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Jaina Menathil
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Vital statistics
Born 5101
Title Official Titles
  • Lady of Kul Tiras

Former Titles

  • Queen of Lorderon
  • Arch Dutchess of Lorderon
Alias Placeholder
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Status Alive
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Father Daelin Proudmoore
Mother Theresa Proudmoore
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Internal Family
Spouse Hur-Arthas Menathil IV.
Children Placeholder
Magi Information
Magi Level 4
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Jaina Menathil is the daughter of Daelin, and Theresa Proudmoore making her a member of House Proudmoore. Jaina has two sibling in the form of Menelia, and Derek Proudmoore of whome Derek is the heir to House Proudmoore, and their island lands ofKul Tiras, while her sister was murdered while on a trading mission in the Iron Islands. Jaina is the wife of Arthas Menathil, of which makes her a member of House Menathil, and towards the end of the Rise of Lucerne she becomes aware that she is pregnant with their first child, and when one of Arthas's cronies learns of this and tells him the fate of Jaina is completely unknown. Once she was truly in love with Arthas and although she still loves him with all of herself, she has seen the silent change in Arthas that has led him to stray morally from what he once was. With Arthas's change she has thrown herself into theKirin Tor.

Jaina Menathil is a Magi sensitive person of whom is a category level four Magi. Jaina Menathil is extremely powerful in the controlling of the elementals and is one of many Magi that are conjuring in what they control the most.

Jaina Proudmoore was born on the island land of Kul Tiras and was third in line to inherit the lands making her a valuable commodity to many nations. She would become depressed following the death of her sister and her parents would send her to Lorderon where she would meet Arthas Menathil and fall in love with him. They had a fairy tale relationship for years, but unknown to Jaina was that he was suffering continuously from madness in his mind that he fought day and night to resist. As he lost control she followed him to Arnor where she hoped he would find answers but instead of this he found more sadness, and so begin their decline as a couple. While everyone else bought the sell job he was doing in that he was normal again she saw the truth and as such she stopped spending so much time with him, and begin to devote all of her time to the Kirin Tor where she silently hoped to find a way to make him better. After months of trying to to fix the issues with Arthas she discovered that the corruption was brought on by Elu-Kael Thuzad and she brought this information to Arthas overjoyed that she had finally found a cure, but meeting with Arthas she realized that he was no longer interested in changing and when she threatened to kill Kael Thuzad he beat her and then realizing what he had done he banished her from Lorderon sending her back to Kul Tiras.


Early History

"Magi was once something I did to feel like I was a part of something greater then myselt. Something so large that the problems of this world just didn't seem to matter when I saw into the Fade. Now I am forced to use Magi as an escape from the madness that my life has become."

-Jaina Menathil

Jaina Menathil was born Jaina Proudmoore and is the daughter of Daelin, and Theresa Proudmoore, who are the ancestral Lords of Kul Tiras a large island land west of Lorderon. Her early life was happy enough, and she grew to love her parents with all her heart, and the only truly sad moment in her young life was the violent death of her young sister Menelia while she was traveling with her parents on a trading mission. Following this murder she became a little more reclusive, and came to enjoy wandering the Palace gardens during the night.

When he depression reached such levels that her father and mother begin to worry they sent her to Lorderon where they hoped she would find more friends her age, and perhaps they would allow her into the Kirin Tor. Once in Lorderon she came to enjoy walking the Lorderon palace grounds, and It was during one of these walks that she first met Arthas Menathil. The two of them would come to define each other in two very different ways. One thing was sure though, and that was that they both loved each other very early on in their relationship.

The Corruption of Arthas

The Corruption of Arthas
Such a simple thing it is to destroy a mind. I could have killed a thousand men, women, and children and never had the effect on the world that I did when I destroyed one man's mind.


It was as if one day I was a free man, and then the next I was plagued by a mind that was no longer free. The voices plagued me on a daily basis, but I was smart enough to know what happened if you were to tell anyone that you heard voices and I was arrogant enough at the time to believe I could fight past them.
Arthas Menathil

Underneath this aura of arrogance was a young man who was struggling with voices in his mind, that told him to do some truly evil things. While he always rejected what they said, he found as time went on the voices were harder and harder to ignore. He had unknowingly become cursed by a powerful Kirin Tor Magi named Kael'Thuzad, who was a servant of Sauron and wished to create another bastion of Mordor above the already weakening Gondor. This curse caused him to have an ever increasingly violent and sadistic voice in his mind that made him want to do dark things with his life, instead of the nobility that once filled the people's heart with hope for the future.

