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John Lovie
John Lovie in his Nazgul form
John Lovie3.jpg
John Lovie before his coruption
Vital statistics
Title Former Titles
  • Prince of Lucerne
  • High Dragon King of Lucerne

Official Titles

  • Prince of Harad
  • Nazgul of the Dark Lord
  • Lord of Dul Hurden
Alias "The Fallen"
Race Vandal German
Status Alive
Allegiance Sauron
Father House Lovie Small Icon.jpg William Lovie
Mother House Lovie Small Icon.jpg Jeane Lovie
Siblings Full Siblings
Spouse Katheryn Scarlet
Children True Born

John Lovie was the son of William, and Jeane Lovie making him a member of House Lovie. John Lovie had three siblings in the form of Theresa, Martin, and William Lovie of whome Martin died during the Driving Tide but was remembered as a brave young fighter, William Lovie gained immense fame, and power before he was killed by John himself, and Theresa had many miscarriages before finally dying of old age during the reign of her great nephew Bill Lovie, while his final sister Andrea Lovie would be beloved by everyone she met but was killed by Flemeth and turned into one of her daughters where she now exists as Morrigan. John Lovie married Katheryn Scarlet early in his life and the two were deeply in love and everyone in the Kingdom loved their romance. With Katheryn Scarlet he had three children in the form of Frank, James, and Lucie Lovie.

As a young boy John Lovie was best friends with his brother William Lovie II., and they were often joked as the perfect pair as for all of John Lovie's physical weakenesses his brother was his defence, and where William had a hard physical tone to his life he was tempered by his calm and calculating brother John. John was equally close with his father William and this meant that the three were constantly being involved in the decision making of the realm to the point that although William was the heir it was clear that John would be heavily involved in the doings of the realm once William died. Once the honorable man known for his brilliance at administrative tasks, he was ambushed while on route to Tree Hill and became obsessed with a palantir. The palantir whispered to him and just like the other 9 kings he was corupted by the evil words of Sauron, and turned to the service of Mordor. During this service he killed his brother William Lovie II. and destroyed the relationship with the Dragons. Following this he held control of Lucerne as King for less then two years before his horrifying lack of mental stability caused a rebellion against him. John Lovie would attempt to resist the massie forces against him by calling for aid from Sauron but his master was unable to send assistence and he was defeated over and over until the Kingdom of Lucerne broke into Lucerne itself and this led to him being forced to retreat through a portal to Mordor. Following this he was given one of the rings of power and this turned him into one of the Nazgul of Sauron. John Lovie would return to Lucerne years later in his Nazgul form and would hunt his ancestor for years until finally he dueled and killed his ancestor. Following this he would be sent to Harad by Sauron where he became known as Khamul and took over a massive positon of power and influence and begin to call himself the prince of Harad. Under this new name he commands daily huge forces of Mordor against what he believes are the pathetic failures in man inside his massive fortress of Dul Hurden. John Lovie would join his master the Witch King in meeting with the Kingdom of Bolten representitives who wanted to sign an alliance, and after making them agree to his terms he would commit the aid of Mordor to the Bolten-Lucerne War. John Lovie would then be commanded to alongside two other Nazgul join the large Mordor army being sent to the Kingdom of Bolten, and John Lovie himself became greatly excited as he would finally be able to greet his ancestor William Lovie III. on the field of battle.


Statue of Katheryn Scarlet the only remaining image of her.

Early History

"The thing I remember the most about a young John Lovie was his laugh. I remember it being so infectious that you just couldn't help but laugh beside him as he started laughing. It was a time of peace, and for the people of the valley everything was so perfect that who would have ever thought that we were looking on the man that would destroy so much of this world."
-John Lovie

As a young boy John Lovie was best friends with his brother William Lovie II., and they were often joked as the perfect pair as for all of John Lovie's physical weakenesses his brother was his defence, and where William had a hard physical tone to his life he was tempered by his calm and calculating brother John. John was equally close with his father William and this meant that the three were constantly being involved in the decision making of the realm to the point that although William was the heir it was clear that John would be heavily involved in the doings of the realm once William died. During his youth he came to fall in love with Katheryn Scarlet of House Scarlet, and their love affair was a popular thing for the people of Lucerne as Katheryn was a very popular young women in the valley, and his love for her and her love for him just solitified in the minds of the people how good a future they were all going to have. The two became desperatly in need of eachtoher and it was during this time that she would become pregnant with their first child in the form of Frank Lovie of which caused their quick marriage. Following the wedding, and the birth of Frank Katheryn would become pregnant once again with their next child in the form of Lucie Lovie of whom was not born yet when the news came in that the Kingdom of Arnor was under attack from the forces of Arnor.

