Jessica Pacino
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House Pacino
Family Members
Spouse Justin Harshapen
Children Theodor Harshapen

Lili Harshapen

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Vital statistics
Title Lady of Dresdan
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Race Spaniard
Status Alie
Allegiance House Pacino

House Harshapen

Jessica Pacino is the daughter of Caryl, and Allon Pacino making her a member of House Munitz through her mother and a member of House Pacino through her father. Jessica Pacino has four siblings in the form of Lorena, Alberto, David, and Lucia of which her sister Lorena was married years ago to a noble from Gilneas and she remains there barely corresponding with her old family, while her brother David went northward and lives in the Emperian city of Nuln , while her brother Alberto is the heir to House Pacino and a well respected noble of Dresdan but he mainly stays in their holdings to the south, and her final sister Lucia was killed with her family during the Dresdan Market Massacre which has devastated her family.Jessica Pacino has Jessica Pacino is married to Justin Harshapen of whom she met while the two were worshipping at the Great Sigmar Temple of Dresdan, and her belief in Sigmar only increased due to his fanaticism. With Justin Harshapen she has three children in the form of Theodor, Lili, and Lisbeth of which her son Theodor has inherited his parents fanaticism for Sigmar and is a member of the recently founded Dresdan Sigmarite Knightly Order that has come to be in Dresdan, while her daughter Lili was married off to Reinhold Dorsch of whom has turned to Dragonoph and taken Lili with him, while her final daughter Lisbeth is still young at the time that Sophia Lovie came to Dresdan.

Jessica is a staunch worshiper of Sigmar, and in this role she has come to be a part of the more militant sections of the movement, and she is now silently moving against the Dragon elements in her House. This remains unknown and her role on the inside of the House has allowed for her to gain intimate knowledge that would be impossible for others to know. Following the market massacre in Dresdan she has become openly with the Anvil of Sigmar order and this has caused a nearly three way split inside House Munitz as Francis and Dewey are with the Forsaken and the rest of the house except her are with the forces of the Dragon.


Early History

Jessica Pacino is the oldest child of Allon, and Heather Pacino, and through his mother she was born into the large Dresdan House of House Munitz.

Cult of Sigmar

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As the city of Dresdan begin to unleash its brand of racist hatred Jessica's unique worship of Sigmar meant that early in the conflict she was contacted while she was praying at the temple of Sigmar by the leadership of the Anvil of Sigmar, who were an extremely militaristic order that represented the Sigmar worshippers in the city of Dresdan. As she listened to them she found herself agreeing with their points and thus she worked very closely with them to attempt to gain the order power within the city. Businesses run by the order were given advantages silently by her through menipulation of her family members, and she was able to increase dramatically the wealth of the Anvil of Sigmar.


As the violence in the streets continued she along with the Anvil of Sigmar became shocked by the massacre at the market. The massacre at the market was the entry into the conflict of the Forsaken who were a cult of chaos worhsippers led by her cousin Francis Munitz. During the massacre she lost two of her cousins and the Anvil of Sigmar was nearly destroyed as well, as their headquarters was located undernearth the market. Luckily for the order the Forsaken did not go underground or find any trace of the Anvil and thus their survival continued.


Justin Hargrove

Justin Hargrove

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Jessica Pacino and Justin Hargrove fell in love during the period of Jessica's life when she was extremely vulnerable to the coruption, and menipulation of a charismatic man like Justin Hargrove. In Jessica Justin saw a women with whome he could peddle his crazy ideas on, and eventually use to gain the power he saught. In a positive swing the two actually have come to love eachother and Jessica has been able to turn the once crazy ideas of Justin into a true ideology that preaches something that the people can definetly gravitate too.

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