The Coming of Uther

Uther Lightbringer.gif

Son I want to introduce you to Uther Lightbringer. He comes from Arnor and he will train you in the ways of being a true knight. Listen to him son, for he will be of great influence upon you.
Arthas Menathil

In the hopes of changing this growing personality trait his parents brought in a man with a lot of experience in training young knights. They hired for a full year the assistance of Uther Lightbringer. Uther was a paladin from Arnor, and while he wasn't a top level commander of the Silver Knights which are the paladin order in Arnor, he was a notable paladin. With Uther as his trainer, the arrogance that Arthas had appeared to dissipate, and at times just appeared as overconfident. With the complete 360 accomplished Arthas's parents prepared for the release of Uther with a confidence they hadn't known in years. This farewell would be tempered when Uther came to see them first. The public, and for that matter no one outside of the three of them heard the conversation, but Uther told them of his fear for Arthas's sanity.

Your boy is going to be a great man. And in my brief time here I have grown to love him as if he was my own son. But saying this I must make you aware that young Arthas has a very high tendency for violence against though's he perceives as his enemies. Now while he could on a small level control this and only use it with his true enemies. I foresee a darker path. In my heart I fear what it would mean to stay beside him. I fear for my soul. I fear for us all.
Uther Lightbringer

To say the King and Queen were shocked was an understatement. The two quickly asked Uther to leave the Kingdom, of which he did the next day. Arthas was beyond confused why Uther had left before his time was done, and when after months of trying to get the answers from his parents he finally lost his inner control, and ran away from Lorderon and headed north to Arnor to discover the truth for himself.

Seeking Help

Travelling north.jpg

That was the longest trip of my life. The whole time she's smiling at me with pure love in her eyes, and all I can hear in my head is the voice wondering what her face would look like without lips.
Arthas Menathil

Arthas had wanted to travel alone, but Jaina refused to let him go without her, so the two traveled the road and were at this point completely in love with each other. Jaina had fears that Arthas was becoming evil, but this man she was with appeared fully in control, with no hints of the violence he had told her about before Uther.

Arriving in Gallheim

After a week of travelling on the road northward the pair finally reached the city of Gallheim and were met by a party of Empire solders who happened to be led by a priest of Sigmar . The priest is said to have physically recoiled in fear of the evil he felt in front of him, and the priest quickly forced the pair to move past Gallheim towards their goals.

Arriving in Talheim

Arriving at Talheim should have been a moment of joy for Arthas but the voices in his head were pounding him with violent images, and eventually his mind became so overwhelmed that he passed out and had to be carried for nearly a mile by Jaina. When they finally reached Talheim Arthas would be taken into the palace grounds by Uther who met him with a large number of Paladins and Priests in order to try and help Arthas. Days later with Arthas still not awoken and Jaina was becoming so desperate that she convinced Uther to try and help Arthas and bringing together the Priests, and Paladins they would try and remove the demon from Arthas. Hours of working summoning spells, and chanting prayers they would unknowingly be fighting against the combined forces of Kael'Thuzad who was being assisted by Sauron and thus they were tricked into believing they succeed and Arthas would awaken completely clear in his mind and everyone was overjoyed they had fixed him.

You need to understand how fickle life is. You love this thing, and I believe you want to protect her. Do or say another thing that might threaten my existence and I will eat her while you watch.
Demon within Arthas Menathil

The pair would stay in Talheim for several days before beginning the journey back south to Lorderon where they would stay in Tyke. It was while Jaina slept that Arthas was confronted in his sleep by the curse once again of whom threatened him one last time to never again try to remove him or else he would kill Jaina. Rejecting this threat and preparing to wake her to return to Talheim the demon would take control of his body showing the full extent of his influence and this horrified Arthas of whom agreed to keep everything a secret.

The Death of a King

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The Death of Tenamil
Time to go father. If we wait any longer I may not have the strength to do what must be done.

Jaina Proudmoore2.jpg

Just give me time my love. I will find a way to get the voices out of your head. We can make this right.
Jaina Proudmoore

Following his conflict with the forces of Valeria Arthas felt a sence of failure that he had never known before, and his strained relationship with Jaina wouldn't allow him the support that he needed in this time. This support became filled with one of his mother's handmaiden's in the form of Diane Portmane. The two begin engaging in a sexual affair which Arthas came to rely on as a means of getting his stress out. For Diane she saw that her entry into the Menathil court was complete and she understood that she was one step closer to her goal of meeting the other side of her family. With Natalie in Arnor, and James very diligant with his training she has a one track mind towards rejoining the family she feels she was robbed of. As she grew closer to Arthas and they continued their romantic affarir, she became pregnant with his child shortly before the death of his father, and when she told him she menipulated him into accepting this child and he was preparing to leave Jaina when she miscarried the child. With the blackmail she was using now gone she was cast away from Arthas, and she found herself on the outs in the court.