Arnor Burning.jpg

Threat of War

"The reports just kept filtering in, as the Empire flooded across the borders and attempted to cowardly take control of Arnor while it had promised to not do so. My father would send word to The Empire that we would side with Arnor and in return they send the eyes of our messenger back to us. My father did not like that one bit, but we had no choice. We couldn't go in on our own or we risked being destroyed ourselves.It was in that knowledge that my father would send my brother to meet with the heads of our allies so that we could all come together in order to save Arnor."
-John Lovie

John's father William Lovie was by this point quite old, and his body was beggining to fail him, but he continued to command over his men to the point that he demanded to be on the next carriage to Nuln so that he could speak to the Emperor but he was made to understand that he would not survive such a trip. William Lovie ended up sending a message to the Emperor that he needed to pull out of Arnor or the Kingdom of Lucerne would intervene on the side of Arnor. The Empire did not respond just sent the eyes of the diplomat back to Lucerne as their responce, and it is said that William's screams of anger could be heard throughout the entire city of Lucerne so angry was he. His son William Lovie II. would at this point travel to Gondor and set up an agreement with Gondor, Lorderon, and the Riverlands that they would all group together in order to assist Arnor if the forces of the Empire moved past the most recent peace lines. On this trip William Lovie II. would become close to Aragorn Elessar the Emperor of Gondor, and it was this closeness that would eventually make Aragorn trust in William Lovie III. when he too came calling for help.

First Lucernian Civil War

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First Lucernian Civil War
Before there was Sean Lovie there was John Lovie. Sean is just the second in our family to turn down the road of madness.
The man showed up at Tree Hill covered in blood and carrying that magical black orb. I told him he shouldn't touch it, but the crazy look he got in his eye told me not to say that again.
Earl Scott

While William II. left for the War in Arnor, and his father was becoming sick, John Lovie was left to the basic day to day running of the Kingdom. John at this point was happy for his brother's success and the two had honestly wanted to rule the Kingdom as a pair, and through this would gain the greatest from each of their strengths. This all changed the moment John Lovie went on a patrol to Tree Hill. While on this patrol he was ambushed by Orcs from Mordor, and his entire guard was killed. He was left alone in the field lying dead among his friends with nothing but his armor, and a palantir. When John woke up he found the palantir on his stomach and nearly immediately became obsessed with what it was. He laid in the field just staring at the Palantir for days until finally he begin to hear soft words coming from the Palantir telling him that everything was okay. The Palantir over the next few days became the closest person to him other then his brother, and it forced him to live in the woods hunting and foraging for weeks while he was slowly corrupted. The voice was the voice of Sauron and when Sauron knew that he had taken the good from John he bid him to return to Lucerne where he would enact the true part of his plan. John put his prince armor back on which was still covered with blood, and he made his way back to Lucerne to the throngs of people that were so thankful to have their prince back. During these greetings he acted as his old self for the much part, but when Earl Scott spoke to him about the Palantir the inner demons that had taken him over and Earl understood from nothing more then a look that he shouldn't mention that again.

There were signs of his madness. No one wanted to look for them. Your people ignored the madness within and I lost my son, and...I lost everything to your people's lack of awareness.

As he was now a servent of Sauron he begin bringing to him a number of evil individuals that were sent to him by Sauron to act as his personal servents, and through this he basically emptied the Kings Keep and turned it into a personal hell hole where his darkness was allowed to fester in silence. During this time his inner self came out a bit when he learned that his son Frank was killed during fighting in the Arnor War which broke his heart and threatened to undue all the damage that Sauron had done to him. As his noble heart threatened to fight him off Sauron used the Palantir to once again corupt John into blaming William Lovie II. for the death of Frank his beloved son. In the last act of his noble heart before he was completely gone he sent away his son James, and his daughter Lucie so that they wouldn't be apart of the coming damage. His beloved wife Katheryn who had watched his fall begged him to save himself and stay with her but when he responded with a cold responce she knew he was gone, and she said her goodbyes before leaving with her children.

