House Ordos

Juliet Shephard is the daughter of Dennis, and Kayleigh Ordos making her a member of House Ordos. When Juliet was in her early 20's she went to work in the Lucerne Orphanage following her rejection of her parents wishes. During her stay there she became the wife of Sawyer Shephard and as such a member of House Shephard. With Sawyer Shephard she has three children of which their oldest in the form of Dan Shephard is the squire of Fredrick Lane of whome is a Knight within the House Gaurd of House Shephard.

Juliet was born in western Lucerne and during her youth she did not like the way she was raised by her parents, and thus when she had the oppurtunity she fled House Ordos and came to work in Lucerne Proper at the orphanage. Folllowing this she became romantically linked with Sawyer Shephard who took her into his house, and treated her the way she had always wished to have been treated. Juliet spends her days juggling taking care of her children with Sawyer with also being a well sought after healer in Lucerne.


Early History

Juliet Brennen was born in western Lucerne to her parents in House Ordos. Her father parents were especially strict with Juliet and unlike the other children of Dennis and Kayleigh Ordos Juliet did not react well to this kind of parenting. As time went by she and her parents became more and more distant until finally at 19 her parents attempted to marry her off to a rich noble son from House Jendry, and her response was to run away from her home. Juliet ran and ran until she finally reached Lucerne where she came to work at the Lucerne proper orphanage.

Lucerne Orphanage

Family Members


Sawyer Shephard

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Sawyer and Juliet originally met eachother when Sawyer was sent to the Lucerne orphanage to donate some food to the children there. When he first met her he was interested but Juliet was a difficult nut to crack and it was many months of returning before she finally let him have a real conversation with her.

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