacob went to Boras and asked whether he could go west and attempt to warn the westerners of the dangers poised out in the wastes. Botas laughed at him and his blind faith but agreed that he could leave but he needed to be back by summer as the armies of Chaos would begin attacking again.

Looking for Help

Jacob travelled west all alone in an attempt to meet with the leadership of Kizlev in the capital of Praag. As he arrived at Praag he entered the city and saw the distant look in the peoples eyes as they too understood that things were moving towards another Black Crusade by the forces of Chaos. He had been given the seal of Boras and such was able to meet with the Queen of Kizlev.


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When Jacob finally arrived back in Kizlev he found his masters fort nearly empty and the remaining soilders said he had headed east to resist the massive army of Morgagian. Jacob quickly got on his horse and left to meet with Boras at the town of Histen. When he arrived at Histen it was only two days before the coming of Morgagian, but his arrival was greeted with much excitement. Near the end of the book Rise of Lucerne Morgagian rises his hand in command of his force to move forward, and as of the end of the book it is unclear how the battle will progress.

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