The Bloody Supper

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With his mind now gone, he was controlled by Sauron and his servents to make the decision to kill William Lovie once he arrived back in Lucerne. As this happened he was greeted again by his wife Katheryn who had left their children in the care of House Swan so that she could see him and hopefully change him back. What she found was a dark man clothed in dark clothing, and commiting brutal sadistic rituals on slaves and servents. She realized the mistake she had made and attempted to escape the madness but she was stopped by the men of House Jestife who brought her back to the Kings Keep where he begin to experiment sexually with her in ways that were so diabolical that she silently hoped she died. His complete fall into madness was only stopped when William returned from Lucerne, and John met him at the gates of Lucerne where his brother attempted to understand what had changed in John but his brother said he was fine he was just designing his own armor, and that this was an experiment in a different theme.

The Massacre
Red Wedding.jpg
Noone understood that the prince's return wasn't a great thing in the minds of everyone. While everyone had watched the change in John noone could have ever imagined that his madness would ever reach the levels that it had gotten too.
Jacob Vorn

With the return of much of the upper echolons of the Lucernian Kingdom, and the heir to the throne in William Lovie II. the Kingdom was awash with the proudness they felt for the young Prince and his army. All of this love was too much for John and instead of moving closer to sanity he lost it completely. At this point the whispering of Sauron had taken control of everything within John Lovie, and he was completely lost to madness. Gathering his supporters including many men that had been sent to Lucerne by Sauron from Taraban and Umbar he gathered them in the Keep of Lucerne. The days that passed were chaotic as William Lovie II. was warned by many that his brother was planning to kill him, but he refused to believe this, and would gather his own suporters more to appease them then to make himself feel safer. With their father finally succumbing to death a funeral was held over the course of several days delaying John's planned murder. The funeral itself was attended by every important member of the Kingdom, and John was noticeably absent as he continued to plot the murder of his brother.

Major Deaths Cause of Death
William Lovie II. Stabbed to death by John Lovie during the inital attack. He would later be sewed onto the body of Klarnax and rotted on the Cloud Tower until finally removed after John was removed.
Caelestis Shot by Crossbow bolt as the massacre started
Brenden Trant Shot by Crossbow bolt when the Taraban forced smashed their way into the hallway
Hedrik Clegane II. Stabbed to death after attempting to gaurd the body of his fallen best friend, but instead was stabbed from behind by a Nighting Man.
Shelia Swan Chocked to death as she lay crying over the body of William Lovie II.
Lillia Targaryan Hung from the rafters as the massacre was going on. Later hung from the the rafters near the body of William Lovie II. and left there as long as William was.
Arvin Swan Managed to fight off an attacker and gained his weapon before he was shot with a crossbow bolt as the Taraban men entered the hallway.
Daeron Targaryan Stabbed during the intital wave of murder in the hallway by a member of House Jestife
Dorren Starke Killed by Taraban Crossbow Bolts as he attempted to open the gates and hopefully get assistence.
He moved and shifted like a controllable wind. Everything he did was exactly what I had requested of him, and yet he still to that point believed himself free of the controlling influence that washed over him.

With the crowning of William Lovie II. only days away John Lovie knew the moment was now for him to act and finally destroy the monster he had been corupted into believing existed within his brother. Using Magi, and poisons brought from Taraban, and Umbar servents he fashioned himself a quick acting poison, and then he invited William to a dinner honoring his feats during the War in Arnor, and to celebrate his incoming Kingship. William went to the dinner again because he mistakingly believed that he was protected by the guest's right, and the large number of nobles loyal to him would make sure that nothing happened to him. As he travelled to the dinner though he would speak with his dragon Klaranax of whom begged him not to go, and warned him of the dangers, but despite this happening and many of his closest allies warning him he did not ignore the dinner. When the dinner started John was on his best behavior and this led to joking between the two brothers that shocked everyone who had seen John lately. As the dinner progressed John slipped the poison into William's drink and It's said that so strong in power was William that the poison had no effect on him. When John saw that the poison wasn't killing him he broke into madness and charged at William with his dagger before stabbing him over and over again. The assembled nobles were in shock, and then like nothing had happened John pushed William's body to the ground and walked back to his seat covered in blood and continued eating. Following this death, the assembled members of John Lovie's loyalists began attacking the undefended nobles assembled. The ensueing massacre would be almost complete and was a devestating moment, but continued violence would erupt in the streets of Lucerne as the camped wives and children of the guested nobles were rounded up and treated to all manners of violence and chaos. When William died Klaranax felt his death and would smash his way out of the binds that had been set on him by John Lovie's men and flew through the roof of the dining hall landing right in front of John. The two fought for what many describe as hours, until eventually John's magical powers which were being aided by Sauron killed Klaranax.

