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Jaime Typhon is the son of Thomas, and Gretchen Typhon making him a member of and the brief lord and patriarch of House Typhon.

Jaime Typhon would survive the destruction of Typhon Keep after he was covered by the body of his slain brother and knocked unconscious. Waking up hours after the massacre of his family he would attempt with failed results to find anyone else alive and realizing he was alone he would hide himself in the Typhon cellar where he would attempt to plan his escape. Jaime Typhon would be assisted by Morrigan who was now actively working against the destruction of Tree Hill and in this assistance he became a sort of personal guard to her, but also assisting her he would come to discover that Dan Scott knew about the fact that Tree Hill was to be destroyed by Orcs and was complicit in this. Unable to continue on with this knowledge Jamie would infiltrate the Tree Hill keep and gaining the assistance of Brooke Scott entered the personal room of Dan Scott confronting him and dying during this confrontation.




Early History

The First Battle of Tree Hill

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The Siege of Tree Hill

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Family Members