Annexation of Lorderon

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The Fall of Arthas

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The Fall of Arthas
He's gone Lady Menathil. All your research. All your time. It's time to stop. Hur-Arthas Menathil cannot be saved anymore because he is gone. Time to stop.

Arthas Darkness.jpg

Just give me time my love. I will find a way to get the voices out of your head. We can make this right.
Jaina Proudmoore

As his mind completely drifted out of its old self he began to dress himself in a suit of armor that he fashioned for himself. The armor was extremely dark, and as he became more and more seen with this new darker armor the people amongst him became very conserned about him. He disregarded these worries and used this Lord powers to create himself a powerbase at the top of the Lorderon leadership. Those with morals, and quams about the way Lorderon was run found they were pushed out of their positions. As of this point the Dragon Orders of Lucerne had not yet been given the commendations to enter Lorderon until two more years had passed so for this reason Arthas was able to create a government run by himself and his cronies in little less then a month.

Banishment of Jaina

Jaina Proudmoore2.jpg

We spent all this time, and now here we are with the cure and you refuse me. Who the fuck have you become?
Jaina Proudmoore

After months of trying to to fix the issues with Arthas she discovered that the corruption was brought on by Elu-Kael Thuzad and she brought this information to Arthas overjoyed that she had finally found a cure, but meeting with Arthas she realized that he was no longer interested in changing and when she threatened to kill Kael Thuzad he beat her and then realizing what he had done he banished her from Lorderon sending her back to Kul Tiras.

Demons on the Loose

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Second Arnor War

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Dead Invasion of Germania

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Arthas Invades Germania
This monster has crushed all resistance before him. He defeated the Austrians at Nuln. Crushed the wolves of Middenland at their own capital. Broke our army at Castle Nunenstein. Tell me my Emperor. How can we stop him? What do we do?

Following the Battle of Fornost the army of Arthas Menathil would move northward gathering significant reinforcements from the casualties of the Fornost region and then increasingly more as they moved through the war torn regions of Arnor. The rapidly expanding army of Arthas Menathil carves its way through Arnor, and Priam secretly commands the forces of Austria to do there best to avoid conflict with his army and instead begs for assistance from Karl Franz of whom begins rallying forces with the nearby forces of Slovakia, and Ostmark of whom were already rallying troops.

Galindus Vapnisson would despite his own strong desire to not remain be left behind as the regent of Kosice when his father Edgin Vapnisson and elder brother Volham Vapnisson rallied much of there forces to join the army of Slovakia in resisting the invasion of Arthas, and thus would be within the walls of Kosice when a small splinter force of Arthas Menathil put Kosice under siege.

Battle of Nuln

Pushed back at great cost from the inner gatehouse leading to the main city, the forces of Arthas would retreat out of Nuln but he left a splinter force behind with commands to kill and burn as much of the taken portion of the city as possible while the majority of the army retreated northward.

Massacre at Fratenjortz

Main Article : Siege of Fratenjortz

It was Janus Frandsen who was still living at his estate when the forces of Arthas Menathil came to Austria and while the main forces marched towards the major cities small splinter forces moved against some of the smaller villages including the villages looked over by Janus Frandsen, and it was here where he would make his power known. While his families home of Fratenjortz was under siege nearby it was Janus that was attacked at his estate by Magnus Fargriever a Liche in the Scourge army, and Magnus attacked directly towards the estate seeing it as the only defensible position in the area and arriving at the walls it was Janus who came to meet him with his guard. At first attempting to force a surrender out of Janus it was Magnus who became overcome with pain and begin to lose control of his skeletal forces as Janus came near him and realizing it was his powers doing this Janus entered his dream world and was able to pull Magnus from the Fade obliterating his soul and leaving him a soulless husk back in reality. With the death of Magnus the force with Magnus collapsed around him and with victory at hand he traveled to the local villages and had them retreat into the forests while he gathered what men he could and traveled towards Fratenjortz. After defeating the Scourge force attacking his land he would travel with his personal forces to Fratenjortz where he would attack the Scourge siege forces while they were attacking the walls and with an attack so unexpected he was able to get into the command structure of the sieging Scourge army and using his pariah gene he would obliterate the entire command structure of the attacking army leaving the skeletons and the entire army to collapse around him and breaking the siege.