New King of Lucerne

Following the massacre that was Bloody Supper the now completely mentally unhinged John Lovie became the Second King of Lucerne. His coronation was a strange and bloody event which during he killed three slaves which had been brought in only for his coronation. Following this madness he begin making outlandish commands which whether he knew could not be followed or not didn't matter since he found with each passing day the people turned more and more against him. At first he had the support of several houses of which the main ones were House Lannister, House Jestife, and House Ordos, and he used this support to somewhat control the nearly realm wide upheaval that was spreading due to his poor leadership, and most numerous was the anger over the Bloody Supper.

Murder of Gragorix Scarlet

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Death of Gragorix Scarlet

They built a legacy off the death of Gragorix Scarlet
Bill Lovie

House Scarlet during this time was very worried that the member of their house in Katheryn Scarlet who was the wife of John Lovie was taking more and more abuse. There were reports coming in that she was subject to nearly daily brutalized rapes, and an increasingly violent series of sadistic acts. In this worry the patriarch at the time was Gragorix Scarlet and he travelled to Lucerne, and when he arrived he expected to see the same young man that he had known during the reign of William Lovie but what he discovered was a monsterous version of John Lovie. When he attempted to get his sister back John Lovie had his gaurds round up every member of House Scarlet that he could find which included several cousins, and one of Gragorix son's and he had them alldecapitated and wolf heads stitched to their bodies. Following his ordering the murder of several prominent members of House Scarlet he lost the support of House Ordos, and following House Ordos pulling out House Lannister begin to shuffle many of its members out of the city of Lucerne. With his supporters dwindling he was unable to stop a rebellion from growing within the Kingdom which was led by House Swan, House Starke, and House Scarlet. As riots spread into the cities John Lovie ordered several houses that he thought were loyal to him to take control of the centers of the major cities. These commands were supported heavily by the military of House Lovie that was spread very thin in these endevors. Of all the commands he sent out though only House Gretter actually followed through, and they took control of the port of Forks but were unable to enter the city as crowds of citizens of the city blocked their way, and House Swan and its vassal houses manned the walls. These houses grouped together and were able to persuade the vast majority of the population to the idea of placing John's young son James on the thrown in place of John and quickly went about retaking the Kingdom.

The Civil War

House Lannister2.jpg

Those loyal to John Lovie were approached and given a choice to either die beside John, or to accept the rebellion's valitity, and to this end they begin assasinating the members of House Gretter who were the only John Lovie loyalists still operating outside of Lucerne. The Battle at the port of Forks was a complete massacre as the House Lovie forces that were there to maintain the peace turned against House Gretter causing the annihilation of the entire house. With the Kingdom completely lost to John Lovie he ordered House Lannister to hold the pathway into Lucerne and make sure that noone was able to get in. When he made this order House Jestife strongly objected as they believed (correctly) that House Lannister were not in the struggle for the long run. As the rebels approached the city House Lannister did betray John Lovie and allowed the rebels to enter without a fight. With his rule about to end John Lovie ordered House Jestife to hold the palace while he spent the last hours of his rule in Lucerne torchering and murdering the members of House Lannister that had remained in the palace as collateral. These final acts were the most brutal of his entire life, and although he had wanted to kill the real leadership of House Lannister he was forced to deal with thier forgotten members and in his blind rage he became even more bitter towards House Lannister as each of the torchered told him that they were in one way or another relegated to second status within House Lannister.

