House Rouzet

Janine Rouzet is the daughter of Andre, and Valerie Rouzet making her a member of House Rouzet. Janine Rouzet would be married to Andre Rouzet and the two would have a strong marriage which only ended when the two were killed at the Tollensia Coup leaving behind their family in ruins and their daughter on the run.

Andre, and Janine Rouzet would be killed during the Tollensia Coup as he was ambushed while asleep with Janine and was unable to defend himself as his death would also herald the end of his families monarchy of the Kingdom of Tollensia and with his death his loyalists went to the wind with only a few members of his bloodline surviving the coup.


Early History

Coup of Tollensia

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The Coup of Tollensia
You have been betrayed my wife. My family conspired with the Courtets and by now I fear much of your family may have perished in this. I promise you I knew nothing of this.
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I watched as Isaac my best friend in the world came storming towards me. As he got close though his brother Mathias grabbed him by the shoulder far harsher then I liked to see and pulled him away. I went to follow after to figure out what was going on when my uncle stopped me.
Victoria Rouzet

The Coup of Tollensia would first truly begin in the ashes of the Frisian-Metrovingian War where against the wishes of House Courtet it was House Rouzet that had intervened in the conflict joining a coalition of nations aganst the Empire of Metrovingian and it was their involvement that tipped the scales and caused the defeat of the Empire of Metrovingian in this conflict. At the age of seventeen she would plan in secret a great suprise birthday celebration for her father, and in this endevor she would travel westward to the family of her betrothed in Napolean Metrovingia with her uncle Theo Rouzet and cousin Lionel Rouzet. As the coup of Tollensia was reaching its final moments it was Isaac Courtet that would come to discover what was being planned and attempted to tell Victoria Rouzet before she left for the ambush but he would be stopped by his brother Mathias and following this he would remain in the House Courtet estates until a week after the coup was done with

Hearing the Truth

Philippe would side against his brother Napolean during the events of the Coup of Tollensia telling his father that Napolean had escaped his confinement and traveled to see his betrothed despite being commanded not to and it was this decision that led Louis to send Riley Eisenburg to the meeting to make sure that everything went as planned which would turn out to be a mistake when she would assist Leopold Dorginvin in protecting the Rouzet's. When they arrived in Metrovingia to plan her fathers birthday gift her betrothed in Napolean who by this point was eleven years old would meet her at the gates having been told of her coming by her most recent letter and seeing him crying at the gates she was concerned but only became distraught when he told her that the night after they left her families vassal in House Courtet had staged a coup and massacred most of House Rouzet placing themselves on the throne of the Kingdom of Tollensia.

Fleeing Metrovingia

Following the death of her uncle and near assassination of herself and her cousin she would continue to be helped by Napolean who led her out of the city and from there she fled southward with the guards Napolean had sent with her and she and her wounded cousin would make their way to Dresdan on the advise of Napolean and the entire ride there she cried for everything that she had lost.

Family Members


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