Relief of Nuln

Following his breaking of the siege of Fratenjortz it was Janus that was taken by his sister Aristea Frandsen of whom was now all but ruler of House Frandsen with their father Conrad a sickly old man and she took him alongside much of the army of Fratenjortz towards Nuln where she planned to break the siege there. Arriving at Nuln the main force of Arthas had already left for the north but the remaining Nuln forces were struggling to break the remaining attackers and the forces of Fratenjortz would smash into them and using Janus they targeted the Liches all across the field of battle and were able to shatter the remaining Scourge forces who begin surrendering as they realized the weapon that Janus was.

Invasion of Slovakia

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It was Wolfram Hertwig III., and his son Wolfram Hertwig IV. that would lead the forces of Slovakia into the defense of the border of Slovakia when it was assailed by a dead army of Arthas moving into their province and the Slovakian forces would split their forces into two with one force led by Wolfram defending Castle Orava while a force led by Edgin Vapnisson would defend Orava Bridge. While these preperations were being made it was Galindus Vapnisson that would despite his own strong desire to not remain be left behind as the regent of Kosice when his father and elder brother rallied much of there forces to join the army of Slovakia in resisting the invasion of Arthas, and thus would be within the walls of Kosice when a small splinter force of Arthas Menathil put Kosice under siege. Gaining victory at the Battle of Castle Orava it was Wolfram who rallied his forces and moved towards Talabheim where the dead army fresh from victory at the Battle of Orava Bridge had put the city under siege, and joined by the forces of Galindus Vapnisson they prepared the army for the Battle of Talabheim. Following the defeat of the force besieging Talabheim it would be Galindus that rallied the broken forces of House Vapnisson following the defeat of his father and brother and led them north where they would fight at the Battle of Middenheim where he would be horrified to discover his brother and father had been reanimated and now fought for Arthas and although he was able to end his brother his father would escape the battle with Arthas.

Invading the Lands of Ulric

Following the Battle of Nuln and with the city nearly defenseless the movement of Arthas north would finally cause the forces of Middenland and the Ulric worshipers to make a move to truly enter the conflict. The army of Arthas would move directly through the center of Wissenland forcing the Elector Count there in the form of Alberich Anderssen to raise his armies, but not having enough forces ready that quickly he could not engage the skeletal army of Arthas and instead followed it as it moved through central Wissenland and north into Middenland.

Chaos Allies

Helgi Cover Amazing1.jpg

You should have died with your brothers and sisters back during the fall of your pantheon. To see you like this now is a travesty to their memory.
As Arthas and the Scourge made there way into central Middenland it was the fallen titan Elric that met with the scourge leadership and attempted to make an arrangement with them which he hoped would lead to them helping him in releasing Daena from imprisonment. Helgi would travel into Germania at the command of her father following the movement of Arthas into the lands and having with her a group of Valkyrie and several dozen she would arrive in Middenland as Arthas entered the land, and once she had she sensed the summoning of a spell in the area and brought her forces to the location. Coming out of hiding in order to summon demons to the side of Arthas he would be set upon by several Titans who were in the area trying to work against Arthas and fighting a battle against them he realized they were going to beat him and thus he turned on his scourge allies using them as a shield and then escaped back into Drakwald Forest.
Battle of Middenheim

Main Article : Battle of Middenheim

The combined forces of Middenland, Wissenland, and a small force from the Kingdom of Galia would mass outside of the city of Middenheim for the defence of the Ulric capital of which the Arthas army finally seemed intent on a fight as it moved towards the army. Following the defeat of the force besieging Kosice it would be Galindus that rallied the broken forces of House Vapnisson following the defeat of his father and brother and led them north where they would fight at the Battle of Middenheim where he would be horrified to discover his brother and father had been reanimated and now fought for Arthas and although he was able to end his brother his father would escape the battle with Arthas.

Battle of Nunenstein Castle

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Battle of Aldorf

Main Article : Battle of Aldorf

Following the forces of Arthas breaking through the fortress of Nunenstein Castle the army of Bavaria would be marshaled in its entirety and moved itself to Aldorf. While the Bavarians were mobilizing the long awaited reinforcements of Hannover moved into the province arriving west of Aldorf bolstering the defenders, but still paling in comparison to the forces they knew would be arrayed by Arthas Menathil.