Rescue of Gollwilla
Madeline Gollwitzer Cover Amazing5.jpg
He's going to try and kill all those within the prison. We have to get to them first.
Madeline Gollwitzer

As the city is besieged by the Red Dragon's its Madeline Gollwitzer and a group of her men that arrive at Lucerne intent on rescueing her mother as well as many important members of the Pantheon of Lucerne as they can. Unable to get in using any of the side gates of Lucerne its Madeline that calls for assistence from the one creature she knows can get them to a entry point. Calling to Flarnax of the White Dovah she does not hear anything back for some time, and worries that the White Dovah have actually retreated from the politics of the valley. Close to giving up and days before the Red Dragons are to begin the siege, its Flarnax that contacts her and organizes a meeting west of the city. Meeting with Flarnax she arrives alongside several of her Davah, and they agree to help Madeline and her soldiers enter the city through the Eye of Lucerne. Arriving at the Eye of Lucerne she and her men put the holdfast under siege, and this begins a negotiation with Grobspitter Tristan Shephard. Tristan is at first unwilling to turn against John Lovie but when Madeline uses Magi to show Tristan the extent of what John has done its Tristan that is turned to her side of things. With Tristan's assistence they are able to use the steps to get down to the city, and with the route open they make there way to the dungeons.

Imprisonment of Ar-Astrid Swabia

Ar-Astrid Swabia would be trapped within Echlithon near the end of the First Lucernian Civil War by Phidris and believing that he had killed her the remainder of the Pantheon did not rush to Echlithon.

A Nazgul

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John Lovie terrorizing Patria

With his banishment he went to Mordor, and was given one of the rings of power which in a matter of weeks turned him into a Nazgul. Following his turning he came to learn from some spies that the son of William Lovie II. lived and was hiding in Lucerne.

Chasing the Heir

Following the banishment of John Lovie from Lucerne, he came to hear that William Lovie II., had indeed actually fathered a son, and that the son was in Lucerne still. John Lovie was vindictive about William, as in his madness he truly believed he was right. John rode on his black horse, and in his now Nazgul state, through the towns and villages of Lucerne. Never able to enter the houses for fear of his own death, he searched the Kingdom, while at the same time terrorizing it.

Eventually he discovered that William Lovie's son was hiding in the small village of Patria, so he rode immediatly there. When he arrived there Tavlian Lovie was standing in the middle of the center square waiting for him.

"This stops now monster. You try and take me here and now and whatever happens after this duel you stop harrasing the people of this Kingdom."

-Tavlian Lovie

After this John Lovie agreed because he knew this was his chance to end Tavlian and the line of William Lovie II. He also knew eventually Tavlian would leave the Kingdom and then it would be nearly impossible to find him. The two of them dueled for a few minutes but Tavlian was no match for the powerful Nazgul and he was eventually sliced across the neck and killed. John silently walked over and picked up the body of his nephew and placed him on the back of the horse before riding away.

Dol Hurden.jpg


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At present John Lovie now known as Ramul is a major commander in the army of Mordor. He is responsible for the Mordor region of Harad, and rules the land through his fortress in Dol Hurden. John Lovie has spent his time in Harad controlling the leadership of Harad through fear, and through his large army of Mordor Orcs that he has under his command.

But from time to time, its said he rides his nazgul through the skies of Lucerne to laugh at what he believes he has done to Lucerne.

Family Members


William Lovie II.

See Also : William Lovie II.

The relationship was at one point very strong and healthy. It was in fact this once strong friendship that allowed John to so easily trick William to his death.

"The foolish Dragon prince is dead. I should eat his entrails, and then spit them all over the corpse of this fucking dragon that he loved so much."

-John Lovie standing over the corpse of William Lovie II.

James Lovie

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James was the main witness to the madness that was John Lovie. When news reached Lucerne that Frank Lovie, the brother of James and the son of John had been killed in battle the once kind and gentle John Lovie transformed.

After Frank's death John became obsessed with a plot against the Lovie family, and James in particular. Eventually this plot he believed was being planned and executed by his young brother William Lovie II. He secretly sent James to live with relatives in Brill. This time away may have saved James from becoming confused as to the situation and then becoming just as mad as John Lovie.

"My father loved me, Frank, and Lucie. Of that I have no doubt. The only confusion I have is the man I met when I returned from my time in Brill. Because the man I met when I returned sure as hell wasn't my father anymore."

-James Lovie