Jessica Pacino
is the daughter of Al Pacino, and is the fiance of Justin Hargrove. Through her father's wife she is a member of House Munitz .

Jessica is a staunch worshipper of Sigmar, and in this role she has come to be a part of the more militant sections of the movement, and she is now silently moving against the Dragon elements in her House. This remains unknown and her role on the inside of the House has allowed for her to gain intimate knowledge that would be impossible for others to know,


Early History

Jessica Pacino is the oldest child of Allon, and Heather Pacino, and through his mother she was born into the large Dresdan House of House Munitz.

Cult of Sigmar



Justin Hargrove

Justin Hargrove

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Jessica Pacino and Justin Hargrove fell in love during the period of Jessica's life when she was extremely vulnerable to the coruption, and menipulation of a charismatic man like Justin Hargrove. In Jessica Justin saw a women with whome he could peddle his crazy ideas on, and eventually use to gain the power he saught.

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