The Aftermath

Volham Vapnisson having been found dying on the field by his brother he would die in his brothers arms and then taken back to Kosice where unlike their father he was put to rest in the ground and not raised in undeath like their father Edgin had been by Arthas.

Breaking out of Denmark

Defeated for the first time at the Battle of Aldorf the dead army of Arthas would make a move northward towards Denmark with their diminished forces, with this movement unable to be chased by the Hannover, and Bavarian Army due to the casualties they had suffered themselves. Isabella Rasmussen would during the movement of Arthas through Denmark become responsible for his escape when she met with Arthas in the Fade and mistakenly came to believe that his intentions were honorable, but after telling her father this and having him listen to her it was Arthas who came to her once again in the Fade and revealed that he would return in time and kill everyone in Denmark.

Vengeance of the Survivors

Main Article : The Burned Flower Campaign

The Burned Flower Campaign
You ruined our lives. Did you not think we would come for our vengeance?

Tyr - Human.jpg

I sent my children to find you. Then I used your gifts to bring you here.

Tyr would discover that Arthas Menathil was coming for the sword Frostmourne and realizing that if he got the sword he could become too powerful to stop he traveled to the Dutchy of Narke where he met with Ostgar Atlisdottir of whom he attempted to convinse to resist Arthas menathil when he did arrive but found to his horror that Ostgar was both extremely intelligent and also a sexual monster who held a harram of women as basically sexual slaves. With the change of resisting Arthas at Narke gone he traveled to the Dutchy of Messlingen where he met with Duke Beiner Hrutsson and was able to convinse the Duke to resist Arthas Menathil and thus protect the Vault that was within the Dutchy of Messlingen. Tyr would finally travel to the Dutchy of Daggson where he met with Duke Arnfinn Dagsson who he was also able to convince to resist Arthas menathil when he eventually made it into the area and following this he returned to Archervon Hold where he met with his sons in order to try and put together a plan to get into the Vault of Medizin. After long discussion they decided on putting into action a plot bringing a group of Magi Blanks from across Germania to Swedan where he planned to use the blanks to get inside the Vault of Medizin before Arthas could. The Vault of Medizin had been co created by Tyr generations previous and thus he knew it was defended by a clan of Dwarves who assisted by Magi resistance Stone Giants was meant to be unable to be defeated by Titans, or Demons and thus begin his plan to bring in the one thing the vault could not defend against in the form of Blanks.

Name of Pariah Native Land Pariah Power Convinced By
Janus Frandsen Austria 1 Emalon
Galindus Vapnisson Slovakia 1 Emalon
Visimar Boggison Hannover 2 Archavon
Isabella Rasmussen Denmark 1 Visimar Boggison
Mads Busk Wissenland 2 Emalon

Tyr would send several of his children to the lands of Germania where they were able to find many blanks using Pendants of Pariah, and using the criteria of working against Arthas they narrowed this down to eight blanks who were effected very negatively by the actions of Arthas Menathil's invasion of Germania.

Journey of Visimar

Main Article : Killing of Cenuz Clawkeeper

Mathilde Sperbe Medium.jpg

There is a monster in that cave Visimar. It prays on the weak, and we can stop it here and now. Will you help us?
Mathilde Sperber

It was Visimar Boggison that would in his vengeance towards Arthas and with nothing left at home following the Hannover Civil War travel northward in his own quest to destroy Arthas for destroying everything he had ever known and loved. Visimar travels down the road resisting the pull to reenter the fade and instead stops at a small village where he wants to pray at a Sigmar Temple and arriving at the village he is noticed immediately as he is heavily armed and before he is even able to get off his horse he is approached by several villagers who ask him whether he was sent by Lord Liebhard Kruspe who is the Magnate of the area, but Visimar tells that he is not. Speaking with the villagers stops when the priest of the temple comes outside and sends the villagers away, and then quickly takes Visimar inside the temple where he finds a group of warrior priests inside and also several female warriors he recognizes as priestess of Shallya. Trying to find out what is happening he is told by Priest Sieger Keilberth, Witch Hunter Dietger Bodeker, and Priestess of Shallya Mathilde Sperber that they are here to battle a monster that has made its home within the forests surrounding the village and killed several villagers. He learns that previous to their arrival they have learned that Lord Liebhard had entered the cave and against the advise of his men took them inside and tried to kill the creature but was killed and his men abandoned him returning to Castle Kruspe to alert Liebhard's son of his fathers death. Seeing his armor and the priestess senses a strange power from him they ask him to help them and he agrees believing this a deed he cannot ignore, and with the plan to attack the monster during the night before it can attack the village again he takes up their offer of sleep and goes to sleep resting before the fight to come.

