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Karak Hirn is the primary hold of the Dwarf realm of Karaz-Kafrin. Located on the top of the tallest mountain in the Black Mountains the Hold of Karak Hirn is a truly magnificant hold that rivals the holds of the World Edge Mountains.

Karak Hirn and its Kingdom of Karaz-Kafrin are a unique group of Holds in that they maintain their membership with the Sof-Dwarves but everything about them tells you that they are Rof-Dwarves. It has very close relations with the Imperial Empire of Germania, and is the main commicater between the realm of Karak Ankor and the Empire, and this is also the main role it still maintains in the Empire of Karak Ankor, but other then this it shares no real relations with their cousins in the World Edge Mountains.

Karak Hirn is the site of the Hirn Library which holds some of the most ancient and important artifacts in the Dwarven races history as the current HIgh King took them from the vast and hidden Dwarven ruins in Finland. This library is constantly a source of tourism from the larger Dwarven race who want to see some of the only records of Dwarven life before the Dwarve left Finland.


Early History

The Hold of Karak Hirn was originally founded by Dwarves from the larger Dun Garak . The Dwarves became lost in the mountains following a large battle with Trollocs , and eventually they found a cave that would eventually become the center of Karak Hirn.


The Hold of Karak Hirn was grown quickly through the northern migration of many Rof-Dwarves fleeing the destruction of the Large Dwarven Hold of Hurn Garak.

Collapse of Numenor

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When the Empire of Numeron collapsed they sided heavily with the forces of the Teutons, and silently they are perhaps the main reason the Teutons were able to sucede in their rebellion as they provided a nearly endless supply of weapons, and supplies to the rebels in Germany in the hopes that following the war the Teutons would be better traders then the Numenorians had become.

The Empire

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High King

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Donubi Copperhunter is the son of Jaerig Copperhunter III. the High King of Karaz-Kafrin preceding him becoming the High King. Donumbi has thee children with his wife in the form of Marza, Headrig, and Lolin Copperhunter of whome Lolin Copperhunter is the heir to the throne of Karaz-Kafrin, while his daughter Marza is the wife of the clan leader of Clan Heartbreather, and his other son Headrig leads the campaign attempting to regain the hold of Hurn Garak.

Donubi Copperhunter was raised with one goal in mind for his life, and that was the eventuality of being the new High King. He was the lone son of his father and thus if not him then another clan would take control. In an attempt to gain more knowledge he led a force of Dwarves that founded the Dwarven port of Erekblund in Denmark, and then sailed from here to Finland where they visited a number of the ancient Dwarven ruins in Finland. Following his return his father would fall in the Third Dark Crusade making him the new High King. As High King he has greatly expanded the holdings of Karaz-Kafrin, and has been the first High King to come close to regaining the ancient hold of Hurn Garak.

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