What is real? What is a dream?
Visimar Boggison

Woken hours later when darkness has come he follows with the group as they make their way to the cave, and reaching the entrance they enter the cave system where they find it is far more expansive then they had been told by the villagers. Hearing noises coming from different areas in the cave the group spreads out with Visimar going with Mathilde, and Dietger alongside the one of the sigmarite warrior priests and as they travel down the cave they come to a large opening where they find the remnants of a ritual spot, which is littered with dead animals. As they search the ritual site they discover the body of Liebhard Kruspe and he has horrible claw marks all over his body and his legs apear to have been eaten, but before they can do anything they hear screaming and going towards the screaming they find one of the warrior priests dead with his head having been ripped from his body. More screaming brings them to another tunnel in the cave where they find the remaining two sigmarite warrior priests dead but find a badly wounded Sieger Keilberth who tells them that the creature was a wolf who walked on two feet but ran away when Sieger begin preaching of Sigmar. Following the trail of blood they reach a large cavern where they see the creature up on a ledge, and the group is almost killed by the entrance collapsing due to the creature destroying a pillar, but Visimar pushes Mathilde out of the cavern leaving him alone in the cavern.

Confronting the creature as it gets close he feels himself enter the dreamworld and the creature begins screaming and his wolf form disapears leaving him just a naked man, but despite attempting to communicate with the man he just continues screaming and eventually cuts begin forming all over his body and he bleeds out. Looking around him Visimar sees Mathilde, Dietger and the two Shallya Priests enter the cavern from a different entrance but they walk right past him and check the broken form of the creature on the ground. Realizing they cannot see him he watches as a second version of the man who had just died appears above the dead body, and realizes he is in some sort of heaven and wonders whether he is dead, but then he feels himself pulled back into the non-dream world which scares the group as he appears to them from seemingly no where. Before the group can discuss anything about what happened its the benefactor of Cenuz who arrives in the form of Dishlaash and enraged at the death of his agent it is Dishlaash who kills one of the Shallya Priests and then attempts to kill Mathilde but is resisted by the rest of the group including Visimar who engages the arrogant Dishlaash and with the entire group channeling worship in Sigmar Dishlaash becomes unhinged and is struck down by Mathilde. As the man dies it is Visimar that hears whispers in his mind telling him to dream, and without truly understanding what he is doing he enters the dream world where he finds the ghost of the wolf creature and the second man standing there talking. The two realize he is there but Otwin begins screaming in horror at him describing Visimar as a hole in the world, while the other man appears unafraid. Visimar once again hears whispers and the whispers tell him how to use his powers which he does and to the shock of Dishlaash he erases the two using his pariah powers, but as Dishlaash dies he lets out a scream for his father to help him thus summoning Ragoth.
Adelheid Onemsson Cover Amazing4.jpg

Your dreams were never dreams Visimar.

Since remembering the death of Liam Odrell in his dream world it was Visimar who was consistently no longer able to control his dreaming and he found himself entering the fade and dreaming in the fade even while awake and it was while riding northward that Visimar was startled from his daydreaming by the sight of several armed horsemen in front of him. Visimar who has been startled from his daydreaming by the armed horsemen in front of him, and after brief conversation the men force him to pay them money to pass, and not wanting violence he pays them but unfortunately they see his purse of gold and try to get more money from him. After telling them what he is doing they laugh at his stupidity in trying to to kill Arthas and enraged by this he kills the leader instigating a fight from them and while he kills all the bandits during the fighting he takes a bad sword wound and falls unconscious in the middle of the road. Visimar would wake to find himself in a bed and hears a women singing quietly while she cradles a baby. Attempting to rise he finds himself tied to the bed, and grunting the women notices him, and quietly puts the baby in a bed before grabbing something from a table and coming over to him and whispering sleep before covering his mouth and nose causing him to sleep from the substance. Visimar once again waking and this time he does not hear the singing of the women instead is met by the stare of a heavily armored man of whom he engages in conversation discover the man is a hedge knight for a Bavarian lord and that he and his wife had found him on the road dying and had saved him but were unwilling to release him from his bonds due to the violence in the area as of late.

Skirmish at Onemsson Estate

Main Article : Skirmish at Onemsson Estate

Adelheid Onemsson Cover Amazing1.jpg

You have something beautiful here Adelheld. Promise me that you will cherish it everyday.
Visimar Boggison

Visimar continues to attempt to recover under the watchful guard of the man who has revealed himself as Starolf Onemsson and his wife Adelheid Onemsson and it is while recovering that he gets to know the two better, and they form a friendship over the days that follow but are still unwilling to let him go considering the state they found him in. After several days Visimar is able to get himself loose during the night but continues to rest in the bed and does not say anything as he rests for the entire next day. During Visimar's time at the Enemsson Estate it was Archavon that was still watching over Visimar but his proximity brought in Chaos influence who watched Archavon watching the family and the demon titan Ragoth would corrupt a local bandit and had the bandit gather a group to attack the estate. Waking up in the morning he is woken to the sounds of yelling as he finds the women on the ground with a man attacking her while the husband is wrestling with another man, and a third man enters the room making his way towards the children room. Having nearly fully recovered from his wounds he gets up and using the knife he had hidden in his bed he stabs the man attacking the wife through the neck before stabbing the man wrestling the husband, and then getting him to his feet before the two together kill the third man who attempted to get into the children's room. As the sounds of screaming from within alert the final man of the bandit group the final bandit launches a torch at the house igniting it in flames, but together Visimar, the husband and wife are able to get the children out of the house, and leaving the burning home Visimar engages the final man in a duel killing him as well. Visimar after this rushes to try and put out the fire, but is confused when the family does nothing to help, and after realizing he cannot stop the fire he turns back and sees the family laughing at him.

You were like a hole in the world. No matter what I tried to do I could not escape the pull of walking into that hole.
Adelheid Onemsson

Getting mad that they are laughing at him he understands when the women whistles and bird flies to her shoulder and after its arrival she begins chanting but at her chanting she begins crying out in pain. As she chants Visimar feels himself become something different and it becomes just himself and Adelheld in the clearing, and trying to understand what is happening they are joined in the clearing by another in the form of a man who calls himself Archavon and the man explains what Visimar is. After recovering she looks to Visimar and tells him that when she begin trying to use her Magi Visimar became like a dark hole that tried to suck her in and then she was sucked into that that dark version of reality where Archavon was waiting for them. Having discovered the location of her brother Adelheld plans to travel south and find her brother and Visimar is torn between going with them and getting his vengeance but the anger is too strong and he tearfully says goodbye to the family who has saved his life, but agrees that when he gets his vengeance he will find them again.

Finding Isabella

Isabella Rasmussen Cover.jpg

Go to the north of Denmark. In the town of Aalheld you will find a girl who has every reason to want to help you in your journey.

Isabella Rasmussen had become hateful towards Arthas following her role in his escape from Denmark when she had used her Pariah gene to enter the Fade and pull Arthas in as well and believing her power was more then his she was tricked by Arthas into believing that his goals were true and thus she convinced her father to work for the escape of Arthas. Following this Arthas had in an act of malice returned to Denmark in the Fade through the help of Elu-Kael Thuzad and had taunted Isabella that his goals were violent in nature and that he would return to Denmark and kill her and everyone she loved as punishment for her stupidity and after she was beaten horribly when she tried to fight him she fled the fade returning to Denmark. Having experienced this and realizing she had caused something horrible through her actions she became obsessed with getting revenge on Arthas and it was in this obsession that she formed the Knights of Isabella of whom were sworn to her and of whom she had formed for her eventual goal of attacking and killing Arthas. Isabella Rasmussen would be drawn out of Aalheld and her family by the call of a nearbye Pariah in the form of Visimar Boggison of whom was able to convince Isabella to meet with him, and during this meeting she came to agree that she had to join him to stop Arthas. Leaving her husband in the night it was Isabella Rasmussen who followed the words of Visimar Boggison she would flee Aalheld and join with the force of Visimar as they made there way into Swedan to deal with Arthas and following Visimar she learned more about the true depths of her powers and what her potential could be.

Finding Astrid

Main Article : Rescue of Astrid

Astrid Skididottir Cover front Amazing.jpg

Astrid Skididottir is a blank like you and Isabella. She grew up knowing nothing but hatred from her family and she had built herself a life in this place. All that changed when demons tricked her into doing their bidding. Kill the demons and we get Astrid and her cult.

With Archavon now working with Visimar he takes him and his expanding group to the outskirts of a small Swedish village inside the Dutchy of Vastervik where he tells Visimar this is the home of a group called the Cult of Astrid formed in worship to Astrid Skididottir a blank like Visimar and he can gain her loyalty and help in his quest moving north. Going into the village Visimar discovers that the villagers do in fact worship Astrid and have become driven to Chaos by a recent change in their lady Astrid and realizing that this is what the demons have been doing they are able to trick the cultists into giving away the location of the lady who is located in a ruined tower south of the village. After killing the demons holding Astrid Skididottir hostage it is Archavon who is forced to leave them as he is attracting the demons to Visimar and Astrid but directs them towards Archervon Hold where he will wait for them. Instead of going directly to Archervon Hold it is Visimar who agrees with Astrid that they can do more good while they are here by confronting her brother who is a major booster of Chaos in the area and by destroying him they can weaken the hold of chaos in the area. Having been released from her imprisonment she returned to her cult and alongside Visimar she and the group now joined by the Cultists returned to Vastervik where they confronted her brother Kodran at the Duel at Vastervik.

Journey of Janus

Janus would listen to the words of his sister Aristea of whom he was all but a fanatical supporter of at this point and followed her as she raised an army to follow after Arthas Menathil, and journeying with her they traveled north east and sail from Western Prussia and then enter Swedan and bring the fight to Arthas.

Leaving Gotska

Torovon would be sent by his father to locate a Pariah who was located at the island of Gotska having just recently invaded the island and took it from the control of the previous Chaos aligned forces, and meeting with the leadership of the now Germania controlled island he found Janus Frandsen the Pariah was the most trusted commander of the islands leader Aristea Frandsen.

Journey of Galindus

Natalie Vapnisson Cover Amazing1.jpg

Your father took responsibility for his actions. He fought very hard for what he believed in. And I will not stop you from doing the same thing.
Natalie Vapnisson

Emalon would be sent into Germania in order to gain the service of blanks for the use of his father in forming the Party of the Pariah and Emalon was drawn towards a pariah in the province of Wissenland named Mads Busk. Mads would be approached by Emalon while he was living in his forest exile and Emalon was able to bring Mads to the idea of getting revenge on Arthas by revealing to him that Mads sister had perished during Arthas's assault northward, and with Mads agreeing he would show Mads the powers of his Pariah gene spending several weeks with him in the forests. Finishing his training it was Emalon who sent him north to wait for him in northern Slovakia while he went to meet with a noble in Slovakia named Galindus Vapnisson, of whom was the next Pariah he was trying to recruit. Following the birth of their son Volham Vapnisson II. Galindus's pariah inspired nightmares would become worse and alongside this he was visited by Emalon a child of Tyr who begin to whisper to Galindus to end his fathers prison of an existence and while at first he was able to use his abilities to stop Emalon from truly reaching him in the fade Emalon was too powerful and pushed past Galindus defenses and the two spoke inside the fade where Emalon did not reveal the truth of what was happening to him but was able to convince him that he needed to go north. Having been convinced and despite growing into love with Natalie he would leave her as regent of Kosice and travel northward with a troop of his men to find and give his father peace. As he traveled north it was Mads Busk who met him on the road and after discovering who he was he was shocked as Mads was believed dead years previous but as he questioned whether Mads was lying the two met in the Fade and realizing that the two shared the same abilities he would come to trust mads and agreed to let mads come with him.

Entering Hammarstrand

Galindus Vapnisson would enter the city of Hammarstrand where he infiltrated the city alongside his companions through the caverns and while traveling in the caverns he was seen by Ludwina of whom seeing him in his white armor became entranced by him following him after he became lost from his companions and she would be there when he was discovered by the House Atlisdottir palace guards and her words kept him from being imprisoned after she lied about why he was there. Following Ludwina conspiring with Galindus the two would arrange a complicated escape plan for Ludwina and several people who Ludwina had as friends, and also during this time of planning and conspiring they would begin to work on Galindus's goal of ending his father of whom was present within the walls of Hammarstrand. Assaulting the Vault

Assaulting the Vault

Family Members


Arthas Menathil

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Jaina Menathil was everything for Arthas Menathil, and Arthas was everything for Jaina. This relationship was one that for the two of them couldn't have been more perfect, and for many years it was just this.

But underneath the calm and cool exterior of Arthas was a growing darkness, that was only accelerating with the interferance of Kael'Thuzad. This darkness begin to effect their love, and during their lovemaking he begin to become forceful, and sometimes near violent. This scared Jaina, and although he hid it well, it scared Arthas as well.

Despite everything that has happened between the two, they both still love eachother with everything in them

"Arthas is my best friend, my lover, and the man I want to have my children with. I only hope Arthas returns."

-Jaina Menathil